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i'm. coming. to the point. do you don't want to come on. this you know i mean in your mind. what in. front of. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the children forced into marriage we'll bring you the story of a child bride in nigeria who was locked up by her family she refused to return to has been. zimbabwe's backstreet doctors and nurses all striking so women are turning to unqualified midwives to deliver their babies.
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hello i'm christine wonderwall come to africa it's good to have you along if you're a girl born in nigeria there's a good chance you'll be married before you're 18 years old that's because nigeria has one of the highest number of child marriages in the world that's according to the u.n. we're talking about this as the world mocks the 30th anniversary off the convention of the rights of the child as we report the rise of many girls in nigeria are being violated. a muslim neighborhood in kaduna a city in northern nigeria i came here to find out about a girl who was locked up in this place for 2 years without much light or food and left on her own her name is her son she was
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a child bride these pictures were taken when she was released from captivity just a week ago she was held here by her family because she refused to return to her husband she was only 15 when she was forced to marry a mother of 4. a child bride one of millions in nigeria if you're born a girl here there's a 44 percent probability that you will be married before your 18th birthday. this neighbor noticed santa so he says at the age of 15 she wasn't too young to be married he would marry his daughters off much younger. sons and what age. 60. 2 we had been seeing by the gold marriage. this is. a fierce advocate for women's and children's rights she helped to be freed robbi is muslim herself she says the koran does not justify this practice there is
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no pacific or any findings or any security that proved those things the admin is forced marriage is a most of this is not done there's an islamic perspective the add on base of cultural perspective she says education is key to change outdated practices and support women's rights islam is very why does a leader that is not old. is something that has to do with advancement so are the laws can be amended and can be seen need that kind suited to condition of the. child marriage exists elsewhere in nigeria to here in lagos poverty drives some parents to marry daughters of under 18. is privileged in many ways but that doesn't stop the 17 year old from raising her voice against child marriage asuna story makes are angry
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a lot of nigerians don't view women as human beings view them as. a pet added additive to the susan wants to amend the constitution so that it bars anyone under the age of 18 from. getting married she and 2 friends have started an online petition to bring the issue to the senate floor the next step would be to get to the root of the problem and try to educate the member women and everyone perpetrating this are there are millions of girls who are married off every year and if those millions of girls were millions of people at its nigeria's workforce the g.d.p. and he would be in a much better standing than it is now. a son has been transferred to this psychiatric hospital but doctors say it will take months to stabilize her it's unclear the government will finance or treatment and with her family will be held accountable for the damage it has done. i spoke to 13 year old campaign
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a menu. from ghana she has been researching child marriage in her community i began by asking her what she found out. i got to know down to the end and at 18 years old guy you've been to marriage because you're right or yeah right now yeah financially. financial problems which did can take care of got you know and you have been given a girl to marry at. ok so that is why child marriage is happening oh do you want to say some more yes and he had an issue that. is the culture of time people will get it's when did you know. bad thing yes she will be beginning to marry and you have been doing so now so according to my
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research that is that the air. yeah crowds are in you tube. that's why you've been out of the our children are ill each ok ok man you made us so so that is what your research is telling you and so what do you think needs to be done such child marriage can be brought to an end in communities like yours. thank you for that christine. oh please that governments aren't going to to educate and berate and to hell there ain't trying nationally so that is the given i've. got tears to my reach at barrick and i. ok manual i sense that this is something that you are very passionate about tell me why this is something that you are doing why are you fighting for child marriage to end
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thank you i'm fighting for child marriage to end because you couldn't do so how did their children who are given out to marriage act and very young that age that have. teenage pregnancies and we are going to delude babbit die because all the good those that want to well people whether they be cunt come also to die to give a big fat while you do better and these are not when i restated inane found out they didn't die many of them die owls not happy that's why i i want to i want to. get there right saying people who have given out yet to grant marriage are to stop it
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because god knows why these bills can become prominent people in the near future. that was emmanuel a gun the effects from gun now the health system in zimbabwe is on the verge of collapse as the country battles its worst economic crisis in decades stuck his have been on strike for months now nurses and midwives in the capital harare have also stopped work the result is that many pregnant women are being forced to give birth in dangerous conditions. far from the maternity ward the men are queuing up to give birth in the living room of a cramped apartment here in harare the woman looking after them is 72 year old grandmother esther she has no formal midwife training but since the local clinic closed 2 weeks ago she says she has been delivering up to 20 babies
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a day. to ensure their i don't have anything to use on the proper place but the holy spirit helps me over these here pregnant women want some of already given birth and have gone to their homes because i don't have the space to accommodate them or anything to get them. here is pressed syrian says kofi newborn baby but the birth did not go as she planned when contractions became painful she rushed to the nearby clinic just to find closed doors that was what it was. i don't know it. was. going to do for the birds and. bees. to move. though it may have been a far. more days to them it was funny it was then a good place to live before. over the weekend senior health officials came to visit
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is to slat. it is very day. or i didn't realize that this is yours and i was like it is because of the different data that we have the numbers that we just look at the numbers that we have the machine we would be in britain and remember what it is in labor. going home with her baby press t.v. iran's is grateful she says they could both have died had not been for instance help for now the strike goes on and the doors of the hospital remain closed. my next guest is a nurse and midwife. from the zimbabwe urban and rural council nurses workers union she's in the capital harare welcome to news africa we've just seen that women in zimbabwe are turning to backstreet midwives to deliver their babies what all the risks involved. there are many
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risks involved in big certainly do through because. women in labor and delivery they need should. which needs professional people to do that they have complications which me ok like most parts of the modern age. there are quite a number of complications because these people who do not have adequate. knowledge of how to conduct the deliveries many question to you is you all of course one of those professions as you say who are striking and i wonder what would it take for people like you to go back to work. for you and of course the media has been saying this is. a strike but the fact is that to be are not striking this isn't went on strike this is that incapacity. to go to work due to fire because we shouldn't lose psychological if i may show in
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their social lives so the cup was addicted to continue going to wake. can you elaborate on that point does this come down to a wage dispute that you're having with the government. we work for the. consul not the government and our employees they had our city council. so we we've been appealing to them so that they they actually see how incapacitated we are we send them a later in may 21000. our incapacitation we send a letter as well in july then in november and up to now nothing is being done by the city 5 s. so we are just appearing to them to yes we know that 12 essential services to their community and our patients that really need as and it's quite said is quite the
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dinning that our women are suffering because we cannot afford to go to work ok that's. thank you. and that is it for now from africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page we're interested to know what you think about the stories we cover here on news africa and the stories you think we should be covering let's talk on social media i'm on twitter as one to say the next time i think. i'm not proud of them they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made from minds.
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language is the 1st word published in the. case in germany. why not learn with him in. its simple mind on your mobile and for e. d w z e learning course. german made easy. welcome to news from the world about some culture here's what's coming up today. british actress jane birkin tempestuous relationship with says gangs war and much more revealed in her memoir. and our intrepid baker and europe correspondent
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dear old masses baking bread from slovakia which even has been here in the recipe. but 1st a great deal of contemporary art is open to interpretation however nowadays museums around the world do offer odio guards or text placed next to the picture to give some sort of explanation as to what you're looking at a new exhibition at the pina could take there more then in munich called simply feelings features 100 works of art with no explanation and the artists remain anonymous the idea is to let the artworks alone feed your emotions. what does our do to us. how does it touch us. what is a picture inspiring us when the intuition guides arcane is there a connection and how does it feel.


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