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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm CET

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this is the w.'s live from. between police and protesters in hong kong descends into chaos a night of violent unrest seize demonstrators barricaded themselves inside a university anyone trying to leave facing arrest we'll take you there live also on the program. iran imposes a media blackout following deadly protests against fuel price increases a senior commander accuses the united states being behind the unrest. with multi resistant bacteria killing more than half a 1000000 people every year i'll be losing the battle against. surfing
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seems more than just catching away we meet. a quality i can start much as culture and hard line communist parties. to the program for a standoff between police approach him ocracy activists in hong kong's polytechnic universities having to another night protesters tried earlier to escape on mass and face arrest by police around the campus or thoughts on the island described as criminals but demonstrators have received a small victory from the territory's a high court live to hong kong in just a moment 1st this report. these students are ready to go home
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camped out at hong kong's polytechnic university they are wary from increasingly violent clashes with police over the weekend. but having failed to dislodge the protesters for days the police are now preventing them from leaving. to a crowd somewhere i exhausted because we've been up since 5 am yesterday we're desperate because the supplies are running low. anyone leaving the university risks arrest and a lengthy prison sentence the students are worried. you know. a little bit desperate. you can you can say. there's. no way we can get out in the 1st they say. the previous night protesters set fire to the entrance of the university to stop the police from storming the campus and they showered petrol bombs on advancing vehicles. but when they
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tried to break through the police cordon on monday they were met with a hail of tear gas canisters and rubber bullets forcing them to retreat. the. police arrested those that did not make it back into the building i am not some protesters tried to run forward on a highway they have been blocking for the past week. stuck inside the university the rest are replenishing their arsenal of molotov cocktails. with the police in no mood to compromise the situation remains volatile. straight to hong call then where we joined correspondent charlotte chelsea well welcome charlotte bring us up to date. her well i won't go wrong. while. you can read things a little many things like this unfolding throughout the evening this evening and
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hannah roadmaster there was a crime that were huge crowds of protesters who have gathered near the university where we are now about half a kilometer away from not you know about one dollar. on bearing walls but not progressing getting more and more tense we were in charge of protesters but i want to bury those students who are currently hold up here inside the unit asking how come the hour is now stuck inside that many of our tempers sparing the. arrested by police theme of several daring attempts by protest to get away some have models to respond but there are focal to be huge numbers of protesters inside but you know that's the reason why the power of some of those students who were gathered are so much comical now that together so knowing 7 for bouncing august
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very concerned about the loved ones who were inside that university campus one father spoke to us he told us that his son of bottles 7 of the university yesterday and haven't come out yet let's have a listen to what he had. done so we are very very. very about the safety so i am i like to. hear your voice so i like you are denying our request to the government that don't hurt our child. will hurt our case. and charlotte aid from what we're hearing aid sounds like he's right to be worried about their safety we have threats from beijing about the use of live i mean nation but despite this process is appear defiant are we heading for a point of no return. well as you can tell from the honesty of the numbers of protesters who were off behind me
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out of the out on the. day off the phone they are determined to keep going it is very difficult at this point to see exactly how this situation was going to be deescalated to the taking well those students are still inside the university that of course as you some of the warning came from the police last night that those protesters dropped the weapons police were preparing to use. those protests is that something that's of shock waves across people. on a 1 7 of them social media consultant this now of pomp and life or death situation for them having thought that bulge is also the icing on the part of protests is taking over the last few days we've seen them you think. trying to target the police i'm quoting he was the both of them are sending arms on fire 7 sometimes to
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this crowd the riot police we know that yesterday one police officer was hit in the leg with one of those arrows. joints near non-con very hard to predict at this moment when the. high court had some good news for protesters today just talk asserted a's decision. that's why if you talk to the people here on the street the protesters they will tell you that this isn't by the high court today with one way of life some of their lives to be done if we have people in hong kong or what the high court decided to let out of burma by the authorities here on people wearing face masks with other constant seems no the i don't even post that i love them other than that i'm calling these protests stop stopping people from taking to the streets because of course both muslims and you can tell from the crowd that i don't do i want now to do with the
