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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin the death toll rises as iran cracks down on protesters amnesty international's reporting more than 100 people have been killed during protests over hikes in fuel prices also on the show. president trump is out at the impeachment hearings in congress calling them a disgrace and an embarrassment that has 2 senior officials who listened in on his phone call with his ukrainian counterpart call that conversation inappropriate and improper. and on world children's day thousands of young people in this
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african city are homeless they have to earn a living by collecting garbage instead of going to school. plus what lessons can we learn about climate change from penguins wired to the antarctic to find out. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us and as the international is reporting that more than 100 people have been killed in a government crackdown on protests in iran the unrest erupting after sharp spikes in fuel prices now authorities responded by shutting down the internet supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has described the protests quote as a security matter. very little information reaches the outside world from iran
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authorities have shut down the internet whether there are still protests there and where they may be taking place it's difficult to verify. videos from monday evening show angry demonstrators some are demanding that the government step down the protests were sparked by a drastic increase in the price of gasoline u.s. sanctions and mismanagement are the main causes of iran's economic crisis. also by the i have 3 jobs to support myself of course people are upset and now they found a reason to show their dissatisfaction everyone does it in their own way. but of course the pictures of men who have been arrested are shown on state television they are accused of initiating the protests at the behest of other countries one hard line newspaper reports they could face the death penalty. more than 1000 people are believed to have been arrested in the wake of the protests the un has expressed concern over the security services heavy handed response.
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numbers killed certainly in the dozens. in at least 2 figures some reports even higher so it would be very useful to have a better picture but it's clearly very significant meanwhile the iranian leadership is that hearing to a hard line internet restrictions are still in effect in iran. let's get more now by bringing in luke wall paul who's a correspondent in tehran the following the story for us today. do we have any confirmation about this high death toll and what do we know about the number of people injured. it's very difficult for us here in tehran to bring any confirmation to disfigures because as you said the internet is down it's very difficult difficult also to get information throughout the citizen to country what we know is that telephone line still working and we have several reports from
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people in the province cities there the grip of the security. was very very tough and it seems that what amnesty says that it was also fired at the police was firing with life i mean on demonstrators is very likely that. the death toll is much higher than the official figure and probably higher than 100 people killed and we know from families that they are very angry dead bodies were not returned to their families of their people they were burned immediately to same day on saturday or sunday which might be an indication that something is deeply wrong with the figures that the authorities are giving what's behind these protests it was they were sparked by the hike in of fuel prices is that is that still driving them or or is it something else. it's an overall anger rising with the things politically. going here in iran it is basically by the
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price rise in gasoline that's sure because many people feel they are entitled to have a very very cheap gasoline price given the fact that salaries are so low in iran and economical hardship especially since the latest round of new sanctions from us in the last year economical situation is so bad for them dead they feel that fuel should be given gasoline should be given them for free actually but it's as i said economy is going down every week a bit more since the sanctions last year that have been imposed by the us we have no more almost no more oil exports here in iran and the oil exports account for roughly 90 percent of the state revenue this means inflation is very high devaluation of the iranian reale is extremely it lost more than half of its value within 10 months and this means that the prices are rising prices for staple for
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food for rise for milk and people simply cannot cope with that situation because of course salaries are not rising in the same speed and that is basically the anger and people put the blame for the situation not as much as in the past to foreign countries like us which imposed sanctions but very much to the regime because they think the regime should find a solution ok what's your impression does that mean that these protests will continue might even get larger. no actually i think it was a small a significant but a small part of the population that went to 2 to streets high in middle the huge middle class which is several millions of iranian citizens day. they are very cautious i spoke to people yesterday here in tehran they don't feel that it's the appropriate time to go on the street because they fear that the crackdown of the security apparatus might be even worse so i don't think that the situation is going
