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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a tense standoff in hong kong between police and protesters after another light of violent clashes demonstrators tried to leave a university under lockdown but police have surrounded that campus we'll go to our correspondent live on the ground also coming up. at least 3 people die in violent demonstrations in iran and protesters could be facing a further crackdown as the government raises fuel prices 50 percent.
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and as waters are expected to recede in the unesco city of venice italy as city council costs of historic tidal flooding and residents hope for some respite. and in tennis stuff and also the subprocess claims the biggest title so far the a.t.p. finals of london the greek fighting back to beat dominic team in 3 thrilling sets the 21 year old becoming the youngest winner of the tournament since 2001. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us a standoff at the polytechnic university in hong kong is continuing at this hour after students barricaded themselves inside during anti-government protests now some debt. pursuits attempted to flee but police appeared to trap them inside the
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university by firing tear gas and rubber bullets on those who attempted to leave up to 800 protesters gathered on the campus some of them carrying homemade weapons petrol bombs and bows and arrows police threaten to use live ammunition if they failed to disk arm themselves. for the very latest let's go live now to our correspondent on the ground charlotte till our charlotte what's the latest where you are. brian this is without doubt one of the most highly charged 24 hours of this 5 month protest movement so far now what i'm standing is a few 100 meters away from the university where that standoff is still ongoing where i'm standing there are still numerous riot police walking around we've seen a number of people at being arrested 2 or led away with their hands tied behind
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their back to the university even more biden scenes going on at the moment protest is have been told to leave the campus area of the as they've attempted to run through ponce police they've been met by by take hour and arrest by those police officers we're seeing images of protesters being tackled to the ground some of them dragged across the floor during that arrest we're hearing from protesters that they simply too afraid to leave the university at the moment the charges that they face could carry up to 10 years in prison so there is a real tension unfolding at the university at the moment we're hearing as well that they've been now for hours now overnight many of them they are running out of resources is going to remain to see how the remain to be seen how known they are able to to stay inside the university campus or whether someone simply going to have to try and surrender oh make a break for it through the police lines charlotte all of that debris we're seeing
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behind you the bricks on the ground a testament to what happened last night we have some video of those dramatic and often violent scenes let's take a look at that right now. police moving. but protesters set the entrance to hong kong polytechnic university ablaze forcing them to retreat. the police made some arrests and some students were injured. despite the dramatic and disturbing images the night passed with wide serious bloodshed something many had feared over the weekend it remained a fiery stalemate hundreds of students inside the university presses the police on the protesters using a host of weapons including molotov cocktails sling shots. and even bows and arrows to keep the police at bay the students are determined. just
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as a war is more war. i have already written my will. but i trust that my fellow students will keep the protests going. many of us here are exhausted just like i am. i was sprayed by water cannon and it is still very painful but i keep going to. come forth already said the university called for an end to the confrontation and for deescalation. but the situation remains tense. the protests which have become a broadly antti government and police violence movement have been raging for 5 months now and. people in hong kong are split on the matter but many continue to support the predominantly student led protests it all started with protesters wanting to safeguard hong kong's autonomy but beijing showing no sign of changing
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its stance towards the territory. charlock one of these latest developments mean in terms of the big picture of the protests in hong kong is this violence that we're seeing this new escalation a new normal. will this week really has been extremely chaotic there have been a bit of a lot of the week before way seem like the the number of violent clashes that were taking place on the streets had died down a little bit this week though we have seen numerous people critically injured in these clashes we've seen one man who lost his life after he was hit by a brick that been other fatalities that have been reported as well just yesterday a police officer was shot in the leg with an arrow this is becoming increasingly dangerous on the streets here now what is lingering over these protests and has been overnight and through today is this warning that came from police late last
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night that they were prepared to use live ammunition if those protesters holed up at the university at the moment didn't put down that weapons that is something that has alarmed a lot of people on the streets here that this is could become yet more violent that we could see more bloodshed here on the streets of hong kong a number of parents gathered outside that university at the moment pleading with police to act with restraint very very upset in scenes for those parents that charlotte has been something of of a boost for the protesters it comes in the form. a court decision can you tell us something about that. yeah that was a bit of a surprise decision by the high cool to hear it ruled that a ban that was imposed under the regulations by authorities back in october on protest is wearing face masks was unconstitutional and not many people had been expecting that ruling to come forward off to raise the child as the need to
