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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2019 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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this is deja news live from germany's ruling conservatives confront a crisis at the top of the pops he. calls critics and challenges them directly back. and bring it up but party conference also on the program. struggles to cope with an influx of migrants trying to reach the european union the u.n. . to close a squalid migrant camp built on the site. i'm
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sure welcome to the program. leader of germany's ruling christian democrats has moved to settle a debate over her leadership once and for all the cd you have began its annual party conference in lives. told her audience she was prepared to quit if they didn't back. about took over from chancellor merkel c.d.u. leader last year but the party's popularity has plunged under her leadership and taken a hit in recent regional elections. she went all the way and took on the challenge after several attacks in the weeks leading up to the cd use party conference and a great power post the big question to her party colleagues and like. many of them i know if you feel that the road i want to go down is not the road you want to
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follow then let us talk about that today and let end it today here and now today. how did the 1000 delegates react with this 7 minute standing ovation continuing her 90 minute speech the party leader passionately our mind the policy measures she wants to pursue in the future. missionary isn't enough to be the repair service of the republic we need to become the workshop of the future again that's our goal that's what we want to do my own time in my mind one of those in the audience was fleet ice melts just revival that has attacked a k.k. several times in recent weeks this time he seemed surprisingly loyal and a good compound. a.k.k. gave a strong courageous and forward looking speech this morning. peter golic. very
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grateful to have that thank you via zend we are loyal to our chairwoman to our party leadership. and to the federal government chancellor merkel who is no longer involved in leadership debates and a pace to have withdrawn used the opening speech to talk about more personal issues off him again so i thought i was on today is also a very special day for me i am fine because on november 22nd 2005 i was elected german chancellor for the 1st time and this remains something very special to me. is on the bus for me. political child and they couldn't come come on power is giving it all at this conference and so far she is one at least for now. so let's go straight to this new conference in leipsic now we join the political correspondent kate brady welcome kate so it looks like no one is going to take up
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a challenge. that certainly seems the case for the moment at least if that 7 minute standing ovation after a case speech day is anything to go by it seems that all competition is off the table but that could only just be for now of course next year the c.d.u. like germany's other path the political parties will be deciding who they want to put forward as their candidate for the 2020 elections so while a.k.k. seem to take matters into her own hands today and seemed even to call her critics bluff asking them to either speak up well let's get down to business this leadership problem issue here in the c.d.u. is very much a far from over so fredricka fredricka who we heard from in the report so he is the . the shadow behind over her shoulder as if. he tried and failed to become party leader so what's he's trying to do now what see after. well at least today when he
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came out on stage hit a high and to me he seems to be a lot more forgiving than usual quite complimentary say towards a.k.k. and even seemed to be making somewhat of a peace offering say in that the c.d.u. was loyal to its leader but observers here in life sick today many of them seem to think at least that he is simply by doing his time and that he will be back bigger than ever come 2020 when it comes to the c.d.u. making that decision as to who they are going to put forward as that chancellor candidate for the 2021 elections so he did also say that he wants to play a role in the future of the c.d.u. but didn't really expand on exactly what that role is so it's certainly very likely that we will see mat's once again throwing his hat into the ring to try and become the candidate for the c.d.u. those 2021 elections so how important is it then for the c.d.u. to sacto this leadership issue. well this is
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a problem that many of germany's political parties have been dealing with in recent months not least of all the junior coalition partners of the c.d.u. the social democrats and so the c.d.u. has seen how the social democrats really have been torn apart by in a party politics and issues over personnel and they simply don't want that to become an issue in the c.d.u. so this is very much about the cds image and they want to at least appear to voters as a united party that is behind their leader and that the delegates actually believe in the party leader and of course that that is also likely to be the person as i say who will take the party in to the 2021 election says very much about image but at the same time a week party that is just disrupted by issues over personnel and leadership also means that that could lead to a shaky government as well of course the current government here in germany between the c.d.u. and the social democrats has never really gotten off. to
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a great style or couple of years in now and they are still facing issues and so the the last thing the c.d.u. wants right now is to appear as an unstable party so there are issues here to be dealt with when it comes to the question of leadership and that is not only important for the party but also for the german government. the c.d.u. party conference in march to thank you. some of the other stories making news around the world at least 3 iraqi protestors have been killed and 25 injured in clashes with security forces in the capital baghdad more than 340 people have died since protests against widespread corruption and unemployment that broke out last month in baghdad and southern iraq. and the government protesters in lebanon have marked 76 years of independence by organizing a parang in the capital beirut replacing the usual military show the country's been gripped by process since mid october demanding the removal of politicians deemed inept and corrupt. spain's coast guard have rescued 79 migrants off the
