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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2019 8:00pm-8:30pm CET

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this is g w news live from berlin the us president donald trump hits out at the impeachment hearings calling them a disgrace and an embarrassment to senior officials who heard that disputed phone call between the u.s. president and the ukrainian president and described the conversation as improper and unusual also coming up tonight greece's prime minister accusing the european union of parking migrants in countries on its outer borders case in point this refugee camp on the island of less books and in hong kong a police siege of
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a university campus occupied by students is now in its 3rd day food and water are running short and. is coming back as coach of spain's national soccer he left the post earlier this year when his daughter became terminally ill. it's good to have you with us we begin in washington on this 3rd day of public impeachment hearings against he was president. to senior officials have already testified today including jennifer williams an aide to vice president pence and lieutenant colonel alexander of the u.s. security council now both of them listens to that phone call between us and ukraine's for. president zelinsky back in july then said that the unequal
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bargaining position of the 2 leaders and ukraine's dependence on the united states amounted to a demand from truong to zelinsky and not a favor it was improper for the president to requestion to demand an investigation into a political opponent opponent especially at foreign power where there's at best dubious belief that this would be a completely impartial investigation and that this would have significant implications if it were became public knowledge and it would be perceived as a parson play it undermine our ukraine policy and it would undermine our national security are there was a 10 a kernel than men there testifying earlier today let's take the story now to washington our washington bureau chief alexander phenomenas on the story going to
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need to you alexandra so what we just heard there in itself is like quid pro quo with force what does it mean for trial. well that is another testimony another piece of evidence pointing to this direction that presidents trump's decision to withhold military aid to rick ukraine to block it for a certain amount of time that it was not as a decision decision based on a policy decision but it was rubber in order to advance his political gains at least that what we learned from their witnesses today for the very 1st time we had the opportunity to listen to 2 top officials who were listening in on this infamous phone call between president donald trump and president zelinsky of ukraine and i think it was very remarkable what the tenant colonel vince men had to
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say and how he described his concerns being steve cooley deeply concerned about this phone call and how he expressed his concerns to the national security council and top lawyers all talked a sense of duty and it was really all chords to listen to the republicans and how there were trying to undermine his testimony questioning his loyalty to this country even though he is an american citizen citizen and the iraq war veteran how they are trying to you know ask him whether he ever leaked any documents information how they are trying to discredit him as witness and i think that it was not successful is a tactic that we saw last week so you're exactly right and describing what we've seen today to a 4 witnesses have testified we've got 2 more coming up later who are they and what
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are you expecting from. those 2 witnesses were cold by the republicans to testify we are going to hear from tim morrison who used to be russian experts on the national security council and who testified behind closed doors that he thought that the foreign code was. ok that was nothing illegal about the phone call and we are also going to hear from the former special invoice to ukraine could fall current one of president trump's points man on ukraine who told the investigators that there was no quid pro quo that stimulatory aides to crane was not conditioned on the ukraine and now in sing and this to geisha into joe biden and his son hunter however we also have to say that this witness could pose a problem for the republicans because several other witnesses testified and
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contrast to his story so far all right to our washington bureau chief alexander phenomenon the story for us today alexander thank you we're now into south america among the after demonstrators took to the streets in chile president's about is struggling to restore call thousands have again gathered in the capital santiago demanding better education health care and pensions and b. and yet as resignation millions find it difficult to make ins needs in the country and are forced to live in makeshift camps in shanty town. this is my house this is where a friend of mine sleeps. and i go this is my room come on in of the way i'm not ashamed to show it to you i give it away this is where i sleep it's a bit messy because on the weekends i like to rest. and. i believe
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in the virgin and in god. it's thanks to them that i'm here when i 1st got to some p.r. go i had to sleep out on the street. that he has lived in this camp in central santiago for 15 years he became homeless when his family rejected him after he came out as homosexuals here he found acceptance albeit only within the camp limits. living here is hard the neighbors judges because they think we're bad people. you know then you don't believe we steal and that we're up to no good. but that's not true we're working people humble working people to get out. as one of tens of thousands of people living in the slums of. according to a recent census there are 802 camps in the country over 47000 families in
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situations of extreme vulnerability. calculates 50 percent of them are forced to live in peace shanty towns because they can't afford rent this so there are a lot of people who move to these camps because of safety concerns that you know they believe the camp is safer than the districts they can afford to live in. many of them also immigrants but that's a much smaller fraction. thousands of people driven to the fringes of society forgotten by the system and treated as outcasts by their fellow citizens. to be sent to the camps represent the very essence of what the protest movement claims is wrong with the country. is a symptom of what's happening and it's not necessary the problem itself but it's a reflection of a size that discriminates that doesn't take into account the poorest of the poor and a society that doesn't care about others. is n.-g. o.
