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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2019 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is d.w. news live from bahrain a chinese authorities tighten their grip on hong kong border controls are stepped up between the mainland and the territory we'll talk to a democracy protester who was arrested at the border town coughed and herded by chinese police it was there coming up israel's benjamin netanyahu is indicted on corruption charges the israeli prime minister has called the move a coup and says he will not resign. and with the authorities in europe why failing to keep a lid on crime may visit shoppers in the capital taking security into their own.
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from helena humphrey glad you could join me hong kong's police chief is urging a handful of protesters still barricaded inside the polytechnic university to surrender peacefully they've been holed up there since occupying the campus over the weekend is the latest confrontation in hong kong 5 months of anti-government protests where mainland china has issued a series of increasingly tough warnings against the demonstrate his and well beijing has not directly intervened in the territorial thirty's has been targeting individual protests correspondent but i met with one of them who says that he was arrested and beaten by police at the hong kong china border to protect the activists identity but he has changed his voice in this next report. it started
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like a routine business trip and indeed in china's secret detention system stanley was crossing the border to mainland china when he was stopped water police searched his phone and questioned him for several hours. then in the evening 2 police officers came they handcuffed me and put a black hood on my head then they took me away. for fear of retribution we cannot show his face stanley wong is not his real name his accounts cannot be very fide independently but his story is in line with accounts from other detainees. at that time border police have begun systematically searching the phones of hong kong was crossing the border between hong kong and the mainland a photo of wong attending a peaceful march in june court their attention he explained it was unauthorized
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march and that hong kong rules allowed him to participate but they wouldn't listen . they said this was about a matter of national security and that it wasn't up to me to decide what in danger in it means national security is above all other laws where national security is concerned they said we can catch you in hong kong or any other place in the world. one was held in a single cell that had been covered in soft material a glass door was translucent from the outside only lights left permanently on over and over they interrogated him asking about photos on his vote and contacts to foreign nationals i had to crouch like this for the whole generation of the interrogation they placed me right under an air conditioner with the wind blowing at me constantly each interrogation lasted a few hours. and whenever they thought i didn't sit well they would beat me
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like this punch my back or kick me in the legs. the number of people who've been detained at the border remains and no one says he was able to catch glimpses into other cells that held people who believes were fellow hong kong escorted the border after 36 hours he was released. my family tried to ask the public security where i was but they just wouldn't say anything the police even denied they knew me and that i had crossed the border i understood that i could easily be disappeared any time. he's dealt with the experience quite well he says and he won't let it stop him but now when he crosses the border his heart starts to beat a little faster. but his voting us and us that report and he joins us now from beijing welcome to you mathias is there any way to know how widespread this
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intimidation of protesters is. there are no numbers that we know what we know is that some time during summer police started systematically checking people's phones at the border and questioning them if they had any compromising material that could be messages on or that could also be photos off protests. how many people were secretly detained is completely unclear and most people were questioned at the border and then they were let go off to a few hours or even quicker but this seems like a method of intimidation at the time one employee off the british consulate in hong kong was ditched was detained as well he was held for 15 days and he. just just this week he gave an account of the torture that has happened to him and
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that is much worse than the man we talked to one you are important to is to stand he won't talk about his fate yeah of being dissipated and essentially how much of a risk is this for hong kong processed as. well many people in hong kong reconsider any travel plans to the mainland at the moment within the mainland being disappeared something that frequently happens to dissidents they can disappear for much longer periods for 6 months or you can for more than a year and there are accounts of torture of much worse than those that we've heard of to hong kong as we know about so far. 4 people being kidnapped within hong kong and being disappeared from there we have no cases that are known to us during these protests some are however for high profile protesters i wouldn't exclude it there were cases in the past one bookseller for example disappeared at some point he is contention is forced confession reappeared
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later on chinese t.v. and when he was released much later he said that he was kidnapped in hong kong and with that in mind would you say that over all these tactics of intimidation are they working. well besides the intimidation that is exercised directly by the mainland chinese authorities like at these border controls or people who have been disappeared in the mainland in relation to the protest mainland supporters of the protests have also been disappeared there is of course tactics of escalation and intimidation of protesters on the ground mainly by the hong kong police we see that they are much more violent and they used to be in the beginning detentions have risen a few 1000 people have been detained although few of them have been charged so far but all these tactics seem to have no effect on the protests at all if anything
