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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2019 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a tense standoff in hong kong between police and protesters after another night of violent clashes demonstrators trying to leave a university under lockdown police have a campus surrounded and go to our correspondent on the ground for the latest also coming up. at least 3 people died in violent protests in iran demonstrators could be facing a crackdown as the government raises fuel prices 50 percent. and
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the colonial blood teen legacy we meet some of the kenyans who say they were violently forced off their lands to make way for british t.v. plantations they've taken their case to the u.s. . also on the show mocks 1st stop and brings max speed to sao paolo. he holds off a stiff challenge from a champion lewis hamilton to claim victory in the brazilian grand prix. brian thomas great to have you with us police in hong kong are warning that they will resort to live ammunition if armed activists among the protesters there fail to lay down their weapons now groups of students have been barricading themselves inside hong kong's polytechnic university they've been trying to leave that campus but fear being arrested by the police if they try to do so. the police move in.
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but protests this at the entrance to hong kong polytechnic university ablaze as the police retreat. the police make some arrests and a few students were injured. although the standoff remains tense it's without serious bloodshed something many had feared over the weekend. but it remains a fiery stalemate hundreds of students inside the university versus the police. the protesters are using a host of weapons including molotov cocktails and slingshots. and even bows and arrows to keep the police at bay. the students are determined. just as a war is more war. i have already written my will. but
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i trust that my fellow students will keep the protests going. many of us here are exhausted just like i am. i was sprayed by water cannon and it is still very painful but i keep going. hong kong authorities and the university have called for an end to the confrontation and for deescalation but the standoff remains tense. these protests which have become a broadly anti government and police filings movement have been raging for 5 months now people in hong kong are split on the matter but many continue to publicly support the predominately student led protests this all started with protesters wanting to safeguard hong kong school tony but despite the scenes beijing shows absolutely no sign of changing its stance towards hong kong. let's get the very latest now on to the abuser carla telephone pole joining us at the poly technical
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university there in hong kong good morning to you charlotte dramatic scenes when police attempted to enter the university where you are what's the situation like at the moment. we're in this last 24 hours house without a doubt been one of the most highly charged in this 5 month movement so far where i am at the moment riot police are coming and going it's a gas was fired just behind me a short time ago if i move just to the side briefly you can see how this rose has been closed off lifted with the debris of clashes from last night bricks strewn across the pavement now just a short distance away from me is the putting university where that standoff between protesters and police is still ongoing there are thought to be hundreds of people hundreds of students still trapped inside the university said the holed up in that they say that they are on able to leave they fear that if they do they face arrest by the police who have been waiting outside some this morning have tried to escape
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they've been met with volleys of tear gas it is a very very tense situation here in hong kong at the moment those tensions were heightened further last night when police issued a statement warning that the protesters did not put down their weapons they of course using using bricks and slingshots to the home missiles that the police please warning they would retaliate with live ammunition that is something that everyone here extremely nervous people. apparently writing that their final words on social media fearing that last night could have turned into a bloodbath as it stands that hasn't been the case so far but this situation is still ongoing ok with with the increased violence we've been seeing a charlatan clearing from weapons like petrol bombs bows and arrows what dangers are protesters police facing their place facing plenty of certainly but but what about you as a reporter what dangers are you face. book
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the last few months there has been the ongoing risk of being hit by those months of cuts how does that thrown at the police and of course take us candidate is returning on the other side there are a number of janice who have been hit by those take asked kind of says one journalist in facts and not so long ago lost the use of an eye as a result of being hit by one of those take ask canisters the tension oh the risk the chance of facing really has increased particularly over the last 24 hours a couple of my colleagues overnight who were reporting on the standoff at the university rashmi trapped inside they were inside when police issued that warning that they you would potentially start using a live rounds my colleague on able to escape when they were allowed to leave they were else to find out one by one my colleague and he is being it's we did that he had one police officer was pointing his weapon at him as he was allowed to file a one by one out of that university campus and it is an extremely tense situation
