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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2019 4:00pm-4:29pm CET

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this is from the united nations. university standoff with protesters many of the students barricaded inside the public universities have turned themselves into police the u.n. is warning of a deteriorating humanitarian situation for those still inside also on the program. inquiry set for potentially explosive testimony as the public hearings reopen a 2 senior official. to a crucial phone call between president trump and ukraine's president. this refugee
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camp was meant to house 3000 people but is now home to more than 13000 but greece is now moving refugees out of the morning a camp on the island of last post. i will look at why this could. cause the very last to free roaming elephants in southern africa its biggest. welcome to the program. there is a some of the students inside the besieged hong kong university campus are appealing to authorities to take a softer line most protesters had left for the technique university buildings by tuesday but all sorts of labels the remaining students rioters a term that carries a 10 year jail sentence the 3 day standoff is seeing the university campus become
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the focus of the island's pro-democracy movement which opposes beijing's growing influence. after days under siege some of the last protesters finally leave defeated exhausted and in some cases in need of medical care many cover their faces in the last attempt to avoid identification and punishment. but police are waiting for them. they have threatened to charge those who occupied the campus with rioting. with some demonstrators still barricaded inside the building that parents begged off to show compassion. they are terrified of the consequences if their children do not leave voluntarily. i haven't slept for over 30 hours so many parents including myself stayed here last night during the clashes we didn't leave despite being surrounded by rounds of tear
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gas all night i just hope my son is safe i urge the government to listen to our youth and understand what they think that with. hong kong's embattled leader carry lam said she had urged police to act humanely but could not rule out violence police themselves issued a stop warning. oh up at a time so let me tell you this you can run but you cannot run forever just like on other days people identified by us have been arrested offenders that have escaped they will eventually be caught. fearful of long jail sentences they may be but many here have to continue their fight late on tuesday protest is on the streets clashed again with police new front suggesting this month's long battle is far from over. straight to d.w. correspondent charlotte chelsea impel van outside hong kong's polytechnic
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university welcome charlotte so how many protesters are still inside. 1st very hard to predict to estimate exactly how many protesters is still inside at the moment the estimates given by a start your own today with fewer than 100 people were left inside since then we've personally witnessed numerous people leaving the university. in handcuffs being taken away by police we've seen roughly 2 dozen some of them as they were being led away by those police officers saying their names one in fact calling out his parents phone number asking people who will be watching on to call his family let them know that he had been arrested it's unclear exactly what is going to happen to those remaining people inside the building they face a choice of leaving and being arrested by police potentially finding a way the skating we know that
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a number of people have managed to escape over the last couple of days or whether or not they stay inside that building and wait it out the threat though course is that police at some point might choose to move in to finally put this now 3 day standoff to an end and those who have been arrested. what sort of dumbass and what sort of a fight awaits them. police have said over a 1000 people have been arrested so far those who have been arrested do you face a charge of rioting now that carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison we'll wait to see whether or not those charges are actually carried out as the days go on what we do know as well is that there are $200.00 people under the age of 18 who were inside the building who were allowed to leave to go home to return to their parents to their families their names and numbers have been taken there that details and police do you will say
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reserved the right to arrest and charge those those young people those under eighteen's at a later date we've seen some very violent images over the last few days. how has that affected support for these demonstrations. outside the university particularly last night there were huge numbers of people who came out onto the street in support of those protesters who were those students who were still inside those buildings we saw running battles long into the night between those protesters and police very fierce clashes some of them just wanting to show their support others making more of a concerted effort to try and help those still inside the building from escaping causing diversions as well to try and distract police to to move some of the police resources away from the university given those process giving those protesters the opportunity to leave tonight it's been a lot quieter there's been a religious assembly where small group of people gathered to express their support
