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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2019 10:15pm-10:30pm CET

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song but as told the impeachment inquiry that president directed him to pressure ukraine to investigate trump's political rival joe biden he says everyone knew that the president knew about. george w. newman's live from berlin rob what's up next with business stick around for that. literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see as the fine. might object to what. he does on you tube. hello this is balls speaking welcome to the show with. concerts. with
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the austrians give. and then incredible location. groups every week on g.w. . mall big spending at the dubai show boeing lands another order for its 787 dreamliner this time from carrier emirates on its home turf. finding a diamond in the rough indian jewelers are hoping to make the most of the fallout from the u.s. china trade war and it's nothing to sing about 20 business is underwater has gone to the makers in venice finding out. this is d.w. business i robots in berlin well come along the middle east's biggest ally emirates
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has placed an almost $9000000000.00 order for 30 boeing 787 dreamliner is the deal was signed off on intense talks at the dubai ash the planes will replace some of the emirates orders for the much delayed boeing triple 7 x.x. raf carry a earlier this week also use the show on home turf to announced it was spending a total of $16000000000.00 on 50 wide bodied a $350.00 s from boeing's your p. and competitor us. so let's bring in our financial correspondent yen score so in dubai the asho coming to an end on thursday we've seen orders for boeing and dab us who's winning. the european company is clearly in the lead we've seen that all year long and now in dubai so far airbus has achieved to get some orders in the amount of
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$38000000000.00 and boeing is the distant 2nd with orders in the amount of $17000000000.00 but overall the market is so huge and so clearly big enough for 2 big players and wall street actually was pleased that at least we got those orders for a good $17000000000.00 for boeing even if it's not even a half whatever has gotten the stock of boeing in here on wednesday it was the biggest winner in the dow jones industrial average gaining one percentage and onto another of one of the big international rivalries u.s. and china so we're getting rumblings that preliminary deal between these 2 might not be done before the end of this year what can you tell us about. yeah that's what we're hearing from sources surrounding those trade talks and actually u.s. president donald trump is quoted saying at
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a meeting that if china does not get the deal done then he might even consider to raise tariffs even higher we have this deadline coming up on december 15th but what we're hearing right now is that there are some differences china is pushing hard for lowering some of the already existing tariffs and that's obviously where washington might have a different position so it really could be it could become tricky to get this face a or phase one deal done within this year end to wall street actually do trade bill or after we got those news even if we did not end the day on day but clearly a bit of a disappointment that trade deal at least this year becomes less likely. ok thanks yes financial correspondent in new york. now on the subject of the u.s.
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china trades dio though for many it's brought problems there are others capitalizing on the route between the world's 2 biggest economies take the indian gemstone industry for example with the u.s. imposing extra tariffs on chinese jewelry india's jewelers are saying a glimmering opportunity. this is painstaking meticulous work turning rough crystals into polished gem stones more than 150 gem cutter's in this workshop and poor process violet in the elo courts for use in jewellery the slightest inclusion or flaw will lower the quality and that's something the small indian company can't afford to mena scrutinizes the gems she's being kept very busy at the moment you may have found me later the man i'm working more hours to meet the extra demand i'm sure will get more orders in future and i hope it continues so i can earn more i think about it and. most of the gems are exported to the u.s.
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and in recent months demand there has risen sharply the company's production manager says the u.s. china tariff disputes as a contributing factor. governing our government gigantour is the hub of jewelry production. up in the trade here was down a little while ago but the recent trade war between the u.s. and china has increased the business production has almost doubled recently got hit by that whatever. dirt poor is the capital of the northern indian state of raw just on around 3000000 people live in the city which is growing steadily many in the business community here see the trade war between the chinese and the americans as an opportunity they hope the region will benefit through increasing investment. i can see. a big chunk of business can come to india or even the manufacturing can we should produce. really where i'm from dreams and recreate i. have
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started coming. to both ability to uphold we can have a joint venture all the concert or unity. india's gems until industry is one of the largest in the world nearly 30 percent of all jewellery is made here . south african airways is running out of cash and could be liquidated if the government doesn't step in soon according to one of its board members trade unions are also threatening to escalate a crippling strike that started after wage talks turned sour last week and the airline said it would cut almost 20 percent of its staff state owned s.a.a. has racked up losses of almost $2000000000.00 over the past 13 years. late last week thousands of south african airways workers embark on an open ended strike they want higher wages but the company has rejected their demands and threatened layoffs hundreds of flights out to be counseled as the strike got
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underway passengers reacted with more or less empathy. i will never fly if i ever have and i've got to get that far come back to believe i have to go to south africa they have. just been so inconvenient it's costing me a lot of money you know ok the company was ready you know. i didn't have a ticket but they putting me on another flight workers may have a point i don't know all the intricacies of it but i am very fearful for the economy because obviously to speak can't afford it in this country the cia is losing out the economy's losing out and that's not good for the confidence. the strike is compounding the crisis gripping s.a.a. the airline is deep in debt despite several government bailouts it's not posted a profit since 2011 the cash truck government says it can't bail the carrier out so its financial woes could see it grounded permanently. now
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a brief look at some of the other business stories making the news out of moscow investment conference russian president vladimir putin has trashed european plans to cut fossil fuel consumption e.u. on people could end up living in caves without natural gas something which russia just happens to export in huge amounts to your of slammed fracking as a dirty and in fire mentally damaging means of obtaining oil and gas. french state turned lottery francaise goes private on thursday the government hopes to rake in winnings of over a 1000000000 euros when millions of its shares go on sale paris is slashing its stake from 72 percent to about 20 percent and hopes to put as many shares as possible into individual's hands. and betting shops in britain are using artificial intelligence to spot the problem gamblers and they're playing around
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a quarter of all betting machines have been fitted with a new anonymous player awareness system which tracks a customer's behavior towards shop staff uncontrollable betting $34000.00 of the machines fall in around one and a half 1000000000 euros a year. now italians simply call it out or high water but that seems like something of an understatement when you look at the flooding that hit venice in recent weeks the highest water levels for generations have devastated large parts of the unesco protected city among those heavily affected all the makers are in finally reach their gondola shipyard the front is once again dry land but just a few days ago the entrance was submerged in the worst flood in over 50 years if. the water kept rising and rising and never stopped it was all dark
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and i was a little terrified because the water here was at least 55 centimeters deep you know i didn't open the door because i was afraid that these rocks and wood would be swept away by floodwater we could only stay outside the dark and way into the water level went down it was a scary night and we didn't know when the water would go down. because. there was damage but they were the lucky ones they didn't lose their entire livelihood like others did. many handicraft shops are on the ground floor and the floodwater hit them really hard we need to restore our strength and move forward i hope the craftsmen down there can get some help because they are an important part of venice we have a tradition of protecting our skilled workers. as water levels around the globe rise skilled workers like the gondola builders of venice will have to develop
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strategies to adapt. i'm not so from day w. business if you want more from his you can check out our website d.w. dot com slash business you can also find his on facebook and twitter coming up next a quick check on the global markets.
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breathe a sigh of relief so you don't want to miss that. just go. to w. this is day that means that they have coming up in the next 15 minutes the children forced into marriage we'll bring you the story of a child bride in nigeria who was locked up by her family after she refused to return to a husband. and zimbabwe's backstreet doc says that this is all striking so women are turning to unqualified midwives to deliver their babies.


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