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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2019 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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waterfall where else but in los angeles. this is do you know of you business asia in early chinese media say 15 miners have been killed in a gas explosion in a coal mine in shangri province 9 miners were injured authorities are now investigating the cause of the incident chinese mines are the most dangerous in the world thousands of miners are killed each year in accidents. let's go straight to our correspondent fog and catch me in beijing fog and why accidents like there is such a regular occurrence well i mean 1st you have to put into perspective china has a huge population and they are the workforce of 700000000 people and many of them work in vulnerable jobs and dangerous jobs like call for coal mining sector resetter up but even then statistically it's more dangerous to work in effect for example in china compared to many other places one of the reasons is those.
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incidents don't usually happen in the east coast here in the developed areas but in rural areas where you have much more corruption and also nepotism often local authorities and the companies know each other very closely they don't really check on safety regulations and this is definitely a huge problem i would say the real number of work related deaths is actually much higher because this is a common practice of covering up incidents and usually companies what pressure they employ east to stay silent and they compensate them with money a company surely have responsibilities they have a china still a communist regime so workers' rights should be their top priority is the government doing enough to protect its workers. of course you can argue about that but officially it's one of the top priorities and if you look at the numbers. just 10 years ago those incidents that happened that happened just today was basically on a weekly. happened weekly and it was much more so that just 15 years ago there were
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100000 work related deaths now it's roughly one 3rd of that so there's a positive trend and i would say this positive development will also continue because 1st of all china's economy is changing they move from only providing cheap ineffectual labor to becoming more of a high-tech a country and you know just last week i visited the headquarters of what ways the tech company and they show you how they use technology 5 g. and artificial intelligence to improve. worker safety standards one example for example. at a coal mining. site they use automated self driving the driving when it comes to transport the cold and if you have that then you don't need any work or work in dangerous situations. in beijing for us there thank you. now iconic brands need flocks of stores and nintendo is no exception the video game
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maker is about to open its 1st brick and mortar store in tokyo's shibuya neighborhood and it's sure to become a pilgrimage sites for tourists he's the world's most famous plumber super mario a staple of the eighty's in this time he still rules supreme but all the other nintendo characters are here to. link the adventure pink alien kirby. and other colorful creatures that have long inspired gamers the world over. and while live gaming is a big part of the new nintendo store there's lots more to attract not only enthusiastic but also casual fans. among the most recognizable residents the pokemon gang the namesake of the company running the store jointly with nintendo the little pocket monsters who are already drawing crowds to their own store in new
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york are represented in video games and movies there's plush toys street where and some more pricey accessories it's all a matter of taste but it sure to recant a ton of money during the upcoming holiday season to lebanon now where banks have reopened after a week long strike employees that have gone on strike because customers were outraged the informal capital controls that the banks were imposing the lebanese banks association has now decreed for more controls withdrawals are now officially limited to 1000 u.s. dollars a week. these beirut residents can't get into the bank fast enough after a week of strikes they're eager to go about their business and to do that they need u.s. dollars. if you want to import anything from abroad then you need dollars but the money exchange mafia set the exchange rates unfairly low we don't have any control in this country otherwise we wouldn't be where we are now. why because i mean.
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some don't blame the banks they blame the us for the deteriorating situation in the country. these controls are temporary to allow people to go about their business the real problem is pressure from the us it's not related to the banks or the lebanese central bank. it's foreign pressure on the banks and on our people. a month ago demonstrators across lebanon took to the streets to air their grievances with the government of south hariri it led to his and his government's ouster but the protests went on with demonstrators turning their sights on the banks accusing them of corruption and mismanagement but the shutdown showed that whatever their grievances with the banks people here can't live without them. now the designation that is the united arab emirates is probably one of the last
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countries you'd associate with fish production but salmon is a popular staple that especially in the high class hotels of dubai and imports can satisfy demand so this salmon farming on the average has become a reality and a look at the. vast tanks filled with some $40000.00 salmon each one critical to the sustainability of united arab emirates agriculture at least that's what this fish farmer says. and what the d.d. usually imports are 92 percent of its fish from abroad our goal today is to be able to fulfill the demand for imports domestically so that we have food security. over there. feeding the fish is the easy part but making them feel at home in a warehouse in the middle of the desert require sophisticated technology.