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challenge the face miles ban was brought by pro democracy you know makers but it really is something of a small victory for some of the protesters here it must be said though that despite the fact that this ban has been in place it hasn't stopped protesters wearing those they face off as they take part in these protests and they hit routinely with take as many of them as well trying to hide their identity thanks very much for that from hong kong today. wants to run now where at least 3 people have been reported dead after violent protests against a 50 percent increase in the price of fuel now the government announced that hike last week and iran's supreme leader well he's given his backing to the decision saying the hikers were financing social welfare programs he also condemned the protesters as folks iranians have taken to the streets in the capital tehran in a number of cities across the country and protest against a government move to hike the price of petrol by 50 percent. the demonstrations
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started with protesters blocking roads but escalated quickly petrol stations and cars were torched and all manner of public property was badly damaged. banks and government buildings were also a focus for people's rage which failed to sway iran's leader ayatollah ali khamenei he stands steadfastly in support of the price hike despite the unrest so i don't know how long it will stay shills have sat down and made a decision for the country based on expert assessments this decision must be executed the move is in part a response to the failing economy as a result of u.s. sanctions but how many said nothing justifies the response from protesters. then this is a bank on fire it's not done by the people this is what the dogs do. his words were indicative of a strong line being taken by the government in the face of the unrest that police
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have threatened more tough measures in the communications minister announced that the internet has been shut down for 24 hours to reimpose control. as preview now some of the other stories making the news at this hour chile's president. has condemned the abuses by security forces saying excessive force is been used against protesters during anti-government demonstrations this is the 1st time he's criticized police brutality since protests began a month ago more than 20 people have been killed thousands have been injured in the clashes. haiti's president has called the deteriorating situation in the country a humanitarian crisis is asking for international support his government has been the target of widespread protests since august which have destabilized the country's already weak economy one in 3 haitians relies completely on international aid to survive. belarus has opposition candidates did not win any
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seats in a parliamentary election they say was neither free nor fair. president alexander lukashenko dismissed the allegations many prominent opposition figures were ruled ineligible countenance. while there is a rare bright spot for the hard press the tally and city of venice floodwaters could be receding that after a record high flooding shops and museums on the city's famous st mark's square were closed again on sunday that's the 3rd time in just a week the crisis is expected to cost the nation up to a $1000000000.00 euros but while venice appears to be expecting some relief heavy rains and snow are threatening to bring misery to other parts of the country. let's get the latest from venice now it is julia south delhi good morning to you julia venice has seen the 3rd major flood in less than
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a week house of coping with all this water. that is is slowly going back to normal today after being hit again as you said yesterday people are cleaning up their shops cleaning up their homes trying to get back to normal life supermarkets starting to open again and schools are back today after a few days of break people are confident that they will pick up but they are hoping that the attention will not go away from their city after the tide start to go down and that money will come assistance will come to try to get back on their feet you know when we look at all of this floodwater places like st mark's square you know how have the landmark buildings in venice been doing are they permanently damaged more about all the art in the city how safe is the city's cultural heritage from these waters. one significant number is that about one in 2
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churches in the city have been flooded and that is significant we've seen damage done to st mark's cathedral one of the landmarks of the city. which is one of the most famous theaters in the city and in the country and what is important to know is that it's not enough for the water to dry up the water is salty the salt stays in the structures so it will take quite some time to actually be able to evaluate the damage that has been done. this type of flooding joe he was supposed to be prevented by the city's planned flood barriers you know they're high tech constructions why aren't they supposed to protect venice from exactly this kind of threat the problem with that infrastructure is that it is still being built it was supposed to be finished in 2014 but because of building problems because of corruption scandals it is still to be finished now the
