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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2019 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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this is business. as welcome could the unrest in hong kong be the undoing of progress towards a u.s. china trade deal beijing has responded furiously to us vote calling for democracy in hong kong the communist government said it would do whatever was needed to safeguard its rule over the territory this after the senate and washington unanimously passed legislation aimed at protecting human rights in hong kong and threatening to revoke the territories special trade privileges with the u.s. in the event of noncompliance. and it's slightly in the red wednesday morning saying index slipped about 7 tenths of a percent. in washington president donald trump won't he was prepared to escalate the trade or if no agreement could be reached after a relationship which i don't see what happens but i'm very happy right if we don't make a deal with china just raise the terrorists even higher thank you very much. that's
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not a clear threat from the u.s. president after national correspondent susan is in frankfurt let's talk about this . how much of a negative impact do statements like this the one we've just heard actually have on the financial markets. well there still is a short term impact of the markets but the markets also have sort of got used to this kind of rhetoric and i also have to say there seems to be a bit of a pattern also that the trump administration doesn't always live up to the harsh president of. to the house rhetoric of the president remember last week decision in the united states was jew on import tariffs on cars the white house had a deadline within which it should have decided but nothing really happened what's also becoming clear is that you know with an election year in the united states
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next year and also with washington being so busy and preoccupied with impeachment inquiry against the president the administration in washington seems to be very eager not to poached too much of a break on economic growth that also is something that many people on many markets of this world are hoping for thank you on earth in frankfurt for us. well china's e-commerce giant ali baba is said to raise almost $13000000000.00 in a secondary listing this time on the hong kong stock exchange is aiming to processes at just over $22.00 that's a discount of 2.8 percent compared to the prize on the new york stock exchange alibaba is calling the i.p.o. quote vote of confidence in hong kong's markets it was planned for the summit but was postponed due to the unrest in the territory. now many businesses around the
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world would like to see the u.s. china trade war resolved rather today then tomorrow but that are those that feel that it can benefit from the world's 2 top economies being at loggerheads take the indian german jewelry industry with the u.s. deciding to impose a 10 percent import duty on the products of chinese jewelers the colleagues in india were hoping to get a portion of the $2000000000.00 chinese export pie that didn't pan out so far but some companies are making the best of the trade. this is painstaking meticulous work turning rushed crystals into polish gemstones more than 150 gem cutter's in this workshop in china poor process violet in the courts for use in jewellery the slightest inclusion or flow will lower the quality and that's something the small indian company can't afford to mena scrutinizes the gems she's being kept very busy at the moment you may have found the man i'm working more
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hours to meet the extra demand i'm sure will get more orders in future and i hope it continues so i can earn more i think that is one of the. most of the gems are exported to the u.s. and in recent months demand there has risen sharply the company's production manager sees the u.s. china tariff disputes as a contributing factor the company got gigantour as the hub of jewelry production. and the trade here was down a little while ago but the recent. trade war between the u.s. and china has increased the business production has almost doubled recently you know obviously that whatever. poor is the capital of the northern indian state of raw just on around 3000000 people live in the city which is growing steadily many in the business community here see the trade war between the chinese and the americans as an opportunity they hope the region will benefit through increasing investment i can see. a big chunk of business can come to
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india he won the manufacturing can we ship it to him you know and particularly when i'm from dreams and recreate i think that lots of people have started coming through richard lugar both ability to hold we can have a joint venture all the considered of our unit here. india's gems and jewelry industry is one of the largest in the world nearly 30 percent of all jewellery is made here. now it's a brand strategy from business started in a moment by did this windfall for me was the u.s. china trade dispute help india's jewelry industry on the whole. well not exactly there was a lot of expectations from indian news that it would just seem that there indo china to china and use their trade all will help india really exports but actually it does not happen in fact in the month of october our own. juliet for sale in fact
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has come down to almost 6 floors and then this friend is expected to continue for the rest of them and actually a change in march next year so what has happened is there's a black swan event of course a lot of pain goes the trio james injurious we're supposed to a phone call and as you pointed out just now in your program earlier of that hong kong is going through or find a protester which is a future that in fact is the 3 in between india and hong kong under 35 percent of india's it will join the flu from pong and this is in fact in the industry a lot. there was some hope that other sectors of the indian economy could also benefit from the tussle between the u.s. and china did that materialize well not exactly again where there was a lot of or poor that we are a lot of how do in guinea economy for china and us are great when it's going to it's we are expectations that textile industry will do well from india.
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and also they're expected. i think we're having trouble with the line to mumbai the death from mumbai let's go to our next topic the 1000000000 ass soccer family is accused of getting rich off the back of the us deadly opioid epidemic overdoses of the prescription painkiller oxycontin have claimed an estimated 400000 american lives per farm of the soka own company which makes the drug is accused of downplaying the risks they filed for bankruptcy and set up a 10 $1000000000.00 fund to settle old. that's not the end of it an associated press investigation has uncovered evidence that another saxophone is using the same methods to push the opioids into china's booming drug market. for 20 years oxycontin has inflicted misery and death on thousands of american
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towns and cities it is an emergency it's a they're still a virgin see we're going to spend a lot of time a lot of effort and a lot of money one of the opioid grocers in recent months lawsuits and a public backlash has pressured the drug makers to shut up shop and look for new markets like china where the sackler family old when the farmer makes sense applies oxycontin painkillers to father seals representative c. they sold it using many of the same questionable marketing methods that saw the drug become white bread in the u.s. its methods such as encouraging high dosages. high dosage the company stress that since m.s. contin and oxycontin don't stop working with constant use in patients could technically have unlimited dosages.
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they were also encouraged to don't play the addictiveness of the drugs. first of all the company's training told us that its addiction rate is less than 3 in $10000.00. working in sales the whistleblowers work to get skeptical doctors to stop prescribing oxycontin so. we cave doctors some gifts or invited them to give lectures and pay them for the next years in these ways we maintain good relationships with the doctors. next they say they had to get those doctors to increase the dosages higher dosages mean higher returns but it also meant higher risk of addiction and overdose the salesman whereupon the advice to go to considerable lengths to win business including disguising themselves as medical staff. the company required that in certain situations if it's allowed the sales representative should wear the white coach and
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sit in the meetings between patients and doctors or help the direct to write prescriptions who do so bunk to root cause who. would be pharma and purge do pharma deny misleading doctors are using unethical marketing techniques. group is facing another lawsuit in the u.s. this time from one of its suppliers all the parts make a prevent $750000000.00 from v.w. for allegedly contravening competition law it has been pressuring folks for years in the summers when a 16 to prevent subsidiaries cut off supplies to a v.w. brain b. or to john's production to a stop since then folks wagner has been gradually dropping its contracts with prevent which responded by trying to buy a v.w. small us suppliers prevent claims we w. blocked its takeover bids breaching competition laws. planned arbitration talks
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aimed at ending the strike at lufthansa have been cancelled at the last minute germany's biggest airline has been facing the largest strike in its history. who forced thousands of flights cancellations over several days flight attendants union better wages as well as improved conditions for temporary work. and that's it from me on the business team here in berlin for more business figure out all websites those t w dot com slash business and to follow us on social media say 40 news that's up next right after this quick look at global markets.
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. play play play play. this news coming to you live from berlin the death toll rises as iran cracks down on protesters and this international says demonstrations over the rise in fuel prices have left more than 100 people dead we'll get an update from the head on also on the program. one of the key witnesses in the trump impeachment inquiry takes the stand welty diplomat gordon song has previously told lawmakers 2 different stories over the president's deal.


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