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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2019 10:00am-10:15am CET

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doing something for the next generation gloomily is the environment series of global $3000.00 on t.w. and online. this is deja vu news live from berlin a tense stand off in hong kong between police and protesters after another night of violent clashes demonstrators trying to leave a university under lockdown police have surrounded the campus we'll go to our correspondent on the ground there also coming up. floodwaters are forecast to reseed in the city of venice following historic flooding presidents are hoping for
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some relief. and in tennis stephanus it's a pos as proud as the a.t.p. finals in london want to look at the tennis world's new 21 year old one. i brought in thomas great to have you with us the standoff at a university campus in hong kong continues after students barricaded themselves inside during anti-government protest now the events are unfolding in the very heart of hong kong at the polytechnic university there are some students attempting to flee but police trapped them inside by firing on them with tear gas and rubber bullets about $800.00 protesters gathering on that campus some of them carrying homemade weapons including petrol bombs police threaten to use live ammunition if
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they fail to lay down their weapons. for the very latest let's go live now to our correspondent on the ground charlotte also till our charlotte what's the latest where you are. crying this is without doubt one of the most highly charged 24 hours of this 5 month protest movement so far now what i'm standing is a few 100 meters away from the university where that standoff is still ongoing where i'm standing there is too numerous riot police walking around have seen a number of people at being arrested 2 or led away with their hands tied behind that back to the university even more biden scenes going on at the moment pray says does have been told to leave the campus areas that as they've attempted to run through ponce police they've been met by by take out and arrest by those police officers we're seeing images of protesters being tackled to the ground some of them
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dragged across the floor during that arrest we're hearing from protesters they simply too afraid to leave the university at the moment the charges that they face could carry up to 10 years in prison so there is a real tension unfolding at the university at the moment we're hearing as well that they've been met for hours now overnight many of them they are running out of resources it's going to remain to see how the remain to be seen how known they are able to to stay inside the university campus or whether someone simply going to have to try and surrender oh make a break for it through the police lines oh charlotte all of that debris we're seeing behind you the bricks on the ground a testament to what happened last night we have some video of those dramatic and often violent scenes let's take a look at that right now. police move in. the protesters at the entrance to hong kong polytechnic university of plays forcing them to retreat. the
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police made some arrests. and some students were injured. despite the dramatic and disturbing images the night passed with large serious bloodshed something many had feared over the weekend it remained a fiery stalemate hundreds of students inside the university presses the police on the protests is using a host of weapons including molotov cocktails sling shots. and even bows and arrows to keep the police at bay the students are determined. just as a war is more war. i've already written my will. but i trust that my fellow students will keep the protests going. many of us here are exhausted just like i am. i was sprayed by water cannon and i just still
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very painful but i keep going through. hong kong authorities and the university called for an end to the confrontation confort deescalation. but the situation remains tense. the protests which have become a broadly antti government and police violence movement popping raging for 5 months now and. people in hong kong are split on the matter but many continue to support the predominantly student led protests it all started with protesters wanting to safeguard hong kong's autonomy but beijing showing no sign of changing its stance towards the territory. charlock one of these latest developments mean in terms of the big picture of the protests and hong kong it is this violence that we're seeing this new escalation a new normal. for this week really has been extremely chaotic there have been a bit of
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a lull the week before way it seemed like the the number of violent clashes that were taking place on the streets had died down a little bit this week though we have seen numerous people critically injured in these clashes we've seen one man who lost his life after he was hit by a brick that been other fatalities that have been reported as well just yesterday at police officer was shot in the leg with an arrow this is becoming increasingly dangerous on the streets here now what is lingering over these protests and has been overnight and through today is this warning that came from police late last night that they were prepared to use live ammunition if those protesters holed up at the university at the moment didn't put down that weapons that is something that has alarmed a lot of people on the streets here that this is could become yet more violent that we could see more bloodshed here on the streets of hong kong a number of parents gathered outside that university at the moment pleading with
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police to to act with restraint very very upset in scenes for those parents that charlotte has been something of a of a boost for the protesters it comes in the form. a court decision can you tell us something about that. yeah that was a bit of a surprise decision by the high cool to hear it ruled that a ban that was imposed under the regulations by authorities back in october on protest is wearing face masks was unconstitutional and not many people have been expecting that ruling to come forward after there is the child is the legal challenge to the face month ban was brought by pro democracy lawmakers but it really is something of a small victory for some of the process does hear that must be said though that despite the fact that this ban has been in place it hasn't stopped protesters wearing those they space them off and they take part in these protests and it hit routinely with tear gas many of them as well trying to hide their identity thanks
