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this is d.w. news live from the truth about china's detention camps for. voluntary reeducation census the big documents reveal that to be part of the beijing's plan to forcibly assimilate and subdue the epic minority also on the program on the wednesday against violence against women we hear about one french woman's fight for justice for her daughter in the country with europe's highest family.
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a spectacular heist it's one of the world's oldest museums themes for the world palace in the german city of dresden and make off with diamonds and jewelry of the measurable cultural. i'm full girl welcome to the program league chinese government documents have revealed details about the mass detention of at least a 1000000 of the country's we got population group of investigative journalists just published the papers which show the camps to be forced to reeducation sentence part of china's plan to assimilate and subdue the muslim minority china has always claimed the camps are voluntary. these confidential chinese government documents laid bare the control and repression that reign in the internment camps of xinjiang province at least
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a 1000000 muslims are thought to be detained in the camps. is to change an entire minority population it's a cultural genocide and it's a course of social. experts believe there are more than 1000 such camps the key leaked document lays out how they should be run it states the inmates are not allowed any contact with the outside world owning a mobile phone is strictly forbidden the camp should be under constant video surveillance to prevent escape the papers also describe a scoring system that grades detainees on how well they speak mandarin and memorize state sanctioned ideology the documents back up testimony of former detainees like zome or ada watty the businesswoman was detained after being stopped by police and questioned over a us visa in her passport or. in class they would tell us that we had been poisoned by religion that islam is an infectious disease that came from abroad.
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and that if there needed to be a religion in china it must be buddhism. former detainees have also confirmed the harsh disciplinary regime detailed in the leaked papers where. we had to talk into a speaker to get permission just to go to the toilet. there were 10 minutes of toilet time each hour for all of us some were able to go this time some weren't we didn't waste water to wash our hands. we only had 2 minutes to shower with cold water every month. beijing has always described the camps as voluntary re education facilities. at a news conference in london china's u.k. ambassador dismissed the papers as fake news the documents. is a peer fabrication if you want to have the documents but.
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i think it is center where. we have a 7 people is published but that dismissal fooled no one the so-called china cables coupled with witness testimony are impossible to ignore. or on this for modern sense china analyst with the rights group victims of communism and specializes in china's treatment of religious minorities and you saw him in that report he joins us from st paul in the u.s. state of minnesota welcome to d.w. now china we just heard they're saying that these leaked documents are fake and that these are voluntary education comes what do you think. well now that we have so much overwhelming evidence not just the evidence that was found last year was procurement beds it clearly talked about the education internment camps with watch towers barbed wire so many square meters costing so many 1000000 now we have
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additional information government documents classified internal telegrams that clearly mandate in very very strong language how these places are really supposed to be run i suppose the chinese government is running out of options in denying what's going on so it's putting on both a slice so explain to us and i mean you've spoken in the report about china committing cultural genocide what does china have against its weak a population what is it trying to achieve with these camps there are 2 things one is ethnic all racial weakness are very different from the chinese they speak a different language they believe their own religion they are a central asian people were integrated into china at different times in history but especially when mao zedong invaded the area with us armies the 949 yeah issue is that china is the chinese communist party has a big problem with any organized religion also christianity islam even indigenous
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chinese religions are now being forced to sign a size that's because they've been more successful in a communist party's own ideology even their own congress started to turn to religions and spiritual pursuits started to go to church. so when we as you say we've known about these camps we suspect these camps exist and we suspect they have since last year or so. where is the international community on this issue. i think the international community is far behind you know really showing that they are getting dependent on chinese influence and technology and money and 30 international bodies such as the united nations have been quite significantly and quite successfully co-opted by china a letter criticizing beijing's actions in changing was supported by 23 countries 22 of them were western. 54 countries many of them muslims supported beijing's letter
