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tv   Night Grooves  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2019 3:15am-4:00am CET

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from the front. to sing along to superstar come from super. interactive exercises. everything is online. interactive jamming to for 50 w. . bush hello airplanes this is new balls speaking what come to the show with the ding dong xoai high end concert. with filibuster is going. to sound. and then incredible location. tonight. on t.w. . to get a better. welcome to house and welcome to
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a new episode of night groups our guests today are from hollywood and from ethanol in the black forest region we know her songs from the german the movie good to and from the international production pump a she has thousands of followers she's here madly in juneau. thad you president in the show designated survivor and she has never and us never resting anti-terrorist power in 20 fall today you'd be playing the guitar we are so excited to welcome kiefer sutherland. her.
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thank you i want to thank you for that the emmy that's a crunch donna from will fame as well as it's hard to be i want to excel she can mock treat me in yeah she must piss on the office and not really own actions over the phone because of it's the whole i have a leash on being asked so as i can tell you on bus from dia and adam was it well i think it took me a while to get to a place where i felt like i had something to say i've been writing songs for the last 15 years finally got to a point where i really like the way they sounded and for the last 5 years been flying around the world and the audiences that we play to have been extraordinary and one of the great experiences of my life hasn't even use of talking is the cake that's when he got caught and he at least a little or that what yes yes how many i mean was he conscious and body of you and . he was kind of you know spent just as it was ok we're going to play.
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now the 1st song kiefer sutherland something you're not. really new and all. we. follow. was all the theory is i. mean. normally i am a play. we
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. play. the airplane. i am a player a player. told me. a little tab along. the way like. you have a. great game. playing. a remote place.
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play. live player play play play live play play. play.
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in going away to. be played live play live. plenty. thank you but that's going to make it work on something you love actually it's too often tights how good music. you know it's not about what i love. that song
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was really written because i've always considered myself to be the luckiest person i know but i've had a lot of friends and i've watched people from afar that have worked too hard in their life to have to support their family or their friends and they don't get enough time for themselves they don't have the luxury that i've had to do professional rodeo work to do music or to be able to work as an actor they work hard jobs and my song is kind of a plea to them. no matter what find some time for yourself because at the end of your life if you look back and all you've ever done is things for other people you'll miss it and and i watch too many people work that hard so it's a plea to them to do something that they love the songs once you start writing those on a very personal level i've often thought that that what i love about acting is very similar to what i love about music it's storytelling and i like sitting in a bar with my friends and telling stories it's something i've loved since i was
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a child and to be able to do it musically allows me to do it on a much more personal level there's a song on the record called song for a daughter that's about my daughter there's a song called scatcherd which is where my mother's from that's about my mother i have. on my best day i'm not jack brower so that's a character this is not and so i try to find a picture that honestly represented myself finished 5050 guineas systems woods was our condition is to. some distance on the cliff at the prison just one day of class exactly this has to expire and that it's at an end and that right sites but i'm stuck with high home when i'm from brain. to constantly and only fascinated by. you know i have i haven't had a holiday for a long time. you know i love working as an actor in fact a lot of the songs are the ideas for the songs were written all the way back when i was doing a show called 24. yeah and then. took
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a little time off and then i showed at the start of the show called designated survivor yeah and. you know a lot of those songs were written during that time i would work for 5 days on the show and then have 2 days off in the band and i would go perform 2 concerts and then i would go back to work so you find time for what it is that you love to do. so i've never you know as soon as we finish this tour in europe at the end of the month i go straight back to doing a film for warner brothers so it's you make your choices and i have a i have a full schedule that's you know i'm going to evolve into films tog game and i'm just pissed professor in it that's on the stand and just the shifty vess i'm they just said to me of they just get so much from him a lot need to be pals and he got a piece of well in you don't have to be done all lead up to try to do that so much but yeah. you know it's i think that's very different but it is
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a form of self-expression but make no mistake about it touring is a lot of work when i sed when i started i had was you know i love everybody in that band we're friends and i love spending time with them and i thought at the beginning it was going to be us having a lot of fun on the bus and land for a couple hours and i'm in a bunch of drinks. it doesn't go like that yeah the whiskey doesn't agree with the voice and so are you have to kind of be good when you're on tour and so it is a lot of work but it's the satisfaction is actually being able to go to an audience that really doesn't know you they might know characters that you played and i don't know them but at the end of the show we walk away feeling that we had a lot more in common than we thought that's a good night it's just cool that's awesome and new ball rising you can oh my you can still be stuck inside the house mika hasn't i have i have not i walked around