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very much for that from hong kong today. preview now some of the other stories making the news at this hour chile's president sebastian pinera has acknowledged that police used excessive force against protesters it's the 1st time he's criticized the police brutality since anti-government demonstrations began last month. more than 20 people have been killed thousands have been injured in those clashes. haiti's president has called the touring situation in the country humanitarian crisis us for international support. the government's been the target of widespread protests since august which have destabilized haiti's already weak economy one in 3 haitians relies completely on aid to survive. belarus's opposition candidates did not win any seats in a parliamentary election they say was neither free nor fair president alexander lukashenko dismissed the allegations many prominent opposition figures were ruled
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ineligible as it's. well there's a bright spot for the people in the hard press the tally and city of venice floodwaters there are forecast to recede after record high flooding shops and museums on the city's famous say mark's square were closed again sunday the 3rd time in a week a crisis expected to cost italy up to a $1000000000.00 euros but while there is relief for venice days of heavy rains and snow fall are threatening to bring misery to other parts of the country including the cities of pisa and florence. let's get the latest from venice now with the w.'s julia south delhi good morning to you julia venice has seen the 3rd major flood in less than a week house of coping with all this water. that is is slowly going back to normal today after being hit again as you said yesterday
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people are cleaning up their shops cleaning up their homes trying to get back to normal life supermarkets starting to open again and schools are back today after a few days of break people are confident that they will pick up but they are hoping that the attention will not go. way from their city after the tide start to go down and that money will come assistance will come to try to get back on their feet you know when we look at all of this floodwater places like st mark's square you know how have the landmark buildings in venice been doing are they permanently damaged more about all the art in the city how safe is the city's cultural heritage from these wars. one significant number is that about one in 2 churches in the city have been flooded and that is significant we've seen damage done to st mark's cathedral one of the landmarks of the city they are the life
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unusual which is one of the most famous theaters in the city and in the country and what is important to know is that it's not enough for the water to dry up the water is salty the salt stays in the structures so it will take quite some time to actually be able to evaluate the damage that has been done ok you know this type of flooding julie was supposed to be prevented by the city's planned flood barriers you know they're high tech constructions why aren't they supposed to protect that's from exactly this kind of threat. the problem with that infrastructure is that it is still being built it was supposed to be finished in 2014 but because of building problems because of corruption scandals it is still to be finished now the government is going to try to accelerate the process trying to bring it forward and finish it by next year but it will remain to be seen if that
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infrastructure will be enough to protect the city from further events like these and maybe the local and national government will have to re-evaluate their overall plan to protect the city from episodes like the high tides we have this week joy or so dolly for us in venice where hopefully the floodwaters will be receiving some respite there as we've just heard thanks very much. thanks we have some tennis to use now and stuff since the boss has been crowned the a.t.p. finals champion after a time when over dollar team and long the greek 21 year old was making his debut at the prestigious tournament he looks very well placed now to challenge the older guard in the grand slams next year. men's tennis has a new sheriff in town 21 year old greek stefano system past was looking to end a breakthrough year as the youngest winner of the a.t.p. finals since 2001 team took the 1st set but since he passed quickly balanced back
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i'm at silted his biggest title to date considered the 5th major of men's tennis received the biggest when he sees the 2nd set 62. since he passed a next gen title for young players this time last year and has made big progress this season the athens native beat roger federer in the semifinals and with fellow aging jewel left on a doubt and novak djokovic is also falling by the wayside the chance for glory was dead for the taking. team a 26 year old who was flattered to deceive in recent seasons put up a super fight in the decisive set but since the past would not be denied the if the he eventually prevailed on another close tie break. vote of the it always feels you know almost feels like i want to go. very close to the emotions are tremendous i feel very proud and very happy with my approach there the entire
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week the rhythm davis cup team a vent begins on monday but as the men's singles this new sheriff hopes to shoot. a scaremonger now of our top stories this hour pro-democracy activists are trying to leave hong kong university campus after an overnight standoff with police students of occupied polytechnic university protested beijing's influence of hong kong's politics police have surrounded the building students fear arrest if they. don't get you can get our news on the go do that by downloading yeah from google play. for d.w.b. who swore from the store that gives you access to the latest news from around the world and to push notifications are breaking there you can also use that after said photos and videos.
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coming up next we have the audi files look at one of the biggest economic scandals of german history i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being here i've read a lot more news at the top of the hour here on the. stand for. lawyers. language courses. video. any time any. w's.


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