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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2019 12:00am-12:15am CET

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it appears that. this is the w. news live from berlin hong kong police storm a university barricaded by anti-government protesters fiery clashes from hong kong polytechnic after a farty threaten to use live ammunition against protesters some demonstrators have been using lethal weapons of their own including bone arrows we'll go live to our correspondent there on the ground also coming up tehran takes a tough stance on an unpopular fuel fuel hike iran's supreme leader says he backs the sudden decision to raise prices even as a wave of violent protests from the grips the nation. plus cubans capital
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celebrates its 500th birthday with music dancing and fire spread it's not all good against a backdrop tailing of an ailing economy hit by sections. and william good welcome to the program a tense standoff is unfolding in hong kong where police are moving in against anti-government protesters holed up in a university as police try to storm hong kong polytechnic protesters responded by setting fire to the main campus entrance authorities have warned they'll resort to live ammunition if the small group of holdouts don't put down lethal weapons some of them have used bone arrows and hurled petrol bombs. at police.
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we're joined now by mathias bowling who's there for us in hong kong mathias the scenes out of there are quite terrifying talk us through the situation as it's escalated. so about an hour ago a little more the police tried to enter this universities throughout the whole night and the whole day yesterday that been clashes outside of the university with police charging being pushed back retreating pushing forward without big changes in the lines. so the streets around the university were and circled by. the police besieged nobody could get out then in the early morning just before dawn they managed to get near the entrance and they started to charge at the entrance make a few arrest and then the protesters pushed them back by setting a fire on the entrance now the main entrance is blocked by
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a fire there is this entrance this is as far as i know the only other and transit is barricaded. the protesters have now gathered here expecting the police to charge from there they have brought. boxes and carts with molotov cocktails here to fight the police back the university principle has negotiated a kind of army says saying that the police would not use force if the protesters wouldn't but that would include that all the pro and that the process is could leave peacefully but that would include that they owe all go and to a police station to be arrested police have made clear they do not want anybody to escape from this the protesters are in. very very. hopeless situation and that makes them it seemingly that's my impression more
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determined to use every means necessary to defend themselves until probably at some point they will have to give up will tell us more about the students they they are reported they're small in numbers they seem to be described as more the extreme wing of this protest movement who are they and how do they affect the bigger protest movement that's been going on for months. so this university has been occupied since tuesday and since then of course all of the radicals have gathered here so this is really the part of the protesters who are willing to use force not only there are also others there are also. a group of elderly who try to protect them and try also to talk them out of violence although the haven't managed to and there are. first aiders who volunteer 1st aiders early a group of these 1st day this try to leave via an exit that the president police
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has promised that would be sure and they were all arrested while going also everybody who was in here now is in the same situation. why the protest movement. probably many people do not think it's right what they do but the protest movement has a rule and this is no group criticizes the others in order to avoid division among the protest movement this might be one of the reasons why the radicals waybill to set the again agenda throughout these last few days from. opinion polls however we see that about still the majority of almost hong kong is blame the government and the police for the escalation and not the protesters all right thank you mathias burning in hong kong and stay safe. now protesters are also out on the streets in iran angry over
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a sharp rise in gas prices iran's supreme leader won't back down saying the hike is for financing social welfare programs some of the demonstrations turned violent with at least sue dead and more injured the government has hinted at a crackdown saying protest is a right but not if it leads to what iran's president has called insecurity. iranians have taken to the streets in the capital tehran and a number of cities across the country in protest against a government move to hike the price of petrol by 50 percent the demonstrations started with protesters blocking roads but it's collated quickly pichel stations and cars were torched and all manner of public property was badly damaged banks and government buildings were also a focus for people's rights which failed to sway iran's leader ayatollah khamenei he stand steadfastly in support of the price hike. so i don't know how long
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specials have sat down and made a decision for the country based on expert assessments this decision must be executed. the move is in potter response to the failing economy as a result of u.s. sanctions cumani says nothing justifies the response from protesters. this isn't a bank on fire it's not done by the people this is what the thugs do. these woods were indicative of a strong line being taken by the government in the face of the wrist police of threatened more tough measures and the communications minister announced that the internet has been shut down for 24 hours to reimpose control. now to some of the other stories making news around the world russia will return 3 captured naval vessels to ukraine according to russian media the boats were seized by russia last year as they tried to break through a russian blockade that closed access to several ukrainian ports the ships return comes ahead of talks between the 2 nations to discuss the conflict in eastern