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take out that there are many other things so he didn't want to come to these protests start them really and also a lot of people are very pleased about high court. charlotte's chosen people in hong kong thank you now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a group of performance artists in me and bob received additional jail sentences for insulting the military a satirical poets call themselves the peacock generation and a man most judicious system bacon face the same charges in every township they perform and. new president has held a controversial swearing in ceremony of the french to widen a division i go to buy a rajapakse his inauguration took place at a british shrine event by he said holies of british followers he credits his victory to british support but says he will work for all sri lankans. now to iraq where authorities say at least 3 people have been killed during violent
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protests against dramatic fuel price increases the country's supreme leader has backed the price hike claiming that it will fund social welfare programs the foreign ministry has to condemned u.s. support for demonstrators describing it as interventionist. from causing gridlock on the streets. to taking out their anger on cars petrol stations and even banks. protesters in iran leaving little doubt how they feel about the hike in petrol prices demonstrations that began late last week have taken on a violent edge or storage fees have reported some deaths many fear the real number there was likely to be higher iran's supreme leader is unmoved standing by the fuel rise in branding the protesters. setting a bank on fire it's not an act on by the people this is what dogs do. the
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movie is in part a response to the failing economy as a result of u.s. sanctions iran says the money raised will be used to help the poor those on the street see it differently. as. the government has made this decision because it doesn't have any money now it's taking money out of our pockets to plug the gaps everything in iran is connected to petrol prices when wake up so to food prices simply everything the us has also waded in signalling support for the protesters and criticizing a shutdown of the internet as authorities in iran try to wrest back control of a volatile situation. let's go through this river about him is a from d. w.'s of fossett department welcome to the studio about him how significant are these protests so these protests the candle the have the chance to look at them from 2 ways if you look at them like how they are right now without any history or
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any context we see that they are like vice bread they are in several cities of iran which is new because even though they are happening in some cities that for me been name of those cities are not very familiar you know i i see i know the area by now like i know the city perfectly so i mean and you see the reaction the reaction is huge from the government and security system of iran and you see that they are killing people they are suppressing people so i mean it's easy in person the right now but then we can look at them life but the he story of what is happening in iran like they had protests the same nature of protests 2 years ago that poor kind of poor people came to the street to ask for their rights especially they wanted to be look like to be considered as citizens like to be to have a normal life and and they had a back in 2009 again protests that it was it had a different nature but still we see that it is going on so and and right now we are
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looking like in iraq what is happening in iraq or the other countries in the region we see that these protests have a context to it that like in iraq some part to stars are like chanting against islamic republic of iran and in iran also people are chanting that they want the money be like like money to be here in iran not in palestine and in not in iraq so i mean in 2 ways it is really significant. and you hinted at your answer to the government says the people who are out on the streets there are rioters and suggs but for. what you are saying this is this is ordinary people. frankly is not new you know and iranian people are used to used to share these comments from the government or from the leader of iran. that they are naming the protesters. as of life that they are actually they have been paid from outside
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iran from ca a cia or a spare so it's not new at all that like mesereau harney prison often iran today he told that it just a few number of people are at the street so people are used to share these kind of sentences but the thing is they are to my opinion they are like poor people mostly that they don't have any team to lose anymore because like they see that they see even they don't have the future they don't see anything in front of them bright so they have come to the streets because they want an answer they want to be considered as citizens like. life good talking to thank you for joining us. from the to be foster to foster. researchers have been warning for years about the rise of superbugs as antibiotic resistance bacteria
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despite this the danger is higher than ever so this is the start of the world health organizations world antibiotic awareness week so here's a look at the threat superbug supposed to global health of development. before the mid 20th century contracting a bacterial infection could easily kill you the age of antibiotics was ushered in by alexander fleming who discovered penicillin back in the late 1920 s. and was later awarded the nobel prize for his work antibiotics at the scene for a paradigm shift in medicine they've saved countless lives but bacteria evolve and a few of them always survive the encounter with the medicine pathogens eventually acquire resistance 1st to one then to more and more antibiotics then they multiply and pass it on they can even share their resistance with other microbes some multi
