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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2019 6:00am-6:15am CET

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this is d.w. news life from berlin hong kong cleese storm a university occupied by anti-government protesters as police laced siege to the city's polytechnic university protesters fight back with fire bombs and bows and arrows authorities have framed to use live ammunition against the demonstrators we'll get an update from our correspondent on the ground. also coming up cuba's capital habitus celebrates its 500th birthday with music dancing and fireworks but that's against the backdrop of the ailing economy still under u.s.
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embargo. plus max for stop and takes it to the max in sao paulo the dutchman holds off a stiff challenge from champion lewis hamilton to claim victory in a thrilling brazilian grand prix. and william glue cruft welcome to the program a tense standoff has taken a violent turn in hong kong as police move in against anti-government protesters holed up inside hong kong polytechnic university authorities have warned vale using live ammunition if the small group of holdouts don't put down lethal weapons some have used bone arrows and hurled petrol bombs at police overnight police tried to storm the university and protesters 1st bonded with fires. and the police move in.
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but protesters sit the entrance to hong kong polytechnic university ablaze as the police retreat. the police make some arrests and a few students were injured although the standoff remains tense it's without serious bloodshed something many had feared over the weekend. but it remains a fiery stalemate hundreds of students inside the university versus the police. the protesters are using a host of weapons including molotov cocktails and slingshots. and even bows and arrows to keep the police at bay. the students are determined. this is a war this is more war. i've already written my will. but i trust that my fellow students will keep the protests going. many of us here are
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exhausted just like i am. i was sprayed by water cannon and i just still very painful but i keep going. hong kong authorities and the university have called for an end to the confrontation and for deescalation but the standoff remains tense. these protests which have become a broadly anti government and police violence movement have been raging for 5 months now people in hong kong are split on the matter but many continue to publicly support the predominately student led protests this all started with protesters wanting to safeguard hong kong's autonomy but despite these scenes beijing shows absolutely no sign of changing its stance towards hong kong. for more let's go to mathias berlinger who's there in hong kong for us. right now looks quite calm behind you but take us through some of these very terrifying scenes
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we've seen over the last several hours. yes so the protesters they have barricaded themselves in this university i'm standing now just in front of this university and they have been fighting on this street with the police at some point the police were able to advance and to enter the university or to get near the university entrance they made several arrests then the protest is the occupants they set up a fire and at the entrance blocking effectively the advance of the police they have feet inside then since then and then in the morning they made they they tried to get out of the university they all came out on the street and they were trying to move on and to somehow get out of the scene but they were met with police cordons everywhere they tried so no they have retreated back into the university the
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university has a lot of buildings and a lot of small corners and staircases so it would be very difficult for the police to hunt them in there they are waiting out on the street around here every row every street and every road that leads to this university and then no waiting until the protesters give up they have said they do not want anybody to escape they want all of them arrested and tell us more about these protests reheard their small group or some of the more extreme elements of the protest movement how do they affect the bigger movement the overall movement that's been going on for months. they are several 100 now inside the university it's hard to count because it's a bit scattered and the these are really the hardcore protesters their university has been occupied during the whole week and they were they have been gathering
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there every but all those who were really ready to use violence have been coming into this university dappy producing hundreds and hundreds of molotov cocktails inside the university that they used this night to defend themselves against the police or to fight back the police whenever the police was advancing with their water cannon tear gas they were setting up 5 is on the streets. they are not representative of the opposition movement in hong kong but they are tolerated position movement has an agreement not to criticize each other that everybody has their role in this movement and thus that has a full of course made it possible for this escalation also to happen it was them then who was said to you that's only going to visit you at the beginning was occupied by a bigger crowd now it's the hardcore protesters who have remained however the bigger population in hong kong according to surveys one just yesterday. that the
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vast majority blames the government and the police for the escalation and not so much the protesters but yes burning there in hong kong thank you very much for reporting and stay safe. protesters are also out on the streets in iran angry over a sharp fuel in a strike chart rising fuel prices iran's supreme leader won't back down saying the hike is for financing social welfare programs some of the demonstrations turned violent with at least 2 dead and more injured the government has hinted at a crackdown saying protest is a right but not if it leads to what iran's president has called insecurity. you have a run ins have taken to the streets in the capital tehran and a number of cities across the country in protest against a government move to hike the price of petrol by 50 percent the demonstrations started with protesters blocking roads but it's collated quickly petrol stations
