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the at. this is g.w. news live from by a natural bodies governing a conservative trying to overcome a leadership crisis the nikkei to come up threatens to quit is c.d.u. leader unless she gets have parties full backing this comes at a party conference where she hoped to cement her position as angela knack of success are also coming up colombia's president calls for dialogue to try to end nationwide demonstrations against planned economic reforms the government orders a curfew in the capital guitar up to several people killed. and the ministry of
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sydney's last piece of the bird there was a bandit in a warehouse for decades this piece of history is now on public display. the at. my head of the humphrey glad you could join me a victory for the head of germany's governing conservatives and kate come on by a managed to head off a rebellion of her party conference yesterday warning delegates that was she would resign if she did not get their full backing now that a standing ovation come carabao took over from chancellor angela merkel a c.d.u. leader at last year but the party's popularity has continued to slide under her leadership. she went all the way and took on the challenge after several attacks in the weeks leading up to the cd use party conference and
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a great. post the big question to help party colleagues and leipsic. many of them i know say if you feel that the road i want to go down is not the road you want to follow then let us talk about that today and let does end it today here and now today. how did the 1000 delegates react with this 7 minute standing ovation continuing 190 minute speech the party that passionately our the policy measures she wants to pursue in the future. isn't enough to be the repair service of the republic and we need to become the workshop of the future again that's our goal and that's what we want to do one time in my mind one of those in the audience was fleet ice melts revival and that's has attacked a k.k. several times in recent weeks this time he seemed surprisingly loyal under come.
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a.k.k. gave a strong courageous and forward looking speech this morning. peter golic darfur oh very grateful to her for that thank you via zend we are loyal to our chairwoman to our party leadership. and to the federal government chancellor angela merkel who has passed on the party leadership to come no longer takes part in these debates she used her opening speech to talk about more personal issues about him again so i thought i was on today is also a very special day for me my own fun because on november 22nd 2005 i was elected german chancellor for the 1st time and this remains something very special to me guns is on the walls for me nicole's political child and they couldn't come. is giving it all at this conference and so far she is one at least for now.
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and our chief political editor mccarrick you for is standing by for us in the east and german city of lights the at party conference good to see day to all the party conference one of the big topics what's going on there now. well really the overarching issue was for and if it come to avoid some kind of clash some kind of so down scenario with the man who lost against her in last year's vote for the party leadership she did that on the 1st day and on the 2nd day also a motion by the youth organization you were on your own didn't go through which called for a grassroots vote on who would take the party is sansa candid into the next elections which are scheduled in 2 years' time so she avoided that particular cliff as well because that would have weakened her claim to become exactly that candidate
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and to then have a chance to really become america's successor in the chancery if the c.d.u. wins and that's that's still an if because the party is in a downward trend and so her opinion polls have ratings and now she has to prove that she can turn that trend around both personally for her and for the c.d.u. and if she doesn't then we might well be back to square one in a couple of months from now but here let's talk about angela merkel in all of this because. she has got the support of merkel but at the same time her legacy looms large so what will be america's role in the next 2 years. yes it's a very long goodbye from about also became apparent here at the c.d.u. where she was the representation of the seedy use governmental role leading the government with the social democrats at the same time she is
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a living political legend and there's no way that an eclipse can really escape that at the same time we've seen a lot of new tone coming from a k.k.k. is she is known calling for a more proactive role for germany also meaning more military involvement that's a no go for anglo-american right now particularly that coalition and we see a german chancellor who's clearly looking towards the e.u. presidency of germany in the 2nd half of 2020 she wants to deliver german stability through that process and that's why she's becoming much more into an international politician and completely didn't get to her own party to say what the c.d.u. will stand for in the future she also got a bit of criticism here she's adamant that while way the chinese technology provider shouldn't be ruled out immediately from competing for the 5 g. network here in money. the pope party certainly wants to see that debated in the
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german parliament we'll see what comes about and reporting on all of it for us our chief political editor. the c.d.u. party conference it like saying thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a car bomb in a turkish held border town in northern syria has killed 9 people a monitoring group says 2 children are among those killed there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombing. pope francis has arrived in japan during his 4 day trip he will visit nagasaki and heart she hiroshima where he's expected to warn of the dangers of nuclear weapons francis on the 2nd and final leg of an asia tour that began in thailand. british comedian and actress sasha baron cohen has accused the facebook of spreading disinformation and amplifying hatred by
