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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2019 1:02am-1:31am CET

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resigned as the investigation into the suspected contract killing of an investigative journalist got a space that any kind of want to give it was looking into corruption linked to the government and was killed by a car bombing 2017 a family accuses the government of protecting the people who ordered her death so why have these men resigned i'm phil gale this is the day. the investigation is over in the coming hours or days i will give a full account of my actions. to the current. thinking that if. they go to the justice i will do whatever is necessary. at this it just. depends on ensuring that there is no contamination politics.
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i. should leave the investigators. have to give. up the mounting human cost of turkey is offensive in northern syria a special report on kurds living in fear in ankara so-called safe zone i saw an airplane over a house we wanted to flee and then a turkish plane bombed us with civilians not military and we were at home at home. has seen a day of high profile political designations as the widening scandal of the 27000 murder of an investigative journalist gathers pace on tuesday prime minister joseph most cats announce the departure of his chief of staff keith schembri this was followed by the press. nation of the country's tourist mr conrad mit's
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a journalist cat daffy want to kill it sure was murdered in a car bomb attack on the island 2017 and a reputation for exposing corruption one of the country's political and business in the us and that named mr sharon was the big secret reports last week police investigating the killing arrested prominent multiset businessman new york and fenech on board his yacht while he was apparently trying to leave the country 3 men are already facing trial for most kind of want to go it is coming but the person or people who ordered it have not yet been identified today's resignations represent the biggest political fallout from the murder so far it's a prime minister joseph muscat you know. completely who this is the only it really on the run the country needs stability but it's the moment the place on dupes on this topic and on my mandate my actions and decisions in the coming hours and days
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will be aimed to ensure that stability is maintained that the. institutions continue to work serenely down india move down at. the new who will also heed the advice of various people who have told me not to make statements while an investigation is still active. in the city on the tivo let's get more on this case micallef is a journalist with the times of moulton joins us from the capital the latter welcome to the day why do you think these 3 man of reside. their position has become untenable you cannot have the chief of staff and he was no ordinary chief of staff it was a very trusted person by the prime minister who was a chief political strategist and many people even in cabinet who would say he was the one calling the shots at times and the most trusted minister former energy
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minister let's not forget he was the minister who was in charge of the power station contract with on which there were allegations of bribes being under investigation regarding this contract killing even the economist there was called for worshipping a couple of days ago and their position had become untenable ok so a very nice people implicated in this death can't stay in government public on the investigation into the killing itself i wonder what you make of the deals being done or negotiated because the way we have the alleged middleman in the plot by being granted a presidential pardon in exchange for information which the information that he provided was quickly followed by the arrest of a multi space this man this this is mr york in fact now mr fedak is reported to be requesting immunity in exchange for information so what do you make of this wheeling and dealing well of course mr finnick has
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been at least for the last 2 days asking for presidential immunity to do it was revealed that mr bush can be the chief of staff was in direct contact with mr finnick to world a police investigation so that mr infinite was being kept abreast of the details of the investigation presumably mr finn a close knows much more about the political connections of this know the including mr bush can very dr miti and possibly even the economy minister. now it's up to the prime minister to recall man when there mr fennis should have. presidential by law we call it a presidential pardon but according to a local situation is the prime minister who commands presumably on the advice of the attorney general. we have 3 people awaiting trial for setting the bomb that killed afaik i don't want to kill it's 2 years ago at the police have mr phatic a significant person of interest in custody what is your view of the investigation
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so far. in the investigation for many months seem to have been stalled delaying the name of mr finn it could be said just that in the media built a month ago in an attempt to me to to pile up pressure on the government to take action in the last few days there is in the clear indications that the link there are clear political links something which the prime minister used to refuse to accept and in the past month the prime minister always used to say there is no criminal connection with the politicians he never used to comment on the political implications but now it seems that upward from political responsibility there seems to be actual criminal links between politicians and the underworld to hide this case this all has emerged in the last few days and possibly more could emerge in the coming hours when mr fennis could be arraigned is he this is
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a really interesting part of a really tragic story we have this investigative journalist that afaik i don't want to get it's here uncovering apparently a lot of corruption linking a crime to the government one wonders how those investigations died with. no because we know that she had received a large stash of emails of documents at one point months before she had been killed and you know that their e-mail is they're still being kept by the death of the project and they're looking and combing through to see what 3rd their evidence they can unearth and it's and it's not excluded that in the coming weeks and the coming once more evidence is honored from the largest stash of documentation she had received good soldiers are very open story thank you so much for joining us micallef from the times of malta.
