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we moved into a book travel now amazing time. this is deja vu news live from her lead a threat from hong kong authorities to activist and gauged in a 3 day standoff surrender is the only option dozens of students staged a dramatic escape from the besieged polytechnic university in hong kong but 100 students remain inside while beijing warns once more it could end intervene to end
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the crisis also coming up. a departure from international law washington says it no longer considers israeli settlements in the occupied west bank illegal palestinians condemn the move is another blow to prospects for peace. plus it was meant to house 3000 people but down some 13000 live there grease moves to reduce the numbers at the notorious morea migrant camp lesbos was transfers to the mainland. our brian thomas great to have you with us some 100 protesters remain barricaded inside a hong kong university as the standoff there with police continues now that's according to the territory's chief executive kerry lamb. clashes have been raging of course
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there for a number of days with 600 people who were inside the university all ready having surrendered to police others made a bold as. rope ladder called on those remaining inside to surrender saying how the hong kong government was trying to find a peaceful solution to the standoff meanwhile china says that hong kong's high court has no power to overturn the controversial ban on the wearing of face masks during demonstrations now that move by beijing could add even more fuel to the ongoing protests let's get the very latest now from our correspondents fee because in hong kong and mathias billing for us in beijing to date of both of you phebe hong kong police are saying that surrender is now the only option for the students trapped inside the polytechnic university where you are it will the students turn
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themselves into police and what happens once they do. once you have mentioned there are like some 100 off. staying inside a campus but last night a few 100 of the very young protesters they left the campus already as some of the high school principals and university professors and also the former chairman of the legislative council they entered the campus last night and they have a negotiation with the police which the police office is free that they will let those protesters who 18 most of them are still studying in high schools to let them leave the campus but not immediately arresting them so what i have to do is to leave the personal information to the office when they leave when they left the campus so some of. those to leave already but. office they
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some of them they are still they remain hard core that the hotline and they are still saying stay inside the camp and say they will you wish to call at this campus and to do for you and ok to use rev about 100 students storm side that building where were a few beers you were trapped inside the polytechnic university did you give us an idea material of what the conditions there are large for those who are remaining who are not surrendering some whom say they're going to say for 2 weeks if necessary. yeah phoebe and i we were both inside the university when the drama unfolded that was on sunday when police lay siege to this university it was unclear whether we would get out what was very clear is that the protesters would not get out without being arrested police have offered a safe as scape seemingly went by when some of them try to use this safe scape they were immediately arrested so despaired then was of course the creepy creepy
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dominant sentiment amongst those who were inside and then they had the feeling that the only way to escape would be to try to violent as scape they could not do without because the police outnumbered them not only in. manpower but also of course in a weaponry and then we have seen throughout the last 2 days people trying to escape we have information that through just becoming more scarse in there so it's a very dramatic. atmosphere in there as far as we have seen it and. it is a choice they have is to surrender to to arrest or to try to find some other escape or try to stay a game it is a lighter letter of his or our viewers know that we're getting live images right now of the families of some of the students have been released they've been talking
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in in hong kong there but. you know when you were talking to the students and the students inside and to people already there in beijing where you are what are some of your impressions is beijing preparing to exert direct rule over hong kong what do you say. i think beijing is prepared to direct rule over hong kong it and the time when they feel this would be the best option when they are ready to face all the negative consequences of direct rule what we can see and we do not have direct access to to what is happening inside the beijing government but from the signs we see is that beijing has left the hong kong government very little space to maneuver has really controlled their own kong. chief executive charlie clear and this is one of the reasons why i tell you though
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has not been implemented so far in hong kong t.v. what does it look like in hong kong how are people there going to respond to the increased pressure that's coming from beijing right now. while over the last weekend we saw late l.a. troops deploying to hong kong they appear on the streets to help clean the barricades who are they they claim that this is just a volunteer work but this is the 1st time for the chinese troops to appear on the streets seen the protests since the protests broke out in certain but when when we look at the reaction of the hong kong people especially the protesters they're not and be intimidated by this kind of action and on message because there is a sentiment among the protesters that they feel that this maybe there's a last chance to fight back so soon as the i'm standing right in right in the center of the deposed has that last night that thousands of the protesters outside
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of campus they are here they want to rescue those inside of campus so this happened 2 days in a row that people just protect to this day they are they all do t. n. because they all have rights on on the street and they are going to react more like balance the end more vigorously as long as if if the chinese. this is going to pressure them there will be greater pressure from the protesters as well phoebe thanks so very much for that from hong kong and many thanks as well to beijing 70 is building a forest there thanks to both of us are. all that's all this chaos hong kong is due to hold local elections coming up this weekend on sunday now if they take place they'd be the 1st since the 2900. meant for freedom the get out the push for democratic guarantees in hong kong has prompted a record number of contenders to run for the 1st time phebe we're just talking to
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that 2 of those candidates. is getting ready to hit the campaign trail as a new comer to politics the 27 year old is not taking the conventional race because all much i tell him i organize weekly runs in my neighborhood. and i hope we can keep everyone healthy. because we need to be fit to be able to cope with the chaos here. lammas running for a district council cease together with other young protesters over half of the candidates from the opposition camp have no political experience they're also not affiliated to any political party and most of their campaigning is coordinated online. used to work in a bank if the protests had interrupted to keep still be there. for him though it was now or never stand up for his beliefs.
