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the time that baghdadi died like a dog mr trump is on the ring as a canine american hero. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. feeds in germany have pulled off a spectacular paced heist at one of europe's most renowned museums the green vault of the royal palace interest and authorities say they made off with 3 sets of early 18th century jewelry whose value they described as immeasurable. up next to poverty in the u.s. a documentary. called . the adventures of the famous naturalist and. to some the racial politics on the front of the world's 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on g.w. .
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in southern california the sun rises over san diego. next to a major road in this parking dollars 54 year old maria de. st louis read. this calm is her husband. this is every day. this routine about stretching my bad. memory and no longer has a place to live she's been sleeping in have done for a year now. looks pretty nice you don't you don't feel it doesn't seem to. you live here but you do i
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have seen people with their cars messy and things all over the place how can i go to work my life like that i mean has to have a little order you know because this is what we need to continue this is not perfect but it's. the way i won and makes me feel better. just like maria around 30 other people sleep overnight in their cars in this free parking lots never the less most of them work they are security guards drivers secretaries or even computer technicians. maria is a cleaner and the camera exhausting work that she does 7 days a week. to provide some comfort for all these people and
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organization has supplied them with a water point political toilets and a small outdoor kitchen women rhea prepares him morning coffee before going to work . this kind of wood will improve caffeine which is a famous in the united states. marines pull from grace is a situation that affects thousands of other americans for a long towing she had everything she always wanted. she was married and lived in this beautiful house. but after 5 years of living together blissful marriage suddenly fell upon us. he could adopt me dump me as ok it didn't work bye bye ok bye bye see ya later there's i what. no i don't
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have. no bed no furniture or no house so. it's just my car i have a seat here. and. yeah that's the way it is. maria preferred to leave everything to her ex-husband and turn over a new leaf. over the last several years in california the cost of rent has risen so much that her salary the equivalent of $1500.00 euros was not enough for her to afford an apartment. there is just one of many middle class americans who have in recent years fallen into poverty. officially america is brace again since the 2008 crisis the economy has never been stronger with record breaking growth and unemployment has dropped to a historical low less than 4 percent. an upturn for which donald trump has claimed
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all the credit. there has never been a better chance to start living the american dream but despite what the president claims the famous american dream is far from being achieved 40000000 people are living below the poverty line and millions of workers will go to great lengths to stay about it. if i knew they would but if. i did that for sure becoming homeless of annoyance is what these americans fear most because here the system is not very kind to those short of cash. or you're going to have a drug possession against you and get addicted in some states being late on your rent is no laughing matter. one by one tenants are addicted at gunpoint. that if even the whole thing. for these americans on the verge of ruin seeking
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medical treatment can cost a fortune. and take your medicine to it because you might not get one or the other . so some people are standing up in solidarity making sure they're taking care of free of charge in field hospitals not unlike those found. in a country of moral. and insight into the lives of those who cannot scrape a living in the hearts of destitute america. san diego in southern california $300.00 days of sunshine a year and beaches as far as the eye can see. this is picture postcard california san diego is also one of the most dynamic cities in the country here unemployment is practically nonexistent this dream lifestyle was once an everyday reality for eric he was
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a successful computer engineer earning 7000 euros a month today and 53 years old this man lives alone in his car. and in order to eat for free he has made an arrangement with the stuff that appeared syria. hello. how are you today. yes. thank you. would you take you know that these are the slices that have a nervous foyer that they're having for too long and they put them in the fridge for me so that they don't know. if you. look. every comes every evening to pick up some leftover pizza thank you very much very much appreciate it ok. he's going to share these unsold slices with other victims of poverty because for a year and
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a half eric has been sleeping in this parking lot the one women rhea tina also lives his pits of deliveries make his neighbors very happy. likely rela a 55 year old driver that's. now are hungry. you do not do that no no no i had a drive on the. in his former life eric also worked a lot 50 hours a week. but 4 years ago he suffered a burnout and also problems with his heart he could not work and received unemployment benefits was 6 months and then nothing at all. like you and i thought i would just rather. hold out for some layers of the list was going furniture my savings. i ended up. basically burning through
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everything and can afford to stay in a farm and. eric is trying to pick himself up nowadays is doing temporary work and is saving up to be able to rent an apartment. after her long day at work maria's back. to her. yeah it's where i work it's a little hard. i have to lift a lady she's very had. back and forth back and. 9 hours is. it's a lot of hours but i'm ok. thirsty my food my bed i'm ready to jump in my bit. counts. at half past 9 at night the gates closed from this point onward no more cars can
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enter the parking lots at night there isn't a security guard they haven't been any attacks here to date but maria doesn't take any chances. i close the door put the window down like this my. and pulled the alarm if somebody is trying to break in i will know i come back pepper spray. and my head might cut or some a trying to break in such a spray. because. you never know. a few meters away eric is getting ready to spend another night in his car even though it's full to the brim the former computer engineer will sleep sitting behind the wheel it's a world away from the comforts of his old life. one thing that i've really found out about this is that you know the typical stereotype of. you know the homeless