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tries to involve the camps inhabitants in what's happening in the country in a meeting in front of shock they share their thoughts and ideas about the recent up people. protesters demand dignified living conditions for all chileans a reality that has long seemed out of reach for one of the founding members of this camp. this is our toilet it's a bit dirty. and this is where we relieve ourselves. this is where we wash we just got this thanks to our neighbors they got us tap their water. we can wash here we can shower here we can cook here but it's not dignified. but going into this is my bedroom. my blanket my stuffed animal my bottle of water and my candle because i have no electricity here. i think my biggest wish is to get out of here because i have
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children. i don't want them to see me in this situation to be. put on a suit i don't want them to see me like this it's not the future i want for them. it's nothing outrageous he's asking for access to shelter and adequate social services or human rights one and go to work every day hoping to save enough money to someday apply for subsidized housing the fact that they might never get it is just one of the many reasons chileans are still taking to the streets. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the u.n. says it has reports indicating that dozens have been killed in iran during days of quieting over increased fuel prices it has also urged restraint and condemned the iranian security forces use of live ammunition against demonstrators the government
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insists that the price hikes are necessary to fund social welfare programs swedish prosecutors are dropping their investigation into rape charges against wiki leaks founder julian assange he's serving a prison sentence in britain for jumping bail to avoid extradition to sweden despite the swedish decision a songe still faces extradition to the u.s. where he's wanted on charges of computer hacking and espionage. mali's military says 24 of its soldiers have been killed in what he described as extremist attacks troops from mali and there's air were operating in these a hell region to track extremists linked to so-called islamic state and al qaida when they came under attack more than 100 mali and troops have died in an upsurge in assaults in recent weeks. well tonight's the prime minister of greece is
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strongly criticizing european union migration policies carry aco submit some talk east's has accused brussels of treating countries on its elder borders as convenient places to park migrants and over the coming weeks athens is planning to transfer about 20000 asylum seekers from its jian islands to the greek mainland they include many on the island of lesbos the site of one very overcrowded refugee camp w reporters army in s.f. and monks have this report from the island that's become home to thousands of refugees desperate to leith. friends bid farewell ask the buses weeks. more than $100.00 asylum seekers are leaving maurya camp for some after a year if. the joy is palpable but so is the pain in the certainty that having once again into the mill how do you feel now that you can get on the
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bus and leave and leave me happy but i have lots of friends here i didn't miss work everybody justice and the morning i cried and didn't to now my friends came to see me as. miri has lived with her daughter for a year in morea a camp she describes as the worst on earth she was notified yesterday and given only hours to pack all her things and leave. i merely is one of thousands of asylum seekers greece plans to move from the north aegean islands to the mainland before winter comes. and the trees deputy governor of the north e.g. an island says this rush to transfer asylum seekers is not a permanent solution but he says it will let the islands breathe again a vesa give us a chance to eat them our basic goal is for the islands. to be decongestant for
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there to be a better distribution of people all over greece whether. it's insupportable that we have a ratio of one migrant to 5 locals here and announced this end up. in the rest of greece it's much lower. than a likeness of the refugee reception center on lesbos is not just overcrowded it's often described as the worst humanitarian crisis in europe. more a camp was built for 3000 but more than 4 times that many people live here thousands of them outside the fence. that we're here we meet not to belittle it from afghanistan but it shows us where he lives with his family a single mylan tent for 5 people with winter on its way philammon hija only been i've lost all hope. only god can help us again are the chances i pray we will be rescued from this hellish place and with what i'm good but i am. at
