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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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everyone has a right. this is a deadly news live from for a day and so is this the beginning of the end for benjamin netanyahu israel's attorney general has indicted the prime minister on charges of fraud dr britton breach of trust take it back to jerusalem also on the program britain's opposition labor party promises sweeping economic changes ahead of next month's general election despite trailing badly in opinion polls a labor leader jeremy colvin unveils what's been called the most radical manifesto
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for decades and with threats it's still the main issue will this be enough to boost their chances for. opposition groups in georgia to mount early elections after parliament failed to reform the country's voting system they say the current system posed too much power in the hands of the ruling party. i'm still going to welcome to the program the chances of israel's up prime minister benjamin netanyahu entering another term in office looks them today and minutes ago israel's attorney general announced that he's pressing corruption charges mr netanyahu has been indicted for bribery fraud and breach of trust in 3 separate cases the prime minister denies wrongdoing has previously said he would not step down what he were he to be indicted he's currently battling to stay in power after
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september's parliamentary elections produced no clear winner. straight to d.w. correspondent tanya kraemer in jerusalem welcome attack and what do these charges relate to. well these are repose coming out if the television set stations here in israel saying that he will be indicted on all 3 ta just that are privately forward and preach of trust and they're relating to 3 different corruption cases that are known to israelis as case 1000 case 2000 and case 400-1004 example is he's accused of taking lavish gifts from wealthy businessmen and friends in exchange for a sum of status so we are waiting now to hear from the attorney general he's suppose he's speaking in about 30 minutes from now to get an official confirmation
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. on these indictment charges m what impact is this likely that to have on the israeli politics given this the state of flux the country. well i think 1st of all this is a huge moment i think in israel everybody has been waiting for that and it comes of course at a time of political turmoil i mean that's almost over you know there's a political stance of there have been 2 elections and as you said prime minister netanyahu is not the acting prime minister he's fighting for his political life he couldn't after the 2nd elections built a coalition and but also his opponent has gave back his mandate because he also failed at that hispanic guns to to build a coalition now there's a prospect of elections and of course this will certainly have an impact also if this is going to happen so kind of to the left to fend kind of so the right of him is this the end of benjamin netanyahu politically. well i think this is still too
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early to say i mean he has always said he did know is 1st of all charges he said this is a political witch hunt against him and also his family has attacked 1st the left wing media than even the police and even the attorney general's office for that and tonight we're hearing that the likud is calling also on supporters to come and show their support for prime minister netanyahu so but what is certain this is the 1st time that a sitting prime minister will be indicted if this is confirmed and then of course it also comes down how is political allies will there stand by him and what will that mean if there will be certain actions coming up on a crime in jerusalem thank you now to britain where the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corbin has unveiled a detailed manifesto for next month's election as he tries to close an opinion poll
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guy with the government conservatives labor's plan for government includes a 5 percent increase in public sector pay higher taxes on companies and the nationalisation of some infrastructure it's being billed as the most radical plan for decades. this party this movement this manifesto is different. labor is on your side and there could be scarcely a clearer demonstration of that than the furious reaction of the richest and most powerful so d.w. is our correspondent birkett mask and tell us more welcome burkett what else is the labor party offering british voters. well feel is really is the most left wing manifesto that the u.k. labor party has had to offer for for the last decade a big for a gram of building houses really trying to get a social justice agenda delivered is what jeremy corbin ones to do he's trying to
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shift the narrative away from bragg's at this subject that really has boiled down the country for 3 years and it's a very cool transformation of the u.k. economy and society which he's envisaging to renationalisation of certain industries for example telecom a huge social housing program 100000 houses here this is something to he hopes will appeal to people and this is really what the labor party under jeremy corbin is really envisaging it different society in britain to burgle clearly the brits in parts of the u.k. conservatives and governments of the moment they believe is the defining issue as we've seen they're all about social policies jobs housing and all the rest of it so which way is this election going to go. well it's really interesting opinion polls tell us that actually brags it is the dominating issue but it's very
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closely followed by health see this is more the social agenda where jeremy coogan and his labor party are more trusted on would have to see though there's still a few weeks to go and very much in the end it's also down to the candidates now boris johnson is the least loved prime minister almost ever see his opinion poll just personal opinion polls are not very good but those of jeremy called in his opinion are even worse say for a lot of people it's going to be the lesser of 2 evils but my personal hunch is that the message of getting breaks it down and just closing this that this is going to appeal to a lot of faces so at the moment it looks like the conservative party do have the out the upper hand but it can change in the next weeks or get massive immigration both legs north of england thank you now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. lawmakers are hearing more testimony amerie final day of public impeachment