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person being lazy and not wanting to work or being a drug addict. may be the case in some places and some and some but the people i've come to in this program most of my very hard working people that want to get ahead that have either have some some health issues or have some how to trick about luck or for whatever reason. they've you know come into this is this this situation some people are able to get out of it quickly some people take longer. california is a state of stark contrasts despite being the 5th largest economy in the world a growing number of its workers can no longer afford a place to live. but there is another state where the system is even more unforgiving. that state is virginia right next to washington d.c. . its capital richmond is a former industrial city here
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a quarter of the population live beneath the poverty threshold. of the 10 major cities with the highest rates of eviction in the country how are located in virginia in richmond alone around $3000.00 tenants are forced out of their homes every year. the visions are routine job for office a loyal from the sheriff's office several times a week he distributes the dreaded you know notices. in the state of virginia the. law is strict if the rent is late by 5 days the landlord has the right to begin the eviction process. to threaten tenants have one week to settle their debts otherwise they face eviction by force and officer loyal does not show much sympathy. this morning he and his colleagues have to evict the
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residents of this house. it is the. sheriff's office. and just like when arresting a dangerous criminal. they enter the home with a guns drawn. back. the tenant is not currently at home and clearly they have not had time to vacate the premises. there's no you're ok. as with the landlord he immediately reclaims his property she receives i'm checking the windows you know what. to make sure the house is secure. the tenant has a run for it and is in shock she had been renting the house was 7 he is a single mother to a grown up daughter she works but has frequently struggled to make ends meet she
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has to pick up her belongings the next day otherwise everything will go to the junk yard at her expense is just going to be easy on you by to be headquarters in a back yard or whatever if you have a removed because if he has a token he remembered it as an added expense that you'd be looking at yes i mean that's when i do think all this is off you i think it's hard not to got to do we've got to do what i gotta do what i gotta do what are you going to sleep where am i going to sleep you know we can all say that. yeah. yeah thank you have a good day she's immediately rendered homeless no room for negotiation this is the only way it moves. that's up to her if that's the only way she said she would move before this didn't move. maybe she had no where to go. you know she never did say that to me.
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they will rebound tenney vixens just like this one every day in richmond. as a consequence of this fast track justice budget hotels on the outskirts of the city have become a refuge for those who've been kicked out of their homes. some people stay there for a very long time among them is david a 38 year old gardener. was going around. saying i'm also home on new day. david has lived in this motel since his eviction 2 years ago at the weekend the divorced fathers children come to stay over in his one room home which cost him $1300.00 euros a month. this is my own this is our bed bedroom living.
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family room everywhere and this is the little kitchen which i cooked or eggs last night made hamburgers and clean the dishes or you know we play video games and. you know got a shower but that's about all. during the week david shares the single room which is packed with household utensils and personal possessions with his new partner. he did want to follow you here for 2 years here and i'm more cramped you know i like obviously if you put 2 people in the same room for a long enough time it's theirs you know bump heads and have arguments and stuff his girlfriend has a stable job in the insurance business they could buy a bigger and less expensive apartment yet they remain trapped in this tiny room because they passed eviction continues to haunt them. but at the time she was she
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was trying to 1st and i'm going to get so be down by going to places and stuff and then they're not giving you a place because they're like oh you have an addiction. you know shows that you didn't pay this like 2 months or something like that and it definitely was detrimental to you know there was no way of getting anywhere. it's almost unthinkable in many parts of the world but here landlords are able to access the past of bad tenants with a few simple clicks a systematic surveillance system that has been denounced by martin vic bright a lawyer and defense attorney for tenants. so. this database is a public database and anyone can go onto this database and look at it and you can search by name so try a common a common american name there we go america less speak ok. there we go and you can
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see 5 on lawful detainers let's see 10 years ago this tenant had a series of late payments despite being small amounts in this case under 300 done his they can have grave consequences so if i'm a lord i can look at that and say well that was 10 years ago but i think she's too much of a risk i don't want to rent to her if anything bad happens to you whether it's you know you get your hours cut back at work whether you break an ankle when you're off work for a month whether you got that car repair bill or that hospital bill or any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. you are catching up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted so the trend it really is living under the sword of damocles. david is far from an isolated case 6300 people are a victim across the us every day in the city finding accommodation is the chief
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source of anxiety but this is the region where for some the main worry is simply being able to put food on the table. welcome to rural america the appalachian mountains region that spans several states in the eastern part of the country. appalachian was once widely known for its coal production these days almost all of the mines are. it's often said that the american dream got lost somewhere along the way. the appalachian region with a predominantly white population is home to some of the poorest counties in the entire country.