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and we know it's not because they care but they are muslim muslim brothers in shin junk which is actually amazing because they're all muslim and so what why then do you think is it purely about money is it is this why the international community is not speaking out against china and its treatment. i think what some of these countries and groups have to gain from beijing beate money influence or protection is one aspect because beijing lets people get away even if they themselves are human rights abuses but the other aspect i think is also we see a lack of genuine care about human rights when it really comes to it ok thank you for joining. us from the rights group victims of communist. thank you. well take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world tens of thousands of rainy government supporters of turned out on the streets of tehran to condemn days of violent protests demonstrations or observe this month when the country's leaders have dropped the race fuel prices by 50 percent rights group amnesty international says at least $143.00 people have been killed in the unrest. officials in kenya say 5 more people have been killed in overnight flooding bringing the death toll from recent terentia rains to 65 the county offer west poco has been hit hardest with more than 80000 people affected red cross has passed the country are likely to face more destructive flooding this week. israel has expelled a high profile human rights activist accusing him of promoting a boycott of the country oh gosh akira is regional director for human rights watch and a u.s. citizen is the 1st activist to be expelled for allegedly supporting boycotts of israel and its settlements. that's
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a day is the un's international day for the elimination of violence against women one of the most widespread human rights violations of our time around the world when estimates that about $238.00 women are intentionally killed every day with most of the murders committed by their partners all their own families the u.n. report goes on to say that more than a 3rd of women around the world have experienced some kind of physical or sexual violence the figures are particularly high in parts of africa where maybe ha of all women have experienced violence but this aggression is also a problem in wealthy of parts of the world here in the european union about a 3rd of women are estimated to have suffered violence and abuse. so france house or one of europe's highest rates of murder for women now the government is in has announced a new law to better protect them you don't lose lisa lewis examines one of the cases the prompter the change and good she describes it
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as a life sentence she says there's a gaping void inside of her ever since march 2017 when her daughter was killed by her ex-boyfriend so we need to meet the people so if they had split up 6 weeks earlier he had harassed her ever since way then one morning he was waiting for her at the horse stable where she worked and he tried to convince her to take him back . but when she refused he pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the heart and the lungs my brain is still blanking out on what this really means i won't go on to pull most of what i think it's trying to protect me otherwise i'd go crazy. fool. i can't imagine i will never see my daughter again. but and it doesn't only blame her daughter's ex-boyfriend she's also furious with the system that she feels that her daughter down this main level 2 weeks before he killed her he broke into her house and he
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wanted to frighten her he was convinced she was seeing someone else i saw deplane went to the police station to press charges but she came out crying the police downplayed things and didn't take her seriously and they didn't recognize how dangerous this man was they later decided to drop the case. i am so angry at this peter arkell system where men shield other men and which doesn't protect women from. l.n. is everything but an isolated case every year more than $120.00 women are killed in france one group has started counting them and is tagging their names and stories on walls across paris to push the government to finally act. but the government says it is taking the matter seriously it's been holding weeks long consultations with victims as
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a station so cross the country and it's working on a new law to better protect women against domestic violence. and some of. the government is working with lawmakers from all across the spectrum and we are ready to act. on this the new law will introduce electronic bracelets to keep violent men at bay and judges will be able to issue restraining orders within 6 days and more women's shelters will be opened. even if we do. took part in the country talks and course the measures a good start but she says more needs to be done and that one crucial point is missing from the new legislation the need more coffee with. foremost it's really important the police get psychological training they need to come down from the patriarch go and macho pedestal and really listen to women who
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are asking for help. if a woman says she feels threatened they must take the necessary measures to protect her. we know there are many women who went to the police asking for help but were turned away and now they're dead. she still hopes the government will change the law to include this so that at least some women will be saved and their families be spared the suffering she now has to endure. we can talk through this with us arain your deputy executive director of you had women welcome to d.w. we read in your report that about a 3rd of women experienced a physical or sexual violence why do you think it is so widespread. because we do live in partner king as we heard before from this testimonies and some too many men in the world still feel they have the right to control remain in seeing their master concessions. which we've seen the widely reported or wolfpack
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galang rape trials in spain this year and there was the notorious a gang attack on a danish tourist on indian public transport in 2015 when we read about these sorts of cases we wonder are they aberrations or is there something about the way these men or wider society is view women. we know that in all countries all settings and everywhere there are men too many men who feel that they can do whatever they like with women and i don't see we mean as of less value of a lower status and we want to control when the in and too many men are still prepared to use violence to keep that power at that power structure going and that is what we see when women are attard and even children as you're talking about today and yet when we saw in the report when someone with