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resistant super bugs are known impervious to practically the entire arsenal of antibiotics at our disposal and research and antibiotics people worldwide last year but there's still no comprehensive global plan for dealing with a. revolt from the w's science correspondent derek williams who joins from a welcome at eric so. these antibiotics because the antibiotic resistant bacteria they are increasing because. well because for a variety of different reasons there as we just saw bacteria evolve they are going to eventually evolve resistance to these substances anyway particularly in the kinds of situations that we put the men and hospitals using them over and over again but we can accelerate actually that evolution overprescribing that before prescribing them for example in situations where people don't really need and have bacterial for example if they have a viral infection that's been going on for decades in many countries actually
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particularly in the developing world you can even buy you can buy antibiotics over the counter that's one aspect of the problem we're actually accelerating the evolution of these bugs on the other hand another aspect of it is for example we use it in industrial livestock production so you have these these animal farms these vast complex as with thousands sometimes thousands of animals on them the only way to prevent an infections an epidemic from breaking out within those facilities is by feeding antibiotics prophylactic clee to the animals in order to can to maintain them under those conditions so ultimately the answer to that question i guess is that we are speeding up the evolution of these bugs by using these antibiotics too much ok so you would have thought that in those circumstances then the pharmaceutical company is always with that i or the other profits would be would look at this as a we will be churning out new antibiotics so wildly it seems like actually that
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that would seem to be the case but unfortunately that's not the business model that the pharmaceutical industry operates under the it's incredibly difficult and expensive to get a drug approved the industry says it costs $2.00 nathanael in dollars to get a single drug approved so if you get a drug approved an obviously you're going to count on sales to recoup your investment in the development of that drug now the problem with antibiotics is obviously they're geared towards at most giving you the drug for 2 weeks you're going to be cured after you take a course of antibiotics really what the pharmaceutical in. astri is interested in is selling you a drug for the rest of your life for a chronic condition like heart blood pressure or heart disease or diabetes you want to manage conditions rather than cure they want well the i'm not saying they want to i'm saying that their business model but i make more money with their blockbuster drugs if they manage to focus their development on those particular conditions so actually that's led to a situation where you have most of the major pharmaceutical companies have completely exit in this field most of the research is being done by small biotech
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firms and so we we have to change this paradigm somehow we have to to get away from this idea of profit driven antibiotics in an topic really which affects all of us so briefly that all we all do it's the end we aren't doing there are there are actually a few dozen antibiotics in the pipeline that are that have been put in the pipeline by these smaller companies not all of them are going to get approval we will eventually be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel but we really need to increase awareness in this particular topic because it's a it's a global problem and we need global solutions day to be such thank you. take a look at some more stories making news around the world a 15 year old girl has been killed after a suspension bridge collapsed into the tar river in southern france rescue workers are at the scene where a car on the have bin laden truck approach from opposite directions plunged into
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the water 9 people thought to be a fact. the president of haiti says his country faces a humanitarian crisis and he's asking for international support. these government has been the target of widespread protests since august i wanted 3 haitians that now have been eyes on donor aid to survive. that's a chile where thousands of protesters of stepped up their demands for a new constitution and the resignation of president sebastian pinera many suffered serious injuries in re standard government demonstrations queues police of brutality in aiming rubber bullets at their heads present piñera says any excessive force will be investigated. nelson campos fears he will lose his eyesight he was shot by a policeman cheering a recent demonstration in chile's capital santiago. they will have a detached retina and i have internal injuries inside my eye it's not looking good
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. the shooting happened during recent antigovernment protests demonstrators have been hit by water cannon or rubber bullets some filled with metal and it's not just happening to violent protest is peaceful demonstrators even random bystanders are being targeted. videos like these published on the internet aren't difficult to watch medical professionals are alarmed. to hold all the stuff and i meant some bullets just scratched the surface of the eye but some hit them directly 99 percent of the patients if not all end up going blind for sure seeing it as a warder it seems unlikely to be a coincidence more than $200.00 people in chile have lost their eyesight in this way police have been accused of aiming at people's heads human rights advocates say