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government is going to try to accelerate the process trying to bring it forward and finish it by next year but it will remain to be seen if that infrastructure will be enough to protect the city from further events like these and maybe the local and national government will have to re-evaluate their overall plan to protect the city from episodes like the high tides we have this week joy or so dolly for us in venice where floodwaters will be receiving some respite there as we've just heard thanks very much. thank you. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on our show the creation of britain's colonial era t.v.'s days in kenya saw thousands of people violently driven from their homes now those victims are looking for compensation they're taking their case to the united nations. but 1st in a potentially divisive mood move rather very long because a new president is being sworn into office in
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a buddhist temple on monday. is the brother of the former president who was elected to a landslide over the weekend but his inauguration could anger ethnic and religious minorities in the country which has struggled with the legacy of a decades long civil war. it's official she longed for a sec to have a dog box at the helm again. jubilant crowds gathered on the streets of the capital of colombo to get a glimpse of the new leader. back on reaction nation. the bug that a far more pressure than one handed out structure. team did a landslide victory a d r to the presidential vote was held by his supporters are reckless with praise i'm not your nation. about a guy he's taking over the country why doesn't a lot of trouble under any other leader even
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a child wouldn't feel safe on the streets i'm so happy long live. this week she belongs to the people who have shown that support from him now i wouldn't feel safe. looking that you know more than a mere thought about a pick up like that in the woods can't explain how happy i am i prefer. and i want to prank him for saving this country i didn't know about it only got about the burger. the drunks brick he's hero the camera is as much to get close to my hand to dodge trucks as it is for the new president. supporters are july's the brothers who oversaw the end of sri lanka decades long civil war. but not all the sri lanka is celebrating. there was little joy on the streets in areas that back as often and such a claim about so. they are uneasy about their future. in the past there have been
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allegations of enforced disappearances and oppression of the stand under the leadership of my hand and want to have a large part minorities like and found about their rights under the new nationalist dodge apartheid government madero rate would run on camera right. changes in the country's leadership are far from over experts point out that as the incumbent prime minister down it had become a single is from a different party than dodge apart so he could resign to allow for the new president to make his own pay but the last time an attempt was made to remove the sri lankan prime minister it triggered a constitutional crisis i mean it could have a destabilizing effect if mr rickard were saying that mr rajapaksa the new president cannot agree on what the next step is going to be yeah then of course it'll create a question of look we have to have a water no confidence of all of that kind of thing but otherwise it's a relatively small transfer of power. security fees and prosperity that is what she
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lankans are seeking it's a tall order but good parts of euphoric supporters are confident he will deliver. let's go now to did abuse and jars wall who put together that report for she joins us from the capital colombo good day to you misha you know what what's happening where you are today. well to do it is the swearing in of god to have a dodger who will stay king over as the 7th executive president of sri lanka the war it was just on saturday and a daily it was clear that gadhafi dodged but so had taken a strong lead there was a possibility of runoffs of the contest was too tight but pretty early in the d. his key open and sergeant came with us i can see that today the swearing in is happening actually with this temple but also was due to our the mood his sights before going to his inauguration his brother who is
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a 2 tone former president himself mahinda rajapaksa is also at the ceremony and after this is when. the it's over as the president or 3 dunka are going to russia boxes inaugurations he mentions taking place and in a buddhist temple now what message is he sending to the nation with this decision. well it is interesting to note that why this inauguration is happening after good distempered box has messaging all of the last 24 hours since he has taken over has tried to be very inclusive it is also important to note that says seen as a nationalist military leader it was under his guidance as the defense minister that junk us 26 u.s. civil war was brought to an end so he's seen as a strong and i love good to see figure but it's also important for us to remember that all of them do you does awfully long in the past have been somehow love with
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this even as more seemingly liberal open and such a thing with us or did regionally as a bull discounter for us so it's not as if it's only under this leader that this is coming out as an emphasis of course minorities have been feeling insecure in the aftermath of these to sunday bombings but if what good of without a doubt but says emphasising on since his election is to be believed perhaps he does want to include and protect them and we should thank so much for that and for your reports coming to us from. colombo in sri lanka the story thanks very much. it's to kenya now and thousands of kenyans who say they were driven from their homes under british colonial rule are demanding compensation and they've taken their case to the united nations did you travel to curry joe county now it's known as the home to kenya's tea plantations and the snow has the tea capital now the litigants there say they were victims of systematic violent crimes designed to
