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if you did cologne leverkusen and freiburg shared the spoils shock of the bremen wolfsburg down frankfurt on friday dortmund drew without a boy on sunday will take on the hint of elin and hoffenheim will meet my. news live from berlin thanks for watching. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate. 250. dollars for each discovery. expedition in blood on. each head of halflings this is super bowl speaking when i come to the show with the ding dong xoai high end concerts.
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with phil mistress guests. and an incredible location. tonight groups every week on t.w. . if you happen to be watching this online i should tell you that you're not only the viewer you're also being watched. whenever we're online information brokers collect our data and use it to assemble user profiles that can on them a lot of money online tracking i want topics today on ships. it seems everybody's favorite buzzword these days is privacy even giants like
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google microsoft and facebook companies that basically invented gathering user data say they now also want to protect it i can't remember the last tech conference that didn't mention privacy seriously if i had gotten a euro for each time privacy was set at these events i could retire privacy as a human right. we strongly believe that privacy and security are for everyone not just a few so that's why i believe that the future is private. big promises but just how credible are these statements considering that business models are built around earning money with user data i know that we don't exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now to put it like he is right you know. and the creedence are still ahead of other companies data protection promises
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wasn't raised by reason privacy scandals so how does tracking work and what role do cookies play. whenever you visit a new website it's highly likely you'll be asked to accept cookies cookies or small text files that are placed on a user's device they contain information such as the user name entered for the language a website was accessed and. it's important to distinguish between 1st party cookies and 3rd party cookies. first party cookies are placed by the website being visited they can only be read by that domains owners and can help provide good user experience. 3rd party cookies on the other hand do not come from the site being decided they come from 3rd parties which interact in a global industry as this web page shows these data collectors are often linked to
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advertisements for social media buttons and can track a user over multiple websites. and they can harvest much more data than most users are aware of. it will be limiting online track and cookies a move it presents as a noble deeds to protect users privacy. the changes will concern chrome browser over 60 percent of us use other browsers like firefox or safari added automatic anti tracking features long ago so it looks like google is finally catching up. google announced its chrome update will allow users to block and delete 3rd party cookies visiting a website usually creates a number of 3rd party cookies running in the background many of which track users over different web pages. one challenge the browser update will have to solve is how to not delete cookies that are hopeful for the user. cookies via cookies tell
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the other side something about me. now that might be useful if i'm shopping online for example because it lets a website recall which items i've already placed in my shopping cart the invite uncorking the. as a user i'm like i want that remember that i don't whether i'd want a 3rd party is advertisers or trackers to know about it is an entirely separate questions on dozens of guys might agree with the website provider knowing something which i wouldn't want a 3rd party to know. to do that and beaten the straightest. googly wants to tackle the problem and allow users to distinguish and shoots it also wants to make it easier to see who 3rd party cookies are from. chrome has also taken on so called fingerprinting a method for creating a unique fingerprint of your computer instead of cookies i think of printing relies on method data such as time since screen resolution or plugins it's almost
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impossible for users to notice not to mention stop how well comes privacy settings will work well to a large extent depends on how user friendly they are. is already offered several different privacy settings but none of them have been easy to find other things nor have they contained restrictions for 3rd party cookies. so particle. people actively search for those settings but they us the car they leave everything in their default setting in the fortune maybe to their disadvantage. and best guess at these things were set more strictly by default. experience with previous updates has shown that when users have to actively seek out and choose their settings a few will go those extra steps. to truly protect user privacy it needs to be guaranteed by the default setting i myself often don't have time to switch my settings when i visited new and unfortunately that seems to be the case
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for most users now i know the internet has big brother capabilities if some guy with a camera following me around all day i would never stand for it but when ever i check my emails in the morning or visit the web page or look at what's happening on facebook or instagram over 103rd party tragos are following my every move this is the unpleasant truth behind tracking. cookies can be made visible with specialized software for example with firefox is free plug in might be. small triangles represent cookies the circles are web pages. it's look at all this $217.00 trackers on 12 site trick 3 that's nearly 20 trackers each fast massive. will be shut off and look at what's interesting is that they're all linked it is fun and. for just. these masses of data that increase with every click
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are of particular interest to the advertising industry advertisers make their money with personalized data and individually tailored commercials targeted ads based on a detailed analysis of user data make 90 percent of google's revenue and 95 percent of facebook's. the thing that i think people miss about this is that the more data is available that the more i can persuade you the way i want you to be persuaded. and what do users get from it mostly free access to an app not a good deal. in 2019 the big data and business analytics industry expected to have a turnaround of nearly $190000000000.00. the market is enormous tech giants like google and amazon get big slices of. but sold to less known kompany these are
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the data brokers. trading data is a lucrative market so-called data brokers gather personal data and enrich it with further information before trading huge databases he did he cut horner works for privacy international which is trying to make the data broker network more transparent. the reason most of us don't know data brokers is because we're not their customers with their product. data brokers gather data from numerous sources from public records at registration offices or sweepstakes or customer loyalty cards add to that the data on web surfing behavior provided by trackers or online profiles this tells them a user's name their address their chops but it also reveals what they like for instance what kind of music a person enjoys which series they watch and who they're friends with.
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axiom is one of the largest data brokers it compiles up to $10000.00 characteristics and attributes for a single profile. these individualized profiles can help banks landlords or insurance companies determine how likely it is a customer will pay. meanwhile the ad industry makes use of the profiles to micro target their hands. the basic rule is the more specific and current data is the more valuable and expensive it becomes and corporations are particularly interested in new chapters in our lives weddings pregnancies severe illness anything that changes our lives significantly also changes or consuming behavior and that's what companies want to know from a data broker knows if i'm single or married healthy or sick rich or poor they know what i do when i'm alone and when i'm with others. up to 10000 corrector estates in
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my profile and i know nothing about them i can't even verify if they're accurate still i get categorized according to my profile and is used to make decisions about me like whether i should get a specific car insurance or a bank loan and you advances in privacy software are meant to protect users from excessive data tracking at least in europe everything is supposed to be completely transparent by law tech giants really changing their ways fitted it has his doubts . that making great strides for years plus they say they spearheaded privacy and data protection but other large corporations in california are following suit. but it remains to be seen if that's all just a marketing ploy or if it will result in serious efforts. personalized advertising relies on tracking tools like cookies the advertisers
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generate large revenues with targeted ads and the biggest player in the market is google. but some critics fear that blocking chrome cookies could harm smaller competitors and websites trying to market themselves. and google stopping 3rd parties so advertisers from learning more about its users its may not be in the company's interest but what i'm more concerned about our users interests and if users are being shielded from 3rd parties more parties that they aren't aware of and whose methods they don't know if that protection is more important than the upsets it could cause in the advertising industry. even to. whether or not google and other tech giants really do care about privacy even if only to protect their business the initiative has certainly benefited the user. that sounds like it's good for users but it also makes google even stronger. they
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don't have to stop collecting data that's simply stopping others from doing it seems the battle for privacy is far from over what do you think is your privacy important to you do you feel trading your data for a service like google maps is a fair deal we'd love to know how you deal with these issues let us know on facebook on the w dot com or you do you see them bye bye. corin
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sis. docks. requiem. next month to tell the. truth. they get things moving. you gave me. a miniature models made out of paper and they work just like the real thing. the man who invented the shows us how he doesn't believe . in 10 mics in 60 minutes g.w. . i'm not proud of them they will
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not succeed in dividing us subtle not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made for minds to. be feasibly. be grateful. it's not people playing music these people breathing inside. it's so good for them so secret. is to try to insult. you i mean it's really a loss for me because this.


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