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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2019 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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to get out of the. land. the at. this is e w news alive are from band aid and germany's governing conservatives trying to overcome a leadership crisis and a clear to come can power presidents to quit as c.d.u. leader and that she gets her party's full backing this comes at a party conference where she hoped to cement the tradition and i'm going to back to success also coming up colombia's president calls for a dialogue to try to enter nationwide demonstrations against planned economic
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reform the government orders a curfew in the capital proper tyrell to several people were killed. and they call him the blacksnake of the county and is based around the rocket scientists using great is a man that ever building shelters for his fellow refugees. am . the as. i'm helena humphrey glad you could join me the leader of the governing christian democrats here in germany has issued an ultimatum in a debate over her leadership as the c.d.u. began its annual party conference on excited come told that it is that she was prepared to quit if they did not back well come out about took over from chancellor angela merkel a cd you need at last year but the party's popularity has continued to slide under her leadership. she went all the way and took on the challenge after several
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attacks in the weeks leading up to the cd use party conference and a great. post the big question to her party colleagues and leipsic. many of them i know if you feel that the road i want to go down is not the road you want to follow then let us talk about that today and let does end it today here and now today. how did the 1000 delegates react with this 7 minute standing ovation continuing 190 minute speech the party that passionately our the policy measures she wants to pursue in the future. isn't enough to be the repair service of the republican we need to become the workshop of the future again that's our goal and that's what we want to do one time in my mind one of those in the audience was fleet ice melts
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revival and that's has attacked a k.-k. several times in recent weeks this time he seemed surprisingly loyal only compound . a.k.k. gave a strong courageous and forward looking speech this morning. peter golic. very grateful to have that thank you via zend we are loyal to our chairwoman to our party leadership. and to the federal government chancellor angela merkel who has passed on the party leadership to come no longer takes part in these debates she used her opening speech to talk about more personal issues about him again so i thought i was on today is also a very special day for me i am fine because on november 22nd 2005 i was elected german chancellor for the 1st time and this remains something very special to me guns is on the walls for me nichols political call child and they couldn't come on
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power is giving it all at this conference and so far she's won at least for now. rajiv political editor he had a cafe standing right for us in the east and german city of lights at that party conference the big clash well it's off the table but i think one has to offer will that peace last. if you're right it's so down didn't happen and i very much doubt that this piece will last we saw an eclipse come convoy's key contender for the last in a vote against her just one year ago and seeing her becoming party leader well he basically said that he would be loyal to the party leader at the same time saying well if the party wants me to help out i'm available and this is been his message throughout the past year he still has his eyes set on potentially becoming. a real
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success and that would mean becoming candidate for chance technically were one way off that question one year off that question but we've seen of downward trend in the opinion polls both of the party and i'm going to come come by herself and it will now be up to her to develop a track record that she can turn around those trends or else she might see yourself going back to square one. also waiting a vote here where the grassroots in the end will vote on who becomes the candidate for chance and not a party conference and delegates that is not expected to go through if it did it would be a small revolution within the party and here are talking about everybody's jobs then what about chancellor angela merkel because she's taken a backseat to this conference that certainly has a legacy looms large so what will her role be in the next 2 years.
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is that is half way probably into the long goodbye of uncle america as the dominant figure in german politics and the dominant figure in this party she's clearly taking a back seat here she clearly has her eyes set on her political legacy in a much larger in a european context after all germany will hold the e.u. presidency at the end the 2nd half of 2020 and she wants to deliver a stable government with a very unstable coalition partner the s.p.d. going into that so she's keeping out of the party banter at the same time you see a party here that sending very clear signals of resistance when it comes to her foreign policy cause i'm going to self have refused to rule out who are way the chinese technology provider. a potential company to contributions to germany's 5 g. network that vital infrastructure that germany is planning on building here she got
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the message here from the delegates of the party conference that they want to see don't want to see any company without mentioning one way and that has tight ties to any government to take part in that competition so a clear message of resistance from her own party here ok me there at the city you party conference for us in leipsic thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world in japan foreign ministers from the g. 20 group of countries are holding their last day of meetings they have been discussing international trade a global governance is what is sustainable development goals south korea and japan have also announced that they'll continue an intelligence sharing agreement that was set to expire. pope francis has arrived in japan during his 4 day trip he will visit neck a sucky and here russia where he's expected to warn all of the dangers of nuclear weapons francis is on the 2nd and final leg of an asia tour that began in thailand