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out of control because. what does supreme leaders said it's a security measure and not a social protest means that they are definitely willing to crack down on the situation lou thanks very much for that from tehran this morning. briefing some of the other stories making the news this hour serious as 2 civilians were killed in a series of israeli air raids near the capital damascus earlier israel released a statement saying that its jets had targeted syrian and iranian forces inside syria about and 4 rockets fired towards israel on tuesday. pope francis has touched down in bangkok as he begins a weeklong tour of thailand and of japan upon the hopes his visit will boost the faith of catholics in both countries and address pressing regional issues like human trafficking is the 1st pope to visit thailand since john paul the 2nd in 1904
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. police and military have deployed armored vehicles to end a blockade of a major gas plant by protesters demanding the return of former president evo morales officials say at least 3 demonstrators were killed in the city of alto near the polls. in the u.s. a career army officer has testified he was quote duty bound to object to what he called the president's improper phone call addressing ukrainian investigations of top u.s. democrat. it's republicans attacked alexander vin man who's on president trump's national security council with doubts about his loyalty to the united states his testimony launched a pivotal week as the houses impeachment vest again reaches further into the white house. they had witnessed the controversial phone call at the heart of the impeachment inquiry lieutenant colonel alexander vnd mn top white house expert on ukraine and jennifer williams an advisor to vice president mike pence both told the
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panel they had concerns about the cole. part of the record with that i found the july 25th phone call on usual because in contrast to other presidential calls i had observed it involved discussion of what it appeared to be a domestic political matter it was inappropriate. it was improper for the president to requestion to demand an investigation into a political opponent opponent especially at foreign power where there is at best dubious belief that this would be a completely impartial investigation the democrats hope to amass evidence that president trump abused his position using military aid to ukraine to investigate his political opponents the republicans again sought to undermine the credibility of the witnesses of course. your boss had concerns about your judgment your former
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boss dr hill had concerns about your republican lawmakers even question lieutenant colonel than men's loyalty to the country having emigrated to the u.s. from ukraine age 3 the proceedings continued with testimony from former u.s. envoy to need to kurt volker and to morrison a former national security council official at the cabinet meeting president trump continued his condemnation of the entire inquiry what's going on is a disgrace and it's an embarrassment to our nation. given enough evidence of wrongdoing on the president's part the house dominated by democrats will vote to send the case to trial in senate this long drawn out political battle is only shifting gears reviews well today is world children's day and this one marks 30 years since leaders from around the world made a commitment to protect the young from violence and neglect now only one country has yet to ratify the un convention on the right of the child that is the united
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states well since as adoption the deaths of children under the age of 5 have fallen by about 60 percent and the number of malnourished children will last drop by about half now in spite of this progress for many children around the world life remains a daily struggle. these kids should be in school however the state they spend every morning connecting we east they live on the streets of togas copy to me electing trash is one of the main means for them of making illegal . i have been doing this for 3 years but i don't like it i would like to study to become a painter and have my own business model. around 7000 children live on the streets of the west african country they all have their own reasons why they are homeless for some it's an issue of poverty and insufficient
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resources forcing them to make great and when they try to return home i usually gotten. i try to go back home once every 3 months to see if someone there would take care of me but nobody wants to take me in many of the children feel ashamed and that's why they wish to remain anonymous the lack of a social safety net for kids in togo leaves them painfully unprotected. sometimes i slip in the market or the times i sleep at the same place where i sell the waste and. social worker kevin understands what these children are growing through all too well. put it on an hour. when i was really young i also spent some time living on the streets for a while it was a really difficult time because the streets are not a place for children and now i feel sad when i see the skids on the streets because
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they remind me of the dark moments in my life it brings back lots of memories but i also know that this is not the end for them we can help people to leave behind their lives on the street. kevin is the founder of health international an engineer that promote children's rights and helps to reunite them with their families in addition to assisting them with daily issues on the street kevin wants to work to ensure a better future for them in the long run. this is the welcome in center which we call d n a that means well being here else international we provide a safe space we are situated where these children lead their lives on the streets as you can see we are right in the middle of the ghetto but here the kids can come together and find people who care about them who very near.
