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this is. britain's opposition labor party promises sweeping economic next month. but his policy trailing badly in opinion polls. but with still the political issue will this be enough to boost his party's chances also on the program u.s. lawmakers hold their final public hearings with donald trump speech. today hearing from russia and ukraine comes a day after the testimony of the president to cast political.
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opposition groups in. elections after. the country's voting system they say the current system puts too much power in the hands of the ruling party. of smoke millions of people in cities. out of control. the leader of britain's opposition labor party jeremy called in the house unveiled the details of money fast and for next month's election as a tries to close on the pinion poll with the governing conservatives labor's plan for government includes
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a 5 percent increase in public sector pay higher taxes on companies on the nationalize ation are some infrastructure it's being billed as the most radical plan for decades. this party this movement this manifesto is there for its. labor is on your saw it and there could be scarcely clearer demonstration of that than the furious reaction of the richest and most powerful. no so w.'s our correspondent berkut mask and tell us more welcome back at what else is the labor party offering british voters as. well feel is really is the most left being manifesto that the u.k. labor party has had to offer for the last decade a big for a gram of building houses really trying to get a social justice agenda delivered is what jeremy call been ones to do he's trying
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to shift the narrative away from bragg's at this subject that really has bogged down the country for 3 years and it's a radical transformation of the u.k. economy and society which he's envisaging to renationalisation of south in streets for example telecom a huge social housing program 100000 houses here this is something that he hopes will appeal to people and this is really what the labor party under jeremy korb and it's really envisaging it different society in britain and you're in northern england today why. i mean all that in them because we are trying to assess the mood in the country not just in london but also here where we are for example in bishop oakland where we are at the moment it's a market town in the north of england used to be the hot lines of the labor party x. industrial town huge mining community here but the feeling that people have here is
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that they are slightly have been forgotten you see lots of the high street lots of shops boarded up and people here have voted largely for bricks it so these are target seats for the conservative party boris johnson his main message is get breaks it down and he's hoping to reach out to these industrial towns where the conservative party historically has never had a chance to see has been a labor seat for almost a 100 years continuously but he's trying to reach out here and he's trying to snatch the seat from labor hoping to build his majority in the parliament in london which of the other key demographics being targeted. well boris johnson and the labor party is really neck and neck race boris johnson doesn't have a majority in the u.k. parliament he's hoping to move belies as many voters here in the north as he can another crucial vote is the youth state so we know that young people of mostly
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through europe period they tend to be the ones that are not going to date and remain politicians remain activists are trying to get young people out and they get trying to get them to vote so we've been out and we've been talking to young people let's listen what they've had to say. but thus far in our case i give you one of those thank you so alice grant is going canvassing for the 1st time in her life for the brakes of party she doesn't think britain needs a divorce to do with the european union her main priority is to get out of the us quickly as possible just as the breck said potus promised i really believe that the parks party right now is there any party that's offering a clean break. tories for 3 years here failed to take us out and i think. spotty and very promising but in the affluent part of central london where alice lives most people are pro e.u.
