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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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this is g.w. news live from berlin indicting the israeli prime minister is this the beginning of the end for benjamin netanyahu israel's attorney general has indicted the prime minister on charges of fraud bribery and breach of trust we'll take you live to jerusalem for the latest also coming up in the former soviet republic of georgia opposition groups are demanding early elections it comes at the parliament failed
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to reform the country's electoral system and testers say it simply puts too much power in the hands of the ruling party and pressure is building on britain's prince andrew to talk to the f.b.i. about his relationship with sex offender geoffrey epstein the scandal has forced to step down from his public duties. i'm off it's good to have you with us the chances of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu beginning another term in office they are looking slimmer tonight the country's attorney general has announced that he is pressing forward with corruption charges netanyahu is being indicted for bribery fraud and breach of trust in 3 separate cases. prime minister who denies any wrongdoing says that the
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indictment is quote an attempted coup and he's currently battling to stay in power after september's parliamentary elections which produced no clear winner and here's what israel's attorney general had to say about an hour ago. but. we don't because this is a hot and saturday. day i informed prime minister benjamin netanyahu of my decision to indict him on 3 charges. a day when the attorney general decides to indict an incumbent prime minister for culpable crimes of government corruption and it's a difficult day for both the israeli public and me personally. that the peanut did both of these. are right for more now let's go to tanya cramer she is in jerusalem following this story good evening to you telling us so we know that the prime minister has been on television reacting to these indictments what is he said.
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well that's fine it's just an hour after the attorney general presented as the charges he is now responding and he went really into details in his speech now he said it's a difficult day for me and my supporters he went on to say i respect the law enforcement but something bad has happened and then he said we have written a 2nd attempt of a coup against the prime minister and they tell me he went his on to say it's intended to talk to topple a right wing government so this is the line of defense that the finn hearing from prime minister netanyahu doing the past year he always said that this is the indictment and the charges are politically motivated that there be turned against him and his family and i think i propose you 1st to hear and to see what the sec a says all about. israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu as political future hangs by a thread. following months of investigation by a special police unit israel's attorney general has indicted netanyahu on several corruption charges these cases are known as case $1000.00 netanyahu and his family are suspected of receiving gifts from business colleagues and close friends. case 2000 covers allegations that netanyahu attempted to influence the publisher of a daily newspaper to gain more positive coverage the recommended charges in both cases fraud and breach of trust and case $4000.00 allegations of regulatory favors for israel's largest telecommunications firm in exchange for positive media coverage the charges here fraud breach of trust and bribery. netanyahu has called the charges
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a witch hunt against him and his family and has denied everything. his immunity as prime minister means he won't be legally forced to resign but he is caught in a political and legal limbo after failing to put together a government after 2 elections he now faces a legal process that could drag on for years. in telling us what does this mean for israeli politics and. he failed yesterday putting together a coalition government does this improve his chances if he's a well detroit. well i think 1st of all i think this is really a huge moment and is that the politics of people have been waiting you know to hear about this what will become this these indictments have been always overshadowing the past 2 elections and as you said you know what has been over the past year and
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a political stunt so that been 2 elections and both inconclusive now for the 2nd elections prime minister netanyahu the acting prime necessitated to build a coalition and we just talked yesterday about benny guns who had to give back his mandate because he failed to put a coalition together and one of the main issues day was always that blue and white pentagons this party they have said they're not going to sit in a unity government with an indicted prime minister so it's here to wait and see no because there's no the prospect of a certain election and what impact this will have the vote has decisions and people around the world are seeing this story tanya are asking is this going to finish netanyahu is political career what do you say. well i think it's still too early to say because you just heard nixon yeah really fighting back and i think this might fill being put on 2 levels one is of course the legal level it will be
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a lengthy legal process a prime minister by law in israel he doesn't have to stand down if he's indicted he also in the coming weeks and months has to fight for his political immunity. in the knesset that might be also some challenges. he might have conflict of interest if you stays on but i think it's into rind of course that the political situation and the big question is here will his political allies stand by him in the likud but also from the smaller writing parties and what does that mean if the possible so to elections it's to 1st time that a sitting prime minister in israel is indicted and that will certainly have some impact on political life not sure of history being made in israel tonight our very own tanya kramer reporting from jerusalem tanya thank you. well here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world u.s. lawmakers are hearing more testimony on this 5th and final day of public
