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this is d w news live from the berlin bosnia faces growing outrage over conditions at the squalid migrant camp as the country struggles to cope with an influx of migrants trying to reach the european union the u.n. asked several able to close a migrant camp built on the site of a former rubbish. also coming up as were of line for paris to go to the polls
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a crime wave sweeps the capital mall to the a.o. forcing neighbors and shop owners to take security into their own tanks. and germany's ruling conservatives confront a crisis at the top of the party m tattled c.d.u. leader undergrads krakauer and our calls on her critics to back me or sack me will bring you an update from the party conference. i'm calling asked ben thanks for joining us we begin with growing concerns over living conditions for migrants in bosnia now the country has become a key transit point for migrants hoping to reach the european union and bosnian authorities say they're overwhelmed by the influx more than 8000 migrants are stranded there mostly in the north west hoping to cross into the e.u. v.n.a. bring. many of the migrants are being held in squalid conditions at the vocal camp
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near the city of b. hutch a u.s. officials have called the camp a stain on europe and are calling for it to be closed he often went to vote shock to see for himself. water is only delivered here once a day by tanker. the hygenic conditions are catastrophic since last summer some 600 migrants mostly from pakistan and afghanistan have settled in camp. from a rubbish dump in northwestern poss near. the local red cross is helping with basic necessities but for half a year now the local authorities have been bringing migrants here from the city of 8 kilometers away against the advice of the un and international aid organizations everyone is saying this just the most has been said already for 5 months it was announced that this has to be. a. neighboring creational is just
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a few kilometers beyond these mountains micron's try to cross into the e.u. here many are presented and sent back by creation police soon temperatures are expected to drop winter is particularly severe in this mountainous part of bosnia as is becoming clear to the camp's residents. that's an appalling condition him people and i. thought despite the danger no one in other parts of boston wants to take these people in. this is what aid workers believe to be one of the most dangerous migrant camps in europe at the moment doctors report cases of scary bees and other serious diseases but still local authorities don't want to close the camp they want to keep up pressure in other regions and the government is sorry able to open a different collective center elsewhere in the country. for the last 2 years more and more refugees have reshaped one of bosnia's largest cities more than 5000 of
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them knowledge here in the northwest and more arrive every day the mayor of the hutch is demanding a long term solution. camp must remain permanently open of course we could send the migrants from elsewhere but the migrant crisis as a whole has not been solved if the authorities want to transfer them elsewhere we've got no problem with taking them to sari over. on the outskirts of the hutch the international organisation for migration runs a refugee camp for up to 2000 people in a form effect rebuilding but the local authorities are opposed to more migrants being accommodated here the un has been negotiating for months to open more refugee camps in the country it's not difficult to imagine what will happen if you have 2300 people more living in the streets when it gets cold these people be forced to find solutions one of the solutions is going to public buildings going to shopping
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malls going into abandoned houses maybe stealing food all the stuff of negative coping. type of behavior will manifest itself people continue to arrive with winter on its way without a viable solution for the residents of the camp migration crisis continues to escalate. from that report was produced by correspondent for comment he joins me now in studio for more i mean 1st of all just looking at that video it doesn't look like a very nice place to be tell us more about the conditions in that camp mean it's built 1st of all on top of a rubbish dump camp it's a horrific place also migrants without proper shoes there's no men some of them that don't have warm clothes and winter set already coming it's rubbish dump that was closed after the bosnian war around 90 that end of $95.00 so after that it was a abandoned place and the mayor of the hutch thought it would be
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a pleasant place for the purposes for the purpose to get the people out of the city that was no. unreason the boston red cross is trying to help the people their local authorities bring a water once or strays a day we saw it in report hope people try to wash. out that not proper. sanitary and conditions people have to go into the countryside to do what they desperately need to do and you can imagine the smell in the in this place is not the nicest you can give in those conditions everything you just said and the fact that it's on report i mean this campus post be closed months ago why is it still open and why doesn't the boston government simply start taking migrants somewhere else with better conditions because you have to go back to the history of the boston conflict that ended by december 1995 with the so-called dayton peace agreement this peace agreement is knowledge base the constitution of this country