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residents of the town of kabbani in northeastern syria say they are scared about the imminent arrival of turkish troops though it is military and to be an area where u.s. troops withdrew in october the body is inside the northern syria buffer zone established so his president's ranch of type heard once as the would be used to resettle syrian refugees currently living in his country but syrians in the area say it's a turkish invasion and point to the growing number of civilians killed or injured by turkish troops as proof. you can see turkey from here in the syrian town of could bonnie the turkish troops haven't made it to kabbani yet and that's the way it should stay says ramsey the owner of a shoe shop 5 years ago he says when islamic state was murdering people and plundering this town turkey watched from the other side of the border but took no action now i-s. is gone and turkish troops have moved into syria patrolling what they're calling
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a safe zone. and. they talking about it's not a safe zone they've come to drive us away to steal our homes and plunder our lands they're here to displace millions of people how can that be a safe zone. this footage from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces reportedly shows fighting between kurdish fighters and turkish backed forces in i assess the town of ein it's maybe 80 kilometers away from here but the syrian military now allied with the kurds says the fighting is moving towards kabbani that's stationed here to prevent a turkish attack. it was woden's and the 100 the turkish backed militias are trying to block a road in leads to where we are here but the syrian army is making sure this won't happen. but it is. the hospitals in northern syria are full of injured civilians this father survived an attack on taliban yad which is in the
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turks are safe certain 2 of his children were severely injured 2 others are dead. i saw an airplane over our house we were packing our belongings into our car we wanted to flee and then a turkish plane bombed those were civilians not military and we were at home but home. from the kurds point of view everything started going wrong the moment the u.s. pulled its troops out of north eastern syria the americans presence had prevented any turkish offensive u.s. troops did return but only to guard syria's oilfields against the islamic state they're not here to protect kurdish civilians anymore and that's why the kurds feel betrayed and why as well as fighting back militarily they're also boy causing all turkish products. every little we spend on turkish goods will be invested in
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bullets used to kill our sons. ramsey the owner of the shoe shop in kabbani says he hardly sells any shoes made in turkey anymore but he says he understands why. we're scared they're coming here to drive us out or kill us we just want them to go to get out of the whole region or ramsay's turnover has fallen by 2 thirds people aren't spending money anymore he says because they're certain they'll soon have to flee from a turkish attack. more on this from correspondent dorian jones in a welcome dorrian i'll kurds in kabbani right to be worried about a turkish attack. well syrian kurdish forces are accusing turkey and the militias it is supporting of seeking to expand the area under its control in 3 different areas now why anchor and now strongly denies that it says
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its forces are only we acting in self-defense but why the kurds in kabbani and for out this area are so concerned is turkey initially sought to control an area 400 kilometers long of 30 kilometers deep as a key to his objective of returning up to 2000000 syrians currently under turkish military control is a strip of only 100 kilometers and that is seen as well short of the area needed to return these refugees and one of the key urban locations is called bani in part of turkish parents to resettle large amounts of syrians currently living in turkey and that's why the kurds are so nervous in this area ok so it's a last week to turkey accuse the u.s. and russia of doing nothing to ensure that kurdish forces are withdrawing from this this order of age and that today russia you serious kurds are failing to abide by the russian turkey deal so what are kurdish troops in the area doing. it was really very hard to verify what actually is going on on the ground
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independent reporting is very difficult but what it appears to be seeing is that moscow is losing patience with the kurds because since america now sees the walking back its initial declaration of pulling out of the area this seems to be emboldening the kurds and possibly holding out from pressure from moscow for it to finally join up with the massacres and fall on to the massacres control and that is the key objective of moscow in its long term goal of bringing new bringing stability to syria now they see that they will because possibly are becoming more restive they all possibly looking to uncle and its military forces to put pressure on the kurds to fall into line. imagine and in passing that a another strange element of a very complicated. conflict and that these are these reports that u.s. troops backed a backed up by syrian kurdish fighters are once again carrying out large scale operations against islamic state fighters so how's that going to be viewed in ankara. i think it's going to be viewed with
