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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2019 9:30am-9:45am CET

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a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with you. the mayor that i'm your average age of the ends justify the means. to do those witnesses starts december 13th on d. w. . nationwide riots raise questions about iran's economy people take to the streets as the price of gasoline jumps to $0.12 a liter we'll have the latest market reactions also coming up tesla surprise plans to spend $4000000000.00 euros on a huge factor in your brolin are keeping other automakers on their toes we'll find out why and if you don't want to go far for fresh milk here's a new idea that's been floating around. on chris colfer welcome to the program
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iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has backed the gasoline price rises that have calls nationwide protests demonstrations broke out across the country after the government hiked the price of petrol by 50 percent to around $0.12 a leader there were mass protests in the capital tehran and elsewhere in the country some of them turned violent with demonstrators setting fires and breaking windows gunfire is also supported. by for more on the story let's bring in conrad bosun at the frankfurt stock exchange conradt the european all price has somewhat stabilized at around $60.00 per barrel but what's going on in iran there is different for is important for another reason as well isn't it. absolutely chris you know what's going on in this important player in the middle east is important for the whole region so
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instability unrest in iran makes people concerned about the whole middle east also what's on everybody's minds of course and not only in diplomatic and political circles but also in the business world and financial circle the nuclear deal the iran nuclear deal recently the i have talers have. sought a certain laxness in the way how they were willing to follow the conditions of the nuclear deal and this of course makes the country unstable pot now also in terms of doing business of business with his with it conor thanks so now do stay with us though. saudi state or company around could be said for the world's biggest i.p.o. the oil giant is planning on selling 1.5 percent of the company valuing the i.p.o.
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and more than $25600000000.00 that could edge out chinese e-commerce giant ali baba's record market debut 5 years ago. back to you in frankfurt around has also been called the world's most profitable company are investors keen on getting their hands on around co shares. less. the company itself and saudi arabia had anticipated based on the valuation that saudi aramco came out with yesterday the total valuation of the company would be about $1.00 trillion u.s. dollars now that's of course a lot of money that would make saudi arabia iran more valuable than apple which is at the moment the most valuable company of this world box this amount would be less than what. the ruler of saudi arabia had talked about before obviously
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international investors were very very reluctant to. buy the story or be interested in the story also because saudi arabia chose riyadh the financial center there to be the place for the i.p.o. that's not going to be in new york or london listing. on frankfurt thank you. u.s. electric car maker tesla plans to invest in for 4000000000 euros in is recently announced factory outside berlin that's according to german wire services d.p.a. the creating of a so-called gigafactory which could provide thousands of jobs has a buzz with excitement particularly as the area is so far weak in industrial manufacturing however was no legal papers signed yet and. musts reputation as a somewhat corporate maverick doubts remain about the project. the announcement
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came as a total surprise during an awards ceremony in berlin. a news matter of fact. we've decided to put. the gigafactory europe. plan is to build it in the small town of clean hided just east of pearl in it will be tesla's new europe factory where the s.u.v. model y. and batteries will be built it will create at least 7000 jobs and the factory will be built inside 2 years otherwise not much is known at the moment the new competition right in german car makers backyard might also inspire more progress in german electro mobility. pulling us. industries really. strongly in this thing and keep.