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a woman comes forward to the police she is often ignored or not taken seriously what's behind that mindset. but we're all right we're all part of this of a system and we still unfortunately live in a world where men have more power and we mean at the expense of we mean and what we know from evidence is that when you train as the mother rightly said and before me when you train police social services the health system they do show a storage teams to both work when we need not and on women's rights and sexual violence and also together you do get another kind of treatment of women who come and report and they're treated with more and i think most of our professionalism and that's when you can actually also protect women who need protection and take men too cool what you need to be sentenced we thank you for joining us rainier
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from your i'm going to thank you. thank you we want to be doubly news still to come a heist straight out of a hollywood movie themes make off with a precious jewels in a raid on one of europe's oldest museums. for some 30 years after he invented the world wide web british engineer tim berners lee says the internet is in desperate need of fixing so he's released what he described as a roadmap to build a better web which aims to hold to abuse of the internet by governments companies are divisions at the shattered reed has been taking a closer the welcome a jab but so tim berners lee reckons the monster needs to be taken i mean he's kind of right he's saying that since he invented the structures that ends up being the internet as we know it today things have gone a bit pish apes and i guess there's some truth in that he says he invented this
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tune to be a platform that would help humanity but it's become an area where misinformation and hate speech and extremism has been allowed to flourish. as you know people's privacy is violated and he wrote in the new york times today had an opinion piece there he says where at a tipping point how we respond to these abuses what he says will determine whether the web lives up to its potential as a global force for good or leads us into what he describes as a digital dystopia basically if we leave things as they are they going to get worse from here ok so what do you want to do about it so he has a foundation called the web foundation and they've teamed up with a bunch of other digital advocacy groups to create what's called a contract for the web that governments companies and individuals can sign up for it's a non-binding contract there are lines of central principles to safeguarding the internet so for example governments if they sign up would make sure everyone can
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connect to the internet that they would stay connected that their privacy is respected if you've got dotted that you know the government's got about you you can ask for it back or you can ask to see it companies would do the same and make the internet affordable accessible and respect dacha and there's an obligation for individuals to do so they would try and people that signed this contract would create a space that makes the internet a valuable place to be that's welcoming so so kind of and vicious goals in which it all sounds wonderful in theory but do we know the corporations and governments often lie to us oh so will the big tech companies actually sign up there are a couple of tech companies that sign up so the big ones like facebook microsoft google twitter hasn't signed up some countries have signed up germany france and ghana as well but there is a problem because some people are saying if you're talking about fixing the internet and you're involving big tech companies you're con of involving the people
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that people blame for the problems in the 1st place because these are companies that are not transparent they've done arguably a pretty shocking job of cleaning up the toxic behavior. that's on their platforms and the big data breaches that happen every so often because keeping in mind they make money from our daughter so they can sell ads to us tim berners lee was os this today why involve the tech companies if you're trying to clean the internet because arguably they kind of behind the problem this is what he had to say about having them in the room is really important yes they do have an effect you know we feel the company the government. of equal. the seat of the table and on the 30 where they're coming from is equally valuable so in a way to have this conversation around a table without the tech companies there would be kind of a just wouldn't have the i really would have ended up with with the insight so tim berners lee the same tech companies need to be at the table they're part of the
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problem but he thinks they're part of the solution as you say government's a bit of a problem too because increasingly day censoring the internet and they're blocking it during times of unrest like iran has been doing so. lots of problems and maybe some solutions to problems through the general drift thank you. here in germany thieves have pulled off a spectacular heist of one of europe's most renowned museums police in the eastern german city of dresden say the break in at the green volts collection took place in the early hours of monday morning the loose includes priceless early 18th century jewelry the state museum is home to around 4000 objects made of ivory gold silver and jewels. dresden screen vault museum home to one of europe's greatest collections of treasures now it's a crime scene after burglars snatched up to $95.00 pieces of early 18th century
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jewelry from these cabinets including diamonds and rubies this is one of the sects that was stolen exactly how many items were taken from this set is still unknown dresden police say the thieves entered through a window c.c.t.v. footage shows them heading straight to a display cabinet and smashing the glass with an axe before making off with the treasure by the time all thought is a rifle the burglars were long gone a nationwide hunt is now under way saxony state premier say security measures were considered adequate is an issue it is it's a shocking case it's not just the state art collections that were bra but are saxons we now want to get a sense of the damage and the investigative work. at least over. the collection in dresden was founded in the 18th century by augustus the strong elector of saxony and later king of poland the jewels here are priceless. because misconduct and
