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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2019 6:00am-6:15am CET

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this is do w. news live from berlin tom kong heads to the polls and key local elections chief executive carrie lam is under pressure pro-democracy protesters want to send her and beijing a message though it is one that will cut off the vote defiance breaks out again also coming up hope francis takes a stand against nuclear weapons the pontiff makes a symbolic visit to nagasaki in japan where he calls upon the world's nuclear nations to scrap their arsenals. and bolivian lawmakers approve
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a bill paving the way for elections without former president evo morales the interim government hopes a new poll will end weeks of under arrest that have left dozens dead. i'm all me and use of welcome to the program we start in hong kong where people are voting in municipal elections the vote is seen as a test of kerry limbs probation government and a referendum on the pro-democracy movement that has rocked the city for months a record number of residents have signed up to cast their ballots. hong kong is a used to queuing for restaurants conventions but not for an election especially not on a sunday morning and even before the polling stations open. moments after the queue started to form came a familiar face pro-democracy leader aung he himself was part from running district
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house for your action is that you action in more community based more districts of course it was an issue is that overall hong kong political system reform but i still urge people both in action to show up this called hard to beijing. many voters see these local elections as a referendum on whether the public still supports the protests hong kong has been rocked by almost 6 months of unrest some of it violent but calm returned in the run up to the election protests his feet the government my call of the vote for we are facing an extremely challenging situation in organizing this year's elections but i'm pleased to say that with the concerted efforts of all parties including of course over 30000 civil servants in many departments working today we should have a relatively peaceful and calm and vironment to conduct these elections
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successfully for now peace has temporarily returned to the city but this could change depending on the results. for more i'm joined by our reporter hong who has been following the events in hong kong. this election is just a municipal election so it's pretty rare that a municipal election like this would give so much attention 100 congress can you explain that of the more or yes i mentioned in a report people see this vote as a referendum on whether the public still supports the ongoing protests so and this is also one of the freest elections in hong kong people get to choose the district council is directly and the results will tell you whether the pro-democracy camp or the pro-government camp is as more popular and decides to council does have a little impact on the political landscape in hong kong the chief executive in hong kong is elected by 1200 members of an election committee and in that community
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actually 100 around 100 of the members are actually from the district council and they represent hong kong people directly so of course the number is very small but this is highly symbolic yeah and given is the symbolism that it's taken on conics can we expect more people to come out to the polls this year yes so to turnout rate so far has been very high compared to the last election 4 years ago so far 25 percent of the registered voters already cost their ballots and that's within the 1st 4 hours of the polling it was 13 percent it's 13 percent more than the last time and do we know if the pro-democracy camp or the probation camp is likely to win more seats in this election we don't really know because the pro establishments campus in general they are very strong in the district council elections partly because they're well funded and they can make better campaigns sometimes they sent gifts to encourage voters to vote for them but since the protests erupted
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a lot more people have become more political become more political and they are more aware of politics and this time though been nearly 4. 100000 new voters yeah that's a lot and many of them are young young people 1st time poll says and they're in support of the protests so this could make a big change to the election results in just thinking ahead a little bit after the election how could this election outcome depending on what it is how could this affect the protest movement that has developed in hong kong over the past few months well if the pro-democracy chems wins a carriage bring of it could give a fresh impetus to the current protests because it has already lost a little momentum after a university campus has become under siege by the police that's about a week ago but experts have also warned that if the probation cam wins that cured the protests could die down because they called the protesters con find any kind of
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find any reasons to go on with the protest but it could also happens that the voters may find out some kind of manipulation in the vote or they may speculate that and that can trigger a fresh protest as well. thanks for your insights there actually do you know the reporter. now pope francis has called upon world leaders to scrap their nuclear arsenals the pontiff made the appeal during a visit to japan the final leg of his tour of asia francis visited nagasaki one of 2 cities devastated by an american nuclear attack in the closing days of the 2nd world war in the heavy rain there he spoke of the suffering and derb by the victims of that attack the pope even went so far as to call the possessions of nuclear weapons quote perverse. earlier i spoke with tokyo based journalist you're almost i asked her how the pope's anti-nuclear message is being received in
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japan of course as you mentioned nagasaki is one of the cities where which was always rated by the atlantic also people who have very strong feelings in japan against nuclear weapons and. will also be speaking with atomic bomb survivors so this message of peace coming from the actual cities 1st from a psyche and then the hiroshima. atomic bombs will have a deep impact on people all over the world and it does in japan especially there's also the of course. issue that kind is under constant threat from north korea for example and when it comes to nuclear weapons and there have been lots of testing in the past missile testing from north korea so it's an ongoing issue in japan and people who feel very strongly about it so the pope's message will be received here
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so this is the 1st papal visit to japan in 30 years what is the significance for japanese christians. well japan has about one to 2000000 christians and only about 500000 perhaps catholics so for them the 1st visit in 38 years by the pontiff because the last one was in 1901 is huge christianity on like in other countries is a minority religion in japan and most of the people here it's here to shintoism and to buddhism so the 1st christian missionaries arrived in the 16th century and however after 20 years or so christianity was outlawed and. what we call human christians period human christian meaning they had to basically . practice their religion in secret so there's even a hue of mark here is in for example that
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a psyche and pope will be visiting that. so. it is it is a huge thing that they are being recognized fine perhaps after so many years. that was journalist. now to some of the other stories making news around the world opponents and supporters of israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu have turned out in cities across the country one side called for his regular resignation while the other urged him to continue as an yahoo has been charged with bribery breach of trust and fraud but insists he will not step down. romanians go to the polls to elect a new president voters will decide between the incumbent president klaus your highness and former prime minister. whose government was recently ousted the run up to the poll has been dominated by public anger over allegations of corruption.
