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he added that. this is deja vu news live from berlin tape wrong takes a tough stance on this unpopular fuel price hike iran's supreme leader says he backs the sudden decision to raise fuel prices even as a wave of violent protests grips the nation also coming up go to buy a bunch of parts that will be sri lanka's next president the former defense minister has been declared the winner of saturday's election we report from the capital colombo on the celebrations and the concerns about the future. possibly britain's prince andrew speaks publicly for the 1st time about his links to
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convicted sex offender geoffrey epstein in an interview that's being called his disastrous we take a look at the interview and its fallout. i'm called assman welcome to the program in iran thousands of people have been out in the streets protesting the government's decision to raise petrol prices by 50 percent and introduce rationing so as the price hike on friday many demonstrators have abandoned their cars along major highways and joined mass rallies in the capital tehran but some of the demonstrations have turned violent at least 2 people have died as a result of the protests with many more internet. iranians have taken to the streets in the capital tehran and a number of cities across the country in protest against a government move to hike the price of petrol by 50 percent. well the
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demonstrations started with protesters blocking roads but it's collated quickly petrol stations and cars were torched and all manner of public property was badly damaged banks and government buildings were also a focus for people's rights which failed to sway iran's leader ayatollah khamenei he stand steadfastly in support of the price hike. so i don't know who won. down or made a decision for the country based on expert assessments this decision must be executed. the move is in part of response to the failing economy as a result of u.s. sanctions money he says nothing justifies the response from protesters. them using a bank on fire it's not done by the people this is what thugs do. these words were indicative of a strong line being taken by the government in the face of the wrist police have threatened more tough measures and the communications minister announced that the
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internet has been shut down for 24 hours to re-impose control our let's get more now i'm joined by cameron mathison he's a senior lecturer at the university of sussex focusing on international relations thank you for taking the time now 1st off iran one of the world's top oil producers can you explain why the regime would feel the need to raise gasoline prices especially on such short notice. yes iran is indeed one of the largest oil producers in the world but it doesn't have the. domestic. finery factories enough for its you know domestic consumption so historically iran has actually had to import refined oil products for its domestic consumption the short notice though it is indeed kind of a mystery for many people as to why now given what's happening in neighboring iraq
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and lebanon and surely the regime leaders would would have expected that this is might lead to unrest there are different stories about this i mean one can only speculate one is that simply the sanctions have been so crippling that the budget deficit iran is having at the moment could not be dealt with in any other way than raising the petrol prices or some other observers say that the president rouhani has done this in order to. convince the hardliners the so-called hardliners within the iranian regime to come to a compromise with the government of the united states over these sanctions in other words to show that you know the continuing sanctions of united states in the absence of some sort of compromise from iranian side would delete 2 measures which in turn will lead to social unrest in iran now you mentioned those sanctions of course we see these violent protests in the streets how much pressure is the regime
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under right now. well iran has had experience of social unrest about a year or so ago we had also a widespread protests in many iranian cities so. in the absence of organized political parties which would get good which could give direction and strategy to protest for the government it might be not too difficult to suppress especially given that they have shut down the internet and means of communication to prevent people from south organization and song so one has to see if it continues with the momentum which it has now it could be difficult for the government to suppress but the iranian state has shown in the past that is that it doesn't blink from using iron fist when it comes to political protest inside them all right cameron mathison senior lecturer with the university of sussex thank you so much for the perspective thank you. the people of sri lanka have chosen
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their next president go to buy a brush as bonnie were sounding victory against his main opponents such as prima donna. the mission of course from colombo on the celebrations there and the unease after his victory. it's official she longed to have a project at the helm again. to poland crowds gathered on the streets of the capital of colombo to get a glimpse of the new leader. 8 rationalisations. the brother of former president mahinda rajapaksa. team to landslide victory a day after the presidential vote was held but his supporters are reckless with praise and that your nation. they're not about to get that he's taking over the country why doesn't a lot of trouble under any other leader even
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a child wouldn't feel safe on the streets i'm so happy long live. this week she belongs to the people who have shown their support for him and now i will feel safe here and know what they did that you know more than a mere thought of it got done in words can't explain how happy i am i prefer good arbitrage boxer and i want to thank him for saving this country didn't know that about the character of. the dragons brick he's here the camera is as much to get close to my him to the facts are as it is for the new president. supporters are to live the brothers who oversaw the end of sri lanka decades long civil war. but not all the sri lanka is celebrating. there was little joy on the streets in the areas that back rajapakse us open and started prim about so. they are lazy about their future. in the past there. i'm in allegations of enforced