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the violence reminds them of the dark times of the chilean dictatorship amnesty international has investigated some of the latest cases. for example u.c.l.a. the police are deliberately targeting certain body parts they're using their guns in a way that can lead to lethal injuries where is their quit because so little is chile's president sebastian pinera has sent all cases of disproportionate police violence must be investigated while it exists aka said the committee any excessive use of force and breach of police protocol work needs to be investigated by the public prosecutor use and brought to justice or. this. but so far little has happened many police officers don't wear id badges that makes it almost impossible to prosecute them for nelson campus that's no longer
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a priority and we'll. i have children then would i need to be able to work and earn money whether i wanted or not. i need to forget my fears but i'm still full of fear and panic. because of the money go now since life is now dominated by the injuries he received at the hands of the police. ok it was not the 1st place that springs to mind when it comes to surfing the caribbean island does have a vibrant it's modest scene women in the country often find themselves doubly disadvantaged they live show that dominated culture that is led by communist authorities so here's one woman determined to change that. when the sun comes up and have anna and there's a good wind that's the best time to hit the serve among the male surfers one woman . taro is
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a surf pioneer on cuba she's had to fight for her place here. yet as you may i had this image emily had the men used to tell me to surf further away so that i didn't steal their waves and i got that i think i'm a brave woman. once i've decided to do something i don't stop like until i get shaved. there still aren't many surfers in cuba says she still sometimes gets stopped and questioned by the police and sometimes they wouldn't let me go into the water because they thought i was going to try and escape to the u.s. on my surfboard. how wants to see a more modern cuba less dominated by much is small with more room for strong women she teaches kids to serve especially girls but to earn money with her serve school the 36 year old needs special permission from the communist state she's been waiting for 7 years and still hasn't got it. that ben morning and that it.
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may be the government's just not interested maybe surfing is just nonsense as we say here cuba no no the smallest changes to the system require determination and stamina even though it was fidel castro himself who called for change methylated revolutionary leader personally and in mired him. on the will he also won when he took my hand i felt that he was very gentle he smiled a loss but he also looked into my eyes as if he could read my thoughts. the van is celebrating its 500th birthday as the latest u.s. sanctions begin to bite tourist numbers are down and shortages of petrol and food stuffs more common the latest crisis is making change more difficult if the sanctions won't change our government but most the make the divisions worse we need change but it has to come from us. the cuban people. who are no one.
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believes the pace of change will slow down she belongs to a new generation ready to push boundaries and breakthrough them on the way to a better cuba. they found this in my generation has a desire to do something big but it's not made easy for us they should let us get on with us because ultimately we only want the best for the country. this is day doubly news these are our top stories a violent standoff between pro-democracy activists and police that hong kong's polytechnic university has continued into another night of protesters tried to risque and faced arrest by police surrounding the company's. russia has returned 3 naval ships that captured from ukraine last year it's the latest move to ease tensions between the 2 countries ahead of a summit next month 100 of what took place off the coast of crimea.
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thousands of kenyans are say they were driven from their homes during british colonial rule a demanding compensation and have taken their case to the united nations and lawyers argue that because the election france's occurred under the crown the u.k. is responsible and the international no. group of performance artists in miramar received additional jail sentences for insulting the military is a terrible poets call themselves the peacock generation and the country's judicial system they can face the same charges in every town microphone. this is d.w. news from brother for more followers on twitter at the w. news or at the w. . live off problem but not a soft science magazine is next more headlines at the top of the hour.
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the blueprint for every living thing on this planet my new commission coming d.n.a. . a brilliant natural it's the most effective way to see vast amounts of data scientists in syria now want to use this code for technology they're developing artificial d.n.a. to see digital information to our world today next on a d.w.i. . welcome to the what is the game here for detail the country i'm trying to talk about. let's start our coverage. remorseless. little we have a little let's have a look at some of the other muslims around the league still shaking in their boots to careen
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hill watching tomorrow today the science show on d w. coming up d.n.a. and on how dr is this the data storage medium of the future. and we look back to the past to the age of pretty.


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