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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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the results of the referendum will be announced in december then papua new guinea's parliament will decide whether it will recognize the outcome. as long as their future as undecided in billions are concentrating on reconciling with the past. this is the news live from berlin stay tuned for business news with with rob watts for more news and global stories visit our web site that's d w dot com thanks for watching. but i do need to keep a lot of the old for over gretchen home before frankly the most news in that we can about. the bottom of the valley at the nasa dragon was one of. 3. degree books on. the tombs of the bodies
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leading here or do double triple play to talk about. let's go for it. 3 more cool. less people we have. let's have a look at so many of the matches around the still shaking in their roof that could breathe a sigh of relief so you don't want to. just go. to w. . and you head out to the european central bank but is it just business as usual christine legarde has given her 1st official speech of this piece even president breathing space for south african airways carrier and trade unions have agreed a deal to end and strike. and v is 1st victory of us has what it
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hopes is a winning idea to save fuel inspired by migrating birds. business data we have business i'm rob walks in berlin welcome. christine legarde has used her 1st official speech as president of the european central bank to put yet more pressure on wealthy euro zone countries to spend spend spend she told delegates in frankfurt that better targeted investment would be key to the region's challenges and urged them to create a greener more modern europe. a fresh face for the cameras but the message from christine lagarde was much the same as her predecessors it would be up to the eurozone members with the means to do it to help spend the region away from a possible recession. investment is a particularly important part of the response to today's challenges because it is both today's demands and tomorrow supply. and of course investments need to be
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country specific but there is to do a cross-cutting case for investment in a common future that is more productive more digital and certainly greener. legard clearly sees the future of the continent as modernized and environmentally friendly. the heads of germany's 2 major financial institutions started buying can come out the bank watched as she also called on the e.u. to complete its banking union and this was an appearance by a brand new e.c.b. president pushing not for revolution thank you but progress. now you might as part of this one on social media over the past 24 hours of video has been doing the rounds that tesla's in a long musk won't want to watch again as he was showing off the company's new futuristic cyber truck a demonstration of its supposedly unbreakable window glass didn't go to plan. a
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look. out the pickups unusual angular form though did draw some cheers if not a little been used and. well let's speak now to our financial correspondent in new york quarter said the size of a truck and that video how have they gone down on markets. well at least so far on wall street no takers the stock actually has done pretty well in the past couple of months toying around with an all time high but now on friday this stock was down by a good 6 percent the main reason not necessarily the broken windows even if that also caused there are some laughter down here on the floor on wall street but it's more the overall design and some skepticism is must so the head of tesla might be
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working on too many projects at the same time we're still waiting for a new as you view them hitting the market next year but on the other side maybe the reaction was also a bit overblown because we shouldn't forget this cyber truck is not going to hit the markets before 2 years old so there is still some time but at least for now no real takers see on wall street and when it does eventually hit the market say it will be tessa's 1st foray into the markets now can't understate how big a market that is in the u.s. can we. especially if you look at the profits if you look at market leader for ford for example they're selling or about 2 thirds of their cars they're selling here in the united states are big trucks but they make a good 70 percent of overall profits in the region seoul just just shows how lucrative the market is but if you look at the pickup market overall tesla isn't
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the only company playing around with electric trucks you also will have models from ford and general motors coming out in the next 2 years so tesla won't be the single player when it comes to electric trucks but overall it's a very lucrative part of the overall car industry here in the united states and by the way this mishap of tesla and also some skepticism about the design did to help the stock prices of the current leaders when it comes to pick up trucks so the stocks of general motors and ford traded tire by a good 2 percent here in the friday session so that smash was good for someone thank you very much the ends call it a correspondent in new york. now south african airways has reached a deal on wages with 2 trade unions it ends an 8 day strike that has paralyzed the