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it. on friday fox bargain announced it will be investing 60000000000 euros in electro mobility and digitize ation. all right for more on this let's bring in peter. director of technology innovation and engineering consulting firm walking to the program peter now that the dust settles on this announcement what do you make of the test that position to invest big in germany. good morning thanks for having me so as said it was a huge marketing stunt last week took everyone by surprise and now wish to hindsight us a couple of they sed. remain well bringing bring again does street shops in the forty's should number into a reach and close to close to the german capital that is good news and i think also after many discussions in the industry electrum ability doesn't need doesn't need a push it need to come into people's minds and if if
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a stronger the leading brand intellect is coming to germany it's bringing good news that is good for all now there are concerns though about rather will abide by german law particularly when it comes to workers' protections to unions etc to the very well it's called a particular german reality when it comes to these big projects do you think this could be a major stumbling blocks when it comes to this project. i think that will be put it mildly a learning opportunity for the past client at this late culture i think we have all her fall read and heard the news about to the workplace health and safety issues into fremont and the reno factory so that was a specific strong 2 years ago but i do believe that this place is able able to bite and able to buy that at the required speed to do leaf least at least a chairman way of doing savings and to meet their very high standards in due time let's talk competition here who is threatening who tesla the german auto industry
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or the other way around. i think the tables have turned a little bit you know it took the industry. at a moment of 5 years to recognize that it could be a close are a thing and. they they they they started to started building building up the real new type of that product pipeline but if you look at that portfolio what's what's available now it to market and what will come in 202021. states like holden legacy ought to make her stay a much better prepared than before so even if you look at the model already a company model that shall be built in and germany so there is still really strong competition not only from the from the wants like all the ford and so i bought a b.m.w. and so on but also recently liked and usually introduced presented for it mickey so the competition will be stiff he defended director of technology and innovation at algernon thank you for your thoughts this morning. thank you very much
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now the dutch have been building floating houses for a long time if water levels rise they slowed up the few meters with the water it's the natural solution to rising sea levels i might say not since may of this year there's even a floating high tech stall yes a cow stall right in europe's biggest port in rotterdam take a look for what makes cows happy enough feed and fresh air so the shared has everything they need even if it's a float that's why they feed for the $34.00 strong herd has to be carried along the narrow gangway. but other than that the shed has everything a land based unit would have the difference is that this one rises and falls with the time had up to 2 meters a day the counts don't seem to mind. around to world tell us also
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get transported by sea or by by ship so i don't think they get seasick but. yes i think they look happy if they get enough food turning the i think they will over have. speace is at a premium in rotterdam harder there's lots of construction down at the waterfront it started with apartments and now they've added the cow shit. i'm seeing this far enough part of the hopper i wanted and then say should we call this the sands are me adding some farming to to say case and that will make cities more livable again but if you're looking for a traditional countryside barn you're in the wrong place this one is high tech floating solar cells supplied with electricity the cows are milked by robots. and another robot collects the manure. part of that goes to fertilize green areas in
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rotterdam's inner city. you're close to the waste circle so waste of produce there and then it's got to back it to the city as a higher product. every once in a while animal experts come by to tweak small problems with the floating cow shed but basically rotterdam's floating farm is garnering interest worldwide especially in densely populated coastal cities like singapore which are seeking solutions for the rising sea levels. mildly missing the point in parts 96 percent so all the influence and so it's you know which in part and they are surrounded by water so you can imagine this is a project this is face suitable for air yeah like singapore and though we had talking to the target this yet and that's absent a lot of the next building starting will be opened at. and soon counties won't be
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the only ones adopting to an aquatic lifestyle chicken factories and greenhouses would also soon be taking to the water. and finally u.k. prime minister boris johnson is aiming to win over business leaders concerned about his bracks of plans and a prime minister is due to give a speech in which i will promise to cut taxes for companies if his conservatism win the upcoming election addressing the concentration of british industry a little hill admit that big businesses didn't want breaks it he says his party will deliver certainty the managers any of it. and that's a show thanks for watching.
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us. markets. morning more. your business magazine. germany on d w. i am sure. as the famous naturalist and
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explorer. to some liberation comics on the front it's 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w.a. . the teacher often john has been working as an engineer in stuttgart in southern germany for 6 years now he's getting married and going back to his home country india to celebrate the wedding together with his family in the summer state of khurana. is going to play the i'm the 1st of my family to study abroad and work abroad as well. and i'm 1st of my family to marry a woman from outside carolla. to focus just on
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a business it's not that normal in india. working in europe and taking a bride in far away corona are big steps for present. when practitioners derived in germany he shared an apartment in stuttgart his former roommates are looking forward to the wedding and to getting to know his family the up the garden parties to some go so you didn't go to be accompanying parties to his wedding or dinner will probably serve as president and bridesmaid. also i've got to have a word of his father because prague teaches been trying to get his permission to marry for 2 years now.


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