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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2019 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a smash and grab and a spectacular haul thieves break into the royal palace in the german city of dresden and make off with diamond jewelry measurable cultural value museum authorities are still figuring out what is missing. making the best of bad news hong kong's leader carrie lamb thanks voters for a peaceful election but says the last 5 result that went against her will not change her mind and.
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she's got one of the voices of rock'n'roll tina turner hit 80 needs another hero. i'm sumi so much got that then you for joining us well it reads like a hollywood movie script thieves have broken into one of europe's most renowned museums and made off with priceless 18th century jewelry police in the german city of dresden are still looking for the robbers well devastated museum officials try to work out what they've lost. dresden screen vault museum home to one of europe's greatest collections of treasures now it's a crime scene after burglars snatched up to $95.00 pieces of the 18th century
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jewelry from these cabinets including diamonds and rubies this is one of the sets that was stolen exactly how many items were taken from this set is still unknown dresden police say the thieves entered through a window c.c.t.v. footage shows them heading straight to a display cabinet and smashing the glass with an axe before making off with the treasure but the time or thought is a rifle the burglars were long gone a nationwide hunt is now under way saxony state premier say security measures were considered adequate is in 6 a shocking case it's not just the state art collections that were problem but are saxons we now want to get a sense of the damage and the investigative work. at least of which. the collection interest and was founded in the 18th century by augustus the strong elector of saxony and later king of poland the jewels here are priceless. because in
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this context and i we can't put a value on these items as they are unmarketable therefore this simply isn't a value that we can work with there is no financial value we can work with with the jewelry to identifiable to sell in the open market the museum fears that the pieces might be broken up all melted down the stolen jewels survived the allied bombings in world war 2 were carted off as booty by the soviet union and were returned here in 1958 now dresden is hoping for their return from the hands of the thieves who vanished without a trace. and we can speak to d.w. correspondent aaron tilton his at the crime scene in dresden hi erin what is the latest you're hearing there on the investigation. so just a short while ago the police were able to actually confirm that the burned out car which was found yesterday shortly after the break in was in fact the getaway vehicle that 2 burglars used to escape from dress and green vault which you can see
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just behind me right now now the big question is how many times they change vehicles and if they actually then use a 2nd vehicle to leave the city that's the avenue of investigation the police are looking into right now now when it comes to the green vault right yes you can see right behind me you might be able to see that police are once again continuing their forensic investigation of the rooms itself they're looking for any d.n.a. or fiber evidence which could help them ascertain the identity of the 2 burglars who broke in here yesterday but as represent the police put it to me earlier it's kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack you have to remember the museum welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each and every day so looking for evidence of 2 men could take actually quite a long time yet erin we saw the c.c.t.v. footage and it seems like the thieves had an in-depth knowledge of the building i mean what does that say about security at the vault. well that's really one of the big open questions right now as you might be able to see it so there's
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a lot of dresner is actually coming and looking at the window where the 2 thieves actually broke in and a lot of them speaking to me in are asking how could 2 men with an ax actually make it through security preparations that they put it are secure as for knox but the really the question is if they actually did have inside information now you mention the c.c.t.v. footage right there and really if you look at it it does kind of look like it might have been a typical smash and grab as you know we've seen in at least one berlin museum in recent years if you look at the footage they actually were able to break open the display case with an ax and the and the museum directions said they were actually prevented from taking all the pieces in there just because they were actually sewn on to the cushion they were present so it does get that could actually indicate that it was just a typical smash and grab and that the people really didn't have that type of insight in from. nation that at least a lot of people here in the street seem to think they do have so and what is likely to happen to these artifacts. well that is the 1000000 dollar question i mean
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people are working from 3 different scenarios right now on the one hand people think that if this was a smash and grab that many of the artifacts could then be melted down and sold for their you know basic parts is just loose diamonds on the open market other people think that well they might have actually been there working and looking for specific pieces and so others say that this might be a type of ransom style situation where you know the police or the city could then get some type of letter where the thieves actually offered to sell the pieces back at a very very high price right now the police are being very tight lipped and then at least the indication from what we've been hearing from museum direction itself is that this is more of a smash and grab type operation but still it's an open question and we'll have to see exactly what type of statements we get from police and from the museum direction later in the day. aaron tilton on the scene there in dresden thank you. thank you in albania at least 7 people have been killed and hundreds more injured