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during the summer at lunchtime this food truck travels up and down the disadvantaged areas of roanoke blues and stacey are 2 volunteers who give out free meals to children. they serve up to 200 meals a day and every time they arrive they eagerly awaited on today's menu a sandwich a carton of milk and a kiwi. you are us in this family both parents are unemployed they receive $1200.00 euros of welfare a month but as a family of 5 it's barely enough to live on well. try to get in that way street free but towards the end of the month one mistake for a mole a day maybe one. of the 1st of all no feeling of them are that one of the one. where i usually still work just to watch and. watch and then
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i am. on if you know life. being pushed to the point of starving you know are very large very very. this reality is nothing new in the appalachian region. during his $964.00 election campaign lyndon b. johnson visited appalachian and was horrified by the poverty he saw after his reelection he launched the most a plan to put an end to poverty. here and now declared on them there is no war on poverty in america i one of his ideas was to create food stamps coupons given free of charge to the poor. to this day the government distributes these food stamps to 40000000 american people. in this mobile home park in the heart of appalachian the majority of
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families benefit from this food aid. with the american flag hanging from the front steps this is the mobile home of 58 year olds iranian collins a former marine ceremony a no longer works following a long term illness she receives a pension of 700 euros. she faces a daily struggle to get by and her financial difficulties have gotten worse since she took in her niece jennifer's an unemployed single mother who has 3 children to take care of leah lindsey and jayden fortunately jennifer receives food stamps. on the forests. accordant how many kids you have and you are. that you know so much and i get. $646.00
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just to buy this for. $560.00 euros a month to feed 5 people a tight budget before going shopping the 2 women check the balance on their card yeah yeah yeah i. got. it. so rainy and jennifer can spend the food coupons in any supermarket like this discount store where they regularly go shopping. once at the checkout the food stamp card works just like any other credit card. and in this store an appellation they are by no means the only ones who use one. of many people to come to terms here. and probably have a great home and it's a it's a it's a lot yeah yeah. thank you donald trump plans to cut down on the
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amount of food stamp recipients critics say that risks making an already vulnerable society even poorer have. but ironically they voted 80 percent in favor of trump and his support for him continues seemingly unabated. and a little extra cash so iranian does household chores for her neighbors. for a few dollars she also cuts james's head he works in a mine and is a loyal trump follower i am from france. what are we doing here for a city that. you know croft is willing to help other countries but he's got to come for. thus far have been long gone proper the billionaire doll proclaims his family every word ego is children who for ever were with let me
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tell you a lot about a person. that unwavering supports can be difficult to understand for outside is because since trumps election every year for individuals an appellation has not improved poverty is pervasive him and has led to some strange developments. in the middle of the nice in this small town dozens of cars into a showground. the world or rather your own. solar. i'll suggest that you be back here about 3 or 4. well and counting gypsy out because it makes for your insight it's not what you call a concert giver to keep you keep your daughter stuff that you know. what these people are gathering for here on this is simply to see a doctor because every year here for a weekend all you're going to get in this lot is medical on like a nonprofit organization and arranges free consultations out there is the huge name
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on a lot of their families in this area are. the working class families struggling to choose between paying for medicine that can save their life or you know groceries for the week so. it's a shame to have to do it this way but you've got to take care your people in these are our people and this is why we take care of our people. even though the health care system improved under the previous president barack obama 28000000 americans remain without any insurance coverage. so iranian has arrived with her family her niece jennifer and her 3 children they all need to see the dentist medical fees in the us are the most expensive in the world and an affordable for a large section of the population so staying up all night seems like a small price to pay in your struggle to love me because it's legal yes it's not
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easy. but you do it absolutely the alternatives margaret and i. have to thank you the family arrived the night before because here the rule is 1st come 1st served. at 6 o'clock in the morning the doors open the organizers call our patients by their number one priority server. we're going to go or we'll try to your next door will call a group of 20 year career all right. once inside the patients find themselves in a full scale field hospital images reminiscent of a humanitarian disaster and yet this is modern day america. here people are treated in turn by a host of volunteers nurses family doctors but also specialists who are able to
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treat more complicated illnesses. the most remarkable part takes place in the sports hall transformed into a gigantic dental care facility. all day long 60 dentist scale drill filled and removed teeth. as she surveys the scene so renia is overcome with emotion. beautiful all the people volunteering. for my people getting help that needed. the former sister passed away. she had all her teeth taken out and she didn't have 85 and she was younger than i am now and she was my older sister so.
