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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is the news live from berlin chinese authorities tightening their grip on hong kong border controls are stepped up between the mainland and the territory we'll talk to a democracy protester who was arrested at the border and hooded by chinese police also coming up. israel's benjamin netanyahu indicted on corruption charges israeli prime minister has called the charges a coup and says he will not resign. plus it is never too late to find a new fashion take it from this cleaner in moscow at night trades in her buckets
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and mops or deep house and that as well. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us on kong's police chief is urging the handful of protesters still barricaded inside the polytechnic university there to surrender peacefully now they've been there since occupying the campus over the weekend it's the latest confrontation hong kong's 6 months now of anti-government protests mainland china has issued a series of increasingly tough warning against the demonstrators and although beijing has not directly intervened in the territory authorities have been targeting individual protesters our correspondent mathias building met with one of them he says he was arrested and beaten by police at the hong kong china border to
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protect his identity we've riva waste his remarks. it started like a routine business trip and indeed in china a secret detention system stanley was crossing the border to mainland china when he was stopped. police searched his phone and questioned him for several hours. then in the evening 2 police officers came they handcuffed me and put a black hood on my head. then they took me away. for fear of retribution we cannot show his face stanley wong is not his real name his accounts cannot be very fide independently but his story is in line with accounts from other detainees. at that time border police have begun systematically searching the phones of hong kong was crossing the border between hong kong and the mainland a photo of wong attending
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a peaceful march in june court their attention he explained it was unauthorized march and that hong kong allowed him to participate but they wouldn't listen. they said this was about a matter of national security and that it wasn't up to me to decide what in danger in it means national security is above all other laws when national security is concerned they said we can catch you in hong kong or any other place in the world. one was held in a single cell that had been covered in soft material a glass door was translucent from the outside only lights left permanently on over and over they interrogated him asking about photos on this phone and contacts to foreign nationals i had to crouch like this for the whole generation of the interrogation. they placed me right under annakin disha with the wind blowing at me constantly each interrogation lasted
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a few hours. and whenever they thought i didn't sit well they would beat me like this punch my back or kick me in the legs. the number of people who've been detained at the border remains and no one says he was able to catch glimpses into other cells to help people when the believes were fellow hong kong escort at the border after 36 hours he was released. my family tried to ask the public security where i was but they just wouldn't say anything the police even denied they knew me and that i had crossed the border i understood that i could easily be disappeared any time. he's dealt with the experience quite well he says and he won't let it stop him but now crosses the border his heart starts to beat a little faster. israel is
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a political turmoil after its attorney general announced he's filing criminal charges against prime minister benjamin netanyahu he's being indicted for bribery fraud and breach of trust in 3 separate cases the prime minister is denying any wrongdoing is calling the criminal case politically motivated netanyahu is battling to stay in power after september's elections produced no clear winner. the israeli prime minister remains defiant as he addresses the country following his indictment and it was written you have to be blind not to see that something bad is happening with the police and the prosecutors tonight we're witnessing an attempted coup with fulsomely cations and a tainted investigation. that investigation lasted years on thursday israel satori need general announced his decision to formally press charges. when the attorney general decides to indict and
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axing prime minister for severe charges of corruption is it difficult and sad to say to the israeli public and for me personally. the cases against prime minister benjamin netanyahu are known as case 1010 yeah when his family are suspected of receiving gifts from business colleagues and close friends case 2000 covers allegations that newton yahoo attempted to influence the publisher of a daily newspaper to gain more positive coverage the recommended charges in both cases fraud and breach of trust and case $4000.00 allegations of regulatory favors for israel's largest telecommunications company in exchange for positive media coverage the charges here fraud breach of trust and bribery netanyahu has rejected all the accusations and says he will continue to lead the country he's in unity as prime
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minister means he won't be legally forced to resign but his political future hangs by a thread he has failed to form a government after 2 consecutive elections and he now faces a legal process that could drag on for years. joining us now here in the studio is the mideast analyst shelley result if you show us you know having been even that he's the longest serving prime minister in israel can he manage to survive this politically well i know better than to say these are the last days all meant too many commentators have fallen into that trap in the last years when things seem to be getting dire and dire it is however this time serious more than ever and we have seen even before the the indictment charges were brought we saw yesterday morning already people from his own party challenging him calling for primaries calling for elections for the leadership of the likud because he was not contested since 2014 so if we see his own base. against them and we will see we've seen also in the 2nd
