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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2019 2:00am-2:15am CET

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this is news to live from berlin a spectacular heist straight from a hollywood movie an early morning smash and grab robbery sees thieves break into the royal palace the german city of dresden make off with diamonds and jewelry in measurable cultural values also on the program. making some noise limits the young activist who has become the face of anti-government protest in georgia.
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i'm told me well welcome to the program that's been described as one of the world's biggest ought fasts here in germany thieves broke into the into one of europe's most renowned museums and was soon out of sight with a hall of priceless 18th century jewelry police in the eastern german city of dresden say the raid at the green vault collection took place in the early hours of monday morning. dresden screenful museum home to one of europe's greatest collections of treasures now it's a crime scene after burglars snatched up to $95.00 pieces of early 18th century jewelry from these cabinets including diamonds and rubies this is one of the sex that was stolen exactly how many items were taken from this set is still unknown
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dresden police say the thieves entered through a window c.c.t.v. footage shows them heading straight to a display cabinet and smashing the glass with an axe before making off with the treasure but the time or thors has arrived the burglars were long gone a nationwide hunt is now under way saxony state premier say security measures were considered adequate is just the words it's a shocking case it's not just the street art collections that were bra but are saxons we now want to get a sense of the damage and the investigative work. at least over. the collection interest and was founded in the 18th century by augustus the strong elector of saxony and later king of poland the jewels here are priceless. because in this context and i we can't put a value on these items as they are unmarketable therefore this simply isn't
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a value that we can work with there is no financial value we can work with with the jewelry to identifiable to sell in the open market the museum fears that the pieces might be broken up all melted down. the stolen jewels survived the allied bombings in world war 2 were carted off as beauty by the soviet union and were returned here in 1958 now dresden is hoping for their return from the hands of the thieves who vanished without a trace. a reporter aren't holton isn't resident and he sent this update on the investigation. now forensics teams are still combing through those things green vault that's the state art museum where earlier on monday a team of thieves managed to bypass security and make off potentially with dozens of priceless examples of german cultural art and history so far the police of a man and rather tight lipped regarding the motive or any clues behind their identity of the team of thieves but one thing remains certain the loss of these
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dozens of prices works of art is a huge blow to the city a huge blow to the museum and represents an irreplaceable loss one that will be felt throughout german cultural life now to some of the other stories making news around the world the u.n. says greenhouse gas levels in vs atmosphere hit a record high in 2018 carbon dioxide in the thing and my trust oxide of the 3 main gases that contribute to global warming the un is warning that the world is not on course to meet its targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions and prevent catastrophic climate change. a judge in the u.s. has ordered former white house counsel don magon to testify in the pietschmann inquiry against donald trump as a setback for the president was tried to prevent his top aides from providing testimony to trumpet ministration plans to appeal the ruling.
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israel has expelled a high profile human rights activist accusing him of promoting a boycott of the country marsha care is a regional director for human rights watch and a u.s. citizen is the 1st activist to be expelled for allegedly supporting boycotts of israel and its settlements. tens of thousands of iranian government supporters have turned out on the streets of tehran to condemn days of violent protests demonstrations erupted earlier this month when iran's leaders abruptly raise fuel prices by 50 percent rights group amnesty international says at least 143 people have been killed in the unrest. a feminist march through turkey's biggest city calling for the end of what activists call impunity for men who are violent to women has been forcibly broken up by police riot squads using tear gas blocked and dispersed the demonstration along busiest shopping strange around 2000
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women to a posh part of world wide process marking the un's international day nation of violence against women. turkey correspondent junia han has been out on the streets with the protest. by loans and against him women is one of the few issues here in turkey that finds common ground across political lines and this demonstration there right behind me is a a show of public protest and anger in a country where the government has severely limited freedom of expression and assembly over the pastas these people here have gathered to denounce violence against women and to decry and alarming number all stem asides each year in turkey now the government does not keep official statistics on salman side but activists do when they say last year 440 women have been murdered by men in this year this figure stands at more than 370 already this is according to