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all day yesterday and just thought the city was beautiful everybody has been very very nice to us over the way we've been here for i think 18 hours yeah and have really enjoyed it it was much nicer yesterday when the sun was out than anything with the rave about us how to design the old obviate muffin. and absolute to the intuitive cabin view that there starts as we get to a born and to minister to me of all ties that bind us and he has said. as i would know it's very very beautiful and it's also it's a mixture of times which i think is really interesting in the history of art deco and a lot of the qualities of the architecture here represent that and it is really very beautiful to dodge and that's what i wanted to see owned by the has to show my intent of will and. i did for a while when i was doing $24.00 i met a girl in los angeles who lived in cologne and and we spent some time together in los angeles and the 2nd i got a break i went to go stay with her in cologne and it was what was amazing about it
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. obviously i don't speak german and i rish i had learned this when i was in school . especially for the amount of time that i spend here now. but that was really my introduction to germany and it was the 1st time i'd taken 6 weeks off and i just came to visit with her and stayed with her and she would go to work and i would walk her dog and i got a lot of time down by the river and and then i would meet people and and for all that all the german that i cannot speak so many people spoke english so yeah they took me in and i feel bad about this now when i left after the 6 weeks. i could say a few things in german i could i could get around the town and unfortunately unless you keep practicing that it goes away but i think i certainly could order a drink and by the time i was conscious you know about animals and stowage them b.c. i'm going to shut up they call me jill jill and i know how the how deadly much is
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since against i miss profits and you know. i don't think i think about you. i mean that cost is that it's of yes yes and yes i counted. them against gets in 15 yards at least in keno vadim tigers ox is steeped stop speech and extreme fuck i got you. just got him some to. rick by the end some adults who have to you know if you don't know that song am not begun and also too small for me. to sum to his' additionally see he have to add to the justice of god yeah yeah yeah fantasy island out to take action you know nothing it last and passed into his you
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can make a buck yeah actually i hope when i find a band oh yeah right yes you can feel 9 contention of this they got it from job to him dining. out how long had he been able to stay here competence a big life crazy yes too but i just finished i might let you know someone who can just get some attention come back i'm. going on will tell you about in the groove all leibovich the fun of chats all of my continual mcconkey nuke. the slogan. for. good food is for the nerds caution to somos was for. his coat.
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and some good food good good good good. good. good good good. good. good. good. good. going to. be a. little 1st born in the months old be a food in order. for them with. some advice
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no funds go beyond that sars was. the son of a. gun. us a sad. lemon. damage . than. it was the sudden isn't. the end. of. the law the ancient clock. the longer the. closet.
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the. sad. the was. told. the audience. it was. the audience. thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you so tricky because
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you're going to be most of us were staying on some of the stuff of these that put a little bit on the miss very nice shot back so i knew i was. finished when they finished moving on to so i suppose it's how the guys can get on to an assessment in that they're going. up is it going to come such an awful supply yeah well done come down before i leave what company i will be as the hype of the senate is from going to an office dimensions or hey mr bunk how does that song thing up for held up some food for thought these are some gaps for a half decent song doesn't necessary for them. and. for the past and so if i keep it last mcnish beautiful. song by the street yeah this is and i'm simply going to for the you know the after 10 minutes is what i say is it's i mean come and sometimes they would. have been known as a bit aloof smokers yeah thank you finding thank you thank you
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thank you. and a familiar music yeah. i love a mix of between. and i love wonderful guitar listening. by fatah she acts like i'm a mom i had healing was an extra good. job of us was how much it was an image of us is that something i did instrumental middlemen i don't have to push back and forth. and i'm not going to look. specifically to the system which would seem to but i don't for me to say you but once. rest of us do know you believe this it's a good muslims and you get is how sometimes to global i mean you talk of their country the mahomedan that didn't have one people. and some bit of to knock on heaven's door. comments that's what knocking on heaven's door we do play or not all the time. i like the story that i get to tell when i play it. my
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mother and father broke up when my sister and i were 4 years old i have a twin sister and so. it's a very funny time actually because my mother had to go back to canada where i grew up and find a place for us to live in a place for us to go to school so for about 6 months we were left unsupervised with my father and my mother was the one who had all the rules and my father had none i think i mean absolutely not and so it was one of the funniest times i'd ever spent and really one of the closest times i've had with my father and my sister and he used to take us to nursery school and he had long hair this is like in 71 and it's huge beard and a leather jacket he just looked different than all the other parents and he used to drive us in and all for ari that he won in a poker game a lot and in that ferrari was an 8 track player and you probably don't know there's been a track player is a musical device that played music back in the seventy's that no longer exists and
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he played one record for 10 years and it was a bob dylan record and so. i would like to tell that story about my dad and just say i like to play this because it does it reminds me of a really funny very sweet innocent time with my dad and my sister yeah you get some meaning hide in the home you don't need to not see. out how much not. this is going to be what it's. that you know i think that's i often. if it's any. big bad.