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for the journalists on the ground who are reporting at this ongoing unrest ok we've just received news about a court decision that is backing the protesters off can you tell us about that. that was a surprise move that came not so long ago to the high court ruled that a ban on face off is unconstitutional it said it ceded. the necessary use of restraint against protests is now it was introduced by the government a few weeks ago designed to quell the protests say many people here have been wearing these mosques in order to protect themselves from take out and also to protect themselves from identification as well as here believe that by banning those base mosque that could perhaps calm some of this unrest in fact the opposite happened people here continued to use those face small the still using them now and
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now this ruling from the high court that it was unconstitutional to introduce that ban in the 1st place that came off as the pro-democracy lawmakers launched a challenge against that legislation thanks very much for that from hong kong. it's to iran now where at least 3 people have been reported dead in that country after violent protests against a 50 percent increase in fuel prices the government announcing the hike just last week around supreme leader has given his backing to the decision saying the hike is for financing social welfare programs he also condemned the protesters stocks iranians have taken to the streets in the capital tehran in a number of cities across the country and protest against a government move to hike the price of petrol by 50 percent. the demonstrations started with protesters blocking roads but escalated quickly petrol stations and cars were torched and all manner of public property was badly damaged. banks and
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government buildings were also a focus for people's rage which failed to sway iran's leader ayatollah ali khamenei he stands steadfastly in support of the price hike despite the unrest that run no long. have sat down and made a decision for the country based on exit assessments this decision must be executed the move is in part a response to the failing economy as a result of u.s. sanctions but how many said nothing justifies the response from protesters. then is searching a bank and fire is done not done by the people this is what dogs do. his words are indicative of a strong mind being taken by the government in the face of the unrest that the police have threatened more tough measures in the communications minister announced that the internet has been shut down for 24 hours to reimpose control. briefing now and some of the other stories making the news at this hour chile's president abbas
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leon panetta condemned the abuses of security forces saying sessile worse have been used against protesters during anti-government demonstrations it's the 1st time he's openly criticize police brutality some protests began a month ago more than 20 people have been killed thousands have been injured in those clashes. haiti's president has called the deteriorating situation in his country a humanitarian crisis he's asking for international support his government has been the target of widespread protests since august 'd which would destabilize he's already weak economy one in 3 haitians relies on international aid just to survive . russia will return 3 captured naval vessels to ukraine that according to russian media those vessels were seized by russia last year as they tried to break through a russian blockade that closed access to a number of ukraine ports ships return comes ahead of talks between the 2 nations
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to discuss the conflict in eastern ukraine. this is still to come on the show the creation of britain's colonial era estates in kenya saw thousands of people driven from their homes dallas victims are looking for compensation and taking their case to the united nations. but 1st in a potentially divisive move along because the president is being sworn into office in a buddhist temple today got a bio rajapaksa the brother of the former president who was elected in a landslide over the weekend but his inauguration could anger ethnic and religious minorities in the country which has been struggling with a legacy of a decades long civil war. it's official she longed for a sec to have. the helm again. jubilant crowds gathered on the streets of the
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capital colombo to get a glimpse of the new leader. something that the reaction nations. are parts of the budget a far more precedent might hinder the. team did a landslide victory a d r to the presidential vote was held by his supporters that kiss with crees i'm not a nation. about a guy he's taking over the country why doesn't a lot of trouble under any of the lido even a child wouldn't feel safe on the streets i'm so happy long live. this week she belongs to the people who have shown the support from him now i wouldn't feel safe. looking that you know more than a mere thought that i want to go out like that in the woods can't explain how happy i am i prefer. and i want to prank him for saving this country i didn't know about it on monday night about the darker. the crimes brick he's hero the camera is as
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much to get close to my hand to dodge trucks as it is for the new president. so. porto's are july's the brothers who oversaw the end of sri lanka decades long civil war. but not all the feeling is celebrating. there was little joy on the streets in the area but back much 1st often and such a theme about so. they are uneasy about their future. in the past there have been allegations of enforced disappearances and oppression of the sand under the leadership of my hands and what of a large part minorities are concerned about their rights under the new nationalist dodge apartheid government but their breakthrough would rest on camera right and changes in the country's leadership are far from over experts point out that as the incumbent prime minister donna to become a single is from a different party than dodge