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anti-government protesters in colombia have taken to the streets for a 3rd consecutive day thousands marched in the capital but were stopped and dispersed by police the protesters are angry at president economic social and security policy. lawmakers in bolivia have passed a bill that paves the way for a new election with out x. president evo morales once rubberstamp the law will cancel the results of a disputed poll last month that vote morales win an unprecedented 4th term but then resigned after facing pressure from the military dozens of people have since died in clashes. finally after weeks of waiting and hours of standing in line natural gas a lifeline for people who've been reduced to using whatever fuel they can find. it is the essence with been coming here for 3 days and for nothing but now we were so
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guess we have very happy. the barricades that blocked this gas facility were put up by ex-president a for more alice's supporters a way to put pressure on the caretaker government it rules with the support of the military the more alice's movement for socialism party controls both houses of parliament. negotiators from the united nations and the european union helped craft a law allowing new elections. she knew that without a doubt this is the 1st step for bolivia to change course and return to democracy to hold credible transparent free and inclusive elections a soon as possible. however self-proclaimed interim president janine anya has rejected lawmakers attempts to give morales amnesty her government has accused him of sedition after he urged his supporters to keep up blockades. we have
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categorically affirmed that my government will not persecute any political union all civically death. at the same time we are clear that he or she who has not respected the law. who has committed crimes will not have amnesty of any kind. some of his supporters are still fighting running battles with the army soldiers were taken hostage briefly on saturday as they were guarding a caravan of dump trucks in a country where mistrust still runs high. legal word table toppers bruce you mentioned blood travel to the capital on saturday facing league newcomers when you don't believe in when you'll have shocked a few big teams so far this season and once again aim to upset the narrative. i withdrew because fans in
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a tight knit squad lynn is not an easy place to visit league leaders glad back knew an early goal would help silence the home crowd an entire stadium held its breast as patrick hammond's headache came back off the post. take it all exhale not long after the found himself in space and headed to host since her 15th minute lead. this was just 2nd goal of the season justifying his recall to the starting line up only on went close to doubling that lead to marcus and. the crowd back were posing the biggest threat and they should have leveled just before half time the normally clinical our sam player fluffing his big chance. fortress in the on was looking pretty solid and though the visitors dominated the 2nd half play they had precious little to show you for all their possession. it just wasn't their day typified went
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on breakaway in stoppage time sebastian anderson the man on target i the gleefully glanced in the deflected cross to head is to play is giving you need on another 3 points. to work all together and then we get the point so i don't know why. i think we should not think too much about it just keep on growing we're called that is our way to go or the game. is very hard league had a hard moment and now we're having a good moment i want to hone in on it as long as possible you know now well and truly mixing with the best not showing up yet another win retaught 6 club. well the bundesliga saturday games are now history so let's take a look at the other results. byron munich dominated dusseldorf rb lives there is defeated cologne leverkusen and freiburg share the spoils shock of the bremen
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wolfsburg down frankfurt on friday dortmund drew without a boy on sunday will take on the hint of elin and hoffenheim will meet my. news live from berlin thanks for watching. come along. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate comics on the front $250.00. morning on the 4 huge discovery. expenditure in one boy on the dole.


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