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. the same for the back supporting me here person for the star to lecture me. on the back supposing that. for 18 year old alice and her younger sister democracy is at stake they say the u.k. need to freedom and to then be democratic even though most of their friends think differently they are discouraged all school was in a very remain area and it was very politicized lessons were all the basically all about shaming people who. and i was right said that it's really hard for me the majority of young people in the u.k. see the e.u. as something positive opening up opportunities to work and study abroad so those campaigners who want to reverse bricks that are trying to get as many young people to vote as possible. so i'm bored of your board of directors that we've been talking about this for 3 years now we're all dead cimi underwood has more than
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200000 followers on twitter and instagram he tells them that their 2nd referendum can put a stop to bret's it the 26 year low school graduate has put his career on hold to become a full time activist the things that he will vote for in 2016 are clearly not going to happen they expected more control over their country they're getting less they expected to be richer being made poor they expected us to move on quickly this is dragging on for 3 years like a dog for a decade nobody wants any of these things give us a choice femi has been verbally abused and has received racist comments and threats on social media because of his views on blacks it for him the general election is key only if enough prove he you politicians make it into parliament will there be a chance of a 2nd referendum if we show up to vote in massive numbers and got this in the bag. and if it might i don't know i don't know i'm hoping that young people and the
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chemical woken up but i can't guarantee until i see the results of polling day which actually that the 2 activists have one thing in common for them breaks it is the most important election issue of views couldn't be more different. jo'burg and clearly the budget pot in the u.k. conservatives who are in government of the moment they believe is the defining issue as we've seen they're all about social policy jobs housing and all the rest of it so which way is this election going to go. well it's really interesting opinion polls tell us that actually brags it is the dominating issue but it's very closely followed by health so this is more the social agenda jeremy coogan and his labor party are more trusted on would have to see though there's still a few weeks to go and very much in the end it's also down to the candidates now
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boris johnson is the least loved prime minister almost ever see his opinion poll just personal opinion polls are not very good but those of jeremy corbin his opponent even worse say for a lot of people it's going to be the lesser of 2 evils but my cousin the hunch is that the message of getting breaks it down than just closing this that this is going to appeal to a lot of feta so at the moment it looks like the conservatives. do have the upper hand but it can change in the next weeks. mass and their vision bocage north of england thank you let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world lawyers representing victims of sex offender geoffrey abstain britain's prince andrew to speak to u.s. investigators believe it is a 2nd son is withdrawing from public to do so but criticism of his friendship with epstein and the disastrous interview the b.b.c. . ukraine says 3 naval ships returned by russia this week are in bad
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condition present volodymyr the lansky inspected the vessels when they arrived at the ukrainian port their release is part of efforts to ease tensions ahead of a peace summit between russia and ukraine. china has demanded that u.s. president donald trump veto new legislation aimed at supporting human rights in hong kong raising has threatened what it calls strong counter measures if the bill becomes law the u.s. proposals would impose sanctions on chinese officials found to be violating freedoms in the chinese territory. and u.s. lawmakers have begun their 5th day of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry against president trump on wednesday the u.s. ambassador to europe gordon sunderland told lawmakers he had followed mr trump's wishes in pressing ukraine's president to investigate democrat joe biden in today's hearings fiona hill and david holmes are expected to explain why they were alarmed
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how mr trump and his associates were conducting foreign policy a crane that could be more damaging revelations is a summary of the most recent testimony. he was the most highly anticipated witness that president onil trumps impeachment hearings and ambassador gordon sunderland didn't disappoint in his testimony sunderland told will make is that he was pressured to follow orders in ukraine by trying slow every giuliani and that washington had pushed kiev to investigate trance rival joe biden and his links to ukrainian energy firm to raise money and by 10 for white house access as i testified previously mr giuliani's requests were a quid pro quo for arranging a white house does it for president selenski. mr giuliani was expressing the desires of the president of the united states and we knew these investigations were
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important to the president but was they also by quid pro quo involving military aid i tried diligently to ask why the aid was suspended but i never received a clear answer i later came to believe that the resumption of security aid would not occur until there was a public statement from ukraine committing to the investigations of the 2016 elections and to resign as mr giuliani had demanded just not good enough according to republicans you acknowledge that this is speculation right it was a presumption ok. but a good enough presumption for the democrats who i think sometimes testimony will prove that tron stealing spits ukraine are grounds for impeachment what we saw today is an basser sonnen by his own words told us that everyone was in the loop