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i think about what she went through with health issues because of her to. their important. oh my. she'll be seen to be a young student soon to complete his medical degree because reaching so raynier has had time to familiarize himself with the job very. limited. you extract the car struck. by the church about 15 to do that could be worse off yeah so if you are. here yeah it's pretty good yeah yeah. he will spend a quarter of an hour removing so rainiest tooth his 16th of the day. you feel. like i have a big mouth. but there's no time to take a breather here so i rainey and now proceeds to the locker rooms i got was around
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last year but this time they put out today where i'm thankful for everything by a dental purse this is studio like the rest of the temporary facility it's run by volunteers and funded by donations will that help later but it's really actually it's last. thursday patients have dental impressions made in this room and next to a new set of teeth is created in less than 2 hours. so renia can look forward to showing off a new smile. your. little girl doesn't feel. often but ok yes. i. was my god what do you think you are craves wolpert you. your role. or. how it makes my out the world of her girl. i'm. here
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to take you. here nor did i can. smile and feel that. i want to remember. you to. if the family had paid for all this treatment it would have cost them over $3000.00. fortunately in the united states people personally taking action to help those in need. on the other side of the country a man has embarked upon a mission to combat the poverty that has plagued the sidewalks of his city a place usually associated with the rich and famous rather than the down and out just this is los angeles los angeles and hollywood. 38 year old elvis is
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appalled at how conditions in l.a. have continued to deteriorate in recent years. it's not a 3rd world country one of the richest countries in the world it's almost like a movie prop it on it's hard to fathom that like every single day this is how people live. in los angeles the sprawling city of angels and the glamorous house of hollywood cinema. and yet today it is the homeless capital of america. here in the last few years the number of people without a home has increased from 33259000 in the shadows of the city's skyline is the dark side of the california dream. when i was a kid and lived here it was nothing like it is now i left for almost 2 decades and
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i came back a few years ago and it just it just blows my mind it's just going to increase because every month the cost of everything keeps going up there's no regulation so . apartment owners and landlords can raise the money you know the rent. whenever they like but nobody's paychecks are getting bigger. outraged by the growing destitution elvis gave up his job as a sales assistant. he lives on the salary of his partner who works at a university in this way all of us can devote all his time to helping those less fortunate. a little further from downtown a woman has moved in beneath this bridge elvis and leah regularly pay her a visit. caney
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has been living here for 5 years in a small tent that she shares with another woman. they desperately vulnerable to the dangers of the street and have already been assaulted several times. but just look at everywhere they did they just tore right open and. now she doesn't even have a door and she sleeps out here at night there's also no light right now so it's very dark and you know especially as a woman that's pretty scary even if the guy has been staring at the boy walked up the dark walk right do whatever they want. to help these people obvious ones to do more than just bring them bottles of water. his main project is hidden away in the yard if this church. he came up with the idea to build small wooden houses for the homeless. a very small but inside office and thought of every last thing to improve the daily lives of these people.
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long yes. so as someone tries to open a window if the alarm of. this right here allows people to sleep when people sleep they can think they can do better they feel better they want better the house is also equipped with a fire alarm a light and a phone charger all of which are powered by a solar panel. each cabin cost the equivalent of a $1000.00 euros financed by donations collected on line. but elvis is well meaning initiative is illegal the mayor of los angeles has banned him from installing his cabins on the sidewalks of the city. will carry on regardless. this morning he's delivering one of them to a homeless couple who very much need it.