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health international was created in 2012 and relies on private donations as their main source of funding the ngo has 2 seats which also provide health care to our own 20 kids each day. the main medical conditions that we encounter here are injuries like cats and wounds caused by accidents in the street with these are followed by the diseases related to luck of hygiene and finally there is also malaria. sam. every morning the seats peace time into an alternative school the children come here to learn how to read and write and also get to enjoy various social activities such as painting dancing or sports we have a vision for 2015 and it starts now with us implementing ways to provide these kids
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with access to education and also to involve your families so you won't find them living on the street anymore kevin and his team will continue to tackle the issue of homelessness among young people and hope to help these kids find a fresh start because today's children i tomorrow's future. this is live from berlin still to come on our show what lessons can we learn about climate change from penguins i will be heading to antarctica to find out what. 2 will be named the winner of this year's voice of germany talent show she's a recent immigrant from indonesia. but 1st the standoff between pro-democracy protesters and police at the besieged university in hong kong well it appears to be coming to an end and the remaining protesters are now weighing their options as
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their food and water run out it's all about some $100.00 pro. yes there's are still inside the campus of the polytechnic university in hong kong some of them attempted to climb through sewers to escape overnight others surrendered amidst warnings that police might fire live rounds to clear that area more than a 1000 protesters have been arrested since monday. let's get more now with mary hwy she's a journalist working for the news publication website chords in hong kong mary thanks so much for joining us today you know what these mass arrests we we've just been seeing where do they end of course the police crackdown this huge crackdown including the threats of live ammunition today where does it all leave hong kong's protest movement well it's clear that there has been a step up in how the police want to deal with protests this is there is
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certainly it seems and all the from up high on the command chain that processes need to be dealt with more severely and that they need to be a rest at a loss as to whether that will actually if we sold that the group that questions that are fueling these protests i don't think so i don't think most arrests will solve this the political problem and so rather than the protests fizzling out because they have been thousands of arrests made i see anger festering i see anger growing amongst protesters and so i don't see the process movement dying out at any time so that may take a different form in the weeks to come but it's definitely here this day ok that anger that you mention has already resulted in a strategy by protesters of disruptive vandalism attacking public proc property has a undermined the movement at all with the broader public. the van was a man the violence. is definitely not the sorrow but i think it's worth pointing
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out that the use of force on both sides the side of the protesters on the side of the police have arguably fairly proportionate. have been increasing on both sides as to whether it helps the movement or not i think it actually ends up in kind of a stalemate it's not going there when the protests there's very many more support this but it's not going to be tracked from the movement either we see this from opinion polls where support for the protesters has remained fairly constant the spike this uptick in violence and the aggression in their tactics ok for the 1st time internationally we've seen a very strong signal coming from a major capital the united states the senate has said that it is preparing to revoke hong kong's favorable trades that as it's already placed a moratorium on the sale of weapons dog kong police handcuffs things like that is
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foreign pressure having any any effect on china will this help rein in china's tough approach to ankara i think there are various ways to measure whether. for example of this just passed us legislation on hong kong will be effective so certainly for hong kong protesters this is a huge mall route to stir us to whether it will change the actions and the behavior of the whole call in china governments i don't really think so i think the calculus for hong kong and china remains the same and for them of course there is also the question of face whether they want to be seen backing down in the face of legislation from from the u.s. and pressure from elsewhere mary thanks so much for that update from hong kong. now the antarctic is one of the most remote parts of the world but also one that is
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warming the quickest scientists fear that global warming is melting antarctica's ice contributing to rising global sea levels well the antarctic is a key barometer of course for the impacts of climate change one of dozens of international laboratories monitoring the effects of global warming there is the noir meyer's station now we want to see how its research affecting climate change on climate change and its effects is going on there. antarctica a continent almost completely covered in ice yet extremely sensitive to even the slightest changes in climate. it's the frozen ocean front is home to the emperor penguin here on the ice shelf it's freezing cold perfect conditions for emperor penguin breeding researchers say that if the climate here changes it would likely affect the emperor penguins right now if they're trying to count the penguins on
