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back and after a violent incident on the opening weekend and look at the story. and monday's historic heist of 18th century jewels in dresden continues to occupy germany as police scour the green vault museum for clues as to who could be behind it. well the 1st motor car hit the roads in the 888 after german engineer col benz patented his band's 3 wheeler it was in the early 20th century that automobiles became more widely available and abruptly changed every aspect of our lives well now with cars on the brink of a new driverless era an exhibition at london's victoria and albert museum looks at their wide ranging cultural impact. looks just like a troy sickle but it's actually the 1st car from 1888 next to the famous motor ford from not you know the advent of the assembly line for senate
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seats it is a mask production of motorized vehicles with serious consequences for society they looked at food and what had been achieved there with the model t. so you find a lot of design. thinking about what the future of design might be about house designers in particular what we showcased in the exhibition piece to think about standardization as a way of producing good small quickly and what they were really interested in was thinking about how basic design could be made cheaper and more available to most people this church was the 1st stream to hit the road back in lunching 34. and then we see that infiltrate into other. options as well so streamlining really becomes. a static of modernity so we can see this. on this flight suit as well which is probably rather practical that really
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uses this theme i started to show that the idea of rushing stream learning definitely close on and not just for fans and great slices but also for the 1st votes. and the measurement to camp scooter. comes which facilitated the tourism boom in europe after the 2nd world war. relatively affordable as they could travel by long distances people could could use them to go away on holidays where people can can drive to places that they would otherwise be unable to visit and kind of you know that may experience a whole other world. than say exhibition shows how eventually the car turned from symbol of freedom to symbol of environmentalists destruction. we can design a better world and there are many ways to do that and i think we can draw
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a lot of lessons from the changes and the impact the car has had on the past 130 years of history both for good and for bad to understand how we might think again the future of mobility. mobility is changing more rapidly than ever before and if you're not sure how best to get around you might just find some inspiration at london's victoria and albert museum. they all buy dollars. blue story is a feature film about rival gangs in south london that opened last week in the u.k. and it caused quite a stir at its 1st weekend after a mass brawl erupted at a showing in birmingham on saturday 2 cinema chains actually pulled the film in what critics are calling a kneejerk cowardly and even a racist reaction so before we get into what happened and why let's have
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a look at what the film's about. you andrew on the bolo a t.v. rap has brought his stories of life in inner city london to the big screen tapping his own you tube short which got 20000000 hits on my. story is a familiar tale of 2 friends are torn apart by gang will tease of their battling neighborhoods over here in the u.k. for sure maybe just in general we do glamorize the power of being top saw for lack we need to stop grammar as it is watch started to go poised on the way. to c.n.n. and put it. on the group a lot of. good game i did with my. running mate a smile. the director himself comments on the story wrapping directly to the audience jamie let people change that you could be best friends by the 40th street
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and not be the film's message is one of hope and escape from the art and music we say see people who kind of look like them scholars from the same area that they came from making movies are going to be across similar screens and all over the world he actually motivates them to feel you know what sort of hanging around in a brothel where you can ask they may want to go to some calls i don't because they actually have spies that are mostly on all. the films violence has wrapped and would say on the bolos just telling it like it is in. china just a fad. i'm assure you what do you mean by the fact you feel right. there we go joining me in the studio is none other of course then our film experts got rough. scott a brand new film about the black british experience young people are flocking to see this film tell us what happened there in birmingham yeah i mean apparently there are reportedly the there were a number of instances on the opening weekend including one very serious one in
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birmingham where several use came to the future with with machetes apparently the police were called and in response to this to the biggest theater chains that were carrying the film across the country pulled it from from the theaters still coming out about what happened but that is what the response was and they said of course that it was for their for the safety of their of their patrons and of course they were highly criticized for that move but these incidents seem to be somewhat dominating what is essentially the discussion of what is essentially a good film what do you make this decision is that an overreaction yeah i mean the decision of the theaters on the night of course you can't you can't 2nd guess they have to react they activate think there's a danger for their customers but the reaction of the theater chains to pull the movie seems to me smacks of an overreaction to me in fact one of the theater chains already reversed the ban they've brought the film back to yesterday other brought the film back into theaters i also have to think i mean i think some do with this