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so. we provide for them a sudden rise sunset. a strong current or a simple river current and deep sea water was. deep sea. the farm harvests around $10000.00 kilos each month ends up on nearby supermarket shelves where shoppers can pack up their locally produced organic salmon though it doesn't come cheap i tried different times before this is less greasy it was my family the 1st this one the organic it produced and i tried gallon from island would just be true but again i buy that support but products on the way ideal for fish farms they hope to provide 50 percent of the country's fish demands within 2 years. tiley jenner sold a 51 percent stake in cosmetics and skincare company to beauty products giant cody the reality t.v.
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star turned businesswoman will rake in $600000000.00 in the deal which values company at over one $1000000000.00 earlier this year jenna became the youngest self-made billionaire ever according to forbes magazine. well let's go to our correspondent corner of booze in frankfurt corner of this deal not only involves those glitzy cosmetic companies but also one of the richest german families tell us more. yes the family from the mannheim area it holds a controlling stake off coty which is the company to take over this 51 percent package of kylie cosmetics that 5 months even though they're billionaires they do tend to keep i have to say a much lower profile than the jenna family or the could dash and why is he spending this money now kylie jenner has 151000000
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followers on instagram both of them of course young women willing to pay a lot of money for kris medics coty is also a mass market producer of cosmetics with a large bouquet of brands but most of them build a bit old fashioned for example davidow off per fumes or jewel sun the perth now of course coterie is doing this in order to make its customer base a big younger goer who's in frankfurt thank you. well staying with all things beauty a lot those nails studio known for catering to a list celebrities is looking to add a new way to relax during pedicures and other services and using a virtual reality technology to do it. what could make a luxury manicure pedicure even more relaxing forget about hunching over a table under a spotlight and journey to
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a remote beach in the tropics or an icelandic waterfall or even a peaceful forest. that's one of the new offerings from a los angeles nail studio belak years where customers can sit back decompress and enjoy the virtual reality technology. americans spent nearly 8 and a half $1000000000.00 on nail services last year and that could be just the beginning the manicure pedicure industry in the last few years has blown up in a huge way now the leaders in the industry are the ones who are thinking outside the box they're the ones who are making the manny pedi not just a physical experience and a great result but they're tapping into people's psyches and they're giving them this like mental wellness and mental check out experience and that's what makes those clients keep lloyd stay loyal and keep coming back for more and more treatments with that company each treatment is designed to soothe all the senses simultaneously so while your nails are being pampered you can escape to the
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hawaiian sands as your feet get a coffee foot scrub. after a long day of work this is exactly what i needed the coffee scrub just made you feel like your feet were in the sand and if you could almost hear the waves and just feel that false full sensory experience. but this luxury futuristic experience will cost you $60.00 for a pedicure and $55.00 for a manicure. and that's it for me and the business team in brotherhood small business news check out our website that's the good new book called slash business that's washed.
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he's off the bat. he has an excellent reputation bob so far he's been a bit of a disappointment but. really quick you know one of the supposed to help fire munich get back on track this season. but he hasn't been a strong idea. well take a closer look is it a stellar career. to go. on w. hijacking the news. where i go wrong with the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good vs evil us vs them white and white. in countries like russia china church people are told lives that's enough and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my
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responsibility as a journalist is to give me all of the smoke and mirrors it's not just about the prayer for balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. 20 years worth of golf and i work in the deli. frank food. international gateway to the best connection self in road and rail. located in the heart of europe connected to the home with. experience outstanding shopping and dining office and triallists services. biala guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from.
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this is the devaney is coming to you live from berlin. the united nations hong kong authorities to deescalate a university standoff the protest says many of the students barricaded inside the campus have tell themselves into police but the un is warning that the humanitarian situation for those still inside is deteriorating. also the program the establishment of israeli civilian settlements in the west bank is not per se inconsistent with international law. the u.s. bricks.


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