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the colony. do you think you could only it's and i think a huge danger for this penguin colony here is that the structure of the sea ice on which they create is changing if there's an increase in temperature and the sea ice shrinks breaks up earlier in the year they're breeding season will be shorter and they may not have any pleading grants or tall anymore under certain circumstances they wouldn't be able to build their colony atoll will be able to reproduce. so the research is a document in the penguins numbers from above with the drawing. they've been commissioned by the german environment ministry to get the big picture of what's happening here. because the camera looks directly down and takes picture after picture at certain intervals all. these pictures are supposed to one of the last that way we can piece them together as far as possible because. they do that
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here i few kilometers away at the alfred vigna institute know i'm a station the researchers use 3 d. simulators to collect their daughter on the colony in the long term they hope to produce information on if and how the emperor penguins react to increasing global temperatures. if warming is limited to 1.5 or 2 degrees celcius has agreed in the paris accords this species of penguin could survive and if not they'll be wiped out by. 2100 at the very latest. the scientists measure how much things are warming up on the roof of the research station. they send up weather balloons to collect and send back relevant data. over the coming years the researchers hope to measure what changes and by how much. and so on at this station for example we're not actually seeing any changes in temperature. it's the same at many
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other stations across antarctica but that's not the case on the antarctic peninsula and there has been a stock rise in temperatures there. to work. that's causing the glacier crusts to melt scientists there of also measure the warming of the water. climate change is already starting to eat away at antarctica. it's just a question of how far the effects will reach. we have some footballers down joe say marine you know has been announced as the new coach of english premier league club tottenham hotspur replacing outgoing rate c.e.o. tino marino won multiple titles and portugal italy and spain his most recent coaching position was at manchester united where he was sacked in the summer of 20 team is predecessor tino took charge of the club $24.00 team and led them to the champions league final last season though short of expectations the c's.
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now t.v. talent shows are popular here in germany one of the most successful is the voice where the jury actually hears the singer before they see them all this year's winner of the voice of germany is 19 year old. son toso she's a recent immigrant from indonesia. 2 the money while a son tozer has just gotten her 1st big taste of success. victory on this year's voice of germany has made an instant celebrity of the young singer from indonesia. china i know when i really had no
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idea i might win. this thing but i want to sing and show the world that i want to sing because this thing and sing and. claudia's whole life has changed in just the last year and a half since she made the decision to leave home and pursue her studies in germany she was 4 when she started. singing lessons and she'd already been on t.v. shows in indonesia so she felt it was time to take a leap. so as much there is in the name it's 1st i wanted to stay in indonesia prospect but there are good teeth in germany and i thought that could change my life my name for. this support of munich's indonesian community has helped her handle the homesickness. that people back home have been rooting for her to she's got 24000000 clicks on you tube and almost
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200000 instagram followers. cut his boyfriend has helped her cope with a new fame the 2 met in their church choir. and played and then we recorded a few songs together so you could save music brought us together and connects us with the been this. cloud is about to face her next big challenge germany wide tour with all the finalists from the voice of germany and her winning song. sad sad. sad so you're gonna have. her.
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fans are already buying her single good bye and cloudy and my new allison tozer who is a step closer to her dream of pop music started. as much more on cloudy at our website website. that's all we have for you right now i'm bryan thomas for the entire team thanks for being here.
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i am an. eco indian. gifts for the gods that are harmful for the environment the sacred flowers are poisoning indian water supply some of. the company in mumbai is trying to change that it collects waste and abuse of the color textiles. next on g.w. . which fewer kids
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spend their time doing at. developmental psychologists are concerned. he's playing freely now played out. in 45 minutes on d w. there . is a cultural. there it goes inside. their rivalry to. 3 princes. who dream of being the world. there are full power and boundless ambition of the middle east and to a great crisis. the muslims of the goals starts nov
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27th on t.w. . the planet we live on is very smartly designed so you chanst a menu of problems can be found by going back to nature this week we'll zoom in on one of them plug ins and how they can be very used to offset the effect of pomfret materials on out and why mint. and you'll watching a brand new show of india i'm.


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