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world. god just. be a. good . old go. knock knock knock. knock knock on. doors for. a good long.
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sucker issues you. need more. black eye. contact. and on. the. job. both.
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thank. you. if you. think you keep it i have to tell them in a form or yet have been here have hit the fan you have to keep our william
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frederick dempsey job sniffles such as us if we spend much of that with us. i think we made the joke that my father. we didn't have any money at the time and that he probably owed a lot of people money and he said you if you feed me tonight i'll name my 1st son after the world or so i got like me. actually honestly i really wasn't given really crucially in frederick was his father george wirth was his best friend king for him for george rufus. we still don't know if you know of dozens and 7 cities and kinda that never been mine you can never have a nominee tight seem a team helped nominees to funes and concede on speed to an under the name. passport of the sun and saw this last sunday talk. just might be funny still need my vice on the fence that's going to be doesn't fit it can still document that key fact i just can't so i 97 you know certainly not anyone. of the age of 20
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i have met people who have come to me and said that they've made their kid f. after me kind of thing and then i fuss and and then i look at the child and i say i'm so sore and i was all right. and then i try and tell them you know it's going to be tough to live about 1516 years old and then you're going to be really glad you have it now i thought boy you're going to get your butt. to me got a look at me i quit and to tell you this mad sometimes yes sometimes when i mention it like this case it's all just job i've been told that and it's a kind of extreme and i'm a citizen of trying to get it. in fact i think there was a reviewer for the very 1st film i ever made in canada and he had been in a fight with my father over
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a book and when the movie came out he said kiefer sutherland like his german name has the paste passion of a shade tree and the charisma of a mode log and i was like oh that's not good that's not good i've done and he since that that that reviewer wrote me a beautiful letter saying that it was it was unfair but i thought it was very clever of him too to actually figure out what the maybe really meant i was named after a man named warren kiefer so it was a last name and he was the writer of my father's 1st job my father's 1st film will cain yes and not just to tease to hold you know. i don't know all the monuments the right word but i'm a legacy concern you are. mostly done it takes a leap to have the sense of i am sending to work games that would have come through the stuff on complex 10 downing street the constant younes that's come to know is a touchy one on each type that i look. at this is.
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my negotiation at sea animals and my it's so obvious i meet them constructs i'm one kind of cycles of us as well so smart that us have to walk investment you know and i finished iraq. and off just about the victims in the let's. get out and people. i miss back live at a concert with influences i'm. silent. there there are a lot of artists that we sing on the name of the labels our work so i started with a wonderful artist by the name of jude called rooster all the records that came through there i think at the height of the label we had about 15 artists ok iraq to work in the bird was one of the big ones we did a couple albums for life house. in the 10 years that we had that i was very active in the label we had so many great artists coming through that were writing all the
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time and i would vote that makes sense or yeah maybe i'll start i'll just start with a title or maybe you know i'm going to start with a chorus for this one and i would pick little traits that these other writers would have and i kind of found my own formula to how to kind of start a song and once i did that it was like the dam opened and i had a lot to say and the true albums that i've made in the songs that i've written are the closest thing that i've got to a journal kind of of my life and so. it was it was a really important time for me and so the label was very very important and all those other artists went to much bigger labels and and so you know fastest you consent of the movie keaton. oh my god yes absolutely and i don't care if you're a painter i don't care if you're a writer i don't care if you're an actor. or a musician. it's hard don't give up ever because
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the actors some of the actors that i've known over the years didn't make it till they were in their forty's and they were just plugging away and plugging away and they get a little part here a little play there and then all of a sudden you know the right film comes along and they went an academy award and i've seen that happen and so and one of the interesting things for me because i started when i was 15. most of the people that were working around the time that i started working there they don't work anymore they're gone for whatever reason they had a family they didn't like the lifestyle whatever reason they call it that if it's really that important you don't give up your time will come and you weren't word. he 5 am destroyed it didn't seem to happen here that he set up an event. she in 2nd row for votes.