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a parka he could resign. to allow for the new president to make his own pick but the last time an attempt was made to remove the sri lankan prime minister it triggered a constitutional crisis i mean it could have a destabilizing effect if mr vicar were saying that mr rajapaksa the new president cannot agree on what the next step is going to be yeah then of course it'll create a question of look we have to have a lot of no confidence and all of that kind of thing but otherwise it's a relatively small transfer of power. security fees and prosperity that is what she lankans are seeking it's a tall order but good top notch box of euphoric supporters are confident he will deliver. let's go now to dr hughes and i mean jars wall put together that report for she joins us from the capital colombo you know misha you know what what's happening where you are today. well today it
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is the swearing in of god to have a dodger who will it's taking over as the 7th executive president of sri lanka the water was just on saturday and a daily it was clear that gadhafi dodged by itself had taken a strong lead there was a possibility of runoffs of the contest was too tired but pretty early in the day his key open and sergeant came with us i conceded today the swearing in is happening in africa with this temple where dobby dodge trucks are also was due to our the mood his sights before going to his inauguration his brother who is a 2 tone former president himself mahinda rajapaksa is also on the set of many and after this is when of with the it's over as the president offered lanka they're going to measure russia boxes inaugurations he mentions taking place in a buddhist temple now what message is he sending to the nation with this decision. well it is interesting to note that why this inauguration is happening at
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a good distempered could operate as you parks has messaging over the last 24 hours since he has taken over has tried to be very inclusive it is also important to note that says seen as a nationalist military leader it was under his guidance as the defense minister that junk us 26 u.s. civil war was brought to an end so he's seen as a strong and i love good to see figure but it's also important for us to remember that all the you doze off in the past have been in love with this even as more seemingly liberal often and started playing with us or did regionally if there's a bull discounter for us so it's not as if it's only under this leader that this is coming out as an emphasis of course minorities have been feeling insecure in the aftermath of these to sunday's bombings but if what good book says emphasizing on since his election is to be believed perhaps he does want to include and protect them and we should thank so much for that and for your report coming to us from.
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colombo in sri lanka the story thanks very much. now is to kenya where thousands of people who say they were driven from their homes under british colonial rule are demanding compensation compensation they're taking their case to the united nations did of you traveled to character county now that is known as kenya's capital and the litigants there say they were victims of systematic violent crimes designed to drive them from their homes their lawyers say that because this occurred under the crown the u.k. is responsible under international law. for most of the hardship and suffering has wanted to be a tutor teach her entire life when she was just a child she was separated from her family together with thousands of to lie in keep ciggies people she was expelled from hindsight from landfill at 96 years old she still vividly recalls the trouba of that experience.
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mood i don't remember that day. but the hour we were chased him i was 4 in the afternoon. i was so frightened my stomach started aching and i started vomiting. among men. lydia's parents were forcibly removed to so-called national reserves making way for acres and acres of profitable tea plantation today they are owned by multinational companies. stayed behind to work on one of the british states that she was repeatedly raped by her employer who got her pregnant. when the white man as she calls him a tech took for the 1st time that she was only 13 years old. and there was nothing i could do used a lot of force to overpower me. i didn't understand what was going on i was in a lot of pain and i was crying
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a lot. when kenya became independent in the 1960 s. video was left to fend for herself as an outcast with 3 biracial children and no money or land to live on to date she is one of more than 100000 victims who are demanding that a united nations special investigator help with an inquiry into their plight. british soldiers expelled families from their homes stole land and livestock and committed gross human rights violations all for the sake of planting this crop the victims of this land appropriation say there is blood in the t. here they want reparations for them about treatment and above all an apology for the crimes committed under the crown. rodney dixon a lawyer from the u.k. representing this complaint says it's time for redress no it's also a very opportune time because around the world states and various bodies or looking
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at past abuses colonial group uses and how they can be addressed that they call be swept under the carpet for both of. these 94 year old kid who still lives in korea the last survivor of one of the biggest mass deportations to kwesi that was 934 many members of his family died he still hopes that complaint lodged with the u.n. will compel the u.k. to answer for its colonial crimes or cause their one god. i feel so much pain while the british delaying compensation for the suffering and not giving back to us the land they took away from us until there's no one left to testify. the other old man have died you know or i'm the only one left to tell the suffering of quasi. like you brought in your d.n.a.
