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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CET

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with the winner of this is a germany talent show a recent immigrant from indonesia. and the brand new documentary about the handmaid's tale all thought margaret atwood. never. the king singh is a vocal ensemble with a history going back over hoff a century the original members were choral scholars at king's college cambridge university back in the 1960 s. now the group in that latest incarnation of launching a new project trying to heal divisions in society through the prime reason it's called finding harmony let's have a listen. or . lera.
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oh no. no no. no no no no. and jonathan how is the current senior member in goal it's your also young joins me now been lots of changes in the membership of the group over the years now what hasn't changed in 50 years though is the line up to. attend to baritones and the bass why has that remained the ideal mix for you i know it's pretty unusual but i think that's because that's what the originals were to altos they tended to baritones in a bass and it was so much music that was written for the. in precisely that
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configuration that if we want to keep seeing it we need to preserve that configuration oh and you still see some of the original reeve closely i think that's important to have stuff which is really more than stuff which goes right not . now tell us about finding harmony which will be your new cd in the new year but it's actually much more than that is quite a project is not yet sort of a mission for us we see the incredible power of music to bring people together all over the world today we see it in paris after the burning of not should we see it in hong kong during the process we see and she recently we see it in moments like the me too movement in the times of movement in the us it happens all the time that music gives people a voice for they haven't had one or they feel they need one and we want to show that this has been happening for decades all over the world and that we need to encourage people to find their voices together because singing together not only binds us together but also gives us a chance to be and how you going to do this i mean obviously in your concerts are you going to be saying things they're all so the programs that will be performing
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are all based on this album which is a collection of music from the last 1000 years from very very different countries from georgia from a stone you're from the us from south africa from germany to show that this is been happening globally but it's also going out and doing a lot of pro bono work advocacy education to make sure that people know that we really are committed to bringing people together through singing together so let's hear you sing more of that song same song actually you also do in the song promotes finding homey.
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jonathan winters with me the singer now i have to ask you a saxophone doesn't get a cul de sacs often as does a violinist doesn't get a cold i mean sorry the violin doesn't i have to ask you about sing as 6 guys all men rode. with voices what happens when one of you gets a cold i mean it's a paper carious you're right we do lots of plane travel i think we try to be as healthy as possible which doesn't sound very rock'n'roll but it means lots of lots of early night sweats possible lots of water not very much not very much alcohol when we touring but also it's it's about working out a way where you can actually look off to members of the group if someone is feeling under the weather we do about 130 concerts a year and it is the case that people are always doing very well and we i hope are found a way of blending. that means that if someone is not 100 percent we're able to kind
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of camouflage that within the group sound just here on this mission. just briefly with finding what's happening in the day where you will come home is that part of the reason why your mission because you're a bit of disillusioned well yeah because i think we see with breaks that and we've had pieces written about this that is dividing families and dividing communities and actually we should be able to have different opinions and yet still tolerate each other and be unable to enjoy them. company and we see as we go toward all over the world you know being in china where we've got people with vastly different beliefs or and career and soul for instance where we have endured ambassadors and diplomats from both sides of political divisions coming to our concerts we see that music with your enjoying your singing it has it has a power to unite people and so we want to try and harness that yeah i completely agree with you i think it's a wonderful thing you're doing jonathan hound from the king sings thank you touring all over europe from now until christmas and then america in the new year or more
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europe all over the world so people watching this can just google for king city please do thank you troubling you. singing of a different kind now t.v. talent shows are very popular and one of the most successful is the voice where the jory his the person saying before they see them meanwhile the voice is syndicated in numerous countries including this one and this is when of the voice of germany was 19 year old cloudy and man a weather sun goes oh just 19 years old we met up with him manic 2. claudia in money well listen tozer has just gotten her 1st big taste of success.
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victory on this year's voice of germany has made an instant celebrity of the young singer from indonesia. china i know when i really had no idea i might tweet. but i want to sing and show the world that i want to sing because it is sing and sing and. claudia's whole life has changed in just the last year and a half since she made the decision to leave home and pursue her studies in germany she was 4 when she started singing lessons and she'd already been on t.v. shows in indonesia so she felt it was time to take a leap. to as much there is in the name at 1st i wanted to staying in indonesia suspect but there are good opportunities in germany and i thought that could change my life my name for. the support of munich the indonesian community has helped her
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handle the homesickness. people back home have been rooting for her to. she's got 24000000 clicks on you tube and almost 200000 instagram followers. claudia's boyfriend has helped her cope with the new fame the 2 met in their church choir then on to that and then we recorded a few songs together so you could save music brought us together and connects us but they've been do this. now claudia is about to face her next big challenge germany wide tour with all the finalists from the voice of germany and her winning song. sad sad sad sad suger on how. her.
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the famous series the handmaid's tale made the canadian author margaret atwood a literary superstar now there's a new documentary come out all about in her long life she's written over 50 books and having just celebrated 80th birthday she's as popular as ever and still receiving more and more accolades and prizes so i'm i'm very surprised i would have thought that i would want to have been. to elderly margaret atwood certainly takes her work seriously and kind but not herself the author accepting this year's booker prize for her latest novel the testaments a long awaited sequel to her dystopian classic the handmaid's tale. and take. on the white feeling
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a real need for an end in the face of relief her power from 1085 novel looms law. arjen a new documentary about the author the film has been released on hulu the same online streaming service that produces the series the handmaid's tale. he said. i never. really been a popular writer. i don't want to be. she writes for the times and she's off her times but she writes for all times you're going to read this the older you. might get is the 93 minute documentary pays tribute to the canadian author while delving into her own political motivations and examining why the handmaid's tale has struck a nerve now again with the presidency of donald trump. 3 decades after the book's
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1st publication atwood has her own understated explanation for the works current residents. because of the kinds of people backing trump that would be religious right. the red states and because it has generally helpful. towards women. in the handmaid's tale a fundamentalist christian regime strips women of their rights. the regimes male elite enslave the few women who can reproduce forcing these so-called handmaids to bear their children. since the series outwards handmaids have become a common symbol in protests against tribes policies that would work serves as a warning against authoritarianism and religious fanaticism and has earned her accolades across the globe including the peace prize of the german book trade in
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2017 and the 80 year old author's popularity among readers is still growing. arts and culture stories on our web site at day w dot com slash culture as is this program in case you've missed any of it but for now at sit thanks for watching and join as against it by.
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kickoff. he has an excellent reputation but so far he's been a bit of a disappointment. really quick you know what i was supposed to tell byron munich get back on track this season. but he hasn't finished strong idea. we'll take a closer look to see the stellar career. because. it's w. their wealth isn't calculable. their egos insatiable. their rivalry deadly. 3 princes. all of whom dream of leaving the arab world. to rival princes of gold starts november 27th on t.w. . supposedly and now come get me
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a fictionalization but as affectionately as you can. bloody near putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali munson captured much more good to turn the camera back on the young of course. the film secretly chronicled the power grab actually everything was precisely to fight instruction. featuring thompson supporting roles to the bush. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with. the let me or let me a bitch do the ends justify the means. clinton's witnesses starts december 13th on t w. this
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is the they'll be news live from ben the greece's prime minister. the european union of pocking migrants and countries on its outer borders their strategy camp on the island of last boss was meant to house 3000 people but is actually a hoax more than 13000 also on the program. on day 3 of public hearings in the trump impeachment inquiry to senior officials who heard the disputed phone call between the president and his ukrainian counterparts described mr trump's request as improper and you.


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