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running political advertising without fact checking it baron cohen said that if facebook had existed in the 1930 s. adult hitler would have been able to post anti semitic ads on the social media site of the. former u.s. national security advisor john bolton has accused the white house of blocking him from his own personal twitter account bolton has not posted anything on twitter since early september when he resigned from the role president donald trump has denied the accusation twitter for its part has declined to comment. colombia's government has ordered a curfew on the capital bogota to widespread protests across the country against planned pension and labor market reforms several people were killed in clashes over the last 2 days now the country's president event 2 k.'s calling for a national conversation and an effort to calm things down. more clashes in bogota a 2nd day of widespread protests while police used tear gas in the alleyways thousands
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gathered in front of the national assembly before that protest was broken up to the demonstrations are hard to categorize as left wing or right wing people just seem fed up with the conservative government of president even dukie. your deputy going to tell you what i voted for him but i'm saying to do can show you a phase brother you don't allow there to be another drop of blood let me show you face mr president but he ended up later in the day do kate did show his face appearing on television to call for dialogue. by the putin approach you must your mana starting next week i will launch a national dialogue to strengthen the current a social policy agenda. we will work to develop a medium to long term vision i see well you know that's what hope is to deal with inequality in our society rachel she adds. the demonstrations were kicked off by
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the rumor of changes to pensions and labor laws colombia is dealing with long simmering tensions over corruption and inequality unemployment especially for the youth is high duke is conservative government has seen its popularity plummet. what happened cannot be just a fight but protesting is the only way to make this government understand that we colombians need help by us the demonstrators want to draw attention to the reality a lot of people live with. the president has to see this and not just look at the protests this is a disturbance to public order this is a massive peaceful movement of people who want to be a knowledged. workers have been busy cleaning up after these latest demonstrations of president do k. seems to have an uphill battle regaining the country's trust. where people in europe why are preparing to elect a new president on sunday in
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a runoff vote that might signal another power shift in latin america the ruling party candidate danielle martinez one of the 1st round of voting with 39 percent of the ballots that he could well lose the 2nd round to a conservative rival who has assembled a broad coalition of potential supporters. what he wanted to make is on the ground she's covering the election for us there and she told us what is at stake for your requires a left wing government. sunday's elections could mark the end of an era here in europe why they could pull the plug on 15 consecutive years of leftist rule in the country a time in which hero why has often been regarded as a beacon of hope in an unstable and unpredictable region they became pioneers in l g b t q and women's rights and the 1st country on earth to legalize recreational marianna but when doing economy a worsening security situation and a corruption scandal within the government has led people to turn their backs on
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the coalition a disenchantment that opposition candidate louie's lucky a poet is now trying to tap into after a good result in the 1st round of the presidential elections he formed an alliance with almost all other opposition parties and with their support he's now set to win the presidency nobody really knows what to expect of this coalition it's made up of representatives from all parts of the conservative spectrum but a lot of europe winds don't mind to them they represent change the change that they desperately want to see in the country a correspondent and it. will be this month germany mark 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall and while much of the wall was destroyed often 1989 pieces of it are now found all over the world including as far away as australia will this huge slab here it made its way down on to where it ended up sitting abandoned for years
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but now it's been given a new home a park and in a city where it was unveiled to the public at a ceremony earlier. but the back story of this piece of the wall is as quirky as it is mysterious his mall from sydney. you know how to cuff loosely translated everyone is powerful 30 years ago people power helped bring down the building wall and this piece of it ended up in sydney but for decades it sat forgotten in a warehouse the german businessmen who rented space for it here disappeared leaving his 3 ton memento behind warehouse manager raymond couldn't track him down all find anyone else who wanted to take it. but you know i just had a very simple stipulation you can have it free of charge just type of transport. people seem interested i can see a couple photos here or there but then when it came to it just no one seemed to be interested in going through and taking it but earlier this year
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a new i know was found online the logistics firm with german ties then moved the war for free to its new home in a park outside the sydney office of the german cultural organization go to institute a reminder now of peace and human rights i think it's the most important is that i remember that freedom and human rights and if they are not for granted so we really have to remember what history and we have to think about like oh yeah and obviously . the fall of the wall was i mean everyone thought the military would go in but it was a peaceful revolution that brought it out and people have the power the ministry of the walls original or no has also been solved jennifer kubiak recognize the wall in a recent media report she posed in front of it as a child it belonged to her late father peter though jennifer says when he died in 2013 sorry to the exact story of the wall and why he left it.
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finally out in the open again the wall stands as a permanent memorial to the end of division half a world away in berlin. well up next actor kiefer sutherland shares his musical side on the w.'s night grease at the top of the hour plus even. in charge of the famous naturalist and explorer. to simulate racial politics on the phone while it's 250 the 1st day here in barking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. . well to house can well.


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