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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2019 3:30am-4:00am CET

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with illustrators gifts live. and an incredible location. live tonight curves live on t w. live. the new number 10 at byron be put to sleep this is hello to truly get tenure at midfield maestro ryan steve takes a position top tactician. coach a year of
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a set piece specialist to change. the world but how is he really known who. will pick and why to come out again in my view. the little magician aka the liberal chill born in rio he grew up in a troubled district. seawater. it was there i didn't see it this year and it would be so cool and see it in the other but nearby was an iconic source of inspiration but i felt the same walk but he. saw now a marquee signing on the scale of our young hoffman and frankly probably it will fit together which we knew would fire a world famous star for the bundesliga the little magician yeah he really had a truly welcome to this kickoff special about byron's new number 10.
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munich and how now for philip. the soyuz the people here in germany are very fair minded and honest and really beautiful that family and i have been for a few walks started getting to know the city. really enjoying it. he's looking the part in later how is his well. known. yeah i like them they suited me well. well that was very cool my wife like to walk on the bench you go there it's a big traditional event in the city and the country knew that it was just nice to be there taking part in the festivities. i think everyone who goes along and joins in ends up enjoying it rain. all day. october fest has always played a role in helping new byron stars steadily and latins. you
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know as he counts going to figure in later hose if it will be given. his teammates give him plenty of praise both on and off the pitch. everyone is being so welcoming for the people of the club the fans the players and the stuff we've got a very warm reception from everybody that's also really helped to settle in for so i think that's the most important thing that this club has feels like a family sanctioned same. offer mean. that all sounds well and good but how is the little magician feeling on the pitch more recently he started a couple of games on the bench are byron suffering a bit of turbulence at the moment but there are expectations too high. here. the brazilian has seen some playing time but he hasn't fully found his place a buyer quite yet let's look back at where he's from.
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continue grew up here in rio along with his friends. in washington thomas francisco a minister ice and i came to rio for trouble with vasco da gama we've been friends ever since. parents and brothers were very kind to me i spent more time in his place and at the club accommodation. we hung about together mash the time on this very street and their houses at the end. it's not a particularly safe neighborhood it's a bit dangerous. moment talking down the street. just hoping you would see in for
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an unpleasant surprise. and then you know what out of all his future wife lives just a bit further down sometimes we have to school to hear back home again. and then we'd be running at night out of that. they said. but i was happy that. we lived in the moment there was only room for happiness. some great childhood friends living that was still in touch and still close we grew up together getting a boy on the ball our house was near a concrete football pitch i'll be playing there almost every day with my friends. myself 2 brothers would usually make up a team and we never want to lease. my. young age you could see he was different. with a way above average potential so it was easy to be his teammate fascinator our quiz
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. my parents' house was quite close to the american i serve a crowd at the stadium was part of the soundtrack of my youth a simple village the simple things i grew up dreaming of playing their professional one day. saying no. i mean. i'm a journalist and commentator and i've been following continuous progress since he was a young constantly playing for. hearing the crowd that's will help to make. them then i got the chance to make the dream come true and as i saw the. journey to the big time began in brazil. when i was 6 i joined a team in my. already playing competitively in that age group. because in
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a few tournaments. i was invited to try again vasco da gama. when i was 7 national there are big club such as through a lot of great players it's almost. more miracle if you could see your 1st came to my attention when i saw him playing in a football match here at glasgow you know for me i could see this kid was exceptionally talented really stood out among his peers. i asked around to find out who he was and that was the 1st time i heard the name fully. i had a coach who was really important. then we had marcus alexander a another great coach i had a great time training with him. ok but as you know i had the pleasure. in the
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3 years with him watching him develop his skills he's tactical awareness and general mindset. and now is one of resilience football's absolute top stance which while it isn't. played football there up to the ages of 11 or 12. all the like then i didn't really want to play football i still like puts on so much. which. provides the ideal foundation for a future footballer to build on with time and space is a premium you learn to think quickly on your feet. and sam played a big part in salutes early development. and a lot of his qualities are basically rooted in foot so they moved to the foot so yeah i mean i didn't want to quit for so i ended up doing both.