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i realize there are more important things than money if we lose our freedom democracy our hometown and it's meaningless no matter how much you were and what you know i would later regret it if i didn't take a stand that's why i quit my job getting a seat at some of the candidates are familiar faces tommy chong was among a group of former students come. for their roles in the 2014 umbrella movement now the 25 year old activist has taken a step back from the frontline to fight on another battlefield. i did plan to study abroad once i had completed my community service sentence what happened to the umbrella movement made me feel powerless and a failure but those feelings have been washed away by the current movement that gives us hope again i failed to achieve anything 5 years ago so this time i am standing up for my beliefs in a different way. i hope that. over $4000000.00 voters will elect
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candidates to some $450.00 seats although the council is just an advisory body members are eligible to run for the committee which picks the city's top leader. with demonstrations still continuing after almost 6 months and with no end in size the opposition says the poll is a referendum on their demands. for. elections become less credible when people are blocked from standing in them but democratization has taught us not to give up any chance to vote street fight shouldn't be the only way for people to express their will we not only to win seat but to bring a boat political change. i would rather lose the election than lose the movement because lots of hong kong people have sacrificed so much some have lost their lives some may be jailed for 10 years but we still have a long way to go home going i hope that people will keep on pushing for change no
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matter how the movement develops. it's unclear whether ballots can eventually stop the bullets many in hong kong hope they won't have both on election day. a speech you know some of the other stories making news this hour thousands of supporters of bolivia's ousted president if former all over again take to the streets. of the political capital of pas there demanding the resignation of self-proclaimed interim president to name a new views influential catholic church has called for a national dialogue and more than a month of violent protests. sydney is being choked by thick smoke from a brush fires blazing along the eastern coastline that continue to blow over the city officials say soaring temperatures are now bringing air pollution to dangerous levels are warning residents to avoid outdoor exercise. in the u.s. the state of california is suing the country's biggest electronic cigarette
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manufacturer you all for allegedly targeting minors in its advertising the sale of e.'s cigarettes has soared in the past 2 years especially among the young california law prohibits the sale of they've been products to people under the age of 21. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come a bittersweet farewell we're at the infamous morea margaret counter some of us and have announced repairs to athens and an uncertain future. but 1st this to a major reversal in 40 years of american mideast policy the trumpet ministration says it no longer views israel's settlements in the occupied west bank as violating international law for decades israel's settlements on palestinian territory have been an obstacle in peace negotiations palestinians of course condemned the move they're calling it choosing the law of the jungle over international law the u.s.