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and her daughter hope she'll be able to witness an apology. if they ask for forgiveness we will not refuse to accept. we will not refuse. lydia does know whether she will experience the return of handsets for length but she will make sure that the story of the keep ciggies will live on until justice is set to. this brief you know some of the other stories making the news this hour as opposition candidates did not win any seats in a parliamentary election they say was neither free nor fair president alexander lukashenko dismissed those allegations many prominent opposition figures were ruled ineligible as counterfeits. floodwaters have exceeded the 1.5 metre mark in venice that for the 3rd time in just a week submerging world famous sites like st mark's square knee deep in water
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floodwaters have never before reached that level more than one year ago since. serious flooding began the damage is estimated to top 1000000000 euros we have some formula one now max 1st stop and took victory at the brazilian grand prix in sao paulo his 3rd one of the season came in one of the most incident packed races of the year with the ferrari's crashing into each other world champion lewis hamilton also saw his podium place removed after the race. match pushed up an let the race from the starting grid with new recrown champion lewis hamilton on his heels from the get go and the englishman made it nearly double for lead off to 21 laps changing tires and if it's a pushed up and under pressure. it looks to have paid off to off the red bull driver was held up by williams drive a robot to bits so on his way out of the pits minutes later. but
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hamilton's lead wouldn't last forever as for stepping out fix them a sadie's man on the 60th lap to regain the number one spots. by kill is in between shows like click and sebastian fits in on the 66 that puts an end to ferrari's ambitions adding to already frosty relations between the teammates. despite a late charge hamilton could only finish 3rd as total grosses p i guess lee held on to 2nd out in front for stepan sealed his 3rd week of the season i mean i was behind so i was pushing so i thought in my i'll have to try me close amy it was my only showed so of course because without i was close into the directors and we knew that we had great talks we don't hold the whole we can already so yeah i did so because i guess but you know i was very happy to to get past i know only a collision with a click so how will to bump down to 7th place meaning mclaren's cosigns later took
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3rd but the day belonged to red bulls max fished. and the german driver sophia floor's has gone back to compete in macau a year after suffering a horrific crash on the street circuit there the 18 year old somehow escaped with just a few fractured vertebra after her car smashed into the fencing the last time. sophia flourish at the start of the race at the fateful track in macau. she didn't make any mistakes in this year's race but just 6 laps from the end to a technical problem forced her to withdraw. knockout knockout $2900.00 sal unfortunately you know but it was really awesome how is such a special event and it was a bit unfortunate now with a couple of the fact that i ask you i didn't finish not this year 2 times bad luck so next year i'll be very lucky. this weekend she was once again face to face with
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the corner where her accident happened. there last year it was a little bit different. because of safety reasons they changed the track so there's like a fan the kind that fans or the building would question. those ones actually they could switch maybe fly. that was 1st sliding on the ground and touching the wall on the right side and then because of those sausage curves in the corner i started flying it happened so fast no think it's before it sort of video i didn't know that i was fighting for me it didn't feel that bad i meant the pain so the kicking in doctors repaired 2 broken cervical vertebrae in an 11 hour operation just one month after the accident flourish began to fight her way back to racing i couldn't imagine by far the biggest but so it's kind of not just because if i would be going back to my call this year of be happy really happy kid is the track is so super cool. shover check. this was an extraordinary dream come true
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for. me. fight. and you know. fight change. flourish adequate easy feeling before qualifying as she drove her 1st laps in macau since the crash the mechanics held their breath as she drove into the fateful corner but this time it all went well. i could work at it so. it was ok i didn't struggle. and saffir fleurs has set herself the goal of making the headlines in the future only with victories on the race track. let's get your modern now of our top story this hour on car university campus is in
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chaos after protesters and police clashed once again another day of violence activists a barricaded themselves inside the university police are threatening to use live ammunition if they do not clear that goal but. this is due to the news thanks so much for being.
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there the future of zimbabwe students at the prestigious falcon college. boys and girls of different races learn together. when they finish school they take on the responsibility of finding to ensure zimbabwe is a tolerant and democratic country the only time boarding school. next. on t.w. . i'm
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not laughing at that well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing which is that we should have and thanks again for gemma culture looking at the stereotypes of the club that is think the seeds of the country that i now know the time. needed to be paid for this drama they are to me it's all about ok. i'm a joke join me for meet the jetman from d.w. post. canceling. listen carefully. don't look at the simply delete she needs to get good. action. and. discover the ultimate.
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