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and by the agreement the boston government is probably one of the weakest of the because in all of europe you have to end entities you have the boss the bosnian croat federation and the syrup entity. republika srpska which is refusing to accept any. collective center for micron's and then you have in the other parts of the bosnian croat federation different continents all of them they have a government prime minister and these politicians refused to have and stuff. looking at your report it looks cold there already was when to me winter is on the way what happens to the refugees in the migrants in this camp once the situation's get even colder it's going to be worse i just double checked again the weather for cos we will half about a minus temperatures in a week's time if this is going to happen at least at night rain is coming next we go ready so 1st rain then minus temperatures you can imagine what that means for living conditions briefly i mean do you think this camp will be closed i think it
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has to and business us talking here now is also part of this political pressure that the international community is putting in boston and the local authorities there but still you need the acceptance of local politicians to have different collective centers elsewhere in this country did have you correspondent from kauffman thank you so much for your reporting. i let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world at least 3 iraqi protestors have been killed and 25 injured in clashes with security forces in the capital baghdad more than $340.00 people have died since protests against widespread corruption and unemployment broke out last month in baghdad and in southern iraq. and government protesters in lebanon have marked a 76 years of the country's independence by organizing a parade in the capital beirut replacing the usual military show the country has been gripped by protests since mid october demanding the removal of politicians
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deemed inept and corrupt. colombia's defense minister has confirmed the death of 3 people during clashes in the west of the country they were killed during nationwide demonstrations as part of a general strike against the policies of president dougie's right wing government. well all of lions will elect a president on sunday with polls suggesting the center right national party is on course to end a decade and a half of left wing rule and yet another power shift in latin america national party candidate luis like how the son of a former president finished 2nd in the 1st round vote with around 29 percent but in the upcoming runoff he could probably count on the votes from 5 mostly conservative parties that's why pollsters see him winning ahead of ruling party candidates danielle martinez a former minister and mayor of why is capital montevideo for the left wing broad
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front he won the 1st round vote with 39 percent. of. our correspondents nicole foolish joins me now she is in oregon capital montevideo nicole de left wing broad front has been in power for 14 years now why is the party facing the real possibility that that one will be coming to an end. well it wasn't all bad in these 15 years the leftist government turn your ally into one of the most advanced nations and latin america and matters of rights of women's rights. for a crucial anti-tobacco law and that historic legalize ation of mario wanna but when bling economy a dwindling economy. a corruption scandal in the government that led to to the vice president leaving office growing inequality and caters and
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also of a worsening security situation in the country have left people longing for a change 61 percent of your appliance say that the security situation in the country is their biggest concern and they don't feel protected by the authorities so much so that some of the people i spoke to are taking matters into their own hands let's have a listen. surveillance cameras on every corner but it's not big brother who's watching it's desperate citizens trying to protect their businesses and property. area 2 cars are stolen every day break ins and armed robbery have become a part of daily life in this upper middle class neighborhood. fearing for the safety of his wife and daughter not of that i've ever seen didn't want to sit idly
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by and he wasn't the only one you not me go to there was something to 100 families in the park neighborhood watch tonight we work with what's not groups and whistles that's how we alert each other. if we hear the whistle we immediately know one of our neighbors is asking for help. you know. reasons to ask for help abound. this little dry cleaners has been attacked so many times that its owner will only ever unlock the door for people she knows. my business has been broken into 6 times and once i was held up at gunpoint. by them i don't matter how much you give them i never know if they're going to turn around and shoot she was they. say i'm getting therapy now to help me get over it because now i live in fear but i didn't used to be the case.