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impeachment hearings against the u.s. president almost from political counsellor david holmes has recounted how he overheard disputed telephone calls involving the president fiona hilly former national security official has rejected claims that ukraine meddled in the 2016 u.s. elections tens of thousands of colombians took to the streets on thursday the government's probusiness economic policies and its handling of a peace deal with the rebel group fark are among their grievances president eve on 2 k.'s popularity has dwindled steadily since he took power last august. ukraine says 3 naval ships returned by russia this week are in bad condition president of low to me as alinsky inspected the vessels when they arrived at a ukrainian forward their release is part of efforts to ease tensions ahead of a peace summit between russia and ukraine. now to another
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former soviet republic a georgian court has jailed 10 protesters in the wake of monday's peaceful protest outside parliament in the capital tbilisi the protests were broken up by police with water cannon and the protesters walked for disobeying police orders tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators took to the streets demanding snap elections after the ruling party and parliament failed to enact promised reforms. we're really sure when she has been talking to protesters on the ground in tbilisi she has this report. about a $39.00 p.c. and against the ruling party protesters outside the georgian parliament one snap elections and constitutional reform the protest has united around 20 opposition movements they say the current electoral system favors the ruling georgian dream party which critics argue has too much power for people here electoral reform is much more than a formality this is
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a very important change will do so society because everybody understands that with the current system there may be no free and fair elections people want something very basic they want this country to be peaceful to be democratic they want their will to be respected they want free and fair elections and the basic constitutional rights of georgian people some protesters are even camping out here to keep up the pressure on the government the ruling georgian green party had promised a change in the electoral system after protests in june but last week it didn't pass in parliament where the party has a majority we are here for testing. because they lie saw us and they made false promise you we're coming from soviet past we don't have proper courts we don't have proper checks and balances so to have a parliament where the forces are represented proportionally is vital for our democracy and. people realize that recent surveys show georgian dream is still the
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most popular party even if their poll numbers have dropped to just 23 percent but the leader of the parliamentary majority insists that most people here appreciate the stability his party has brought to the country and says the protests aren't representative. all of them are citizens. talking about 56 maybe 3 of them the people who are. half of them are just. certain political parties talk to political crisis meanwhile outside parliament demonstrators are keeping watch for another day. these tents to show that the protesters are here to stay but for now both the opposition and the government are standing their ground and the political deadlock here in georgia looks set to continue parliamentary elections are scheduled for autumn next year but protesters don't want to wait and they're planning another large rally on monday.
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when she is in the georgian capital tbilisi this evening good evening to you emily so we've got the jurors being arrested today some of those protesters were actually put in jail is this an attempt by authorities by the government to intimidate them and to silence them. well that's certainly what the protesters would say from the government point of view they say that those 10 people who they jailed today were disobeying police orders and in that rally earlier this week after that the mayor also said that the protesters have been acting outside of the law the government officials that i spoke to here a very much been kind of portraying the protesters as a small group of aggressive activists just a reminder that earlier this week more than to 20000 people came out onto the streets but the activists are very much determined not to be intimidated they say that they are going to keep protesting and there's this monday rally that they have
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planned so we'll have to wait and see whether the kind of threats of the rest work and whether people normal people come out onto the streets and really the protesters they do have a point we had a promise made last summer that the country's electoral system is going to be reformed now we're being told that not going to have been wait until after the next election but protesters say the system is unfair so why would you wait for another unfair election. well absolutely that's exactly what the protesters are saying and that's why they've been trying to keep the pressure up today where there were actually 3 more arrests there were protesters kind of gathering outside of various government buildings they tried to put up a lock on for example the headquarters of the ruling georgian dream party today and were arrested outside of that building but to the government they say well look we had a vote in parliament that was democratic we're going to have elections one official
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said to me let the people who are dissatisfied show what they think at the ballot box like in any other normal democratic country and of course the government is also promising this this reform to the proportional electoral system in for the elections in 2024 the problem is of course that these upcoming elections are going to probably be considered kind of not legitimate by a lot of people who support these reforms and not could mean that this political standoff that we're seeing could continue and we know that the european union and the united states both showing concern about what's happening in the this young democracy of georgia are people they're worried also about what is being called russian creep the more influence of russian political winds in georgia. well i would say that this is definitely