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its northern edge morea is expanding a group of men are breaking ground for a family who will spend their 1st night here no one we talked to here expects the population to shrink anytime soon. in the middle of the night yet another arrival a frantic sport carrying migrants rescued off the coast of last boss this time 33 of them including women and children. everyone gets a bottle of water a snack and a blanket they're relieved as they are registered on european soil but few know about moria their next home. this is a pile of discarded life jackets that were worn by those who made the dangerous crossing to lead bus but the risks and the conditions of moriah camp won't keep more people from coming. for the past 3 months numbers of arrivals have far outpaced the numbers of departures but if the government's transfer program
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succeeds the island of lesbos once again could become what it used to be a brief stopover on the way to europe. raw eery is on the last bus to arrive at the landing she collects her bags as the ferry to athens well it's dark i. just i don't worry about this stuff because i have lots of stuff here but i'm alone it's difficult. i hope but i can i will strike. and she holds her bags onto the ship she doesn't know where she will live next but she is certain that she will never go back to moria. all in an effort to reduce the number of migrants coming to europe german chancellor angela merkel is calling for more investment in africa to boost living standards and to create jobs they are merkel has been meeting with heads of state from several african countries
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as part of an initiative to generate private investment in the cot. chancellor merkel pledged 1000000000 euros for the g 20 compact with africa and a year ago the program's objective is for german businesses to invest in africa to create jobs there now the funds are starting to flow in china going up because the decision to invest in africa remains a private sector decision we cannot take that away from the any business owner but we can help we can create trust at all and shuffle that mainly means donor money or offering risk protection the small berlin company builds drinking water treatment systems but financing often presents problems for african customers eric young who helps fund the berlin firm hopes the billions of euros now available will make things easier. for probables this edition this is aid is a success but it takes a bit of time until all the instruments of the computer provides will work well bless you that's why we took more than $200.00 companies have applied you can see
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germany's mid-sized companies going to africa the german development minister has arranged especially close partnerships with countries such as senegal extra support for more transparency and legal security should make it easier for german companies to invest in africa mitoy a mid-sized enterprise aid program for investment in africa begins today protection against risks will be improved and there's a program for introducing renewable energy to the market so there's no reason to hesitate. but german economic involvement is still modest barely 2 percent of german companies are active in africa. when you're watching t w news still to come and historic the papal visit to pope francis will be the 2nd pope to visit thailand in 35 years and the preparations as you see are in full swing that story coming up in just a moment just. for parents of some of those students inside the
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besieged hong kong university campus are appealing to authorities tonight to take a softer line most protesters left the polytechnic university in its buildings earlier on tuesday but authorities have labelled the remaining students rioters a term that carries a 10 year jail sentence the 3 day standoff has seen the university campus become the focus of the island's pro-democracy movement which opposes beijing's growing influence. after days under siege some of the last protest is finally leave defeated exhausted and in some cases in need of medical care. many cover their faces in the last attempt to avoid identification and punishment. but police are waiting for them when. they have threatened to charge those who occupied the campus quite rioting. with some demonstrators still barricaded
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inside that building that parents begged to show compassion they are terrified of the consequences if their children do not leave voluntarily. i haven't slept for over 30 hours so many parents including myself stayed here last night during the clashes we didn't leave despite being surrounded by rounds of tear gas all night i just hope my son is safe i urge the government to listen to our youth and understand what they think. hong kong's impact lead to carry lamb said she had urged police to act humanely but could not rule that violence police themselves issued a stop warning. a lot at a time so let me tell you this you can run but you cannot run forever just like on other days people identified by us have been arrested offenders that have escaped they will eventually be caught. fearful of long jail sentences they may be but many