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fear has spread through but it gave ideas like wildfire a collective anxiety that borders paranoia says a former member of the neighborhood watch. well i was only signed up for a couple of months because it turned out to be a collective psychosis a mass manipulation to go out and hunt suspects. even though i was always on edge wondering if i had had a whistle or not it's amazing how easy it is to be observed by the star nomic i felt ridiculous and i never felt protected to hear. but a lot of people do feel safer being a part of the neighborhood watch with authorities unable to control the rising crime rates they find solace in community. not of those stops by to check on a shop owner who's been robbed 20 times already i'm. so often
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i don't want to say i'm getting used to it because having to live with it is awful . and then something happens one of the usual suspects steps into the store and leon immediately texts his neighbors something he has come to find more helpful than calling the police. i probably called them 10 times. other times i just clean up. what's broken i would go and get to work off. an attitude the neighbors of park give idea are hoping to see adopted by the new government for them to feel like they can let their guard down a lot needs to be cleaned up and fixed so wherever it takes the president on sunday will have to urgently get to work. local clearly crime is one of the biggest factors heading into this election if the center right prevails on sunday with a long order platform it will be as part of a 5 party coalition is there though enough in common between those parties to make
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that alliance work. well that's one of the big uncertainties here in europe why at the moment because the one thing they have in common really the only thing is that they're not on the fence. they are a coalition of the willing so to say just to push the current government out and nobody really knows what they what they will bring to the table one potential trouble maker is the though of yet though the newest party in this formation it's led by a general and many fear the influence he might have on a new government whether or not he'll be able to destabilize it what his proposals will be he's a he's a far right candidate he ran for president in the 1st round and then aligned with with. the on a few or none. but we have to bear in mind that this galvanization of opposition
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power is also how the fence came into being and that indicates that it might just work out the whole so many of were wise neighbors are going through these deep political changes seemingly brought on by similar issues you mention income inequality mention corruption how to fit into the larger picture in the region. well you're a guy really like seeing itself as that shining city on the hill of sorts in this. latin american context and as we just saw they share a lot of the problems that other countries in the region also go through but we do have to say that their own perception is not quite what the objective indicators tell us the country is still very well off and matters of human rights of access to goods and services and even security so even though there has been a decline in these in these aspects. your ally is still quite well
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off now they do want to get back to the point of being an example to follow for other countries in the region and that is something that both candidates are promising but it looks like your alliance don't trust the leftists to bring about that change and to deliver are the election coming up on sunday in the cold foolish thank you very much all right here in germany the leader of the ruling christian democrats as issued an ultimatum in a debate over her leadership as the c.d.u. began its annual party conference in life i'm equipped car and our top delegates that she was prepared to quit if they didn't back her crown convo or took over from chancellor merkel as c.d.u. leader last year but the party's popularity has plunged under her leadership and taken a hit in recent regional elections. she went all the way and took on the challenge
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after several attacks in the weeks leading up to the cd use party conference and a great. post the big question to her party colleagues and leipsic. many of them i know if you feel that the road i want to go down is not the road you want to follow then let us talk about that today and let those and it today here and now today. how did the 1000 delegates react with this 7 minute standing ovation continuing 190 minute speech the party that passionately our the policy measures she wants to pursue in the future. isn't enough to be the repair service of the republican we need to become the workshop of the future again that's our goal and that's what we want to do one time in my mind one of those in the audience was fleet ice melts revival and that's has attacked by k.k.
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several times in recent weeks this time he seemed surprisingly loyal under calm cardboard morgan a.k.k. gave us strong courageous and forward looking speech this morning. peter god. oh very grateful to have felt that thank you via zend we are loyal to our chairwoman to our party leadership. and to the federal government chancellor angela merkel who has passed on the party leadership to come no longer takes part in these debates she used her opening speech to talk about more personal issues about him again so i thought if i move on today is also a very special day for me my own father because on november 22nd 2005 i was elected german chancellor for the 1st time and this remains something very special to me. is on the bus for me nicole's political child. they could come. is giving it
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all at this fierce conference and sofa she is one at least for now. correspondent kate brady joins me from that cd you conference susan for us kate the phrase of the day back me or sack me is anyone likely to take a k.k. up on the challenge. well i think if we look back to earlier today and look at that 7 minute standing ovation that she's known as received after she gave that 90 minute speech and i think the simple answer there is no she really called her critics bluff today putting an offer on the table as you say was very much back me or sack me that said although it seems as though that leadership issue is off the table right now for the c.d.u. that question is definitely going to come up again next year when the c.d.u. like could germany's other political parties will be gearing up for those 2021
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elections and selecting who is going to run for them as their candidate to replace . as the german chancellor so this is an issue they certainly going to be cropping up again very soon. let's talk about that because one of a case harshest critics has been for years max i mean we saw some rather conciliatory words there what can we expect from him now. this one of the big questions that's been doing the rounds here in the here in the light zig we heard from mets a somewhat more conciliatory tone compared to what some of his other comments have previously been particularly when it comes to the party leader of the c.d.u. a.k.k. but at the same time he did stress today that he would be interested in a role in the c.e.o. in future but didn't really expand on exactly what he would see that role has because as you mentioned he has been one of cain's loudest critics and so it still is definitely very likely that he will come back in 2020 when the c.d.u.