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i think maybe multi-year begin to get them out be canonised. a little magician was a nickname he earned long before he left brazil. magazine could seemingly make a ball just disappear and pop up again somewhere else. pulling off tricks in a game that were simply beyond other children his age and people started calling him the little magician up if you could get him out in one of his idols is run on denio a football magician of the previous generation i mean similar abilities continue also inherited the nickname. phillips almost flawless his close control as his passing his finishing his vision it's all just out of the ordinary. as a person the nickname says her success for his character is also said to have a magical quality so i said it. amount. of
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lies in his family play i think passing that will be a source of people with their own solid sense of principles. his family his parents has been vital in helping to mine tang a very down to earth attitude that we shall get it to my money that my stand for you he just you know is the quiet life very much centered around his family is a personal character trait and in interviews he comes across as a really shy and reserved kind of person is about the same day my eyes have been. in 2006 it was decision time for. 30 or 14 i finally had to get up for it was just becoming too intense and from that point on i focused on the football and if. there's a funny story from that time when we were taking part in the tournament and. you so
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you'll feel before the start they were saying that scotty knew that little kids this silly coaching you know we've all been hearing about a couple that he got going and basically won the game for us and everyone's like ok here's true we have to admit it the kids were really good that was the 1st time we met in a month. of beginning of their friendship. in 2008 with interim in line still only 16 he stayed 2 more years at vasco da gama on loan taking the next step up. the same so i don't always dreamed of turning professional getting the chance to play at a big stadium to score a goal or enjoy the game make the fans happy. when i 1st got that chance with glasgow it was a dream come true you know stepping out on to the pitch for a match millions of people would be watching the stadiums packed in the crowds in
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full voice. chanting your name for you silly. boy that was just a beautiful moment for me. are so for vasco was like my 2nd home in brazil the club means a lot to me for years they phoned me as a player and on a personal level i learnt a lot there as well also at the school the half right there at the club i mean. that's something that's very important will be you selma of course i could i mean. if a woman came here is a boy and left as a man he's been very satisfying wanting him progressed during his time here and. there being. kids he played for vasco and there's lots of school photos.
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there such far these are a few pages of philippe during his time at school here groups that shots in the reading clubs they are. in the study but many of these colleagues and he really is on the graduation day you know i know moments at secondary school and looking at his bags. he's a great player god willing he'll be one of the best. if somebody supported him at school as well and his mother was a regular visitor that also helped only carry the man he has today discipline and determination to qualities we tried to instill in the boys to shoot them like how well education the mine and all watched. yes he's a role model gun from fast go to europe just the jury most every player he had. in 2008 the 16 year old was already kitted out with
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a pre-contract for him to milan. at the same time in munich byron had to say roberto bray no end lucio 3 brazilian stars on the books the teenage 13 yo probably didn't imagine he would later be following in their footsteps but now he's the 13th player from brazil to sign up with germany's record champions. i talked to a few people about byron particularly see aagot who's got a brazilian passport and speaks portuguese. then there was. also played here a few lucio as well so he was very positive about coming into the last week busted for taking. after italy england and spain munich his continuos 1st post in germany and what better club to start a bundesliga venture then buy on. sat. a new brazilian star for buy. what
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did the other brazilian byron legends think. i think it's great coaching is here on earth. so we got very lucky that. i don't know how long supporting barack obama to china putting you in his sights but to get a player that right at the close of the transfer window hats off to. people because you kind of. hold. for so many years of plants i love money for the number tension and with close control. quick should really shine if you can score goals if they're huge. if he plays the way he did for liverpool then we've really hit the jackpot and 6 in all to get people think about me albert and paolo sergio know all about title triumphs and byron respectively 7 and 3 years of munich they embodied the club motto mia's salmiya we are who we are. told him.
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the 1st thing he has to do here is learn german. and learn but this fish think it's important to learn the language. he said he's trying to do that. and i think one see understands a bit of the language and culture just still be very much on the right. it's important to me it seems to me i think this is cool. really important then i'm really enjoying this last. teoh's european odyssey began in 2010. it was a tough time for instance which led just one of the travelling to the champions league but then that team was dismantled so he arrived at the club in transition sheer good will make you and it was difficult you think you're. on the
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same move and moving to a different country when i went to enter for example i was 1718 years old but i believe a place you've been familiar with for 18 years of your life. was a difficult period for new club a new language to look. at that i knew. shortly after that the whole family moved to italy to be nearby and lend him support yeah you actually this morning he was starting to play well again. but i sent him off to spite. you but i stayed in place by half a season on loan at espanyol half the next one back in milan and then liverpool came calling. 2013 the year of the t.v. big breakthrough. if you all. that was when the media started talking him up again
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saying he should be back in the frame for brazil but the coach should be keeping a close eye on him as a player and can make the difference. in each a month or so there was also being carried along by the passion of the liverpool fans before warming i think that was when he was most comfortable expressing himself out on the pitch the fans are idolized all the posts to the d.v.d. so bill to call magic moments in red for could timeo with more than a little help from coach the organ club. club there's not much i can say really but i just feel that he's a great coach and exceptional at what he does already. it was a very enjoyable period of my life working with him and i learned a lot. more space attention to the most minute details and above all he's absolutely focused. he's managed to take the club up to the heights they're at
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today thanks 1st and foremost that mentality and maintaining that social focus is something i always carry with me that was very important. since then continue has been regarded as a global star on the pitch and in the realm of social media the brazilian has more than 21000000 followers on instagram alone there are his followers get an insight into continuance personal life.