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here have 5 years to continue their fight late on tuesday protest is on the streets crashed again with police new front suggesting this month's own battle is far from over. pope francis embarks on an historic visit to thailand this week he's the 1st pontiff to travel to the largely buddhist country in nearly 4 decades francis will preside over a range of religious ceremonies and meet with members of thailand's small catholic community many of whom have spent weeks preparing for this does. come. thailand's catholic community is abuzz with excitement. the students are rehearsing for a performance at the national stadium in bangkok where pope francis is shitheel to hold
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a holy mass. or. news about the pope's arrival has made all of us feel very excited i've never seen him in person so i'm extremely eager to show him how i strongly believe i am in catholicism. at a convent in a different part of town seamstresses have been working overtime to ensure the pontiff and his entourage are decked out in the country's finest threads. they've prepared more than 200 ceremonial robes and head where for the papal visit. it's been so long since the pope travel to thailand that the video footage is grainy. john paul the 2nd was the last to include the buddhist majority country in his papal journeys that was in 1984. so the fact that the current pontiff hasn't left the country off the map is a big deal for thailand's tiny catholic community. christians make up just one
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percent of the population and most live in the north of the country but they can also be found in the nation's capital including in one of bangkok's biggest slums. the word. father alessio a missionary says christians here are eagerly awaiting the visit of pope francis because they see him as a champion of the man rebel. they nor the. time to make the voice of the poor so. they see him as a truthful and this preacher that was that i have the gift to be full of the 3. waiting for this. and bangkok and across the country thailand's diverse catholic community is looking forward to publicly celebrate their faith.
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ard sports news now in football spain has announced that former coach luis enrique will lead the team at euro 2020 and wreak a step down from the wrote earlier this year due to a family tragedy but is now ready to take the reins once again however the move appears to have caused friction with the man who replaced in ricky. luis enrique is back in the spain hot seat the coach seen here during his 1st spell in charge returns to the national team set up 5 months off to leaving his position to care for his terminally ill daughter she then tragically passed away in organist spanish football federation boss luis roby allies says he always intended for enrique to return when he was ready. then i'm a little bit more because of everything that happened with luis enrique and because
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we believe he's an extraordinary coach and we have the moral obligation to give him time so that he can continue what he started getting on to and the re case former assistant robert marino led the team through the end of year a 2020 qualification but he has refused to return to his previous role with reports suggesting he is unhappy at the way the federation has treated him. luis enrique has decisions regarding his staff as well as robert's decision not to continue when he found out we were considering the return of luis enrique are personal issues and we won't get involved in that life in prison a lot going to hold the north tumbles it's a turbulent 10 to the year for the spanish national team they have just 2 games left before next summer's european championship. well this is g w news and these are our top stories 2 more witnesses have testified in the 3rd day
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of televised impeachment hearings against u.s. president donald trump both witnesses said that they had concerns about demands that trump made during a phone call with ukraine's president back in july a whistleblower complaint about that phone call triggered the congressional probe. pro-democracy activists are trying to use the cover of darkness to escape hong kong's polytechnic university and evade arrest the territory's chief executive says that protesters still on campus must surrender to police to end the 3 day standoff . swedish prosecutors are dropping their investigation of a rape and sexual assault allegations against wiki leaks founder julian assange due to a lack of evidence a son just serving a prison sentence in britain for jumping bail to avoid extradition to sweden. germany's chancellor angela merkel has pledged more investments you african
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countries that pursue economic and political reforms germany is hosting an investor's conference here in berlin under the g 20 s compact for africa initiative the chancellor says that greater transparency and legal security would encourage private investment in africa. well this is the w. news from berlin for more you can follow us on twitter at d w news. pissed
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off. that. he has an excellent reputation but so far he's been a bit of a disappointment. really could you know was supposed to help fire munich get back on track this season. but he has a kid in the straw idea. we'll take a closer much as you know stellar career. take the next couple.
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