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in the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in decades the 6.4 magnitude quake struck 30 kilometers northwest of the capital to run up causing buildings to collapse and sending panicked residents out into the streets it is the 2nd earthquake to hit the country in 2 months. and earlier we spoke to journalist based out of lake met in tehran a he gave us this update on the situation emergency crews searched here deacon with their bare hands and we have the equipment into a focal point to the portal city of durham and in the village up which is very close to. the center of the earthquake there was a better response from the authorities that this time compared to their wait that he did september. army corps of engineers were ready to respond to some rescue efforts that have been successful in these 2 buildings in amman and and also in this building in the park looked on the doors. and news is now also coming
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in that bosnia has been hit by an earthquake as well the european mediterranean seismological center says the magnitude $5.00 tremor hit around 75 kilometers south of the capital sarajevo there are no immediate reports of couse casualties or structural damage. let's check in now and some other stories making news around the world hong kong's leader kerry says her government will seriously reflect on the result of an election that saw pro-democracy candidates make massive gains hong kong has been rocked by months of violent protests against beijing's rule the opposition's landslide victory is being seen as a clear projection of landes handling of the unrest. anti-government demonstrators have clashed with security forces in southern iraq throwing molotov cocktails and rocks at each other the protests started in october and have continued to escalate demonstrators are calling for the overthrow of what they see as a corrupt political class. france says 13 of its troops have died in
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a helicopter crash in mali the accident happened when 2 helicopters collided during an operation against the harvests in the country's north it's the single biggest loss of life since france intervened in mali in 2013 to combat the in islamist insurgency. so who's constitutional court has ordered the release of opposition leader keiko fujimori she's expected to walk free next week after spending more than a year in pretrial detention but she is still facing corruption charges and a lengthy court battle with you more is accused of accepting bribes for her 2011 a presidential campaign. in the former soviet republic republic of georgia latest reports say demonstrators protesting against the country's voting system are trying to prevent lawmakers arriving for a session of parliament campaigners say georgia's voting system unfairly favors the ruling party and they have been demanding changes outside the parliament in tbilisi
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during the night right police were deployed to clear them away from the entrances and some opposition figures were detained after some violent clashes last summer the ruling dream party agreed to change the voting system but has failed to do so which is why the protesters are out on the streets. and met one of the faces of the protest movement. to make noise. that i can put the things i can't say with words into music. with music helps me to control my feelings. i chose to learn the drums because they allow me to express my anger my resentment my happiness and my depression. says she's always wanted to learn how to play but the 19 year old student only started lessons 2 months ago after she lost her left eye during demonstrations in the summer. in june thousands of protesters demanded the switch to
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a proportional electoral system in georgia when the police used rubber bullets and tear gas against demonstrators hundreds were injured including the government was pushed into promising change. since her injury the government has been paying moscow's medical bills but now that the ruling party has gone back on its promise of electoral reform her frustration at what happened burns even stronger. i'm still angry of course i've accepted the reality of what happened. i can't change that anymore. i've become the victim of injustice. my face all of me. and when i see that that injustice still hasn't ended and that we haven't won that all that just strengthens my anger that rage essentially takes over me. sammartino yeah but demonstrators are determined to keep taking to the streets
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until the government concedes snap elections and changes to a proportional electoral system to many mako has become one of the faces of the ruling party's broken promise whether she wanted to or not but for now members of the georgian dream party are portraying the opposition protesters as an irrelevant minority. sure that. our support. for the george i'm much more. aggressive. than supporters. marco is determined to get compensation for her injury 5 months after the summer protests she's now finally been named as an official witness in an investigation into police violence at the demonstrations she hopes her loss won't have been for nothing. that i think voice of the people is very hard to ignore the voice of the people is the biggest governing force for a country not individual politicians and when
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a country is democratic you can get justice you just have to fight for it. while the artist. marco is taking her case to georgia's courts she doesn't plan to give up her fight and neither do the protesters. so you're watching news still to come on our show the political stalemate between israel and the palestinians has left people in gaza living in limbo we decide one boy with cancer diagnosis illustrates what is at stake. but 1st here in berlin thousands of farmers have entered the city to demonstrate against the government's agricultural policies the farmers. have driven in from across the country holding up traffic in and around the capitol organizers say they expect 10000 to join the culmination of the protest in front of her gate the farmers are protesting plans to introduce stricter protection on insects and the environment. and didn't
