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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2019 2:00am-2:16am CET

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this is news live from berlin into i think the israeli prime minister could this be the beginning of the. israel's attorney general charges the prime minister with fraud bribery and breach of trust who is calling the indictment a coup also coming up. public impeachment hearings against president donald trump a former advisor to mr trump describes a person on ukraine in an effort to dig up dirt on his rival judge by.
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bus opposition groups in georgia demands early elections up to parliament fails to reform the country's voting system they say the one place puts too much power in the hands of the ruling party. thanks for joining us we begin with what could be a fatal blow to the political career of benjamin netanyahu israel's attorney general has announced he will be pressing corruption charges against the prime minister netanyahu is being indicted on charges of fraud and breach of trust in 3 separate cases it's the prime minister has denied wrongdoing and cold the indictment and attempted coup he's currently battling to stay in power after september parliamentary elections produced no clear winner. the israeli prime minister remains defiant as he addresses the country following his indictment
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and it was. you have to be blind not to see that something bad is happening with the police and the prosecutors tonight we're witnessing an attempted coup with fulsomely cations and a tainted investigation. that investigation lasted years on thursday israel satori new general announced his decision to formally press charges. when the attorney general decides to indict an acting prime minister for severe charges of corruption which is a difficult and sad day for the israeli public and for me personally. the cases against prime minister benjamin netanyahu are known as case 1010 ya and his family are suspected of receiving gifts from business colleagues and close friends case 2000 covers allegations that newton yahoo attempted to influence the
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publisher of a daily newspaper to gain more positive coverage the recommended charges in both cases fraud and breach of trust and case $4000.00 allegations of regulatory favors for israel's largest telecommunications company in exchange for positive media coverage the charges here fraud breach of trust and bribery netanyahu has rejected all the accusations and says he will continue to leave the country he's in unity as prime minister means he won't be legally forced to resign but his political future hangs by a thread he has failed to form a government after 2 consecutive elections and he now faces a legal process that could drag on for years. well earlier we asked our correspondent in kramer about the effect of the. polity. i think i mean the reading here is that this has a huge impact i mean people you know waiting for it they have always overshadowed
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a political life but political life in israel at the moment is also in turmoil there have been 2 elections where inconclusive now prime minister netanyahu after the last election tried to form a coalition he failed and just on wednesday yesterday many guns his main opponents had to get back the mandate because he also failed to put a coalition to gether so now this a prospect of a possible asserts elections and so to see what impact that has on the voting behavior but certainly all of this you know in the senate you know it has been a divisive figure in israeli politics so this will have impact on not as. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. police and protesters have plastering rallies in the colombian capital bogota tens of thousands of demonstrators opposed to the policies of president yvonne took a cold for more economic equality expressed concerns about alleged plans to raise
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the pension age and lower and minimum wage. in venezuela several 100 students gathered to call for the ousting of president nicolas maduro they attempted to march on the defense ministry but were blocked by security forces opposition leader why don't last week initiated a new wave of demonstrations and toppling jiro. thousands of police march to portugal's polman on thursday to demand better pay and conditions starting salaries for the national guard on the around 2 thirds of those paid in poland france members of a far right association called of the mentos are among the demonstrators. u.s. lawmakers have wrapped up the public impeachment hearings against president donald trump. witnesses david holmes and fiona hill both gave compelling evidence the political counselor hung's told how he overheard trump's disputed telephone
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khobragade being an investigation into them into his democratic rival national security official hill's dismissed theories about ukrainian interference in the 2016 us election if found guilty in a majority vote in the house trump will face and then he's been trial in the us center. or we asked our correspondent in washington if the democrats are ready to move proceedings forward and if testimony so far is enough to persuade republicans to change their mind about the president from what we have heard from pelosi and saying that the evidence against trump is clear we can reasonably assume that yes democrats are ready to move into the next phase also because she has stressed that they do want to move quickly now as for republicans it is highly likely that they will not turn on trump we've seen we've seen a republican representative on this committee is downplaying his acts and and
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really not see them as anything all too bad and a recent poll has shown that republican voters the majority of them has said they're now even less likely to support impeachment than they were before the public hearing started. bleak in washington while thousands have again taken to the streets of the georgian capital tbilisi the parliament failed to introduce proportional representation earlier this week the police cleared protesters using water cannon and tear gas opponents say the electoral system is unfair and gives too much brute too much the ruling party too much power to the ruling body even as in many szymon reports from tbilisi. for democracy. party protesters outside the georgian parliamentary elections and constitutional reform the protest has united around 20 opposition movements they say the current