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drive them from their homes their lawyers say because this occurred under the crown the u.k. is responsible under international law. but mostly before hardship and suffering has wanted to be a tutor teach her entire life when she was just a child she was separated from her family together with thousands of to lie and keep ciggies people she was expelled from hindsight for lands at 96 years old she still vividly recalls the trouba of that experience. i don't remember the details. but the hour we were chased mine was 4 in the afternoon. i was so frightened my stomach started aching and i started vomiting. lydia's parents were forcibly removed to so-called national reserves making way for acres and acres of profitable tea plantation today they are owned by multinational companies. stayed behind to work
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on one of the british tea estates that she was repeatedly raped by her employer who got her pregnant. when the white man as she calls him a tech took for the 1st time she was only 13 years old and. there was nothing i could do used a lot of force to overpower me. i didn't understand what was going on i was in a lot of pain and i was crying a lot. when kenya became independent in the 1960 s. dia was left to fend for herself as an outcast with 3 biracial children and no money or land to live on to date she is one of more than 100000 victims who are demanding that a united nations special investigator help with an inquiry into their plight. british soldiers expelled families from their homes stole land and livestock and
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committed gross human rights violations all for the sake of planting this crop the victims of this land appropriation say there is blood in the t. here they want reparations for them about treatment and above all an apology for the crimes committed under the crown. may dixon a lawyer from the u.k. representing this complaint says it's time for redress no it's also a very opportune time because around the world states and various bodies or looking at past abuses colonial group uses and how they can be addressed that they call be swept under the carpet for before. you go 94 year old kid still lives in korea the last survivor of one of the biggest mass deportations to kwesi that was 934 many members of his family died he still hopes that complaint lodged with the un will compel the u.k.
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to answer for its colonial crimes or call civil war. i feel so much pain while the british delaying compensation for the suffering and not giving back to us the land they took away from us until there's no one left to testify. the other old man have died you know or i'm the only one left to tell the suffering of quasi. like you brought in and her daughter hope she'll be able to witness an apology. if they ask for forgiveness we will not refuse to accept. we will not refuse. lydia doesn't know whether she will experience the return of handsets for land but she will make sure that the story of the tonight and kitty games will live on until justice is sad. we have some tennis news now and
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a new champion stefano says apos has been crowned the a.t.p. finals champion after a time when over dominant team in london the greek 21 year old was making his debut in the prestigious and of season tournaments and now looks well placed to challenge the older guard in the next grand slams next year. men's tennis has a new sheriff in town 21 year old greek stefano system passed was looking to end a breakthrough year as the youngest winner of the a.t.p. finals since 2001 team took the 1st set but since he passed quickly balanced back i'm a tilted his biggest title to date considered the 5th major of men's tennis received a boost when he seized the 2nd set 62. since he passed the next gen title for young players this time last year and has made big progress this season the athens native beat roger federer in the semifinals and with fellow aging jewel left on
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a doubt and novak djokovic is also falling by the wayside the chance for glory was dead for the taking. team a 26 year old who was flattered to deceive in recent seasons put across a perfect fight in the decisive set but since the past would not be denied view he eventually prevailed on a new close tie break. vava could always be you know almost feels like i want to go i don't know very close to the emotions run tremendous i feel very proud and very happy with the approach i would out there the entire week the read them davis cup team event begins on monday. but as the men's singles this new sheriff post issued phone this stuff. let's get you up to date now with our top story pro-democracy activists are trying to leave the hong kong university campus after an overnight standoff with police and students of occupy the polytechnic
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university in protest at beijing's influence in hong kong police have surrounded the building students here rusty the daily. the speed of the news live from orlando i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for being.
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insights from an insider the how do you follow. in 45 minutes on detail. because of and young look at me affectionately but as affectionately as you can. let a mere putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 and documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali months and captured me much more good to turn the camera back on the young of course you're going to see the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring tom supporting roles to the freedom of russia. and featuring
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a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with you. so that i may or plenty of it should do the ends justify the means. continues witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . nationwide riots raise questions about iran's economy people take to the streets as the price of gasoline jumps to $0.12 a liter we'll have the latest market reactions also coming up tesla surprise plans to spend $4000000000.00 euros on a huge factor here brolin are keeping other automakers on their toes.


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