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for the protests but of course that is not the view of everybody here not everybody supports the praise as mean as a whole and what's taken place at the university over the last few days there are those people who either don't support the movement politically or simply see this as. very disruptive here in hong kong say many roads have been closed shops have been vandalized this really is affecting day to day lives university semester is brought to an end schools are closed as well so a lot of people would say that this is been a very disruptive 5 months short of chelsea in total in hong kong thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a swedish prosecutors are dropping their investigation into right and sexual assault charges against wiki leaks founder julian assange songs due to lack of
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evidence mr summers she is currently serving a prison sentence in britain for jumping bail to avoid actually used to sweden where a woman accused him of raping her 20. the ailing former prime minister of pakistan now is now was that sharif has left the country heading for london after a court ruled that he could significant for chronic ill health he was prime minister for 3 years he's serving a 7 year jail term for corruption he denies any wrongdoing. the u.n. says it has a reports indicating that dozens have been killed in iraq during the days of rioting over increased fuel prices it's also urged restraint and condemned the iranian security forces use of live i mean nation against demonstrators the government insists the price hikes are necessary to fund social welfare programs. now your turn in the u.s. middle east policy which had been maintained over decades has drawn widespread international condemnation washington says it no longer regards israeli settlements
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on the occupied palestinian land in the west bank and east jerusalem as illegal more than 600000 israeli settlers now live there the settlements have long been a major obstacle to peace negotiations russia and several arab countries have condemned the u.s. policy shift palestinians accuse washington of favoring the law of the jungle over international law the us gives up a decades long position on israeli settlements. and the establishment of israeli civilian settlements in the west bank is not per se inconsistent with international law israeli settlements are considered illegal under international law because they are built on land occupied by israel during the 1967 middle east war the settlements are one of the main impediments to peace with the palestinians. acting prime minister binyamin netanyahu who's in serious legal and political turmoil welcome the new stance. this is
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a historic day another great policy achievement after president trump recognized as the capital of israel recognize our sovereignty over the golan heights the u.s. administration has now put an end to the lie that settlements are illegal. the palestinian authority is outraged israeli settlements in the occupied palestinian territories including east jerusalem. only illegal under international law they are war crimes and the statement of the secretary of state of the united states is absolutely. rejected and in response to pompei of the european union's foreign policy chief greeny said the ease position on israeli settlements had remained unchanged the e.u. considers them illegal. the israel palestine peace process has been stalled figures now and washington's latest move could jeopardize future negotiations.
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u.s. president donald trump faces more potentially damning testimony and critical public impeachment hearings and started a short while ago this week the house intelligence committee is hearing from 4 more witnesses about the president's tapings with ukraine to. the july 25th phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president where the impeachment inquiry the 2 witnesses speaking now after alexander venter army officer of the national security council and he's counterpart in the office of vice president mike pence both say they had concerns as mr trump spoke with ukraine's newly elected president about political investigations of joe biden and. the committee will hear from former n.s.a. official timothy morrison and former ukraine's special envoy occurred volcker in the afternoon. to get more on this from t.w. so washington bureau chief alexander of naaman welcome alexandra i guess what everyone wants to know is will we hear evidence today that president trump abused
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his power. well we can certainly expect to learn more details about the infamous cole president had with the president and the inskeep if you queen on july 25th because as you said witnesses testifying right now on capitol hill listen in on this phone call and i think that it is especially lieutenant colonel alexander with men that is considered a key witness here because he told the investigators already how deeply disturbed he was by this phone call and deeply concerned and that he later on had the understanding that the meeting between the 2 presidents in the white house and that the release of the military aid for ukraine those things were conditioned on ukraine and now i'm seeing an investigation into the president
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a political opponent joe biden and he's son and he seems really to be a very credible witness just look at him he is a decorated iraq war veteran a public servant and someone who comes across as full of all your patriotism and in his opening remarks today he was a bit emotional talking of boats his public service for this country and talking about his escape as a child with his father and his driver from the former soviet republic soviet union well. mr told republicans are they standing by him so. yes feel they are standing by a president trump and their strategy is to depict the witnesses ass never triumph for us as officials who don't like president trump because they don't like peace policies and they also depict the witnesses as people who are acting on hearsay and