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that means it is a criminal enterprise we have to establish the principle no one is above the law we have a constitutional responsibility and we need to meet it we are absolutely going to confront this president for his wrongdoing. trump himself remains defiant before leaving on a trip to texas he angrily tonight pushing for an exchange of faith is with ukraine . i say to the. bar i want nothing i want nothing i want no quid pro quo so the president is willing. to do the right thing i want nothing thank you for very good time we're going to. say to him the inquiry was over but it's up to house democrats when the hearings will end. here in germany a chance i'm going to merkel's conservative c.d.u. party is holding its annual conference this weekend in the eastern city of life
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sick of the chance that no longer heads the party herself a successor as leader i think. is struggling in the polls the gathering could say another fight over who should take over from a chance and a chance of. germany's grand old conservative c.d.u. party has no vacancy at the top and yet a leadership battle is looming just one year ago and it didn't come calvin ball embrace her political godmother of america after succeeding her as leader of germany's conservative c.d.u. . but the man who was narrowly defeated never gave up on his chances of one day himself succeeded machall. peter h. mouth's the foremost c.d.u. hopeful ones left politics after losing out to america but in the years since he decided to simply bite his tongue. and it could have come counting dollars climb to
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the top of the policy was soon followed by her dissent in the opinion polls within less than a here her approval ratings of more than half the minister. stone face down it could have come come on board decided to take on the challenge. whoever believes that the question of leadership needs to be decided this fall we'll have the opportunity to do that at the party conference within hours her political nemesis matts was back with a sweeping attack something holiday here and so the government is a disaster. under pressure to demonstrate her own more conservative profile come come on by our launched a series of strategic debates pledging more german engagement in the world a new tone partly contradicting tonsil america but surprisingly in tune with her would be challenger fleet matts the man in question sounded more tame as the party conference neared. how do you think your own fault i found harsh
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words to criticize the government 3 weeks ago in the heart of lot of close friends have since taken me aside don't want me not to go too far right. that would mean launching a destructive debate over the potential future chancellor rather than of a policy this weekend's party conference will decide which way the party wants to go in germany is post machall era. is going off indeed only politics correspondent live on the phone hummus tighter and. welcome down so carabao has been leaving the c.d.u. for barely a year why she doing so badly and now facing challenges so quickly. well some of it has to do with her as a person and as a leader as we've just seen the reports and it. has come under criticism for some of the decisions she's made over the past year and a lot of that
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a lot of people within a. man's but also the youth organization have actually blamed her for a bad decision making and a recent survey published that that only 6 percent of germans think i'm a great come has been good for her party but that is only one side and the other side is and and that is a problem that has faced all big tent traditional big tent parties in germany but also the continent that the c.d.u. as apache is really struggling to decide on its direction going forward it's struggling to keep vote and it's struggling to have that clear profile and lot of focus in germany and voting for the right wing populist a 50 but also a lot of young voters. voting for the green party so the c.p.u. is struggling to keep that profile and we've seen just leading up to the party conference now that the city leadership is very aware of the problem it doesn't
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want to get in tangled in leadership debates and it has just once again both and they come but also feel it's man so they want to focus on policy issues going forward so that city you voters actually know what the party stands for the. surge in support of friedrich that's what is coming from given that he hasn't been active in politics in recent times. well he definitely has had an impeccable timing he always steps in when i'm going to come and go is losing support and since she has lost so much for his supports predicaments is presenting himself as the alternative he's also championed by most of the past he's conservative wing also the youth organization who small conservator additionally more conservative than the parties so he has a lot of support from those senior members who want the party to move further to the right in its migration and economic policies the chancellor merkel no longer
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leads the party so what role will she play the party conference exactly as you said she is not leading the party anymore she has announced that she would retire from politics but she is still the chancellor and the world still cares what i'm going to meco fings who she supports and what she stands for so at the party conference she'll most likely be that sort of figure had that figurehead of that will give security to the party and that will make sure to show off that security to show that the parties not lost at sea and what direction it will take in the future you know if on homicide thank you to georgia where thousands of people have turned out onto the streets of the capital tbilisi after parliament failed to introduce proportional representation earlier this week police cleared protesters using water cannons and tear gas but it's a good actual system is unfair and gives the ruling party too much power d.w.
