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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2019 7:45am-8:01am CET

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but fust the city of birmingham symphony orchestra in the u.k. seems to have a bit of a knack of finding talented conduct as the current music director is the lithuanian conduct a mega grows in need tila appointed to the post while still in her twenty's rather like one of a pretty discusses simon rattle now just $33.00 she's the 1st female conducted to have an exclusive contract with a leading classical record company deutsche grammophon and is in much to mom as a guest conductor as here with the door. kashi need to chill out is one of the most exciting conductors working today don't want to call her my strength. the 33 year old lithuanian will be a regular exclusive guest artist there for 3 years her repertoire includes
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a rhapsody by polish composer nice response time back. i've. seen the secret vine back the music of vine basque is marked by the cut just a feast of the 20th century when it got the top findus scientist in yeah and that's not nice nothing bad as so many perilous regard to strangers to understanding on not on the standing for and to feeling at home somewhere on nots. to how's it really begin for diminished so many sparrow that it's so here and now that it's just shocking that's the sign but it shouldn't just that's why she devoted her latest cd to find out it was recorded with the city of birmingham symphony orchestra whose music director she's been for the past 3 years she's the 1st woman to hold the position her predecessors includes her simon rattle in under its name
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sons who also started their world careers with this orchestra. an essential part of her concept for birmingham has been inclusive singing festivals in the past baltic oral tradition. and for fans of contemporary music concerts with the birmingham contemporary music. 'd gave herself her 2nd surname which means silence in lithuania it's perhaps in tribute to her homeland where the landscape is so vast. but her childhood was filled with music as the daughter of a pianist and a choir master. this is my little evening sitting that we need is one of my favorite and in their lives my mother practicing piano preparing for x.
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and some concerts and so on and i lay in bed of busied myself with other things but always heard her practicing 2 volumes away that was bliss funny for most diseases. she also finds these moments of bliss in me just walk feinberg's me which is surprising because the life of the persecuted jews exiled to moscow during the stalinist era was an unhappy. maybe. it is you would he's polish is jewish but he was also a soviet man a man who lived in soviet union and this cultural heritage also burden which we still have to bear has so much that i rediscover and recognize and of course there is also the great cry for freedom and buybacks music. course in china but i didn't talk about it because music lithuanians fought for their freedom with
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human chains and forbidden folk songs near go on later appeared on television was one of those songs as a child of that baltic singing revolution. it. is a committed european who also relies on the power of music amid the chaos of. mere missin vajpayee must continue to create links between cultures and that is what we want and will do all the more no matter what happens in the end was the end of this year. british designer and on to slim brandon mari has a vivid imagination to say the least he creates what can only be described as out of this world wearable sculptures often brimming with all sorts of religious imagery and always very detailed he uses a special kind of latex made from
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a secret concoction of his own so that these extraordinary clothes can actually be worn by models and they can move around in. these dresses make models look almost like sculptures of angels for example. gloomy beings from the underworld. the designs of british artists liam brandon murray looked as if they were chiseled in stone. they are like the dark side of fashion. as well as the light side you know just as much i'm pretty much but yeah i'm very much like the black. started creating these detailed dresses about 12 years ago. studio he works more like a sculptor than a tailor 1st created models for clay before making plaster it's not fast fashion.
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so if we take the big black dress for example if i was to start from the sculpting process so. from scratch i had no nose which is a big black dress would probably take a round about 2 years to make. his inspiration from insects aliens and he even makes sure. that he developed himself. so what we have here the 7 different substances mixed together and especially greedy and i throw in there. this grows but this then makes it a lot quicker are a lot stronger. more longevity and with this substance in
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washable. the designs really come to life in the right environment such as an elephant and castle park. and. the models are not used to wearing such unusual creations. it's a little bit hard i will say it's very it's lighter than you think that is it's quite supported at my head so it's not hard to ask and do you see anything i can feel all right. but that's not the point right now the model is part of an artwork. would you worth something like. love to be able to wear something like that's. not my style i'm not into skulls and things like that. yeah very different could be the clothes for the future you know you never know i kind of like them i mean different is and it's not something i would wear out and probably looks is crazy. anyone wearing
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a dress like this is found to draw attention to the references to religion also a round curiosity this is a common reaction that like people are fascinated by the critic to cause it to get a response like this is exactly what they went for. there's no doubt about it liam brandon murray's designs are certainly i capture is. extraordinary finally a look after a very special kind of car. making panoramic maps are more optimistic than technical there are no longer photographic representation of landscapes or cities which offer the observer more of a bird's eye view of an area than a conventional and also a kind of. 3 that i mentioned of you as well giving a realistic look to the area in question perhaps the best examples to illustrate
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all this power. of the mountains. there's always that one moment of bewilderment in the mountains this vastness beauty bronner us how small we are it's impossible to grasp all of that. then there's that moment in front of a panorama in which an absolute clarity reigns the mountainous masses so beautifully tidy it up finally understanding the mountains like a soaring bird what in your genius window. part although cognizant of our town around the maps are by no means images of reality they actually reinvent reality they distort mountains they turn them around if you look at it with an exact scientific view nothing at all is true on
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a panorama mapped out on mccartney's conics. down around amounts are intended for promotional purposes. they must emphasize polish up omit. this is the map of the 1976 winter olympics. busy fade bridge more than 2000 meters high should actually be here it was left up because it would have blocked the view of important venues and no one notices panorama painters constantly cross the line between reproduction and interpretation to this day the difficult question at the start of every new map is how do you paint a landscape that no human being can grasp in nature in good sureties foobar is one of the few remaining masters of this art our current assignment is to unite 9 ski resorts on like a majority about 2000 square kilometers down. to just one square meter. the preparations take 2 months including online image research since the area's too
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large to capture with one aerial camera. then 2 months of painting. with the arrival of google earth everyone thought at 1st that the computer would replace everything anyway and people often try to depict a cycle path or a hiking path with those images under the test and you can do that if you have only one mountain but if you have concepts of in mind and the space you're meant to represent is bigger and some things become more important or unimportant then no computer program can do that kind of computer poker. around the mountains don't show us mountains as they are but as we and madge and their images like epic story . live in love i have no idea how much work goes into making a. lot of other stories from around the world on the website.
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culture also if you missed anything this edition of office and culture company found on the web site until you are another one of the same talk joiners that if you can but for me and the crew here voting public.
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strong opinions clear positions of international perspective such that. it's time to stop talking about africa and start working with that chancellor merkel she is calling on german companies to invest more there but do firms have enough trust to take the lead economic upswing in africa really probably the best in 30 minutes on the doubling of. the blueprint for every living thing on this planet in my new commission comb d.n.a. . a brilliant natural cause it's the most effective way to see vast amounts of data scientists in syria now want to use this code for technology they're developing artificial d.n.a. to see digital information to our world today 90 minutes on d w. show
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hello halflings this is super bowl speaking when i come to the show with the ding dong xoai high end concerts with the lustrous guests. rockin sound. and then incredible location. tonight groups every week on t w. this
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is the news live from berlin and chinese authorities tightening their grip on hong kong border controls are stepped up between the mainland and that territory we'll talk to a democracy protester who was arrested at the border coughed and hooded by chinese police also coming up. israel's benjamin netanyahu he is indicted on corruption charges against israeli prime minister has called the charges for true and says he will not resign. that was authorities in uruguay failing to keep.


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