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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2019 11:30am-11:45am CET

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world. they're under full power and boundless ambition have managed the middle east into a great crisis and. the arrival of the cold starts nov 27th on t.w. . nationwide riots raise questions about iran's economy people take to the streets as the price of gasoline is hiked to $0.12 a liter market reactions also coming up tesla surprise plans to spend $4000000000.00 euros on a huge factory near berlin are keeping other automakers on their toes we'll find out why and food supplies are running short of bolivia as supporters of the ousted president blockade the sittings where his opponents the. numbers called welcome to
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the program iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali holiday has backed the gasoline prize rises that have caused nationwide protests demonstrations broke out across the country after the government raised the price of gas by 50 percent to around $0.12 a liter there were mass protests in the capital tear on and elsewhere some of which turned violent with demonstrators setting fires and breaking windows iranian authorities raise the official death toll could least 3. let's get the markets view on this with conrad booze and frankfurt conrad one of the people why you are making of the timing at which these protests mean the iranian economy has already been strangled. but absolutely the government in tehran must be in a very desperate state to announce such an unpopular thing so shortly before
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important elections and. of course the economic situation in the country is really bad given that the sanctions by the united states against iran have more or less made it impossible to open the country up also businesses from countries like germany which do not have sanctions against iran in place very very reluctant to make contact with iran because they are afraid to get into trouble with the americans and cannot what sort of impact are these protests likely to have on iran and its economy. it's you know a very negative impact of cora's if we take into consideration that the government in tehran has switched off the internet one really has to question what kind of understanding the mullahs have about what an economy really needs to work things
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like trust things like reliability but nothing seems to be reliable in the country let's not forget that the government announced those this increase of petrol prices in iran overnight it came as a supreme plead surprise to iranian citizens this is really not a country where you you know can rely on things where you can do good planning and that's definitely something an economy would need from abuse in frankfurt thank you . u.s. electric car maker tesla plans to invest up to 4000000000 euros and its recently announced factory outside berlin that's according to german wire service d.b.a. the creation of a so-called gigafactory could provide thousands of jobs in a region weak industrial manufacturing but no legal paper been signed yet and it. does have a reputation as
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a corporate maverick so doubts about the project remain the announcement came as a total surprise you know award ceremony in berlin. a news matter of fact. we've decided to put. your factory europe. plan is to build it in the small town of green hide it just east of. it will be tesla's new europe factory where the s.u.v. model y. and batteries will be built it will create at least $7000.00 jobs and the fact to be built inside 2 years otherwise not much is known at the moment. the new competition right in german car makers backyard might also inspire more progress in german electro mobility. it's a pulling us. industries really. strongly in this thing
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and keep you. on friday folks in announced it will be investing 60000000000 euros in electro mobility and digitize ation. all right for more on this let's bring in peter fenn director of technology innovation and engineering consulting firm welcome to the program peter now that the dust settles on this announcement what do you make of the test that position to invest big in germany. good morning thanks for having me so as i said it was a huge marketing stunt last week took everyone by surprise and now i wish to hindsight us with a couple of based. the good news remain well bringing bring a good industry chops into 40 should number into a region close too close to the german capital that is good news and i think also off the many discussions in the industry electrum ability doesn't need us need to
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push it need to come it to people smites and if if a strong well the leading brand intellect is coming to cheer many it's bringing good news that's good for all now there are concerns though about rather will abide by german law particularly when it comes to workers' protections to unions etc to the very well it's called a particular german reality when it comes to these big projects do you think this could be a major stumbling blocks when it comes to this project. i think that will be put it mildly a learning opportunity for the past that there's like culture i think we'll fall her fall read and heard the news about the workplace health and safety issues in the fremont and the arena factory so that was a specific strong 2 years ago but i do believe that there's lace it's able to a byte and able to buy that at the required speed to belief least at least the chairman way of doing savings and to meet their very high standards in due time