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hearings against u.s. president to don't trust political counselor david holmes recounted how he overheard a disputed telephone calls fiona hill national security official has rejected claims that ukraine meddled in u.s. elections. on kong's campus age appears to be nearing its end 20 more pro-democracy protesters surrendered to police today and worse courted from the polytechnic university the campus has been the scene of one of the most violent confrontations between police and demonstrators since protests began nearly 6 months ago tens of thousands of worship grosser filled bank. scuse me bangkok's national stadium to see pope francis leave the home he must be pumped if it is the 1st to visit thailand in nearly 40 years and use the service to urge cooperation between the british majority and the catholic church. you craves as 3 naval ships returned by russia this week are in bad condition president vladimir that skin
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specs of the vessels when they arrived at a ukrainian port their release is part of efforts to ease tensions ahead of a peace summit between russia and ukraine. thousands of people have returned to the streets of the georgian capital tbilisi after parliament failed to introduce a proportional representation earlier this week police cleared protesters using water cannons and tear gas and say the electoral system is unfair and gives the ruling party too much power correspondent reports from the city. for democracy and against the ruling party tadcaster is outside the georgian parliament one snap elections and constitutional reform the protest has united around 20 opposition movements they say the current electoral system favors the ruling georgian dream party which critics argue has too much power for people here electoral reform is much more than a formality this is
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a very. free and fair elections people want something very basic country to be peaceful to be democratic they want their will to be respected they want free and fair elections and basic constitutional rights of people some protesters or even camping out here to keep up the pressure on the government the ruling georgian green party had promised a change in the electoral system after protests in june but last week it didn't pass in parliament or the party has a majority we are here for testing. because they. and. we are coming from so we don't have proper courts we don't have proper checks and balances so to have a parliament where the forces are represented proportionally is vital for our democracy and people realize that recent surveys show georgian dream is still the
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most popular party even if their poll numbers have dropped to just 23 percent but the leader of the parliamentary majority insists that most people here appreciate the stability his party has brought to the country and says the protests aren't representative. talking about. water. can. talk through a crisis meanwhile outside parliament demonstrators are keeping watch for another day. these tents show that the protesters are here to stay but for now both the opposition and the government are standing their ground and the political deadlock here in georgia looks set to continue parliamentary elections are scheduled for autumn next year but protesters don't want to wait and they're planning another large rally on monday. firefighters are battling hundreds of
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bushfires across eastern and southern australia at least 6 people have been killed since the blazes broke out more than a month ago smoke from the fires as blanket of the country's biggest city sydney. fires 10 acres of australian farmland a rip tide of fire and fury firefighters and their trucks can only try to catch up . for some it's already too late the fires have left a trail of destruction in their wake. all of. them our cousins. just totally go further up north critics accuse the prime minister scott morrison of not taking his environmental responsibilities seriously but he's denied his
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government's climate policies are to blame for the fire. bushfires are a part of life here meteorologists say the severity of this year's record of climate change with the land dried out and ripe for fire is. we've seen hot weather we've seen strong winds and we predicted they would be fought it's important to point out at this particular point on that we still have a long way to go. in sydney smoke from the fire says shrouded the city's most famous landmarks in a haze people have been wearing masks because of the poor air quality. noses irritated and throats or 2 and woke up with it and cited the word today to help. the bushfires have affected all fix of australia's states the biggest risks this week are in the south where the code red declared in victoria. and i'm sure idea for turning plastic waste into
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a floating paradise an entrepreneur in the ivory coast has turned a pressing ecological problem into a business opportunity is built a floating resort in the middle of average runs that good on top of 700000 recycled plastic bottles facilities of yarn and going through the whole town to swill holes on the karaoke bar approving the phrase that one man's trash is another man's treasure. i was reminded of our top story israel's attorney general has indicted prime minister benjamin netanyahu on corruption charges allegations and the full bribery and breach of trust it's addressing yahoo denies any wrong doing saying that he's a victim of a witch hunt. for the labor party leader jeremy corbyn has unveiled a sweeping economic plan ahead of entry elections includes
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a 5 percent increase in public sector pay higher corporate taxes and the nationalisation of some infrastructure. if your house is up next with that business after the top is i'll be back at the top of the hour and in the meantime of course this. always the website did a little gulp of. i'm still the they were that hard and in the end is the me you're not allowed to steal and more than once and of that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were lions of the what's your story ready.
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