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they tend to radicalize people further so that support for the protest has not vanished people do blame the escalation mostly on the government and on the police . all right now he is putting a in beijing for us thank you. well israel is in political turmoil after its attorney general announced he's filing criminal charges against prime minister benjamin netanyahu now he's being indicted for bribery forward and breach of trust in 3 separate cases the prime minister has denied wrong during and calls the criminal case politically motivated netanyahu was battling to stay in power off the september's elections produced no clear winner. the israeli prime minister remains defiant as he addresses the country following his indictment in which. you have to be blind not to see that something bad is happening with the police and the prosecutors tonight we're witnessing an attempted coup with full
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sonic ations and a tainted investigation. that investigation lasted years on thursday israel satori new general announced his decision to formally press charges. today when you get any general decides to indict and acting prime minister for severe charges of corruption which is a difficult and sad day for the israeli public look at you and for me personally the punitive both in the. the cases against prime minister benjamin netanyahu are known as case $1000.00 netanyahu and his family are suspected of receiving gifts from business colleagues and close friends case 2000 covers allegations that newton yahoo attempted to influence the publisher of a daily newspaper to gain more positive coverage the recommended charges in both cases fraud and breach of trust and case 4000 allegations of regulatory favors
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for israel's largest telecommunications company in exchange for positive media coverage the charges here fraud breach of trust and bribery listen yahoo has rejected all the accusations and says he will continue to lead the country he's immunity. yes prime minister means he want to be legally forced to resign but his political future hangs by if thread he has failed to form a government after 2 consecutive elections and he now faces a legal process that could drag on for years. on his walk through this now i'm joined here in the studio by the middle east analyst on his welcome to you shiny netanyahu israel's longest serving prime minister can't hold on this time while he's definitely going to try. legally he still has a possibility to hold on to power but we've seen him challenge by his own party members already yesterday before the charges were announced so he's going to be the
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next 1000 days where there's a possibility to form a 3rd a 3rd chance to form a government that's where that's going to be crucial time we might be expecting a major political or a shake in the next week or so would some of his you know internal. voices within his party challenging him and then if something breaks down and stephanie going to happen in the next week or so i'd say and it's interesting to see that pivotal moment within his own party but i'm surprisingly the person he wants to be in power opposition leader benny gantz has called for him to resign netanyahu says that he won't but this is a concern that perhaps netanyahu at least from dances side will use the power of his office to protect himself right have we seen any indications of that in the past so it depends how cynical you are you know in many ways people think this is what he's been doing for quite some time there's no down that now things have changed least when it comes to how the public sees it and he cannot keep on going the way he has before he needs to be far more careful. legally he can still stay in
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power of course this is still needs to be determined and we can see the nation and the deadlock in israeli politics it's not looking good and he knows that he understands he's been his support is slowly eroded into stand he's not in the midst doesn't have a strong hand as he had. just a couple months ago and that deadlock just how the israelis feel about they still don't have a stable government they could have to go to the polls again and now these corruption charges do you think that could sway them it will it might it might there's great fatigue people are just fed up people can't believe they're still witnessing this you know ongoing battle between politicians we've seen these allegations going back and forth and last week everybody were gearing up towards that complains it was quite clear there was very little honesty people see through that many of them you can see online on social media many of them were to sped up saying you know i'm i'm not working for the government the government should be working for me and this is not happening something's wrong in the system can it and
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you know use this he might just as well if we see a drop in the percentage in general percent those are just people participating in the election that might work in his favor it would be very interesting to watch indeed china resign as and analyzing it for us thank you jenny. when i say can look now at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. lawmakers have wrapped up public impeachment hearings against president donald trump council of david holmes describe the overheard protests telephone calls about a probe into trump's democratic rival former white house adviser fiona hill rejected claims that ukraine not russia metals in the us elections. the spanish coast guard has rescued 79 migrants off the canary islands off they spend 6 days at sea the group was taken to a pool to the southern gran canaria where they received medical attention. police
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and protesters have clashed during rallies in colombia capital of bogota tens of thousands of demonstrators opposed to the policies of president even duke a call for more economic equality expressed concerns about alleged plans to raise the pension age and knowing the minimum wage. or year ago i goes to the polls on sunday to elect a new president and a long to do list awaits the next nida including the country's public security crisis the craig crime rate has hit historic highs with homicides rising by 46 percent last year but he says struggling with the violence is some people are taking matters into their own hands he w. snicko unfairly has the story from montevideo surveillance cameras on every corner but it's not big brother who's watching it's desperate citizens trying to protect their businesses and property in montevideo spot a given area 2 cars are stolen every day break ins and armed robbery have become