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use hands brand is at brandenburg gate covering the story for us i had what exactly are the farmers demanding. well if you listen to them the demands are slightly shall i say not very definite not very clear what they're really demanding i think at the core of things is respect from society for the work that they do for society one has to understand that this protest is more or less a spontaneous protest it wasn't organized by any of the organizations of agriculture in germany it was a result basically of a facebook group which mobilized in the last about 2 months tens of thousands of followers all or all in germany their protest was started by the fact that the german government wants to tighten rules on using fertiliser in are going to culture and also on the use of herbicides and pesticides in agriculture for
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environmental reasons in order to protect the environment and the farmers are saying they're being made to the boogie for all the ills in the environment they would want more respect from society and so what about the government's reaction is the government listening to these farmers voices. yes indeed the government is reacting to that in fact just in a few minutes time there will be true government ministers talking to the protestors here later the agricultural minister herself will also be addressing them so the government is taking these protests seriously this in fact is the climax of a wave of protests that has been seen in germany in recent weeks so yes the government is taking it seriously whether the government will accede to any of the demands that the farmers are showing is another question and this comes at a time where we see also a wave of support for more climate action in modern farming for example the use of pesticides is often in conflict with those environmental concerns so do the farmers
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have proposals to address that the farmers do have well they're not they're not connected to any farmers globally but they're obviously understands that climate change that environmental issues are issues that are important to the world and are important to farmers they say that they in fact are the ones that are protecting the environment and almost directly affected by climate change at the same time i think there is some reluctance to accede to the new rules in agriculture that have been passed by the german got what they're about to be pos by the german government all right after a spawn and hans front covering the story for us down at brandenburg gate thank you . london's transport authority has refused a new license for over a major blow to the ride sharing platform regulators say the decision is based on safety concerns over have been accused of putting passengers at risk with uninsured
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drivers but it's also faced opposition from drivers of the iconic london taxis. for 3 and a half 1000000 uses in london this decision's been a long time coming the refusal to give a new license to the right hailing company follows 2 years of argument between and regulator is now transport for london says enough is enough. just the city's masses has been failing to protect its customers. there are at least 14000 journeys where somebody using 1st thought the person driving them was one person but if it's been somebody else they've also been examples where drivers who've had their license suspended or dismissed have been allowed to continue to be a new driver these are serious failings he rejects the claim it's unsafe saying it's vetted every one of its $50000.00 drivers in london drivers like ilia he fears the loss of his main source of income. will be very very bad but.
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only the former for all all of us so we hold drivers for drivers so. probably old enough. or sold a car that goes for all the little she fills the mass of the council as drivers should reserve their anger through brit self for failing to improve its systems the news comes as a boost to london's famous black cabbies who potentially see a major competitor driven off the road and asked for other londoners if you get rid of me that somebody else is going to walk straight into their steps anyway i say this but i think it's a massive issue i think they're driving the rush to the bottom and already helping anyone really work through. the physical. i think it's a shame find that i mean everyone that i know is a 1st mover has 21 days to appeal against the decision something it says it will definitely do. that to the question of how to treat cancer in the gaza strip
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the best option is to go to israel for the right there a-p. but that means leaving home and family and jumping through administrative hoops it's a symptom of how the decades long conflict in the region affects the most personal stories you followed one teenager who had to leave everything he knew to get a chance at a future. mahmoud is 13 years old she was diagnosed with bone cancer 18 months ago before that he was. a talented soccer player who loved singing. his father manages to keep the family going with odd jobs but he has no idea how he'll ever manage to pay for his son's treatment in that you can imagine what it's like you have a son he's happy healthy boy you play soccer he's always having fun even one of the best players then comes the shock of your life. my dad was standing outside our house when i found out that i had cancer he didn't want to
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come in i saw him crying and i said to him dad you mustn't give up i don't want to see a single tear fall. but it's hard to find hope here in the overcrowded oncology unit at a hospital in gaza city there's a shortage of most things medicines painkillers and medical equipment a diagnosis like mark moods can resemble a death sentence. dr kelly knew immediately he wouldn't be able to help mahmoud under such conditions and that his best chance for survival would be through treatment outside of the gaza strip the doctor referred him to a clinic in east jerusalem she knows that will mean an unpredictable journey for mahmoud because even a sick palestinian child cannot easily enter israel. mahmoud has become quieter over the course of his illness he hasn't been to school for a year his father doesn't want him to lose contact with his friends so as often as