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is deciding on here is going to put forward the 2021 elections and throw his hat into the ring as at the end of the day think it's still very clear even though we have even though we had a somewhat more conciliatory tone today he's very much keen to become germany's next chancellor and that the party leader of the c.d.u. those are 2 of the biggest names floating around right now but the question is who else could become the next chancellor let's have a listen to our main last it is the state premier of north rhine-westphalia that's germany's most populous state we spoke with him earlier. this party occupies a political center ground and anyone wanting to change that course will find no support from the delegates here. everybody here wants us to remain a broad church party which takes climate change seriously but also has an industrial policy that secures jobs for the future such as those in the car manufacturing industry it's a mammoth task movies and of god and it's the maintaining european unity is another
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important task if the brits leave the european union the e.u. needs to remain capable of acting in europe nato needs to become stronger through greater involvement those are all policies that we'll be dealing with along after election day. the c.d.u. is been searching for political identity for political message for a while now might he be someone who could maybe at least help shape that message in the coming election. well it was interesting then that that sounded remarkably like some of the foreign policy that we actually heard from the c.d.u. party leader a k k so it does seem at least that he is playing by the party but right now we're not really creating a profile for himself that said he could still become some stiff competition for karrenbauer when it comes to the c.d.u. deciding on who they want to put forward as their candidate for the election in less than 2 years time even in opinion polls among voters right now he's polling
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ahead of a case it would be interesting to see exactly how he develops his role in the coming months and right now at least here at the party conference it seems that the party is very much keen to stress it is working on policy but at the same time at the end of the day i think to a large extent the future direction of the party will definitely come down to personality politics brady of the c.d.u. party conference and leipsic thanks very much. arda sports now in virgin racing's sam bird has won the opening race of the new formula easy racing season in saudi arabia the brit started in 5th place driving car number 2 with overtaking on the dusty circuit quite difficult burt made full use of his to power but was to move through the field he took the lead with 10 minutes to go and he held on beating german manufacturers porsche a mercedes on their series debuts. well surfing makes
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its debut at the olympic games in tokyo next summer and it's even caught on in some colder regions like here in berlin surfing enthusiasm in the german capital can now bride the waves without having to set foot on a beach take a look at that 7 young entrepreneurs open the city's 1st indoor surfing center in a converted warehouse the waves can reach a height of 1.6 meters and the water is nice and balmy 26 degrees celsius it's the ideal escape from the frosty early in winter. i've been i've been missing the sand personally this is news and these are our top stories e.u. officials have called for a camp i was in migrants near the bosnian town of be hunched and closed they say it's the best way to avoid the worsening of what is already
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a dire humanitarian situation or than 8000 migrants are stranded in bosnia hoping to cross into the e.u. viet neighboring croatia. voters in or why are preparing to choose their next president on sunday polls suggest the candidate from the center right national party is on course to end a decade and a half of left wing rule and yet another power shift in latin america campaigning is centered on concerns about a slowing economy and rising fears about crime. the leader of chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party has told delegates back me or sack me on a great car and power took over from miracle as party leader last year but the party's popularity has plunged under her leadership and taken a hit in recent regional elections. colombia's defense minister has confirmed the death of 3 people during clashes in the west of the country they were killed during nationwide demonstrations as part of the general strike against the policies of
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president to king's right wing government. this is the news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at d w news or check out our website d w dot com. this is the news live from berlin up next in eagle africa will need a tanzanian activist who is using cartoons to raise awareness about climate change i'm calling aspen stay tuned for that and more news coming after the top of the.
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