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a part of daily life in this upper middle class neighborhood. fearing for the safety of his wife and daughter. didn't want to sit idly by and he wasn't the only one. there was some $800.00 families in the park neighborhood watch tonight we work with what's not groups and whistles that's how we alert each other. if we hear the whistle we immediately know one of our neighbors is asking for help . you know. reasons to ask for help abound this little dry cleaners has been attacked so many times that its owner will only ever unlock the door for people she knows. my business has been broken into 6 times and once i was held up at gunpoint. by them
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i don't matter how much you give them i never know if they're going to turn around and shoot she was they. say i'm getting therapy now to help me get over it because now i live in fear but i didn't used to be the case. fear has spread through but it gave i like wildfire a collective anxiety that borders paranoia so as a former member of the neighborhood watch. me i was only signed up for a couple of months because it turned out to be a collective psychosis a mass manipulation to go out and hunt suspects. even i was always on edge wondering if i had had a whistle or not it's amazing how easy it is to be absolved by this dynamic i felt ridiculous and i never felt protected. to hear. but a lot of people do feel safer being a part of the neighborhood watch with authorities unable to control the rising crime rates they find solace in community. no not at those stops by to check on
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a shop owner who's been robbed 20 times already. happened so often i don't want to say i'm getting used to it because having to live with it is awful . and then something happens one of the usual suspects steps into the store and leon immediately texts his neighbors something he has come to find more helpful than calling the police. i probably called them 10 times for the other times i just enough already know it's what we do and get to work off an attitude the neighbors of park give idea are hoping to see adopted by the new government for them to feel like they can let their guard down a lot needs to be cleaned up and fixed so wherever it takes the presidency on sunday we'll have to urgently get to work. johnson i'm going to back his
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christian democratic union kicks off a 2 day party conference in life sick today but one issue that is not set to feature prominently on the agenda is climate change that spurred greenpeace germany into action now activists walked off with the giant c. from the party logo at c.d.u. headquarters in berlin now they are trying to make the point that c. should stand for climate protection. and it could come kagame bowel was relaxed about the fact. so and so c. for christianity and sustainability won't do any harm to greenpeace either so we're happy to lend it to them for a while. caraballo there brushing aside criticism from greenpeace well it's not been an easy year for the c.d.u. leader on one hand she's having to put her stamp on a party long dominated by her previous s.-a angela merkel but kind of was a controversial choice from the start and she remains search today. a year ago and
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a great crime can buy embraced her political godmother angela merkel after succeeding her as the leader of the conservative c.d.u. party but the man she narrowly defeated for the job hasn't given up on his chances of one day succeeding angela merkel. math's left politics more than a decade ago after losing an internal power struggle to machall now with the end of the mcaleer insight he's trying to make a comeback. and a great crime can be hours climb to the top of the party was soon followed by a rapid descent in the opinion polls within less than a year her approval ratings have more than half of it. following the cd use poor performance in regional elections in eastern germany in september the leader of the party's youth organization confronted crime current with the leadership question opening the firing shot in a debate that has since overshadowed her double role as party leader and german defense minister. karrenbauer decided to take the challenge head on.
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whoever believes that the question of leadership needs to be decided this fall will have the opportunity to do that at the party conference. within hours her political rival freakish matts was back with the sweeping attack of something the whole appearance of the government is a disaster gotten. under pressure to demonstrate a more conservative profile karrenbauer launched a series of strategic debates pledging more german engagement in the world. a new tone party contradicting merkel and more in tune with her would be challenger phaedrus math as the party conference neared he suddenly began to tone down his criticism. of the given for the i fall and harsh words to criticize the government proposed 3 weeks ago you know what's what's in the heart of a lot of close friends have since taken me aside don't want me not to go too far to
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be in the cd you may well avoid a damaging leadership debate this weekend but behind the scenes the battle for the soul of the party continues as angela merkel's time in the german chancellor rhee enters its twilight phase. our chief political editor i'm here to ease in at leipzig the c.d.u. party congress mahela at the c.d.u. members won't be electing a new leader at this conference so what concrete threats then is on the gate come about our face in their lives. absolutely there is no leadership question on the agenda but the question is how far will. the adversary. go at this party conference he announced that he would be holding a speech when really he's an ordinary delegate he will get the chance to speak and we got a real sense here that everybody will be very careful to give him the space of the time that he wants to have with everybody watching every word he says whether it's
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an attack. who's been struggling in the opinion polls who failed to turn around the downward trend of the c.d.u. and foolish. brands him self as the one who can bring that cif a conservative back much stronger than if you'd come though he is losing traction here because many delegates i spoke to are also simply getting annoyed with what could become an internal simmering leadership debate with elections technically still 2 years away and the youth wing of the party is the man in the old party members vote and he will be the party's candidate for chancellor in the next general election in around 2 years' time so he think would come out on top in that case. well that would be a very interesting question but there's a lot of technical hitches here because the conservative c.d.u.