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electoral system favors the ruling party which critics argue has too much power for people here electoral reform is much more than. very. people want something very basic. to be peaceful to be democratic they want their will to be respected they want free and fair elections basic constitutional rights people some protesters are even camping out here to keep up the pressure on the government the ruling georgian green party had promised a change in the electoral system after protests in june but last week it didn't pass in parliament where the party has a majority we are here for testing. because they saw us and they made. it we're coming from we don't have proper courts we don't have proper checks and
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balances to have a parliament where. proportionally is vital for our democracy and people realize that recent surveys show georgian dream is still the most popular party even if their poll numbers have dropped to just 23 percent but the leader of the parliamentary majority insists that most people here appreciate the stability his party has brought to the country and says the protests aren't representative. meanwhile outside parliament demonstrators are keeping watch for another day. these tents show that the protesters are here to stay but for now both the opposition and the government are standing their ground and the political deadlock here in georgia looks set to continue parliamentary elections are scheduled for autumn next year
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but protesters don't want to wait and they're planning another large rally on monday. german chancellor angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. party is holding its annual conference this weekend in the eastern city of blob seek chancellor merkel no longer leads the party and his successor as lady. is struggling in the polls so they're gathering could well see another fight over who should succeed angela merkel as chancellor. the c.d.u. headquarters after greenpeace operation the sea in c.d.u. which stands for christian went missing not the party's worst problem inside a leadership battle is looming just 20 years ago and it could come canberra embraced her political godmother and get america after succeeding has leader of germany's conservative c.d.u. party but the man who was narrowly defeated never gave up on this chances of one
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day himself succeeding mikko. played iceman's the former c do you hopeful ones left politics after losing out to medical but in the years since he decided to simply by this time. come to climb to the top of the party was soon followed by had just sent in opinion polls within less than a year her approval ratings have more than half. when she again had to explain why the c.d.u. lost regional state elections in the east it was the leader of the party's you for going to ization who openly confronted her with the leadership question opening the firing shot of the debate that has since overshadowed her double role as party leader and german defense minister. stone faced an eclipse decided to take on the challenge. of a belief that the question of leadership needs to be decided this fall will have
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the opportunity to do that at the party conference. within hours her political rival maritz was back with a sweeping attack something hala parents of the government is a disaster. and the pressure to demonstrate her own more conservative profile. launched a series of strategic debates pledging for more dominant ajman in the world. a new tone partly contradicting chancellor merkel but surprisingly in tune with her would be challenger. the man in question sounded more tame as the party conference needed. she obviously given for it i found harsh words to criticize the government 3 weeks ago in the heart of what close friends have since taken me aside don't want me not to go too far in that mean launching a destructive debate over the potential future chancellor rather than policy this
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weekend's party conference will decide which way the party wants to go in germany's polls era. to sport now in the special one is back in the premier league football manager has been unveiled in his new role as manager of tottenham hotspur the latest addition to a ration by bursting with some of the biggest and best known clubs in the game and his best merino is a winner league titles in 4 different countries and twice the wife the champions league but at the same time he remains an incredibly divisive figure. shows a marine says he's thrilled to be back in professional football. and really really happy and in the realize that my option. was. as a coach the self-titled special one has had success wherever he's gone he's won countless owners with clubs all across europe but he's also often left strife behind him as with his acrimonious departure from manchester united last year at
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tottenham he takes over from the popular murray show party tino who only last season took spurs to their 1st ever champions league final. for some tottenham fans the sudden personnel change smacks of desperation and disloyalty. i don't feel like this was necessary for that was quite special to put see no considering that he's the reason why we even end of season run. so yeah really is a good manager a very good measure all discredit him but i feel like he was a bit of a step in the face and i'm the man himself however does not seem too fussed. i am really really more focused on on my job on my coaching or my players on my team and not to it at all this ingersoll's week in what surrounds merino already is
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drama it's a characteristically turbulent start to the next chapter of his coaching career. this is the news live from the film is up next with a special on the 100th anniversary of the architectural school and movement of the chinese tao we live for now i'm anthony how it isss watch. and learn which horses. video. anytime anywhere. this.


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