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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2019 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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yeah how elbows is up next with the business after care on the beat up this i'll be back at the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the web site. of the day. i'm scared that the war that's hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with lions and. what's your story. 'd on what numbers and women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story your train all with understand this new culture.
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for you are not in a turn other years you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. not just a. new report warns that climate change and policies to mitigate it will have a serious downward effect on the global economy emerging economies will bear the brunt of the climate. and it is the worst drought in decades how families across southern parts of africa are fighting just to keep their livestock alive. losing them on your hardest to destructive
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bacteria. this is a business africa on the top you welcome before we come to those acute problems facing farmers here is a rather alarming prediction the impact of climate change will make the world on the whole a poorer place in 2058 all together the global economy will be 3 percent smaller than baseline for costs says the study and worst hit africa that's according to a new study by the british business magazine the economist it's called more than 80 countries on their willingness and ability to confront climate change largely as a result of under-development and reliance on our accounts of the african continent will be exposed most seriously to the impact of global warming the pan african economy is forecast to contract by 4.7 percent other developing nations are strongly affected to the asia pacific region could see a drop of 2.6 percent of g.d.p.
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richer regions are most resilient of course the us and western europe can expect contractions of 1 point one and 1.7 percent respectively as climate events like wild fires and floods grow in frequency this study assumes countries will make modest efforts to adapt to mitigate the impact of climate change the time yet to tackle the effects of the invited environmental crisis let's bring in our correspondent joy the rain barrel in nairobi have leave reducing energy consumption restructure the economy how are such demands being taken up in african countries. the demands are being taken out. in quite a serious way because while africa might not understand much about climate change and what it's likely going to impact the continent say in 50 years from today the reason there is a realisation that most of our g.d.p.
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actually is generated from a group called the agricultural sector most of the african countries are aware that without putting in place for me to gauge and measure is then a group culture sector is likely to be affected and in the long term the economic sector old economies on the african continent as well will be affected so the figures in their studies show that the rich western countries can afford to 5 climate change but african countries will be hit hardest only but only produce 3 percent of the world's c o $21.00 could call that climate colonialism how is that being received across the continent. indeed climate colonialism and i think the president of the african development bank recently said that because africa could should be its the least to cut then again africa also needs to come up with its own strategies to
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mitigate the effects of climate change in the future and not just rely on the reach of countries and i think this is where africa has got it wrong and where needs to actually look seriously into because if we do not come up with our own strategies in the african continent so many african economies are going to suffer just due to the fact that we are heavily reliant on rainfall and agriculture for instance and in this case it affects the livestock need to fake crop yields which at the end of the day contributes to gross domestic product of african countries. a job brief because there are economic awareness of this problem across the continent yes indeed these economic awareness can have for instance has come up with climate change strategies that are tied to the paris agreement and they're now looking to put in place most stringent measures more long term measures that can t.
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. that can actually help the country do we stand the facts of climate change because what we've seen in the recent years is that jobs and heavy floods as well have affected the agricultural sector in kenya and saw the kenyan government has put out most of these strategies in place to make sure that most of these effects are actually not able to reduce the gains made economically doddering their own thank you very much. well one of the continent's biggest and recurring problems even development struggles to solve is drought the worst dry period some farmers have seen in decades is currently affecting much of southern africa many are struggling just to keep the animals alive as the united nations warns more than 11000000 people now face crisis levels of food security.
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the deadline these boys are carrying has just died of starvation endless drives hitting most of south africa especially the car of the eastern cape. many sheep of already been lost after food and water simply run as now the farmers have to share their own food with their livestock. but what about the people but do not at the scene is making money it's all i can really give him because i don't have the money to buy the milk to feed them as they should be fed. as we used to feed them in the past. speeches on this is the result of the drives that we struggle like this. once. on a mills postured in the open suffer most many farmers have lost most of their free range herds. pretty far to subdue her she.
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also even come for us to send it to become an informant. for the 54 for the ark are for anyone except for the. new even the marrow is certain they will survive this ordeal even though the situation is dire. schools here provide food for their students because too often 'd there is no food at home. harvests have completely dried up. when the school day become heavy for them it's timmy's been talk to me it's that i . was feeding kids a. large commercial farms are now sharing their feed with small scale farmers but that doesn't bring an end of the drives closer. to the other business stories making at. today workers at arcelor mittal steel plant in saldanha ourselves south
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africa been protesting against the plant's closure small community 175 kilometers outside cape town is demanding the plant remains operational the closure would hit the small west coast town especially on this heavily dependent on the steelmaker for work. has asked the canadian courts to immediately stop the attempt to extradite its detained chief financial officer men one job to the united states while ways at the center of the us china trade conflict is the daughter of the company's founder was arrested at vancouver for nearly a year ago. an international charity is selling lottery tickets for $100.00 euros each with a chance to win the council's work nature water 200000 tickets up for grabs promising to raise far more than the cost of the 1000000 euro piece which dates
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from 121 or 2 on the project of the care in africa africa and geo. in ghana mungo farmers are losing over $100000000.00 u.s. dollars a year from an outbreak of what is called the bacterial blackspot the disease affects mango trees and fruits infected mangoes have to be destroyed it's spread very quickly and many farmers are losing almost all the harvest correspondent filed this report. 47 year old no us about cheney has been a mango farmer for the past 15 years his 20 acre mango plantation has been his only source of livelihood. but now it's under threat the farm is infected by bacterial blackspot or b.b.'s and infestation that 1st attacks the trees and spreads quickly to fruits rendering them and wholesome for local and foreign markets. spots dots.
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and you sit up on its doesn't go insight into inequality but i stand and when people see your spot on he doesn't know where somebody will buy it so you have the choice that week with you today know his farm assistants are here to spray the trees and fruits. it's become a weekly routine as he hopes to salvage some fruits for harvest he lost 15000 this year alone due to the infection noah says his livelihood is under threat and it's almost like driving that's also business because of the production and we're not there with a sale how can you pay what they are going to pay for the import you know upright. blue skies is one of the fruit juice producers and gonna that buys from farmers like noah. ernest blow is the chief agronomist at the company. he's responsible for the quality of fruits used for production last year the company lost over $50000.00 due to the shortage of fruits
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. of low says the outbreak of the bacterial blackspot has been devastating for his company. you realise that's the last 1 season. almost so that's a 5 percent loss so the b.b.'s from the from his own farms lost everything. and some. just bought us about 50 percent to 35 percent so i think about this it's not a sense well we lost production due to b.b.'s farmers like no are helpless for now because there are no effective chemicals to control the infection he and thousands of farmers hope the government intervene sooner to protect farms and livelihoods. it's one of germany's largest infrastructure projects in years and today traffic
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can roll across the highway bridge which will mean quicker road connections between friends and destinations like. ross ridge so 8 years today it takes 8 spoils the beauty of the wine region that's a 160 meter high bridge 72nd high as is a model of ox. that's it from me and the business team.
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take it personally with the few people in stories that make so special. to. the famous. naturalist and explorer. too soon will bring to the mix some dough from the books in 250. marking although for the discovery.
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expedition in boyd da da da. this is deja news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the west african country of guinea-bissau is gearing up for a crucial election would it be a step in the right direction or one of the poorest and most unstable countries on it. by pairing people sorrow is about survival. every person here is just trying to survive.


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