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gives up a decades long position on israeli settlements. establishment of israeli civilian settlements in the west bank is not per se inconsistent with international law israeli settlements are considered illegal under international law because they are built on land occupied by israel during the 1967 middle east war the settlements are one of the main impediments to peace with the palestinians acting prime minister binyamin netanyahu who's in serious legal and political turmoil welcome the new stance. this is a historic day another great policy achievement of the president trump recognized as the capital of israel recognize our sovereignty over the golan heights the u.s. administration have now put an end to the lie that settlements are illegal. the palestinian authority is outraged israeli settlements in the occupied palestinian
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territories including you. not only illegal under international law they are rhymes and the statement of mr secretary of state of the united states is absolutely. rejected and in response to pompei of the european union's foreign policy chief. said the ease position on israeli settlements have remained unchanged the e.u. considers them illegal. the israel palestine peace process has been stalled figures now and washington's latest move could jeopardize future negotiations. didn't use tanya kramer is following this story for us in jerusalem good morning to you tom you know this is an incredible turnaround by the administration in washington how is it being received where you are. well it certainly as you heard in the report was warmly welcomed by prime minister netanyahu his whole right
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wing government right wing parties here and also the secular organizations one of the politicians saying this is a 1st step in the direction of an extension of the occupied west bank now on the left wing opposition it has been less and to the atsic received and also human rights groups have shockey criticised the move this policy change which puts again the us that also is now at ots with most of the international community it comes at a time where there's a political statement and some commentators have also said this could be seen as a gift to netanyahu he is fighting for his political survival and less than 48 hours no points main opponent benny guns from the blue and white party to form a coalition good white house put out a statement well coming the move but also saying that the fate of settlements should be part of a future agreements ok and part of those agreements are tied to of course
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a 2 state solution and something that in response to the american decision the e.u. says it still supports the 2 state solution and that figures into the whole long stalled peace process how does this decision affect any hopes of getting that back on track. well the question is is certain in the eyes of the the seeing ins what have all these policy attained just by the u.s. made to bring both sides closer together there has been a lot of talk about a possible peace plan by the u.s. administration to haven't seen a debt except for parts of an economic component that had been and they are so folks haven't seen you know any political power meters for this peace plan and palestinians. you know dan probably not too surprised because a by this is decision they have been angered by this but this goes 9 with what they
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have seen from the trump administration his decision on drew's lead on cutting funds to the palestinians they have said you know settlements are such an obstacle to peace how 2 state solution would be possible if you have at the end all kind of little palestinian enclaves side by side settlements that would make the 2 state solution simply impossible talking crime or force in jerusalem on this incredible turnaround in american policy thank you very much tanya what was the onset of winter greece plans to transfer some 20000 asylum seekers from eugene islands to the mainland and that over the coming weeks they include many on the island of lesbos now that side of the overcrowded morea cap that we've often reported on his army in s.f. and max sander report now from the place is home to many on that island. friends bid farewell ask the bosses waits. more than
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a 100 asylum seekers are leaving maurya camp for some after a year if way to hurry. the joy is palpable but so is the pain in the uncertainty the fighting once again into the unknown how do you feel now that you can get on the bus and leave and leave very happy but i have lots of friends here i didn't miss work everybody justice. in the morning i cried and still to now my friends came to see me just. raw and miri has lived with her daughter for a year in morea a camp she describes as the worst on earth she was notified yesterday and given only hours to pack all her things and. i mean eerie is one of thousands of asylum seekers greece plans to move from the north aegean islands to the mainland before winter comes. and. deputy governor of the north island says this rush to
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transfer asylum seekers is not a permanent solution but he says it will let the islands breathe again a vesa give us a fast to eat them our basic goal is for the islands to be decongestant for there to be a better distribution of people all over greece. it's insupportable that we have a ratio of one migrant to 5 locals here one man at the knot this end up in a bed in the rest of greece it's much lower. than they like to see the refugee reception center lesbos is not just overcrowded it's often described as the worst humanitarian crisis in europe. more a camp was built for 3000 but more than 4 times that many people live here thousands of them outside the fence. down here we meet not to belittle it from afghanistan but it shows us where he lives with his family as a single mylan tent for 5 people with winter on its way. fillin man hit you
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only been i've lost all hope. only god can help us again are the chances i pray we will be rescued from this hellish plans and with what i'm good better i am. at its northern edge morea is expanding a group of men are breaking ground for a family who will spend their 1st night here no one we talked to here expects the population to shrink anytime soon. in the middle of the night yet another arrival a frantic spot carrying migrants rescued off the coast of last boss this time 33 of them including women and children. everyone gets a bottle of water a snack and a blanket they're relieved as they are registered on european soil but few know about moria their next home. this is a pile of discarded life jackets that were worn by those who made the dangerous