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canary islands after 6 days at sea the group was taken to a port in the south of grand canaria where they received medical attention. it was europe moves into winter concerns are being raised about living conditions for migrants trying to reach the e.u. bosnia is a particular example more than 8000 are stranded there mostly in the country's northwest hoping to enter the e.u. via neighboring croatia this week a u.s. officials repeated their call for the cap of the a b. hatch to close to avoid the worsening of an already dire humanitarian situation the w.'s from kaufman has been to vote check to see for himself. water is only delivered here once a day by tanker. the hygenic conditions are catastrophic since last summer some 600 migrants mostly from pakistan and afghanistan have settled in can vote shack
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from a rubbish dump in northwestern poss near. the local red cross is helping with basic necessities but for half a year now the local authorities have been bringing migrants here from the city of 8 kilometers away against the advice of the un and international aid organisations everyone is saying this is just the most has been said already for 5 months yesterday it was announced that this has to be. the. neighboring creational is just a few kilometers beyond these mountains micron's try to cross into the e.u. here many are pretended and sent back by creation police soon temperatures are expected to drop winter is particularly severe in this mountainous part of bosnia as is becoming clear to the camp's residents. that's an appalling condition here people and i have been with despite the danger no one in other parts of boston
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wants to take these people in. this is what aid workers believe to be one of the most dangerous migrant camps in europe at the moment doctors report cases of scary bees and other serious diseases but still local authorities don't want to close the camp they want to keep up pressure on other regions and the government in sarajevo to open a different collective center elsewhere in the country. for the last 2 years more and more refugees have reshaped one of bosnia's largest cities more than 5000 of them now live here in the north west and more arrive every day the mayor of the hutch is demanding a long term solution. camp must remain permanently open of course we could send the migrants from elsewhere but the crisis as a whole has not been solved if the authorities want to transfer them elsewhere we've got no problem with taking them to sorry. on the
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outskirts of the hutch the international organisation for migration runs a refugee camp for up to 2000 people in a form affect rebuilding but the local authorities are opposed to more migrants being accommodated here the un has been negotiating for months to open more refugee camps in the country it's not difficult to imagine what will happen if you have 2300 people more living in the streets when it gets cold these people will be forced to find solutions and one of the solutions is going to public buildings going to shopping malls going into abandoned houses maybe stealing food all these type of negative coping. behavior will manifest itself people continue to arrive with winter on its way without a viable solution for the residents of the camp bosnia's migration crisis continues to escalate. that report was produced by the dublin correspondent frank horton who welcome frank. tell us give us an idea then about the conditions in
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project can't they look pretty dismal if not horrifying i saw people that have no proper shoes warm clothes missing and just double checked the weather forecast again there's rain expected next week followed by a dump of temperatures to phrasing you can imagine what that means under such conditions they are living in tents there the red cross is trying to help in the local red cross but they even have a lack they are electing propos. goods problem that was a german truck transport coming delivering 30 tons this week and it was already the 4th this year so the local structures are welcome but the situation. aid was being provided by the german government into and. sold the migrants while they're in bosnia in particular for the local red cross structures. so why doesn't the bosnian government just say all right well we'll move it it's
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a weak governments you have to remember what happened after the war in bosnia that ended in december 1905 the dayton peace agreement was brought there which is today the constitution of this country and this constitution says the 2 entities the boston end quote federation that is divided in several cantons one of them is north west and boss you know where these refugees are and these migrants are living a moment because it's the closes way. to other european countries like savina for example crossing through in through your country creations so they want to clip be closed it's a lay they want to be close to slovenia to and to north in europe this is why they are there in the same time there's not real solidarity in last night's self again a weak central government your boss that the one entity divided into cantons and up and with every country has a has a prime minister and imagine a prime minister is telling to his electorate oh. i'm ok with having another collective center here in a canton right so the people of b.
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hatch do see into. being quite supportive of the migrants there is that our that is there any side of that changing 1st of all they one has to be fair here these people there they have on their own a refugee history jane because of the bosnian war and people really remember this when this crisis started about 2 years ago when people started to come from serbia and to try this path and this route into into the european union but after 2 years in a country that is one of the poorest in all of europe i think there me that times are shifting at the moment and you talk about it started but with about 200 microns 2 years ago in all of the regional probably more than 5000 now and of course they often selves what about the other parts of the country why isn't there more solidarity and more planning to cope this my can crisis in this country from kaufman very interesting thank you for joining us thanks for having me could run top story of this out of the leader of germany's conservative c.d.u.
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say on a good crop cutting down has challenged his critics to the fact that. he was addressing the party's not your conference in leipzig c.d.u. has seen its popularity plunge and ahead. of next year on the w. i've read through wage deal that's a crippling strike in south african airlines get out alford's has top story in business africa next. birth. home to hundreds of species. own words and you can. hear those are big changes and must start with small steps a little indias tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. to use the. least green energy solutions and be forced to. do community.


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