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and i would love to hear the next song from kiefer sutherland open roach. treat. me. like house in the sky. peace a sheen we. got this morning. among the 5. 100.
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play. play. play. play. play play. play. play play. play. play. play play. play. play. politically.
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plane. flew planes luckless play politically .
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and even have to ask the student this injustice was done at all scots who just 5 months into contact with the minister to conduct in future them to accept me as i have also because i'm sure i can fling up claiming my of us or she didn't know i mean i've had to in russia human emotions come to i want to you have to do it and let's make it so it shouldn't have to run i wish to have and. if i wish out in the future tensions and one point is anything to get out and been once just about mining council surely off the off the ball tucked in the hobbesian view that sifton and passion for talking to us moving into small steinfeld to say it's time for me to be in a listening that's all but been asked one of my time that's all 6 of i thank you
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enough and while i'm gone and in the halls you know and it's happened to me so i got to contend for the next and then i asked me to eventually make the spending that's on me and. key for the last cannot feel listed officially have additional so last monday to gain a lesson and i can make children don't leave now don't leave the state construct a goal but at the time they don't i mean i i left home when i was 15 years old i ran away from home. and i used to have to explain to people it wasn't because i had a bad childhood i had the best childhood ever. but the world was out there and it was exciting and i wanted to be a part of it try to get my kids to get a job when they were 19 or or anything outside of university the world changed i mean a lot of my daughter's friends my youngest daughter's 31 i have 2 grandsons they go
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to college they come back they move into the home it's very different culturally yeah than it was certainly in the seventy's in the eighty's in the deep sea and i ended up italia and pass on high to the hard to really slow but he said you know that's you'll have to me after i had this time yeah yes young did and i think it's a balance of economics. smaller population and the world's gotten dangerous and yes that's just part of what it does today. yeah. took a couple years but yes. you know if i had the kids alone there was only so much macaroni and cheese you could get really really bad. and the kids just started growing in front of me and and the truth is i was really scared to poison them. if there's a very big. holiday in canada and the united states thanksgiving and traditionally
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you make a turkey you can poison someone very quickly with a turkey that's under cooked or slow cooked over a long period of time and that freaked me out so i was in a desperate effort not to kill my own children i went to learn i. guess. that's the most happy about you know i'm not i'm not a super chef but. there are certain things that i like i'm kind of a picky eater and so i've learned to do some very basic things which will sound really silly but a good roasted chicken a good steak a good stew. things that will be relatively nutritious but that you'll enjoy. and then i started getting into asian culture you know and so yeah i've always enjoyed it that's actually the most relaxing thing i have experienced it's not necessarily music or filming. but actually getting all the ingredients putting them in order following the rules that i actually find quite soothing if you haven't had
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a tendency on impulse you know the help himself azaz to be at the beach what is evil to all the gluten in dockyard and young and old school doing testing dubuis on the bidding on when you haven't time to heal a launch meccania cost a new woman and you've got to know what that's going to change me and soon as long as i walk it says i stretched calmness well yet you don't yeah i think he was you know seen what's behind us here this village he had was going. yeah i got back on it would still come out on something hellish highlight and this is high and yeah i got up and i sing and listen to what you want to thank. you for and see in the living room now we're looking forward to give us some of the land with a golfing. cold
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. water. please there are live our lives
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who. live. live. or let's. play play play play poker for the. click . click . click. click.
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click. click. click .
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this is d w news live from berlin hong kong heads to the polls in key local elections chief executive kerry lam is under pressure pro-democracy protesters want to send her and beijing a message so it is one they'll cut off the fold defiance breaks out again also coming up pope francis takes a stand against nuclear weapons the pontiff makes a symbolic visit.


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