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cash strapped company and say is way down by nearly $2000000000.00 of debts but the south african government has refused another bailout for the form a state and one. the south african airways strike is a reflection of the broader woes afflicting the south african economy thousands of s.a.a. stuff went on strike more than a week ago after the flag carrier failed to meet a number of key demands including for higher wages and job insourcing the strike cost a $3000000.00 euros a day. ca's in terrible financial shape it suffered with heavy debts and hasn't turned a profit since 2011 survived with government bailouts. both sides in the dispute agree to a 5.9 percent salary increase to be paid out in march however this depends on funds actually being available unions that sought an 8 percent increase. s.a.a. says unions have agreed to instruct their members to return to work by saturday it
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expects schedules to return to normal by sunday. and as winston is many of us in countries closer to the polls can see huge flocks of geese making their way to warmer climes they had to take flights of many hundreds of kilometers and one of the ways they save energy is to fly in their familiar v. formation while your family maker adverse has taken some inspiration from that and aims to say feel with its own fellow fly project. the principle is called biomimicry nature inspired solutions for environmental improvements. was unveiled fellow fly a project that would boost the environmental performance of commercial aircraft and make a significant impact on emissions reduction for the aviation industry. this reshape model applied to aeronautics allows substantial gains we expect fuel consumption reductions of 5 to 10 percent on transatlantic operations that. the concept means
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planes will need to be flown with extreme accuracy the solution that airbus is working on involves pilot assistance functions to ensure a following plane remain safely positioned in the updraft of the aircraft in front just to hold the same distance at a steady altitude software solutions for that are ready and when they are the procedure will of course need regulating so to be quite a few years before we see the shape formations of eleanor's crisscrossing the skies . and taking another look into the future i.b.m. has been testing the mental mettle of its ai robots by getting want to debate against itself in the prestigious setting of cambridge university one of i.b.m.'s computers argued for and against the statement artificial intelligence will do more harm than good so here's the computer arguing against its own existence. ai will
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not be able to make a decision that is the morally correct one because morality is unique to humans now to hearing the robot give both sides the audience voted that ai would not do more harm than good excellent news for the computer. now pakistan's 2nd largest city lahore has not had a single day of healthy air this year according to amnesty international the charity says it raises significant human rights concerns schools across the city closed twice this month because the city was cloaked in toxic small. the horror has become a regular smoggy fixture atop the table of the world's most unbreachable cities. every november industrial pollution combines with burning waste and farm fires from neighboring india to turn the arab of pakistan's cultural capital into a file soup. because of
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a chink in the eyes there is trouble in breathing and it also affects the throat the punjab government should take some concrete steps to resolve this problem of them going to. close thousands of primitive brick kilns to ease pollution people most at risk such as the elderly and the very young are advised to stay home. so the schools are closing. given 2 days holiday to the children so that their health and their studies are not affected when god willing the weather clears will call them back the bad weather persists beyond 2 days we still call them so their studies won't suffer. medical journal the lancet reckons 22 percent of deaths in pakistan each year are caused by pollution. light rain or wind could ease the situation in the short term but long term groups like amnesty are calling on pakistan authorities to stop downplaying the crisis and take urgent action to protect people's health and lives the whore is running out of
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breath. and finally your chance to become a caped crusader a pair of batman and robin outfits described as the only known complete set actually worn on the 1906 television show all going up for auction in los angeles the costumes complete with capes masks boots gloves and types are expected to fetch between $150.00 and $200000.00 at the sale next month is also a working. phone and the shakespeare busts with hidden switch that opened the entrance to the bat. that has an estimated price of $40.00 to $60000.00. and that's all from v.w. business if you want more from us few can check out our website.
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if they're attacked they fight back. it seems a rather unfair fight clamps against them other danger. to. themselves or more of the world.
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thanks to. the new. leader. corin says. dr. murray's last record. 30 minutes to double. their goals isn't calculable. their egos consensual. their rivalry to. 3
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princes. who dream of leading the arab world. there are 4 hour and boundless ambition have crushed the middle east into a grave crisis. the muslims of the gulf states nov 27th on t.w. . the. good ship into tomorrow today the sunshine on d w coming up. europe's new launch rocket is due to take off in late 2020 what's up with other than the 6. aging in that lexus betterments how natural does a digitized voice sound. i once we look at plants they
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may seem new but they have their own way.


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