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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2019 2:00am-2:16am CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump hit south at the impeachment hearings calling them a disk rice and an embarrassment. to senior officials who listened to a july fun call between trump and he's ukrainian counterpart expressed their concerns calling the conversation a conversation robert improper and unusual form a special envoy to ukraine could focus is also testifying in the probe also on the program. the death toll in the iranian crackdown on protesters is growing amnesty international says more than 100 people. and the grinding poverty of daily life in
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chile's camps and shanty towns the stock illustration of unocal the key driving mass protests against the government of president sebastian pinera. i'm anthony howard welcome to the program we begin in washington where u.s. president donald trump has criticized the impeachment hearings calling them a disc rice and in the barracks mint is comments came as 2 senior officials who listened to trump's july phone call with these ukrainian counterpart a lot of missile lansky expressed their concerns about the conversation the former special envoy to ukraine could focus told the probe you should have realized that trump was holding up military aid to give to pressure the country to investigate political rival joe but. 1st to testify on tuesday 2 officials who
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listened in on that controversial phone call newton and connell alexander van man the top white house expert on ukraine alongside jennifer williams an adviser to vice president mike pence both told the panel they had concerns about the call i found the july 25th phone call on usual because in contrast to other presidential calls i had observed it involved discussion of what it appeared to be a domestic political matter it was inappropriate. it was improper for the president to requestion to demand an investigation into a political problem an opponent especially at foreign power were theirs at best dubious belief that this would be a completely impartial investigation the democrats hope to amass evidence that president trump abused his position using military aid to push ukraine to
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investigate his political opponents the republicans again attack the witnesses rather than their evidence of course your boss had concerns about your judgment your republican lawmakers question lieutenant colonel vin months credibility and even his loyalty to the country being an immigrant from ukraine. the proceedings resumed with testimonies from former u.s. envoy to nato kurt volker and tim morrison the former national security council adviser. at a cabinet meeting president trump continued his condemnation of the entire inquiry we had 3 what's going on is a disgrace and it's an embarrassment to our nation given enough evidence of wrongdoing on the president's part the house dominated by democrats will vote to send the case to trial in senate this long drawn out political battle is only shifting gears. well from all we can bring in public in washington public the
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committee is still very much focusing on the coal from trump to ukrainian president's olinsky why the emphasis on this cool well i'm very very much part of the republicans case up until now has been that none of the witnesses actually listened in to the 25th of july phone call but of course 2 of the witnesses today actually were listening in to a famous infamous phone call now and of course they've been focusing as well on the fact that you know who this whistleblower is and there were sort of a hope amongst republicans that if they knew who that person is then they could perhaps discredit them but of course now they find themselves in the situation in which you have you know lieutenant colonel alexander vin and jennifer williams who's an aide to the vice president might parents who were both listening into the cole both expressing concern by what they heard and both using a you know pretty strong word which is that they found it inappropriate and usual
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on usual and now you know by expressing their interpretation of the call in many ways what they've done is sort of almost diluted in some ways. the republicans have been focusing on which is of course whistleblower also we heard there in the report they sort of went on the attack towards those republicans but you know republicans are going to find the very hard to sort of discredit these 2 witnesses you know we are to what appeared to be very credible witnesses with you know pretty impressive careers so we could say that today wasn't essentially a good day for the republicans. and public to those witnesses that have been working for the trump and been the stretch and tell us a little bit more about who they. well apart from jennifer williams who have just mentioned you know who is an aide to the vice president mike pence and also this 10
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colonel alexander vin the who's actually still working at the white house we've heard from curt fulker now he's a former special envoy to ukraine longstanding career working for government someone who's highly regarded he had some very harsh words for president trump he was sort of almost implying that president trump was interested in conspiracy theories particularly in reference to joe biden and his dealings or the supposed dealings of his son and also we've heard from the national security council official and to mars and so you know we're talking about 4 heavyweights who will say 4 people with pretty impressive careers and like i said even though the republicans went after them you know we're talking about pretty credible witnesses just briefly you mentioned they've been on the attack but the republicans actually disputing this evidence. what it appears that they've sort of more of a more sort of
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a supposed for the personal attack you know if we look at the official twitter account of the white house today they were at you know that it was a sham impeachment and a parody impeachment they were bringing up sort of the credibility of the witnesses particularly you know the lieutenant colonel. who was born in ukraine and also even you know jennifer williams this aide for the vice president as well so you know it was pretty shocking in some ways to see how they sort of went after them in such a sort of times what's being described by analysts here is almost callous way but you know let's keep our eye on what the next witness is that is of course one of the key figures. the u.s. ambassador to the european union he'll be appearing on wednesday. in washington thank you. well turning to a round where amnesty international says that more than 100 people have been killed