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elections as a roshan mostly of the right not of the left so going for a 3rd round of elections we might see the right bloc be the ones suffering the most ok no we're not reported that he could survive this politically for a number of years it's really possible what he's trying to do it was clear yesterday in the speech he's starting his campaign and his his line is 5 clear this is an eagle illegitimate an attempt of the lefty elite to bring down the right and me as a sitting prime minister it can't work it can resonate with his audience especially and we need to remember his coalition he has a mini coalition with some other parties in the parliament who are supporting the block the 55 bloc 2 of the leaders of the parties connected to that bloc there's them self's are facing charges so they don't have a particular interest in being kind to the police this kind of line of campaign serves them very well so so many men and you know could remain potentially in office is really just a for at least 3 weeks well at least 3 weeks unless we i mean if if we see
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a major political earth shake that should probably ensue in the next week otherwise we will probably see him for the next couple of months until the 3rd term of election is coming probably early march 3rd of march and he can definitely stay in office until then if happens next and into the spring right now opposition leader bennett dances saying there's no way he can stay in office by pointing out that any decisions of state he makes could be for personal reasons it's not going to play out in the new election campaign you mention of course i mean of course everybody is you know getting geared for their new campaign but this is the question exactly the question is supreme court will have to will have to determine because there's no doubt whatever comes now whatever political scenario comes whatever happens in the knesset in the parliament that has it's going to end up being decided by the supreme court someone will appeal from either side and the supreme court will have to decide this is a president that all the have to set can a sitting prime minister also be one fighting. actively you know charges against
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him where does turmoil leave the country you have to ask who's running the country well officially that to now his government is still in office it's clear the great stagnation we talk about budget when you talk about the need for social services everybody is realizing this is not an ideal situation the last round in gaza last week of shown us that things are very shaky this is partially why the hope and the expectation of netanyahu to step down is you know is something that is unrealistic he is not he feels he uses this instability as a as a as a proof of why he needs to stay and keep you know his hold tied over the government even though it's not as tight as he wishes it could expand even his base is rich and shiny was honest thanks so much for coming into. let's a preview of the other stories making the news this hour u.s. lawmakers have wrapped up public impeachment hearings against president david holmes describing the overheard telephone calls about
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a. democratic rival former trump adviser fiona hill rejected claims that ukraine not russia meddled in the u.s. election. police and protesters and clash during rallies in the colombian capital bogota tens of thousands of demonstrators opposed to the policies of president you've called for more economic equality they express concerns about plans to raise the pension age and lower the minimum wage. now some people live to work others while they live to play even if that calling comes somewhat later in life one example a cleaner in the russian capital moscow who discovered a new passion that helps pay the bills emily sure when reports from the. czarina his love for music is infectious she's been deejaying for almost 4 years and now performs around once a month at events and clubs in the russian capital playing drum and bass house and
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electra. is 57 years old and is originally from. but when she plays age doesn't matter and neither does nationality. the thing i like the most is when everyone dances i even dance with them myself. zarina came to moscow from some 20 years ago turn money for her family back home now she cleans offices in the city center including at this school when she heard the electronic music people were playing here she loved it and decided to take lessons as well. she still practices at the school after cleaning before the other students arrived. music helps me i work a lot it can be tiring when i come here i forget everything it's all about the music i can play for 5 or 6 hours straight music gives me strength and it puts me
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in a good mood. you know that a year. some rena doesn't speak english or read latin letters so she memorizes the cover art for tracks when she wants to use them and play lists. of the arena's teacher at the school suggest songs he thinks she might like he says there is an important member of the school's close knit community and she's an inspiration for a new students. but unfortunately people often think that someone who came from a different country who's a better older who has a different nationality might not be able to learn how to. be she sure everyone that it works and that anything is possible because of some of the poor child's. serena's one of several 1000000 migrants in russia central asian immigrants often face discrimination in the country but serena says she's never had problems.
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when a person is heartfelt when a person talks to everyone is friends with everyone they are taken in by people as their own that's what i think i think it depends on the person. sorry not always and act by dancing with her audience to use their pop music in a traditional national costume at holmes arena was a teacher and someday she hopes to start her own d.j. school back in the expected to keep spreading the joy of. electric automaker tesla has unveiled its 1st ever pick up truck at the launch party in los angeles a demonstration of the toughness though didn't go quite to plan. yeah. well after. claimed it would be a scratchy hard assistant stage to break to supposedly impact from windows the
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cyber truck as its name is expected to go in production 2021 at a cost of just about 40000 dollars. for. god if they go through. this deed of you news live from berlin i'm brian thomas helena will join you at the top of the hour for more news have a very quick. after. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to sin the racial conflicts on the front of the world's 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. .


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