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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2019 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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from point a to clash. with the group this is a. welcome to the 77 percent. this week t.w. . coming up. ahead of president january when he's president's. deputy foreign minister for proof. the vice president. spent 3 weeks. to explain.
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welcome. it's good to have you with us taiwan is headed to presidential elections in january of next year but election interference already been made no less than the president of taiwan has alleged that beijing is interfering in the election process i'll be speaking to taiwan's deputy foreign minister about those allegations in a minute but taiwan is already taking action it has detained a couple whose companies alleged to be a front for chinese spying activities in taiwan the interior ministry is investigative if shunk chin and his wife were involved in activities to interfere in the election process a process that many in taiwan are claiming has long been a target of activities. as elections go it looks and feels like any other.
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2 but beneath the placard to noisy campaign events accusations of photo play persist leveled by taiwan's president who is seeking a 2nd term. china is using various means to intervene in taiwan selection to damage our democracy. as a large country internationally and regionally they have to take on the responsibility to maintain regional peace and stability. to get. to a day goes by in the tense up the spear of this vote without some mention of their mighty neighbor you know this coming in perspective. missing in perspective by one is the most seriously affected by train us imports operation out about it like this a 55000 ton aircraft carrier sailing through the strait of taiwan last week
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a routine operation say china and interrogation tactics say the taiwanese other aspects are less conspicuous like what was going on inside this hong kong office chinese espionage efforts according to the explosive claims of a self-confessed spy. for the taiwan was the most important work of ours. the inculturation into media that's the temples and grassroots organizations china has dismissed him as a thief and says taiwan's interests are best served as part of china. i want to say to taiwan but we have been cooperating in a friendly way with many countries in the world based on mutual benefits you know these benefits not only suit china's interests but also other countries' interests your for your. it's
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a view shared by the china friendly presidential contender. if he can overcome the odds to win in january it may not be entirely a mark of his own success and for more i'm joined in the studio by taiwan's deputy foreign minister dr suit sure welcome taiwan is headed to presidential elections next year on the 11th of january and the current president signing one has already accused china of attempting to influence this election what proof is there of this . well i think. spirits of last election last year we had a local election and there are a lot of. fake accounts on the social media that boosts certain candidates and if we trace them. he their address changes day
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by day sometimes in istanbul's sometimes kill some signs does noura and so there are a lot of these think accounts and eventually they play a very important role in making big success for certain candidates and also our ruling party experience defeat and we learn from that. so there are still this kind of fake accounts that's one thing and also there were spread of information how can you be so certain that these fake account just on this particular point were driven by people in china over the chinese government. of course from the perspective of my ministry ministry of foreign affairs we're not in charge of investigating into these cases. but i think a lot of people would have to see their legitimacy specious. because some of them that's the thing is a bit better foreign minister i mean one is suspicion the other disproved so if
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statements are made from the highest portals of government are accusing another government of directly influencing elections you can see how that is a cause for consternation if it is just on the basis of suspicion and not proof so of course there are texts that were written in. the simplified chinese character and which is not used in taiwan we used a traditional lines in there a certain way of the that the way they phrase things are different from what we face in taiwan so these are indirect you may quote it evidence or. he wants but i think. from the our bureau of investigation they did have a grasp certain evidences that date in the china side the chinese side there were such things court contant farm. that has been traced and they create
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certain kind of information content and these content will be copied in the social media group in taiwan but it is pretty to the mainstream media so if china is active in spreading disinformation and influencing the upcoming taiwanese election who is china trying to prop up. there are certain political party social groups and people in taiwan that are more sympathetic to this position of you weenies cation with with china i think these people or disproved are china's target just to start a fight me what taiwan's position on the unification slash one giant. being a separate entity is concerned because we go back to the consensus of 99 to 2 in which there was some agreement on the term one china but then the current government of sighing when appears to discard has
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a different take so where exactly does taiwan stand right now it is not true that not in $92.00 there was a consensus on one chart in $92.00 both sides met in singapore and at that time both sides of greece agreed that there is only one china but. you know the difference we and them we can express or we can describe what one china means being our own way so that was the so to speak agreement but this agreement to disagree because there is a 2nd part. however right now from day beijing site they take only the 1st part that it is only one time they discard the 2nd part right so there's only actually no consensus so really looking at the 1st part of the 2nd part and i'm just wondering in terms of the way forward when there is disagreement along these lines
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what is the way forward after the elections to pass to ways to solve any disagreement in human society is through talk. so we we don't have. to have a talk with beijing and i think that will be the only healthy weight to solve our disagreement so they would come back again it's not that we discard some agreement because from our perspective there was no good reliever there for the time being dr shu thanks so much for coming in thank you. philippines is vice president lenny of bread always asking if the government has something to hide in its lethal campaign against illegal drugs that's president rhodri good to turn to fired from her job as co-chair of a body that coordinates the response to illegal drugs she had been appointed less
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than 3 weeks back for brando's dismissal was headline news when it was announced on sunday to take his office said robredo had called wasted the opportunity given to her using it instead to attack the government's methods for some background and context in the philippines the vice president and president elect it separately and can be from different parties robredo has been a fiasco of dictators so-called war on drugs hot appointment earlier in the month as so-called drug czar surprised many this is what robredo said after she was fired . not even. when i took on this job i 1st asked them and are you ready for me. now i ask what year freedom what do you fear that i would discover you know what do you fear that the public would find something about me so what happened the democrats won and anna santos is in manila for
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us and why was it of bread of firewood. vice president roberta was fired because mr to tara there the president was very rankled for 2 reasons 1st vice president regretted had asked for a list of the high value a big time drug lords that the anti-drug agency was supposed to go after and secondly he mistakenly thought that she had invited the united nations to investigate of abuses related to the drug war we have to remember that president the terrace as always seen the vice president as something like a thorn in his side she has always been vocal about the tablets of the drug war and has always called for a huge more humane drug policy one that will not necessitate the killing of suspected drug users and drug pushers exactly a very blunt critique of president this so-called war on drugs why was she then appointed the drug czar of the battle against drugs in the philippines
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you know it was really more of a dare the president was taunting the vice president he said to her you know you're always criticizing the drug war can you do a better job why don't you take this job and so she did and it surprised a lot of people and most especially the president it was a clear display of you know how mr de tara that is really like a man baby he views government as its sandbox and he sees with women like vice president little girls he can bully and who's pigtails that he can pull well this time the man baby met his match a woman who is determined to do her job. and i sometimes thanks so much for putting it in those words. that's a that's a very moving doll with images from the philippines that tell the story of the so-called war on drugs for the past 3 years. but.
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around the world ideas that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. interactive content to inspire people to take action. in series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. a true blockbuster for chinese e-commerce giant ali baba stock market in hong kong is a resolving success not only for the company itself but also for the besieged city . we're still in business. calling this it another 6 months low as. i know says it will take a tougher stance on crypto currency. this is business. as well. starting with a blockbuster i.p.o.
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shares in chinese e-commerce giant have surged in its hong kong trading day one of the year's most and to support its things the company which is already traded in the u.s. raised more than $11000000000.00 in its secondary listing on tuesday. shares of ali baba surged almost 8 percent in the 1st few minutes of trading the initial public offering of the online retail giant is the world's largest so far in 2019 the secondary listing in hong kong gives access to chinese mainland investors it also means that shares could be traded almost around the clock now between hong kong and new york which on genius saw the occasion of ali baba's 20th anniversary we have our shared in an important milestone which is to come home come back to hong kong for the listing.


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