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a national issue but the kind of threat or the fear of russia is never far away in georgia after all recent polls show that. over 83 percent consider russia as the main political threat here in georgia and many people remember the war between russia and georgia in 2008 georgians consider 20 percent of their territory to be occupied by russia and even in this kind of constitutional conflict this conflict over reforms both sides mention russia and mention also western partners as you said the u.s. and the e.u. have come out in favor of this democratic reform and the proponents of the for reform say look we've really lost face in front of our partners we need to show that we're stable and that we can be relied on as partners and on the other hand the government says these protesters are making our country less stable and we need to show the west that we are a stable country and that we are
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a stable transit country for them as well geo politically so geopolitics are certainly never far away in georgia. sure we're reporting tonight from the georgian capital tbilisi emily thank you the leader of britain's opposition labor party german corben has unveiled a detailed manifesto for next month's election as he tries to close an opinion poll with the governing conservatives labour's plan for government includes a fine percent increase in public sector pay higher taxes on companies and the nationalization of some infrastructure it's being billed as the most radical plan in decades. is faulty this movement this manifesto is different. labor is on you all saw it. and there could be scarcely a clearer demonstration of zaps the furious reaction of the richest most powerful
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now the german speaking earlier today even as the labor party pushes its economic agenda the biggest issue in britain's upcoming elections well that remains brags that some 3 and a half years after britain voted to leave the european union the u.k. still hasn't left and breaks it is more divisive than ever the. reports destroyed our case so that if you want to thank you same as described is going canvassing for the fast haven't had life for the bricks of party she doesn't think britain needs a divorce to do with the european union her main priority is to get out of the us quickly as possible just as the bracks it party has promised i really believe that the parks party right now is their policy that's offering a clean break. tories to 3 guests here failed to take us out and i think that part's party and policy but in the effluent part of central london where alice lives most people are pro e.u.
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was promising for the fact that party can hear people simple to start a lecture. on the back that post. for 18 year old alice and her younger sister democracy is at stake they say the u.k. need to its freedom and to them be democratic even though most of their friends think differently they are discouraged all school was in a very remain area and it was very politicized lessons were all the basically all about shaming people who. and as frank said i was really hard for me the majority of young people in the u.k. see the e.u. as something positive opening up opportunities to work and study abroad so those campaigners who want to reverse products that are trying to get as many young people to vote as possible. so i'm bored of your board of directors that we've been talking about this for 3 years now we're all dead femia underwood has more than
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200000 followers on twitter and instagram he tells them that a 2nd referendum can put a stop to grex it is the 26 year old graduate has put his career on hold to become a full time activist the things that he will vote for in 2016 are clearly not going to happen take spec of more control over their country they're getting less they expected to be richer being made poor they expected us to move on quickly this is dragging on for 3 years like a drug for a decade nobody wants any of these things gave us a choice femi has been verbally abused and has received racist comments and threats on social media because of his views on blacks it for him the general election is key only if enough pru you politicians make it into parliament will there be a chance of a 2nd referendum if we show up to vote in massive numbers and got us in the back to . see if it might i don't know i don't know i'm hoping that young people and the
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chemical woken up but i can't guarantee into one which i see the results of polling day which actually that the 2 activists have one thing in common for them breaks it is the most important election issue of use couldn't be more different. well calls are growing for prince andrew to speak to u.s. investigators including the f.b.i. over his friendship with the late convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein on wednesday the prince withdrew from his public duties this after he gave a controversial interview over allegations that he had sex with a teenager who says that she was trafficked by epstein our reporter alex forrest whining is here now she's been looking at this story in l.a. i can imagine that buckingham palace would like for this story which has become a scandal to go away. it's not going away no it's not going away and on wednesday night prince andrew himself issued
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a statement saying that he had asked permission from his mother queen elizabeth that she could step back from. and that she had agreed to that however make no mistake this is effectively prince andrew big sucked ever since you gave the t.v. interview last weekend things have gone from bad to worse a city sponsors who have been supporting some of his projects have been pulling out even some of the charities for which he is their patron have been trying to find ways to force him to step down so it has not been a good week for him now not only has he was he friends with epstein for many many years but he himself has been caught up in this whole scandal with very serious allegations that he had sex on 3 set separate occasions with a woman who says that she was trafficked by epstein now prince andrew knows that you can deny that but he was asked in this interview why was it that he had decided