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i mean we can't put a value on these items as they are unmarketable therefore this simply isn't a value that we can work with there is no financial value we can work with with the jewelry to identifiable to sell in the open market the museum fears that the pieces might be broken up all melted down the stolen jewels survived the bombings in world war 2 were carted off as beauty by the soviet union and were returned here in 1958 now dresden is hoping for their return from the hands of the thieves who vanished without a trace. straight to the crime scene the interest in that where we find the doubly correspondent are told to welcome our own what's being said about the suspects in this case. well so far police are pursuing all possible leads and they've actually asked the public for any possible leads which could help them identify who was actually behind the break and you look right back here you might
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actually still be able to see the forensics teams taking a look at the crime scene itself i mean so far we don't have any definite leads the police haven't actually express information that they know to the identities of the possible offenders here and there but they're really approaching every possible lead i mean right now there seem to be 2 strong leads which would indicate that the they may have found the escape vehicle that could have been used by some of the. possible robbers to flee from the building behind me and they're also looking at a fire that was opposing allayed at a bridge just around the corner here at a power box which could have been used to disable at least part of the alarm system and also the street lights which you can see behind me are now working again right so this is a collection with quite a history. oh yes it certainly is i mean the collection that's present in the green vault is the the collected wealth of dresden is royalty collected over several centuries now we know that the the case that was broken to
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specifically contain between evie in a 100 different jewel incrusted example examples in pieces of artwork and jewelry and on people of estimated at the worth it could be somewhere north of several $100000000.00 if not 1000000000 euros so an incredible amount of historic wealth but then also real material wealth as well in the face the same sort of have in-depth knowledge of the building which most rights questions about security that . well it certainly does but it really kind of remains to be seen how much inside knowledge they actually hand and on the one hand we do know that they were able to target 11 shelf safely or one actually case specifically which could indicate that they had knew exactly where the pieces were that they wanted to take remember you know there's some 4000 different objects in the building on the other hand it does kind of look like this might have been us math smash and grab type of
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operation basically they pried open the window used an ax to break through the security glass and then took as much as they could actually get their hands on now this type of attack does have a tradition of that in germany a giant gold coin was stolen from a museum in berlin several years ago worth some around 4000000 euros so the site was smashed up and grab operations could also be an avenue of investigation that the police will be looking into right now on good so if that is for joining us out until 10 justin. it's just a doubly nears these are our top stories a faves of staged a spectacular heist to germany's historic green vaults museum in the eastern city of dresden it broke in early on monday morning and made off with the priceless sets of jewelry and other treasures it's been described as the biggest heist since the 2nd world war. leaked chinese government documents serve reveal details about the mass detention of the country's we got muslims papers show the
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detention camps to be forced to reeducation censors out of china's foreign to eradicate weaker culture and religion china has always claimed the camps are voluntary. in iran tens of thousands of iranian government forces turned out to condemn days of violent protests after a full price hike rights group amnesty international says at least $143.00 people have been killed in arrest. and the inventor of the world wide web tim berners lee has launched an action plan to improve online governance and he's calling for he's calling his plan a contract for the web and it calls on governments companies and individuals to join together to fight misinformation surveillance and censorship. this is the doubly news from berlin for more followers on twitter at the w news or visit our website w dot com. this is d.w.i.
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more coming up at the top of the hour and that don't forget about top websites as well think they'll be talking up a bit of. the for. the for. the from the beginning.
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nearly 1000000 people killed in just 100 days. where one does younger generation did not experience the 994 genocide but. its consequences. learning to overcome the psychological trauma one step at a time before the minds of the hmong world jim. consumation. close up
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princes. dream of being the arab world. they're under full power and boundless ambition have plunged to the middle east into a great crisis such as. the marvel princes of the gulf states nov 27th on t.w. . all. of. these young people in rwanda are lined up outside a stadium in the capital kigali but they're not here to see a football match or a music concert. they are here to remember the victims of the 1994 genocide when hutu extremists smoldered hundreds of thousands of pussies and other minority groups. but this is how.
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