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is has a sister party in bavaria the c.s.u. and they always have a joint candidate and the sea is you. can almost match the membership of the much larger c.d.u. that's responsible for the rest of the country so it simply mathematically doesn't make sense to have some kind of basic vote like that at the same time the youth organizing zation here is expected to take a stand on that demand but it's not expected to go anywhere fast so be a lot more about the tone and finding out how much count movement there. is within the c.d.u. against its leader the successor of uncle america at the top is only been in office for one year so far and notably chancellor angela merkel is keeping a low profile at this congress why is she hanging back from the front row. well because is this simply isn't her territory she's a guest here she's no longer leads the party but it's
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a bit difficult to hear uncle americal who was elected german chancellor for the very 1st time exactly to the day 14 years ago and then you get one minute and 38 seconds standing ovations right at the beginning making her feel rather uncomfortable she really doesn't like situations like that and it just illustrates once again how difficult it is and it could come combo of her successor as party to to step out of that mighty shadow of the era of i'm going to america. thanks a lot our chief political editor the c.d.u. party congress in lives. all right let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world germany's 2nd highest bridge has officially been opened to the public the hindmost the break she is 160 meters high it's been built to ease traffic crossing to belgium and luxembourg. pope francis is people in thailand not to consider catholicism a foreign religion on the last full day of his visits to the main the buddhist
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country to pay tribute to catholics who suffered for their faith in the past pontiff also condemned the exploitation of women and children for prostitution in time. football now and in the premier league is a marino is back in the limelight as the manager of london club tottenham hotspur the portuguese veteran has won league titles in 4 different countries as well as 2 champions league he's now held his 1st press conference as a top manager where he spoke out about the challenges ahead. joe's a marine yo says he's thrilled to be back in professional football. and really really happy and in the quote realize that my option. was. as a coach the self-titled special one has had success wherever he's gone he's won countless owners with clubs all across europe but he's also often left strife behind him as
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with his acrimonious departure from manchester united's last year at tottenham he takes over from the popular murray show party tino who only last season took spurs to their 1st ever champions league final. for some tottenham fans the sudden personnel change smacks of desperation and disloyalty. i don't feel like this was necessary for that was quite special to put see no considering that he's the reason why we even end of siege we're at. so yeah really is a good manager a very good measure i won't discredit him but i feel like he was a bit of a slap in the face and the man himself however does not seem too fussed. i am really really more focused on. my job on my coaching or my players lighting and not to it at all with this ingersoll's week in what surrounds merino already is
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drama it's a characteristically turbulent start to the next chapter of his coaching career. you're watching the w.'s lawyer from by len coming up next it's d.w. business with kris kobach a man in a home frame but in taxpayer company i see very. clearly .
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sean the clear position some international perspective says. it's time to stop talking about africa and start working with that says chancellor merkel she's going on german companies to invest more there but do firms have enough trust to take the lead economic upswing in africa really probably the most obedient to him 60 minutes b.t.w. . i'm skilled at the
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volume or not and in the. this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were liars and. what's your story ready. i mean what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor not the guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. their wealth isn't calculable. their egos insatiable. their rivalry deadly. 3 princes.
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all move home dream of reading the arab world. the private princes of the cold starts november 27th on t.w. . does protect from gold to liberty or oppression on concorde just connect to the world with their smartphones but do governments have the technological upper hand well past taiwan it's still minister also on the program christine legarde calls for more growth in europe as she meets europe's bankers friends.


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