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particular film i wonder if they would have made the same reaction of the jason statham film that was being shown i can't be connection between the instance of violence and the movie itself i mean the story itself is based on a you tube video that's been the public made for 2 years story which was posted in rap and posted 217 went viral of then and it tells very much the same story that we see in the movie and has the same sort of depiction of extreme violence and brutality in the streets of london in fact this video was so successful jay z. the rap superstar in america saw it and gave man a. signed into his rock the nation label so the stories out there i really can't see a connection between the story in the movie and the the violence that appear to be credible they have of course an age old debate around violent movies and whether they actually incite copycat violence but the panic seems to always be much worse when it's black violence that we're talking about black lines and black black black movies i mean there's plenty of on screen violence in white protagonists i mean but
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you never seem to see the small pox around a film around the james bond movie around marvel films plenty of the marvel movies to it only seems to be connected to urban movies that is black movies i almost think if people are trying to make the argument that white audiences can deal with on screen violence but black audiences can't and i think particular this case i think we're confusing cause and effect the main story is connected to real life it's a depiction of what rock man has seen on the streets of london but instead of saying these are problems we have to deal with politically it seems we're almost scapegoating the victims and blaming them for the situation of their own. so all this controversy just quickly comes at the same time as a french film dealing with similar themes has had a very different reception in france tell us quickly about the need and how the french public has reacted. similar things certain a similar area in france in the lead the french a prison suburbs deals more with police brutality and sort of the reaction to
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police brutality direct has been completely different this film in cannes it won the jury prize in cannes and the french film academy has actually completely embraced this movie and they've made it their candidate for next year's oscars so you see a completely different reaction than we saw with blue story in the u.k. ok so we do have a way to go before black filmmakers bring their own stories into the mainstream is going to be considered a normal thing here and yes now here in europe the u.k. in the u.s. has been embraced by the new europe i think a little bit longer progress thank you very much scott roxboro. well it's like something out of a movie itself the spectacular heist that took place in eastern germany early on monday morning when feeds broke into one of europe's most renowned museums and made off with priceless 18th century jewels police in the german city of dresden are still looking for the culprits while the museum officials are still trying to work out the actual extent of their loss who made off with the priceless catch of
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june is from the green vault museum in dresden the treasure is a tremendous source of pride and the boat with earth has left many locals speechless. thank god it's hard to believe thieves could crawl through such a tiny hole i'm devastated that. the green volt is one of the oldest museums in europe and the authorities believe up to $100.00 items could have been stolen the museum says the jewels are priceless so you've broken before dawn on monday closed circuit security footage shows 2 men in a brutal smash and grab attack experts fear the culprits who are cashing the booty the very sad reality is that such criminal acts are connected to money laundering to trading arms and said. experts are certain that unloading the treasure will be difficult that's why some hope the museum may be able to buy them back by paying
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a ransom the best possible outcome would be if the jewels that have been stolen would be offered to the director of the museum by a call and the worst outcome would be if the drugs melted and taken out of their setting. at this point there remain many more questions than answers surrounding the spectacular robbery but already some german media are calling it the biggest theft since world war 2. well that is definitely a story that we will keep following and in the meantime don't forget about our web site where you can of course always go to find information on that story and all of our other reports but for now our time is up so from all of us here in berlin to take good care and thanks for watching hope to see you next time and we will leave you with some more images from that film by the british filmmaker rock band blue story check it out for yourself pick up i. thought she also took of the still
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insanity where. even where we least expect it. not the party will soon be over. how can we replace the block. well it's decline to the economy. made in germany 30 minutes on d w. their wealth isn't calculable. their egos insatiable. their rivalry deadly. 3 princes. all move home the dream of being the arab or. the wife of princes of the gulf. in 75 minutes on details of.
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concerts with film lustrous guests. rocking sounds. and then incredible location. tonight groups every week on g.w. . this is the news these are our top stories 2 multis ministers and the prime minister's chief of staff have stepped down over a growing scandal surrounding a murder journalist daphne cairo and i got was killed in a car bombing in 2017 after reporting on corruption in her country a fan.


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