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i am just nice to me bro me i'm brownie. christers the 32 year old and his 3 months pregnant she lives on the curb of the sidewalk with her partner andre. may i was i was hoping you were going to. be. full for years now the couple have been sleeping in this tiny cot that is a health hazard on wheels like me to eat meals eat me alive. everything. in the morning mostly not being able to have good hygiene. elvis can't hang around. so the trick is to get this. get this done and off before the cops show up. the tiny house weighs 400 kilograms. but his project does not make everyone happy once you go back in your house enjoy the
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air conditioning a neighbor expresses her discontent. she's against this what she says she doesn't want in front of her house she's calling the police and so we need to hurry alarm and well pray that they are allowed to keep their house. this is how it goes. in los angeles. yeah. but i think you know lots of both of you congratulations. a few days after filming the police threaten to destroy the cabin unless elvis removed it. he and the couple manage to move it onto privately owned land in the end the disgruntled neighbor got her way. but we find people elsewhere trying to challenge the ostracization of homeless people in rather inventive ways.
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next stop is texas and the conservative city of waco. it has around 50 churches serving its 120000 residents here once a month a religious community organizers a curious program. people come from all over the united states to take part. in the you. doing over the body for you not really knowing you know the origin of little what what you know what god we're going to be famous for for 24 hours these high school students are going to live eat and sleep in a role playing scenario much like 20 or so other participants all from middle class backgrounds each of them has paid 60 euros to participate. jenna darrelle came up
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with the idea 25 years ago with her husband a pastor the remarkable simulation project has so far had 30000 participants. the goal is to create compassionate care for humanity and poverty everybody can get the american dream but when you're trapped in poverty in the cycles of poverty you have to get paid. if there's a janitor around says in order to truly experience the life of a homeless person you have to start by looking like them in the 2nd hand store participants are encouraged to dress in appropriate clothes jeans and be. a little bit. but i think that even religious leaders often. don't have time for happy about not right now it doesn't seem like too much of a challenge but things are going to get more complicated with the 2nd stage sleeping out in the open not in the streets but in
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a secured fenced off yont 53 year old most however is slightly concerned like you i'm scared of. i'm scared of bugs she thought long and hard before signing up it was a husband who convinced her to take part. it doesn't look like real situation right right yes yes just melike do it doesn't smell like you're in it the rats running everywhere yeah no this is definitely a luxury. yeah yeah. the fact that is a comfort nonetheless although it won't be a very long night. 'd the morning everyone at 6 o'clock the next day janet to roll gives everyone a wake up call and they don't have particularly well rested my mind martha. it's
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not real on their situation to say they're saving them being on the street but this is not as safe as being in their home with their family so it just gives them a little bit more reality of what living in the environment does on your body so by tonight takes about 24 hours to really start getting the idea that. this this could be really were up. for the next stage of the program the participants are sent to downtown waco. today is to find something to eat on their own and without any money. if you smell the fear. so. jimmy said i asked this guy. who. came up big the face of it was a restaurant like in many other cities in the u.s.
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baking as a punishable offense it's also forbidden to rummage through garbage bins others suffered in their. property and reclaiming anything at all from them is considered stealing in order to survive the homeless in waco are they full force to break the law. i would sue participants are not going to find anything to eat and after 2 hours of walking the streets in 40 degrees heat most of feels faint. she calls her husband to pick her up. left feel like i feel like i'm too weak like i don't care i'm so like i'm too old and fat i can't do it you learn something about. what life would be like to be almost. every heart. is the u.s. truly ready to face up to poverty well the president claims america has never been
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so great 40000000 of trumps fellow citizens are still caught in the clutches of poverty. i've. seen. her goal is favors. and it's no wonder the spectacular goal of the suns plenty of emotion.
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the best poker game. to go in 30 minutes on t w. nearly 1000000 people killed in just 100 days. where one does younger generation did not experience a 994 genocide the above again in its consequences. learning to overcome the psychological trauma one step at a time of the lines of the long road to reconciliation among. the 90 minutes on d w. their ultimate isn't calculable. their egos insane showing their rivalry to. 3
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princes. who dream of them in the arab world. their hunger for power and boundless ambition have rushed to the middle east into a grave crisis above the insides of the gulf shores nov 27th on t.w. . this is news these are our top stories. thieves have staged a spectacular heist at germany's renowned green vault museum in the eastern city of dresden police say they've broken through a window early monday morning and smashed a display case with an axe before making off with a hall of priceless 18th century jewelry. chinese government documents
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have revealed details about the mass detention of the country's wiggle muslims the paper show.


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