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can spend at least 7 reports from the city. for democracy and against the ruling party protests outside the georgian parliamentary elections and constitutional reform the protest has united around 20 opposition movements they say the current electoral system favors the ruling party which critics argue has too much power for people here electoral reform is much more than. a very. free and fair elections people want something very basic they want these countries to be peaceful to be democratic they want their will to be respected they want free and fair elections basic constitutional rights of people some protesters are even camping out here to keep up the pressure on the government the ruling georgian green party had promised a change in the electoral system after protests in june but last week it didn't
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pass in parliament where the party has a majority we are here for testing. because they saw us and. we're coming from we don't have proper courts we don't have proper checks and balances so to have a parliament where the forces are represented proportionally is vital for our democracy and people realize that recent surveys show georgian dream is still the most popular party even if their poll numbers have dropped to just 23 percent but the leader of the parliamentary majority insists that most people here appreciate the stability his party has brought to the country and says the protests aren't representative. of the. people who are. talking. meanwhile outside parliament demonstrators are keeping watch for another
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day. these tents show that the protesters are here to stay but for now both the opposition and the government are standing their ground and the political deadlock here in georgia looks set to continue parliamentary elections are scheduled for autumn next year but protesters don't want to wait and they're planning another large rally on monday. i mean a show and reporting let's take a look now at some more of today's top stories hong kong's campus age appears to be nearing its end 20 more pro-democracy protesters surrendered to police today risk or ted from the polytechnic university campus has been the scene of one of the most violent confrontations between police and demonstrators since protests began nearly 6 months ago. tens of thousands of worshippers of filled bangkok's national stadium to see pope francis lead a holy mass the pontiff is the 1st to visit talent in nearly 40 years and use the
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service to urge cooperation between the buddhist majority and the catholic church. the. free trade agreement between the european union and singapore comes into effect today removing nearly all custom susie's except for so i could cultural and fishing problems trading goods between the e.u. and singapore amounts are about to more than 50000000000 euros a year. as in australia a battering hundreds of bushfires across eastern and southern regions where there's a warning of severe fire danger smoke from the blazes blanketed save me the country's biggest city. as bush fires tear through acres of australian farmland a rip tide of fire and fury firefighters and their trucks can only try to catch up . for some it's already too late the fires have left a trail of destruction in their wake.
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all. of the. stuff is totally gone further up north critics accuse the prime minister scott morrison of not taking his environmental responsibility seriously but he's denied his government's climate policies are to blame for the fires. bushfires are a part of life here meteorologists say the severity of this year's recounts occurrence of climate change with the land dried out and ripe for fires. we've seen we've seen strong winds and we predicted they would be fought it's important to point out at this particular point on that we still have a long way to go. in sydney smoke from the fire says shrouded the city's most famous landmarks in a haze people have been wearing masks because of the poor air quality. noses
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irritated. and woke up with. the bushfires have affected all fix of australia state the biggest risks this week are in the south where the code red declared in victoria. this is day they'll be news these are top stories but his main opposition labor party has unveiled its election manifesto for next month's election with leader jeremy called inviting to make radical changes the program includes higher taxes on companies and higher creased health spending in the me nationalization of some key services. u.s. lawmakers hold their final public hearings in donald trump's impeachment inquiry it's a very hearing from experts on russia and ukraine comes a day after damaging testimony from the u.s. ambassador to europe. indicating the president withheld aid to kiev in exchange for
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political dirt on his democratic rival joe biden. opposition groups in georgia are demanding early elections and constitutional reforms after failed to overhaul the country's voting system they say the current system favors the building party and that it has too much. smoke from bushfires has created a fake haze over large parts of sydney australia and residents have been advised to stay indoors along the east coast have been raging out of control for weeks killing 6 people and destroying hundreds of homes. is d.w. news from violence of more followers on twitter the news of the tel website the w dot com. i coming up next here on day ws vanished reels from his style historical flooding resident so furious that its flood control system is still not complete after 17 years focus on europe is next topic back at the top of the out of the day
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. in.
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europe. what unites. us what defines. the books of the driving force. what binds the content together the book answers and stories aplenty the book. spotlight on people. on g.w. . i'm not thinking out of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand nothing which is the research i have been thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the
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stereotype of the quiet but if you think the future of the country behind on the. piano needed to be taken as drama down. it's all about. nothing i might show join me to meet the germans on the w. post. isn't calculable. their egos in synch with. their rivalry. 3 princes. dream of the world. power and boundless ambition of the middle east to come to a crisis. so my main concerns of the cold starts nov 27th on t.w. .
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hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm lara babylonia thanks for being with us israeli's floating city is under water then as has been hit by its worst floods in 50 years many.


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