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they have a point here because those witnesses that are testifying right now on capitol hill have never talked to president strummed transit and trump about his motives about ukraine poll is seen what is. the reaction of the american public to these hearings . well according to one poll that was published yesterday 70 percent of americans think that it is wrong to ask a foreign power to investigate a political opponent but only a slim majority 51 percent say they are in favor of the impeachment inquiry and in favor of impeaching presidents don't know it's trump and there was even more crowded more refugee count w. reporters on the sea for. this report from the island that has become home to thousands of refugees desperate to leave. are you ever friends bid farewell
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ask the bosses waits. more than a 100 asylum seekers are leaving maurya camp for some after a year off way to her. the joy is palpable but so is the pain in the uncertainty of having once again into the know how do you feel now that you can get on the bus and leave and leave very happy but i have lots of friends here i didn't miss work everybody justice and in the morning i cried and still to know my friends came to see me just. raw and miri has lived with her daughter for a year in morea a camp she describes as the worst on earth she was notified yesterday and given only hours to pack all our things and leave. i merely is one of thousands of asylum seekers greece plans to move from the north aegean islands to the mainland before
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winter comes. us deputy governor of the north island says this rush to transfer asylum seekers is not a permanent solution but he says it will let the islands breathe again a vesa give us a chance to eat them our basic goal is for the islands to be decongestant for there to be a better distribution of people all over greece. it's insupportable that we have a ratio of one migrant to 5 locals here one man madonnas this in a bed in the rest of greece it's much lower a bit of the money like this in the refugee reception center lesbos is not just overcrowded it's often described as the worst humanitarian crisis in europe. more a camp was built for 3000 but more than 4 times that many people live here thousands of them outside the fence. never hear me not to belittle it from afghanistan but it could you shows us where he lives with his family
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a single mylan tent for 5 people with winter on its way. fillin man had you only been i've lost all hope. only god can help us again are the chances i pray we will be rescued from this hellish plans and with what i'm good better i am. at its northern edge morea is expanding a group of men are breaking ground for a family who will spend their 1st night here no one we talked to here expects the population to shrink anytime soon. in the middle of the night yet another arrival a frantic sport carrying migrants rescued off the coast of last boss this time 33 of them including women and children. everyone gets a bottle of water a snack and the blankets they're relieved as they are registered on european soil but few know about moria their next home.
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this is a pile of the started life jackets that were worn by those who made the dangerous crossing to less boss but the risks and the conditions of moriah camp won't keep more people from coming for the past 3 months numbers of arrivals have far outpaced the numbers of departures but if the government's transfer program succeeds the island of lesbos once again could become what it used to be a brief stopover on the way to europe. raw eerie is on the last bus to arrive at the landing she collects her bags as the ferry to athens holds its cargo. just i'm wary about because i have lots of stuff here and learn it's difficult. i hope but i'm strong. and she holds her bags onto the ship she doesn't know where she will live next but she is certain that she will never go
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back to morrow you. will get more on this from. from the u.n.h.c.r. in the greek capital athens welcome to d w people are going to be asking themselves why this hasn't happened sooner why refugees on greek islands in these horrible conditions for so long rather than reset limit around the country straight away. well it's actually this is the currency that greece adopted in march 26th seen when the borders closed those refugees that were coming on to the islands would stay there until their asylum requests were processed and this can take many months and in recent months in fact we've seen the number of arrivals go up the population has snowballed we now have 15000 of them or a reception center as you mentioned in your report it was built to house fewer than 3000 and most of these are refugee valleys coming from syria from ghana from other places that have been torn by war there waiting to be moved to the mainland we know
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that the government has now started rolling out a plan of transferring people to better conditions on the mainland but this isn't coming quick and up last week we had nearly a 1000 arrivals 750 people let from the island but you can see that the arrivals continue to outpace the number of those who are coming out ok so this is this new policy that of distributing people around the country will this affect the core of the problem will this affect the length of time it actually takes for people to have that asylum applications processed. it will help those that are now on the islands to move to better conditions because weather is changing it's already getting colder we have thousands of people staying in small towns in an adequate conditions with barely any access to basics health care electricity shelter at the security conditions are also quite difficult so getting them out must be