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let's talk competition here who is threatening who tesla the german auto industry all the other way around. i think that tables have turned a little bit you know it took to industry. at the moment delphi fears to recognize that it could be a close are a thing and. they started to started building building up to real new type of the product pipeline but if you look at the portfolio what's what's available now it to market and what will come in 202021. states like holden legacy ought to make us stay a much better prepared than before so even if you look at the model 3 already a company model why that should be built in and germany so there is still really strong competition not only from from the ones like all the ford and so of all the b.m.w. and so on but also recently liked and usually introduced pre-sent at ford so the competition will be stiff he defended director of technology and innovation at all
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john thank you for your thoughts this morning. thank you very much of the other business stories making headlines around the world h.p. has an object in a takeover offer from xerox saying it was strong near undervalued xerox offered to buy the much bigger computer maker for 33500000000 dollars but age pieces it's still open to a merger and has hinted that it might want to buy xerox saudi state all company aramco could be said for the world's biggest i.p.o. the giant is planning on selling one and a half percent of the company valuing the i.p.o. and more than $25000000000.00 that would chinese e-commerce join ali baba's debut 5 years ago. the dubai air show is on the way and while the larger events in farnborough and paris may attract more visitors and exhibitors dubai has in recent years been the place where the biggest deals have been signed but setting more records this year is likely to be difficult. none of the
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exhibitors at the air show are expecting stellar sales this year the industry is in crisis mode there are concerns about what's going to happen in the global economy and there's risks of tribe was there is risks of downturns they. feel like indenting of demand even emirates the region's largest air carrier posted significantly lower profits dogged by higher fuel prices and a strong u.s. dollar another challenge that the industry faces is the need to reduce emissions by developing more climate friendly technologies like renewable fuels and electric powered aircraft it comes at a time when an increasing number of people around the world are taking advantage of the price wars between airlines. abu dhabi's air carrier and hut has announced that it's working with u.s. aircraft building giant boeing to introduce the most fuel efficient long haul plane ever the green line or its plan to fly between abu dhabi and brussels starting in
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january of 2020 it will use 20 percent less fuel than any other aircraft in its fleet. it is now just over a week since ousted bolivian president evo morales quit and fled the country since then violent protests have broken outlets by those who want power to his return to power them astray sions have disrupted supplies into the past adding the citizens of bolivia's administrative capital. proma rallies protests have brought thousands to the paths many of them are indigenous farmers from the coca growing mountainous regions the oriya survive their champions removal from power one of their tactics for getting their message across has been to block roads into the city cutting off supplies its effectiveness is made clear by the long lines within the past the basic produce such as eggs and chicken. and at the moment we're
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lacking food even if you have money you can't buy anything at the stores have made us write down and names and phone number saying now callers prices are going to quite a bit too which isn't good for many homes and when children are going hungry we have to say sorry you can't eat. the protesters haven't stopped it impeding roads blockades like this one at state owned oil company why p.f.b. have choked the country's fuel supplies many filling stations are closed leaving those who rely on them like a taxi driver car office with no choice but to wait. if there's no gas we don't work we've been here since 7 am on thursday we've been lining up they give us hope saying maybe tomorrow maybe tomorrow but until now we've had no good news. just.
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a mass for peace was held in the past on sunday with the violence having already claimed more than 20 lives even the police are praying the unrest will end. and that wraps up our program for now for more you can always go to our web site business w dot com slash business or visit our social media feeds bilin for me and the entire business team thanks for watching.
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discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 get me up now. this week on world story. why so many indian women commit suicide. ethiopian jews who want to emigrate to israel but we begin in chile where for weeks people have been taking to the streets to demonstrate for social justice as is often the case with such movements students are participating in high numbers we accompanied one of them for a few days. it's another busy day for bin laden not on the. talks meetings
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roundtables coordinating mobilizations on the fly all before 3 pm that's when her campus is evacuated for security reasons every day the protests have turned life in sheila upside down but light on the doesn't mind for her the revolt was long overdue. one looked at them what to call it the earth at the end all for a long time people were afraid to protest because they couldn't foresee how badly they'd be repressed or what they could lose. but among my generation that fear is a lot smaller and we're willing to overcome that fear to achieve our goals profound changes to the system. reform. with the century long tradition of spearheading social.


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