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in protests and a government crackdown in the country young restaurant did off the hikes in fuel prices or thirty's responded by shutting down the internet supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has described the protests as a security threat. very little information reaches the outside world from iran authorities have shut down the internet whether there are still protests there and where they may be taking place it's difficult to verify. videos from monday evening show angry demonstrators some are demanding that the government step down the protests were sparked by a drastic increase in the price of gasoline u.s. sanctions and mismanagement are the main causes of iran's economic crisis. also by the i have 3 jobs to support myself of course people are upset and now they found a reason to show their dissatisfaction everyone does it in their own way. these
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beautiful pictures of men who have been arrested are shown on state television they're accused of initiating the protests at the behest of other countries one hard line newspaper reports they could face the death penalty. more than 1000 people are believed to have been arrested in the wake of the protests the un has expressed concern over the security services heavy handed response. numbers killed certainly in the dozens. in at least 2 figures some reports even higher so it would be very useful to have a better period picture but it's clearly very significant meanwhile the iranian leadership is it hearing to a hard line internet restrictions are still in effect in iran. now for some of the other stories making news around the world. live in place and military have deployed ahmed vehicles to end a blockade of a major gas plant by protesters demanding the return of former president evo
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morales us officials say one demonstrator was killed in the city of el al to the pats. special forces in berlin have a wrist of the syrian man suspected of planning a terror attack after receiving intelligence from u.s. officials the 26 year old allegedly took part in a radical chat networks and was observed timing information along to make explosive devices he also bought tiriel and chemicals. well a month after demonstrators took to the streets in chile's president sebastian pinera is struggling to restore calm down and have again gathered in the capital santiago demanding better education health care and pensions and opinion has resignation millions find it difficult to make ends meet and are forced to live in makeshift camps and shanty towns. this is my house this is where a friend of mine sleeps. this is my room. i'm
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not ashamed to show it to you. this is where i sleep it's a bit messy because on the weekends i like to rest. but i believe in the virgin and in god it's thanks to them that i'm here when i 1st got to santiago i had to sleep out on the street. that he has lived in this camp in central santiago for 15 years he became homeless when his family rejected him after he came out as homosexuals here he found acceptance albeit only within the camp. living here is hard for the neighbors judges because they think we're bad people. they need. steel and that we're up to no good. but that's not true we're working people humble working people. as one of tens of thousands of people living in the
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slums of. according to a recent census there are 800 in 2 camps in the country over 47000 families in situations of extreme vulnerability. and calculates 50 percent of them are forced to live in the shanty towns because they can't afford rent this so there are a lot of people who move to these camps because of safety concerns believe the camp is safer than the districts they can afford to live in. many of them also immigrants but that's a much smaller fraction. thousands of people driven to the fringes of society forgotten by the system and treated as outcasts by their fellow citizens to be sent to the camps represent the very essence of what the protest movement claims is wrong with the country. is
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a symptom of what's happening and it's not necessarily the problem itself it's a reflection of a size that discriminates that doesn't take into account the poorest of the poor and a society that doesn't care about others. is n.-g. o. tries to involve the camp's inhabitants in what's happening in the country in a meeting in front of the shack they share their thoughts and ideas about the recent up people. protesters demand dignified living conditions for all chileans a reality that has long seemed out of reach for one of the founding members of this camp. this is our toilet it's a bit dirty. and this is where we relieve ourselves. this is where we wash. we just got this thanks to our neighbors they got us tap their water several of them john wayne we can watch here we can shower here we can cook here but it's not dignified. it's going to get into this is my bedroom.
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my blanket my stuffed animal my bottle of water and my candle because i have no electricity here. i think my biggest wish is to get out of here because i have children. i don't want them to see me in this situation to be. good my goodness and i don't want them to see me like this it's not the future i want for them. it's nothing outrageous he's asking for access to shelter and adequate social services or human rights. and go to work every day hoping to save enough money to someday apply for subsidized housing the fact that they might never get it is just one of the many reasons to chileans are still looking to the streets. that report from the call for in chile you are watching day doubly news live from berlin up next the doc film the
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nuclear weapons cuts helping end. just to get that website is there for news at any time of the day dot com the finale matheny how to fix what you. mean. it's. in charge of the famous naturalist and explorer. drusilla bridge comics on the phone it's 250th birthday we're remarking on no 4 your job discovery. expedition voyage on the t.w. .


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