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a humanitarian priority so we want them the government plans we actually push for them to be accelerated at the same time the asylum system has to be overhauled because greece has been facing the highest number of asylum applications across the european union per capita and it needs more resources it needs a policy and that will strengthen the asylum procedures making them quick but getting them clear there isn't back to new asylum others coming into play as of the start of next year but we feel it's not going to address sufficient meaning those issues that we see in those discrepancies in the asylum system what we need is more responsibility sharing across the european union we need to see more countries stepping up their people in the relocation especially and this can start already with unaccompanied children we have and more and more than 1000 kids who are without their mothers without family members and parents and their navigating this high risk environment all right good talking to thank you for joining us about
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especially a cut from the u.n. a grace thank you thank you for having me now to some of today's the top stories. mali's military says $24.00 of its soldiers were killed in what is described as another extremist attack troops from mali and michelle were operating in the south held region the traffic streams link the so-called islamic state and al-qaeda when they were attacked more than 100000000 troops have died in a surge of assaults over recent weeks. the german chancellor angela merkel has pledged more investment to african countries that pursue economic and political reforms germany is hosting an investor conference in the g 20 is compact africa initiative chancellor said greater transparency and legal security would encourage private investment on the continent of. researchers in south africa believe that this elephant could be unique they think it's the last one left outside
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a national park or game reserve is being tracked down in south africa's that need needs enough forest that more than 60000 hectares it's the largest forest in southern africa. oh very rare sight this female fans might be the only one left of its kind in this 1000. these images captured by special cameras set up by researchers. over the course of 15 months with i think cameras we had a span across the elephant range for this and the same elephant cow with them by itself. about a 114 different times times and dates. our conclusion was that. it very unfortunately seems like if anyone if and lived. in the 19th
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century they used to be hundreds of free roaming elephants in the forest but years of logging hunting and culling have brought the numbers down authorities consider introducing more elephants into the m. fenced area bringing in a small bringing in 10 elephant bringing in small herd those all come with risks and benefits as well and all of those we will continue to do the respect that now this is worth as well as going through a broader stakeholder process where the public feel about their view about having noticed the elephant in the backyard. now they lose the female known as the matriarch walks alone along the path strolled by the feet of the ones who have gone before her back when they still rule the forest. this is d.w. news these are our top stories pro-democracy activists have been leaving hong kong polytechnic university which has been encircled by police and estimated 100
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protesters are still inside campus buildings the terraces chief executive says they must surrender to end the standoff the un has called on all sorts to deescalate the confrontation. to more witnesses to testify before a congressional committee in washington about what they heard during president donald trump july phone call with ukraine's president which being preachment inquiry is now underway after to colonel alexander the great man said mr trump made improper demands during calls the president denies every role during. swedish prosecutors are dropping their investigation of the end to rape and sexual assault allegations against wiki leaks founder julian assange due to lack of evidence mr saunders serving a prison sentence in britain for jumping bail to avoid extradition to sweden. on german chancellor angela merkel has pledged more investments to african
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countries that pursue economic and political be forms germany is hosting an investor conference in berlin on the g 20 is compact africa initiative chancellor said greater transparency and legal security could encourage private investment in the continent of africa this is the doubly news from for more follow us on twitter use or visit the website that's. coming up the date of your business with the talk of the island i'll be back at the top of the out of the.
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just off the bat. he has an excellent reputation but so far he's been a bit of a disappointment. really could you know what i'm supposed to know fire munich get
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back on track this season. but he hasn't given a strong idea. we'll take a closer look at a stellar career. pick up next to godliness. we present europe at its most fascinating at its most exciting. it's most creative colorful glamorous trendy tasteful innovative brilliant charming exciting. and the resistible. on w. . since time to
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