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and cars were torched and all manner of public property was badly damaged banks and government buildings were also a focus for people's rights which failed to sway iran's leader ayatollah khamenei he stand steadfastly in support of the price hike. so i don't know who won top officials have sat down or made a decision for the country based on expert assessments this decision must be executed. the move is in part a response to the failing economy as a result of u.s. sanctions money says nothing justifies the response from protesters yet. setting a bank on fire is done not done by the people this is what thugs do. these words were indicative of a strong line being taken by the government in the face of the young wrist police have threatened more tough measures and the communications minister announced that the internet has been shut down for 24 hours to re-impose control. now to some of
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the other stories making news around the world. in paris fresh clashes have erupted between police and yellow vest protesters it comes a day after violent protests in paris marred the one year anniversary of their movement for economic justice yellow vests protesters and other french cities have staged peaceful demonstrations. brazil's former president lula da silva has denounced the country's social and racial inequalities at a rally of his workers party and receive walked free from jail earlier this month after brazil's service supreme court overturned his jail sentence for alleged corruption he's vowed to leave brazil's left back to power. sri lanka's former defense minister gotcha by our national parks that has won the country's presidential election well wishers gathered at his home to congratulate him it's the south asian nation's 1st major poll since it was rocked by the easter
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sunday bombings that killed more than 250 people the vote was largely split along ethnic lines. floodwaters have exceeded the $1.00 metre mark in venice for the 3rd time in a week submerging famous sites like st mark's square in kneedeep water more than 70 percent of the city is underwater damaging monuments shops and homes the crisis is expected to cost italy hundreds of millions of europe's cuba is marking its capital's founding havana which was established 500 years ago by spanish colonists but city residents have little else to celebrate the u.s. embargo on cuba remains in place as u.s. president donald trump has largely reversed a thaw in relations that was started by his predecessor that fuss uncertain economic reforms have resulted in few improvements to many people's lives.
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vanna celebrated the anniversary with a gala performance in front of the capitol building music opera ballet traditional dance and a fireworks spectacle that belied the communist countries economic misery under oppressive regime. united and hope that everything will get better. cubans build on our dreams and future despite being surrounded by obstacles. president miguel diaz canal open the official festivities without making any remarks as a rule he stays away from microphones have on his best day comes at a difficult time the u.s. has imposed numerous sanctions fuel this gas american tourists have stopped coming to the island gradually the communist regime is loosening its grip on the economy in the hopes that it will boost incomes.
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cuba needs a certain amount of privatization in the economy and that opening possibilities for small business people is one step cubans with capital can invest in the country that makes sense. how vanna tans 500 following local custom residents touched wood good luck in the future. now that i have celebrated its birthday in style offering a cheering audience what it is famous for opera ballet traditional cuban music and dance all this in times of crises latest us sanctions have led to our shores a just and also to fewer tourists coming to cuba this means less money in the pockets of the people cubans are celebrating but are worried about the future on the other hand they say we are used to crisis and we will pull through no matter what. the formula one back 1st up and took victory at the brazilian grand prix on sunday after
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a thrilling contest in sao paulo the dutchman's 3rd win of the season came in one of the most incident packed races of the season as world champion lewis hamilton saw his podium place removed after the race was over. max pushed up an let the race from the starting grid with new he crowned champion lewis hamilton on his heels from the get go and the englishman made an early gamble for the lead off to 21 laps changing tires on a pizza pushed up in under pressure. it looks to have paid off to off the red bull driver was held up by williams drive a robot could bit so on his way out of the pits minutes later. but how will certainly wouldn't last forever as for stepping out fix them a sadie's man on the 60th lap to regain the number one spot. they kill isn't between charles let click and sebastian fitz on the $66.00 lap puts an end to ferrari's ambitions adding to already frosty relations between the team mates.
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despite a lake charles hamilton could only finish 3rd as toto rushes ph gets lee held on to 2nd out in front for stepan sealed his 3rd win of the season. i mean i was behind so i was pushing flat out in my i'll have to try me close it was my only shot so of course because without i was close in to the arison we knew that we had great top speed to hold the hole we can already so yeah i did so it was a guess but i was very happy to to get a post under lee a collision with a click so how to bump down to 7th place meaning mclaren's collar signs late that's a 3rd but the day belonged to red bulls max pushed up. in tennis stefano since he has been crowned the a.t.p. finals champion after a 676276 win over dominic team in london the greek one
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a nail biter against his austrian opponent claiming the 3rd and final 7 a tie breaker it's the past is just 21 years old making him of the a.t.p. finals and youngest champion in nearly 2 decades. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin i'm playing good cruft thanks for joining us. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to use in the british comics on the phone while its 251st day were embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage.


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