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to go and stay with epstein when epstein had just been released from jail for prostituting mine is that you were stone convicted sex offender. it was a convenient place to start. going through this in my mind so many times. at the end of the day. with the benefit of hindsight that one could have. it was definitely the wrong thing to do. but at the time i felt it was. right thing to do. i admit fully that my. judgment was probably colored by my. tendency to be too honorable but that's just the way it is. to see to be to. i'm speechless. yeah well it has surprised many people and has been described as
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a car crash into view and you can see why because the tickets he didn't show any empathy a tool or any sympathy for any of of the victims now let's just remember about epstein he was found dead in a prison cell just back in august where he was facing a more allegations of child sex offenses so those lawyers who are acting on behalf of the victims would obviously like to ask him more questions they can't and they are now hoping that prince andrew himself will help you cause this interview no is being used by lawyers of the victims to demand that prince andrew answer even more questions absolutely and we can hear from one of those lawyers now he should turn over any and all evidence he has e-mails texts calendars all the normal stuff that you turn over when you're in litigation and he should have his staffers and security personnel also talk to law enforcement because they could help us
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determine where he was when he was there and what they saw so all of that is extremely important so we can get to the bottom of what happened. if this were a case if you were are involved in this obviously we would have to cooperate with authorities will the prints where they were when there was talk that jack of york could well be prepared to to face proper questioning over this criminal investigation and there is of course the possibility that the authorities could issue him with a subpoena so that he would have to appear and oath to give testimony but this is such a scandal for the british monarchy this is not what they need at this moment in time obviously they've been hoping it would disappear or that at least it would go quiet and it is far from that we're going to see much more on this story not even the word regret coming in that interview it's. alex as always thank you. well the special one is back in the premier league football manager just
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a marine you know has reinvented himself several times during his successful career at some of europe's biggest clubs his appearance and his behavior well they've often been criticised that's why part of the tottenham hotspur supporters are not that happy with his appointment so marino watched a charm offensive holding his 1st news conference as spurs coach take a look. joe's a marine yo says he's thrilled to be back in professional football. and really really happy and in the chloe lies that lie option was correct as a coach the self-titled special one has had success wherever he's gone he's won countless owners with clubs all across europe but he's also often left strife behind him as with his acrimonious departure from manchester united's last year at tottenham he
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takes over from the popular murray show party tino who only last season took spurs to death 1st ever champions league final. for son tottenham fans the sudden personnel change smacks of desperation and disloyalty. i don't feel like this was necessary for that was quite special to put see no considering that he's the reason why we even end up stage we're at. so yeah it really is a good manager a very good measure i will discredit him but i feel like he was a bit of a step in the face and the man himself however does not seem too fussed. i am really really more focused on on my job on my coaching or my players or lighting and not to it at all with everything that surrounds me what surrounds merino already is drama it's a characteristically turbulent start to the next chapter of his coaching career.
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well from plastic waste to a floating paradise an entrepreneur in the ivory coast has turned a pressing ecological problem into a business opportunity you know look at this he has built a floating resort on top of 700000 recycled plastic bottles facilities on the island include a hotel 2 swimming pools and a karaoke bar which you have to have proving the phrase that one man's trash is indeed another man's treasure. thanks for watching.
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strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. it's time to stop talking about africa and start working with that chancellor merkel she's calling on german companies to invest more there but do firms have enough thrust to
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take the leap to eat. nomic a swing in africa clearly profit. mr become such next on g.w. the. cause and now come to look at me affectionately which was affectionately as you can . flatten your putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali months asian culture and much more the determination about dontcha know the course you are going to the film secretly chronicled the power grab to actually everything was recycling plant instruction. featuring top supporting roles. to go in order to trust the security to the freedom of russia to be.
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banned featuring a lead role like you've never seen before and going to let me be clear with you i have to act in ways that i feel necessary to the people who simply understand that . i'm. going to put a major federal judge to v.m. stress to find the means. to terms with mrs stuart's december 13th on t.w. . as great power competition in africa heats up germany's chancellor says it's time for our own country's firms to take a new look at the continent's economic opportunities to that end she invited heads of state from 12 african countries to berlin this week her initiative contact with africa forces a mutually beneficial deal in african governments promote reform germany will
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promote investment but will the private sector play along to firms have enough trust to take the leap economic upswing in africa.


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