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a well known istanbul based women's rights group so people here took to the streets today they brought to posters saying the names all of the victims they are shouting slogans like we won't stay silent and i'm sure as you can hear these people these women are really trying to make some noise to get their voices head and to get their message across. thousands of demonstrators in georgia have marched through the capital tbilisi they're calling for snap parliamentary elections after the government failed to approve a planned electoral reform they say the current system favors the ruling georgian dream party the party initially agreed to come pain as demands during the summer following a wave of sometimes violent protests. 200 demonstrators were injured in clashes with police back then news emily show and has been has been to meet one of them
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a young activist who's become one of the faces of the protest movement. wants to make noise. that i can put the things i can't say with words into music. music helps me to control my feelings. i chose to learn the drums because they allow me to express my anger my resentment my happiness and my depression. says she's always wanted to learn how to play but the 19 year old student only started lessons 2 months ago after she lost her left eye during demonstrations in the summer. in june thousands of protesters demanded the switch to a proportional electoral system in georgia when the police use rubber bullets and tear gas against demonstrators hundreds were injured including marco the government
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was pushed into promising change. since her injury the government has been paying marco's medical bills but now that the ruling party has gone back on its promise of electoral reform her frustration at what happened burns even stronger but. i'm still angry of course i've accepted the reality of what happened. i can't change that anymore. i've become the victim of injustice. my face all of me. and when i see that that injustice still hasn't ended and that we haven't won at all that just strengthens my anger that rage essentially takes over me. sammartino. demonstrators are determined to keep taking to the streets until the government concedes snap elections in changes to a proportional electoral system to many mako has become one of the faces of the ruling parties broken promises whether she wanted to or not but for now members of
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the georgian dream party are portraying the opposition protesters as an irrelevant minority. sure that. our support. for the ga and much more. aggressive. and supporters. marco is determined to get compensation for a very jury 5 months after the summer protests she's now finally been named as an official witness in an investigation into police violence at the demonstrations she hopes her loss won't have been for nothing. voice of the people is very hard to ignore the voice of the people is the biggest governing force for a country not individual politicians and when a country is democratic you can get justice you just have to fight for it. while i was just. marco is taking her case to georgia's courts she doesn't
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plan to give up her fight and neither do the protesters. in sports a key committee of the world anti-doping agency says russia should be hit with a 4 year ban on the olympics and of a major competitions it made the recommendation after a doping data taken from a moscow laboratory was deleted. or altered the world anti-doping agency's executive committee will make a final ruling next month if the ban is implemented russian athletes will be forced to compete as neutrals at next year's tokyo olympics the 2022 beijing winter games . now to a living treasure and a woman who is the embodiment of rock and roll stamina tina turner who was born anna mae bullock rose to stardom with a former partner ike turner in her twenty's she escaped his abuse in her thirty's muscled her way up the charts in her forty's and told the world in his sixty's what
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age got to do with it well she turns 80 on tuesday and is now enjoying retirement at her swiss chateau basking in the glow of a recent musical about her life. gina turn out on her fur outlaw at the age of almost 70 we don't need another hero was one of the biggest hits of her 2nd career. first spell and spotlight was in the sixty's with songs like river deep mountain high. but it's only $176.00 she shares the stage with husband mike turner later she would reveal that join the relationship she was regularly beaten and sexually abuse.
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her marriage from how it was at the core of the tina turner bio pic what's love got to do with it i mean. you hear me. the divorce pushed towards financial ruin she was forced to perform in tiny cramps and to get a cleaning job she try. over adversity managed a remarkable comeback. album private done so it was a global hit and garnered hurt for the grammys. turn up he was back on top at the age of 45.
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and 2019 tina turner the musical was launched the singer herself says she doesn't intend to take to the stage. she would turn our lives on lake zurich in switzerland with german in the back who she married in 2035 her fans she will always remain. and at the white house us president donald trump has introduced the world's media to his new best friend conan the military dog conan was wounded last month during the raid by u.s. special forces in syria that led to the death of islamic state leader of al baghdadi despite saying at the time that baghdad he died like a dog mr trump is on or in kona as
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a canine american hero. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. in germany have pulled off a spectacular paced heist at one of europe's most renowned museums the grim vault of the royal palace interest and authorities say they made off with 3 sets of early 18th century jewelry whose value they described as immeasurable. up next poverty in the u.s. a documentary. called the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to some the racial politics on the phone while its 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage.


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