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crossing to less bus but the risks and the conditions of moria camp won't keep more people from coming for the past 3 months the numbers of arrivals have far outpaced the numbers of departures but if the government's transfer program succeeds the island of lesbos once again could become what it used to be a brief stopover on the way to europe. rather miri is on the last bus to arrive at the landing she collects her bags as the ferry to athens it's comical. just worry about because the here i am alone it's difficult it's. my home but i can't i'm sorry. as she holds her bags onto the ship she doesn't know where she will live next but she is certain that she will never go back to moria. so where is. your reporter now he put that report
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together with max out her for us on day to you great report. where is it well she didn't know when she left but we were stating contact with her and she texted us after she arrived that she was not where she thought she was going to be i mean that ferry goes to athens a lot of people we talked to thought they were going to athens but they aren't actually greece is trying to distribute migrants asylum seekers around greek the greek regions and she ended up like a lot of other people in northern greece. and just in another refugee camp so she is now living in an iso box container with she said 15 other people and she said she cried all day because she didn't know that she was going to just another refugee camp she thought after she got out of moria she would be a free person and she would be able to go around greece she has the right to do that but of course if you're living there and you get all your resources from. a
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refugee camp in the eyes of boxes your warm place to sleep and she's kind of stuck there ok it's getting colder and colder so when it's coming on right now why are migrants stuck for years on the greek island of lesbos not transported elsewhere tell their locations inside or outside of greece what's going wrong this is to do with the e.u. turkey deal to happen in 2016 when the european union made a deal with turkey that the asylum seekers that come to europe who don't get a sign. who don't aren't eligible for asylum in europe get sent back to turkey but that's only possible for the asylum seekers who remain on the island so the established reception centers on these islands like lesbos and coasts and some of those and people are being held there and their asylum applications are being processed there so that if they fail then they are sent directly back to turkey which just goes to accept them instead of going once they go to the mainland and greece has to take them and so these islands have become overcrowded because greece does not want to take them to the mainland before they know if they're from morocco
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for example and they won't get are many going back to turkey being sent back i mean is that does that leave you the situation at all it's a little bit hard to find out greece is a little bit silent about how many people are deporting it's not so many actually they deport about 15 in october that's the latest figure i had so it's very small numbers. but. their focus now is to find out who gets asylum this is usually women and children and to send them to the mainland this is their strategy for for depopulating the island. briefly if you could years you're still in touch with. the find out what was happening with her. yeah we want to follow the story and find out what happens ok thanks very much for your reporting for coming in today to let us know more this is news let's get you a brief now on our top stories at this hour in a major policy shift the u.s. no longer considers israel settlements and tells them in territories
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a violation of international law palestinians say this is another blow to the cause of peace he says it still views the settlements as illegal. police in hong kong have sealed off the polytechnic university after pro-democracy activists occupy that site some $100.00 people are believed to still be inside that university the territories chief executive kerry lamb says they must surrender to end the standoff. thousands of supporters of bolivia's former president evo morales have again taken to the streets of the capital a pause there demanding the resignation of self-proclaimed interim president janine yes. catholic church has called for national dialogue. said he is being choked by thick smoke from brush fires blazing along australia's eastern coast officials say soaring temperatures are bringing air pollution to
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dangerous levels there are vising residents to remain indoors. this is d.w. news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us christophe cobra will be with you up next with our business. see. the for. the for.
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the for. the for. kickoffs look like. he has an excellent refutation of god so far he's been a bit of a disappointment the a kook you know was supposed to help fire munich get back on track to season.
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5 hey how's it going to strike ya. we'll take a closer much is it a stellar career 6. 6 or 60 minutes long t.w. . because and now to look at a section at legion buzz affectionately as you can. slam your putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali months asian culture and much more was determined to go back on should the moment of course you're going to see the film secretly kroner cold a power grab actually everything is precisely planned and structure. featuring top supporting roles. is proving to the press who visited to the freedom of russia.
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and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before and going to let me be clear with you i have to act in ways that i feel necessary to people who simply understand that. you can put your foot in your own church do the ends justify the means. to terms with mrs stuart's december 13th on t.w. . i'm dressed in chile is boiling over as the gap between rich and for catches up with latin america's most successful because also on the program china is investing billions in artificial intelligence some of the applications are improving people's lives but there are concerns about how the technology could be useful.


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