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possible he takes them to an aid organization that has afternoon care for kids. meanwhile vomits father has to apply for his son's travel to east jerusalem hundreds of relatives of seriously ill patients are waiting for the travel permit 1st the palestinian national authority has to agree to the trip and then the israeli government has to approve it. the permit finally arrives and the trip is set to begin in the early morning. but lock who doesn't want to leave he doesn't want to be away from his siblings or his parents. he wants to stay at home and he's terrified of dying. and. finally his parents managed to convince him to go with his grandmother at his side
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. then at the border there's another surprise his grandmother is not allowed to leave gaza and no reason is given instead mahmoud's mother will now accompany her son but they have to leave immediately. then it finally happens mahmoud and his mother enter israel together. to victoria hospital is on the mount of olives in eastern. islam. lockwood's treatment this time lasts for hours. of fun of course i think about dying we read verses from the koran we pray more we ask god to help us. now over the course of several months mahmoud has had 30 chemo sessions in east jerusalem. and he's doing well. the doctors say he
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is sure and that one day he may even be able to play soccer again. and you can find more on the story on our website. moving on to some other news now and a key committee at the world anti-doping agency says russia should be hit with a 4 year ban from the olympics and other major competitions it made the recommendation after doping data from a moscow laboratory was deleted or altered the world anti-doping agency's executive committee will make a final ruling next month if the ban is implemented clean russian athletes would be forced to compete as neutrals at next year's tokyo olympics and the 2022 beijing winter came. to champions league soccer now byron munich have already gone through to the knockout stages of the competition but buyer leverkusen have a big job on their hands to still try to qualify leverkusen are 3rd in their group and they're heading off to face lokomotiv moscow realistically they need to win the
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in russia to have a chance of going through even then it will all come down to the last match day next month when they host mighty few ventas. scientists from stanford university in california have measured the heart rate of the world's largest animal for the 1st time using a combination of daring and dexterity in a tricky maneuver the team attached a sensor pack to a blue whale the data collected gave valuable insights into the beast's feeding habits it also suggests that a blue whales heart is working to its limits which could explain why no animal has ever evolved to be bigger than these majestic marine creatures. now what has age got to do with it tina turner has been one of the voices of rock and roll of the decades on tuesday she turned 80 years old. turner fired fans are across the world for more than 6 decades with their
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impressive voice and are on parallel stage presence until 976 she shared the stage with husband ike turner who she later revealed regularly beat and sexually. used her divorce pushed her towards financial ruin but she made a remarkable comeback the album private dancer was a global hit and brought her 4 grammys today turner is enjoying retirement at her switch opto with a german husband basking in the glow of a recent musical about her life. this is news these are our top stories german authorities are searching for answers after a smash and grab raid on the royal palace in the german city of dresden the thieves made off with diamond jewelry of in measurable cultural value museum authorities are still working out exactly what is missing. hong kong chief executive kerry
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lam says the government will reflect on the results of a vote that saw pro-democracy candidates win massive gains but lamb offered no concessions during her 1st media briefing since sunday's elections. in albania at least 7 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in decades the 6.4 magnitude quake caused buildings to collapse and sent panicked residents out into the streets. a key committee of the world anti-doping agency says russia should be hit with a 4 year ban from the olympics and other major competitions it made that recommendation after doping data from a moscow laboratory was deleted or altered. this is due to news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at news or visit our website. coming up next in business news the bitcoin is dropping to its lowest level and half
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a year we'll tell you what's behind the crypto crash and what role china has played . monica jones we'll have that and much more coming right up on business don't go away.
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sucks balls favors. the tax. cut. the best game 6. kickoff in 60 minutes on d w. their wealth isn't calculable. their
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egos insatiable. their rivalry deadly. 3 princes. all of whom dream of leading the arab world. the arrival of princes of gold starts november 27th on t w. 6 good enough to be affectionately but as affectionately as you can. be mayor pro tem in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 the documentary was filmed for russian television to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab that actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring a top supporting role. to the freedom of russia. and
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featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. but i'm here for a marriage to the ends justify the means. to tim's witnesses starts december 13th on g.w. . bitcoin tumbles to china responsible it contracts to 6 months low as beijing appears to be working on its own crypto currency also coming up what options do the dressed in jewelry thief's have to turn their haste into cash we talk to an expert . i want to get to.


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