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ukraine. the people of bellerose have voted in a parliamentary election that opposition groups say was neither free nor fair president alexander lukashenko dismissed those allegations after voting in the capital minsk many prominent opposition figures were ruled ineligible last candidates. floodwaters have exceeded the $1.00 metre mark in venice for the 3rd time in a week submerging famous sites like st mark's square in need water more than 70 percent of the city is under water damaging monuments shops and homes the crisis is expected to cost italy hundreds of millions of euros. people in sri lanka have chosen a new president with an old last name go to buy rajapaksa won a resoundingly victory this weekend his brother mahinda also served as president for a decade from 2005 to 2015 the 2 of them crushed
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a separatist movement ending the country's civil war but killing an estimated $40000.00 people in the process there were also allegations of rape torture and extra judicial killings so while many are celebrating his victory others are uneasy . and. it's official she is said to have a dodgy box at the helm again. to prevent crowds gathered on the streets of the capital of colombo to get a glimpse of the new leader. 8 taunting that the match nations. the brother of former president mahinda rajapaksa. team did a landslide would see a d r to the presidential vote was held by his supporters that kiss with praise i'm not a nation. about a guy he's taking over the country why doesn't a lot of trouble under any other leader even
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a child wouldn't feel safe on the streets i'm so happy long live. my god this week she belongs to the people who have shown the support from him now i will feel safe and know what they did that you know more than a mere thought that i would have gotten in the woods can't explain how happy i am i prefer. and i want to thank him for saving this country i didn't know about it on my blog about the character. the trunks break he's hero the camera is as much to get close to my hand to dodge trucks as it is for the new president. supporters to live the brother those who oversaw the end of sri lanka decades long civil war. but not all the sri lanka is celebrating. there was little joy on the streets in areas that back but 1st open and such a claim about so. they are uneasy about their future. in the past there have been
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allegations of enforced disappearances and oppression of the stand under the leadership of my hand and want to have a large part of minorities are concerned about their rights under the new nationalist project by the government but there are very good friends on camera for fear of reprisals and changes in the country's leadership are far from over experts point out that as the incumbent prime minister granted become a single is from a different party than dodge apart so he could resign to allow for the new president to make his own pick but the last time an attempt was made to remove the sri lankan prime minister it triggered a constitutional crisis. i mean it could have a destabilizing effect if mr because mr rogers box of the new president cannot agree on the next step is going to be yeah then of course it'll create a question of you know we have to have a lot of no confidence and all of that kind of thing but otherwise it's
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a relatively small transfer of power. security fees and prosperity that is what she lankans are seeking it's a tall order but. you foreign supporters are confident he will deliver. that cuba has been celebrating the 500th anniversary of the founding of its capital havana by spanish conquerors but the city's residents have little else to celebrate these days the trump administration has mostly reversed a modest fall in relations that had briefly opened the island to u.s. tourists tentative economic reforms introduced by cuba's government have done little to improve most people's lives. have vanished celebrated the anniversary with a gala performance in front of the capital building music opera ballet traditional dance and the fireworks spectacle that belied the communist countries economic misery under press if the regime. feel united and hope that everything will get
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better. we cubans build on our dreams and future despite being surrounded by a. president miguel diaz canal open the official festivities without making any remarks as a rule he stays away from microphones have on his best day comes at a difficult time the u.s. has imposed sanctions fuel this gas american tourists have stopped coming to the island gradually the communist regime is loosening its grip on the economy in the hopes that it will boost incomes. cuba needs a certain amount of privatization in the economy and that opening possibilities for small business people is one step cubans with capital can invest in the country that makes sense. 500 following local custom residents touched would the good luck in the future.
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in tennis stefanos to see pos has been crowned the a.t.p. finals champion after a 676276 win over dominic team in london the greek want to nail biter against his austrian opponent claiming the 3rd and final set on a tie break it's the past is just 21 years old and as the youngest a.t.p. finals champion in nearly 2 decades and in formula one red bull's max 1st stop and has won the brazil grand prix starting in pole position the dutchman crossed the finish line ahead of the pack world champion lewis hamilton finished 3rd it's for stepan's 3rd win of the season and don't forget you can always step d.w. news on the go just download our app from google play store the apple app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w.
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app to send us photos and videos from where you are. up next in world stories find out what happened when former east german dissidents were reunited with the children they were forced to give away to get to stay up to date all the time at our stories at our website you know if you dot com thanks for watching. susan and now we are sectional illusion but as affectionately as you can. see him in the middle of his election campaign in the queue to generals and the documentary was filmed for russian television. did you turn the camera back on of course the film.


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