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. for what u.s. national security adviser john bolton has accused the white house of blocking him from his own personal twitter account bolton has not posted anything on twitter since early september when he left the role president donald trump to deny the accusation twitter well it declined to comment. colombia's government has ordered a curfew in the capital bogota to widespread protests across the country against planned pension and labor market reforms several people have been killed in clashes in the last 2 days and now the country's president even duke is calling for a national conversation in an effort to calm things down. more clashes in bogota a 2nd day of widespread protests while police used tear gas in the alleyway as thousands gathered in front of the national assembly before that protest was broken up to the demonstrations are hard to categorize as left wing or right wing people
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just seem fed up with the conservative government of president even dukie. your deputy general said only one i voted for him but i'm saying to do can show you a phase brother you don't allow there to be another drop of blood let me show your face mr president but he didn't pay later in the day do k. did show his face appearing on television to call for dialogue. by the putin deliberately muslim ana starting next week i will launch a national dialogue to strengthen the current a social policy agenda. we will work to develop a medium to long term vision i see it well you know that's what hope is to deal with inequality in our society rachel she adds. the demonstrations were kicked off by the rumor of changes to pensions and labor laws colombia is dealing with long simmering tensions over corruption and inequality unemployment especially for the
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youth is high duke is conservative government has seen its popularity plummet lot about what happened cannot be just a fight but protesting is the only way to make this government understand that we colombians need help by us the demonstrators want to draw attention to the reality a lot of people. with. the president has to see this and not just look at the protests this is a disturbance to public order this is a massive peaceful movement of people who want to be knowledged. workers have been busy cleaning up after these latest demonstrations of president to k. seems to have an uphill battle regaining the country's trust. well people in europe are preparing to elect a new president on sunday in iran a vote that might signal another power shift in latin america of the ruling party candidate daniel martinez won the 1st round of voting with 39 percent of ballots
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cast but he could well lose the 2nd round to a conservative rival has managed to assemble a broad coalition of potential supporters. and correspondent he's on the ground covering that election for a she told us what is that stake for you requires left wing government sunday's elections could mark the end of an era here and europe why they could pull the plug on 15 consecutive years of leftist rule in the country a time in what europe why has often been regarded as a beacon of hope in an unstable and unpredictable region they became pioneers in l g q and women's rights and the 1st country on earth to legalize recreational marianna but it when dealing economy a worsening security situation and a corruption scandal within the government has led people to turn their backs on the fed they are a coalition of disenchantment that opposition candidate apolo is now trying to tap
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into after a good result in the 1st round of the presidential elections he formed an alliance with almost all other opposition parties and with their support he's now sent to win the presidency nobody really knows what to expect of this coalition it's made up of representatives from all parts of the conservative spectrum but a lot of europe winds don't mind to them they represent change a change that they desperately want to see in the country. a correspondent and they call inflation now 8 years of civil war in syria have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes and seek shelter in camps for displaced people there many sleep shoulder to shoulder in flimsy and lead tents now in one refugee camp in . northwestern iraq people are asking a welder to build new study shelters for them and with winter approaching his skills are in high demand. germar has made a virtue from a dreadful situation being displaced himself the 34 year old has been making
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a living building tens for those who have also lost their homes. the blacksmith of a camp because a lot of people came to me to make them tense i'm still in this line of business demand even now. most of the people here escaped from singe or a region in northwestern iraq it was overrun by so-called islamic state 5 years ago when you must 1st arrived and hundreds are no he never thought his blacksmith business could survive here. god knows but we came here in state for a while of a camp but there were very few tense so i had to make my own i made a small one and people saw it. jamal has sold 150 of these tents in the past month to ease his workload a few cousins have offered to help out. customers say the 10s of very
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robust unlike the flimsy alternatives. out. there and there are still now over here much of this custom tents is better than the ones provided by the aid organizations. it protects you from the rain and from the winter. the family puts the finishing touches to the shelter. is still far from an ideal place to live but it helps families to stay dry and warm during turbulent times. now a pair of batman and robin outfits describes the only known complete costumes war in the 1960 s. t.v. show is going up for auction in los angeles about on a robot costumes complete the cakes mosques boots gloves and tights are expected to fetch between $150.00 and $200000.00 the december auction now there's also
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a working batmobile backfired on the shakespeare bust with a hidden switch that open the entrance to the back case which has an estimated price of up to $60000.00. quite tempted by the bat phone i must admit this is the w. news live from berlin coming up next our series reporter goes to denmark to see a school where students learned through role play and then humphrey in berlin aussies racing. to. earth. home. of species. worth saving. yes those are big changes and most start with small steps and became global interiors tell stories of creative east people and innovative projects around the world. used to. use to religious organizations and
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