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is favorite photo subject matter by far is his. family. well now they're the most important people in my life parents my wife my brothers my daughters we go through everything together. continuos instagram account has more followers than byron's on the other hand his signing swiftly took the record champions into the social media stratosphere themselves the club say that within a day of announcing the transfer they'd hit the 100000000 fan milestone on facebook instagram twitter and other platforms combined that's a new benchmark. and then there is that number 10 shirt currently selling like hotcakes philip the teen years bringing dividends for byron in more ways than one.
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in 2018 could timeo was on the move again. i think it was a childhood dream of phillips he always fancied playing for barcelona and such dreams can come true in life things sometimes they don't turn out so well and it's tough. to say he learned from the washing up revealed this. interview jewish but he had to share the limelight with messi and there are certain things relating to messi in the club we're all aware of which didn't help as i'm going through the usual filipe you don't keep his form. which role do. you call talking to his father the last time we met he acknowledge felipe hadn't been at his best to barcelona and he was hoping things would improve after the call for america what this is.
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i think he's landed at the right club. goalkeeping legend all of a con and greens he's returning to byron soon as an executive board member everything makes him special yes an enormous technical ability has a great speed to perfect free kicks. genius. but here's playing in the area of the field where by and money are the little problems in the past the pitcher continuous great. on match day 5 biron played at home to cologne with their new recruit in the starting line up for the 1st time but that wasn't the only reason the game was special. it was a really nice gesture from levy he was on a hat trick everyone knows how special let him get to free and has designated
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a penalty takers the opportunity he was right there to have it in the dust but instead he gave me the chance to score my 1st goal in front of our fans so it was certainly a very special moment he said therefore i managed to schools and i was just really happy. and grateful to the guy. but the fans would like to see even more from the new number 10 after all it's a shirt freighted with its own significance. i'm sure something like calling on a buying should comes with a lot of responsibility as a starter there a club with a huge tradition and of course this was i and robin's number. one of the top footballers of recent times but i meet them if we. can i know will come up when i got a call from pat so he told me about it and my answer was simple i said i just want
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what's best for the club and if you get. the number 10 shirt that's fine and so good this from david on the sand and this is obviously. it's a big challenge so hopefully i can just do my best and live up to expectations. great expectations and also an implicit show of faith. hope and of course was far from the 1st fire legend to die on the number 10. list i. didn't even number 10 has scored twice and provided 3 assists so far but everyone is hoping he'll flourish even more under hansie flick. for me it's a new beginning as it was a concern and again by liverpool. everyone here is good for success. sign me fans are always behind the scene with the stars do
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a fantastic job all across the board as a. former byron coach nico kovacs was a big fan of his. music which i should get this issue and show with the blues to have it for the bundesliga a sensational player who will help take our team to the next level and then level him there said he's very happy he and his family got a warm welcome and everyone's enjoying life there with that piece of mind he can play his best football. in the world you for away from the spotlight one i wish for him is that he remains the man he's always been. a source of pride trust family and a sporting idol in brazil. the way a footballer should be when you only have a lion out on the pitch almost invisible while for.
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me i'm. clime myself this year i'm hoping for a great season with my teammates there's a lot that can happen if this. misses the big c. you need next time for a little more magic on kickoff. to .
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see venice and be glad that you still can. do other cities seem so close to her. premises survived industrialisation traffic and crowds are tourists but it may not survive climate change. under stress . closer to the. w. . eco in. gifts for the
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gods are harmful for the environment and the sacred flowers are poison in indian water supplies. a company in mumbai is trying to change that it collects weights to use it to color textiles. in 90 minutes on the w. . where the real pro it resides. i come from there are lots of people in fact more than a breed in the future but not just democracy maybe that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the television the book is fried chicken but named after the for the fun in one and remember thinking at the time if the barley in bulk and full what anything can happen if people come
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together and unite for a cool. when i do the news i often confront because situations for conflict between does something still i see despite my job to confront floods lead as on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most tongues of food security oppression martian isolation. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is on the patches on and i will continue to ask. the boss insisted that i don't need to keep a great deal of the old for the over correction home the 4th time flew down the hall of the most emailed at a clip of. the bottom of the band aid at the last dragon this word called the harm those who used to agree books are now too.
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this is the news live from a major shift in u.s. middle east policy israel approves the palestinians brushed washington says it no longer considers the israeli settlements palestinian land at the occupied west bank to be a violation of international law palestinians condemn the move that's another blow to prospects for peace in the bridge.


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