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disappearances and oppression of the sand under the leadership of my hand and want to have a large part of minorities are concerned about their rights under the new nationalists project by the government but they're afraid to press on camera for fear of reprisals and changes in the country's leadership are far from over experts point out that ask the incumbent prime minister donna to become a single is from a different party than dodge apart so he could resign. to allow for the new president to make his own pick but the last time an attempt was made to remove the sri lankan prime minister it triggered a constitutional crisis. i mean it could have a destabilizing effect if mr rickard received mr rogers' box of the new president cannot agree on what the mixtape is going to be. then of course it can create a question oh look we have to have a war of no confidence and all of that kind of thing but otherwise it's
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a relatively small transfer of power. security peace and prosperity that is what she lankans are seeking it's a tall order but good job of euphoric support those are confident he will deliver. are now here's a look at some of the other stories making news around the world police have launched a nighttime operation to clear program ocracy protesters from hong kong's polytechnic university the push came after a day of fierce clashes activists vowed to defend the campus which they occupied as part of a campaign aimed at disrupting traffic and hitting the territories economy. russia will return 3 captured naval vessels to ukraine according to russian media the boats were seized by russia last year as they tried to break through a russian blockade that closed access to several ukrainian ports the ships return comes ahead of talks between the 2 nations to discuss the conflict in eastern ukraine. the people of bell rusa voted in
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a parliamentary election that opposition groups say was neither free nor fair president alexander lukashenko dismissed those allegations after he voted in the capital minsk many prominent opposition figures were ruled ineligible as candidates . of britain's prince andrew has spoken publicly for the 1st time about allegations of sexual misconduct and his links to convicted sex offender geoffrey epstein in a b.b.c. interview on saturday he defended himself against claims that he had sex with an under-aged girl trafficked to him i abstain was also grilled on his apparent friendship with the american financier the hour long interview was being so. slammed by many in the u.k. media some commentators are calling it quote disastrous. pictures like i did of your porter. has been following the story and he joins me now with more of all i mean 1st of all remind us about these allegations what are people saying
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about prince andrew and what did he say in his defense so presenter is accused of having sex with a woman who says she she was a sex slave of jeffrey epstein now virginia roberts is a name as she told a u.s. court that she was forced to have sex with the prince on at least 3 occasions and on one of those occasions she was a minor prince andrew says he has no recollection of ever meeting mr roberts even though there is a picture of the 2 of them taken as a townhouse in london the princess you cannot explain the existence of this picture you can see the picture here ms roberts in the middle. now it was robert says one occasion in london they dined together they went to a nightclub called trumps where they danced together he bought her drinks she also says she didn't remember the prince sweating profusely she says that in what they then went back to that townhouse where the photo was taken where they had sex now the princess all of this he denies all of this let's have
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a listen to what he said there are a number of things are wrong with the story one of which is that is that i don't know where the bar is in terms. i don't drink. have a peculiar move good issue which is that i don't sweat or i didn't sweat at the time and that was. yes i didn't set the tone because i. had suffered what i would describe as an overdose of adrenalin the falklands war when i was short. so some rather bizarre rebuttal of the princes also faces creating facing criticism for staying in contact with jeffrey epstein after he was convicted of sex offenses back in 2006 now in 2010 prince andrew attended a dinner in new york to celebrate the release of epstein from prison he also went on a walk in central park with epstein we can see the photo of the 2 of them there the
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princess that he attended the dinner and went on that walk to tell epstein that he wanted nothing more to do with him this interview i mean we saw a clip of it as being blasted in the u.k. tell us more about the reaction to what the prince said yes so this interview is of course made all the front pages of the sunday papers in the u.k. today and what many commentators are reflecting on is prince andrew's failure to show any compassion for the victims of geoffrey epstein it's also being called a bit of a p.r. disaster the conservative brokers the piers morgan for one he calls the interview desperate and he says it's insane that the prince would have agreed to do this interview other people are asking what reasons there might be for him not to remember ms roberts one of them is ex mick mcgowan macallan she is one of the original q.'s of the me too movement but she questions if the reason could be that there were so many young women around f.c.
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at the time that he wouldn't remember now we're from him but this is really presented interviews like the only ones on the mater don't complain don't explain but here we have a british royal sitting in front of t.v. cameras at buckingham palace talking about his sexual life and about alleged sexual misconduct it took the b.b.c. in the palace about 6 months to actually negotiate to even do this interview and if the if the palace thought that this might make the story go away it's they have radio made a mistake now we have to wait and see what this will mean for prince andrew. what it will mean for the charities that he supports for example and what it will mean for the royal family is whole he has said that he would testify in court if push comes to shove but we'll just have to see how this story develops still plenty of fall to condit reporter thank you very much. well coming up next it's our technology series shift living in the digital age find out if biometric data has
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