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a great deal of shock and anger you have to realize. been accusing washington of supporting a terrorist organization which he considers this kurdish militia linked to a. kurdish insurgency inside turkey now they are euphoric at the decision to pull out its support of these kurdish forces they saw this as an opportunity for resetting turkish u.s. relations now again they see. walking back home what trump has promised to do and this will fit into a wider narrative whereby turkey believes that they have a friend in trump. supported by those around him and this latest. resumption of fighting with the u.s. forces and the kurdish forces will certainly strengthen that view in ankara. of course making mischief we have the foreign minister sergey lavrov warning the kurds are aligning themselves with the u.s. will do them no. accusing them of ignoring the russia turkey deal what do you think
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russia is trying to achieve. well i think the russia does see an opportunity here because now though to the americans do appear to be walking back from its initial promise to pull out and and possibly offering a reset in turkish u.s. relations now the u.s. are back on the scene moscow seems to be siding with turkey as a bid as a further effort to drag turkey away from the united states they see this is a new opportunity to so figure divisions between turkey and the u.s. both are nato partners and this has been an ultimate goal of moscow to ultimately bring turkey out of the nato relationship and away from the u.s. and closer to moscow this has been a key objective for many years and they now see this latest u.s. stepping back into syria as an opportunity and there you will expect again moscow to be siding fully behind in its concerns over what washington is doing in the region meanwhile we have a car bomb exploding on tuesday in the village of. i which is inside turkey
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so-called saves 20 deaths 17 their injuries were reported so who is likely to be responsible well i'm chris clear they say that this is part of the syrian kurdish militia which they call terrorists this is the latest example of their terrorist activities now the syrian kurdish forces tonight any part in this bombing but they will be suspicions of the kurds in some way or link behind this because this will be seen as an effort to further destabilize this region and to undermine turkey's efforts of creating a safe over which will allow syrian syrians living in turkey to return back if there is further insecurity and instability it will be very hard for turkey to persuade syrians of turkey to go back to syria during jones in istanbul thank you. now to the palestinian territory of gaza where daily life is often a struggle the continuing blockade by israel and egypt to make some medical care
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especially problematic for cancer patients the only choice is often to travel to israel which means leaving home and family then jumping through arduous administrative hoops it's a symptom of the decades long conflict in the region affects people's everyday lives they w. followed one teenager who had to cross borders for a chance at a future. mahmoud is 13 years old he was diagnosed with bone cancer 18 months ago before that he was a talented soccer player who loved singing. his father manages to keep the family going with odd jobs but he has no idea how he'll ever manage to pay for his son's treatment you can imagine what it's like you have a son he's happy healthy boy he plays soccer he's always having fun even one of the best players then comes the shock of your life. my dad was standing outside our house when i found out that i had cancer he didn't want to
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come in i saw him crying and i said to him dad you mustn't give up i don't want to see a single tear fall. but it's hard to find hope here in the overcrowded oncology unit at the hospital in gaza city there's a shortage of most things medicines painkillers and medical equipment a diagnosis like mark goods can resemble a death sentence. doctor knew immediately he wouldn't be able to help mahmoud under such conditions and that his best chance for survival would be through treatment outside of the gaza strip. the doctor refers him to a clinic in east jerusalem he knows that will mean an unpredictable journey for mahmoud because even a sick palestinian child cannot easily enter israel. mahmoud has become quieter over the course of his onus he hasn't been to school for
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a year his father doesn't want him to lose contact with his friends so as often as possible he takes them to an aid organization that has afternoon care for kids. meanwhile mahmoud's father has to apply for his son's travel to east jerusalem hundreds of relatives of seriously ill patients are waiting for the travel permit 1st the palestinian national authority has to agree to the trip and then the israeli government has to approve it. the permit finally arrives and the trip is set to begin in the early morning. but locke who doesn't want to leave he doesn't want to be away from his siblings or his parents. he wants to stay at home and he's terrified of dying. and. finally his parents managed to convince him to go with his grandmother at his side
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. then at the border there's another surprise his grandmother is not allowed to leave gaza and no reason is given instead mahmoud's mother will now accompany her son but they have to leave immediately. then it finally happens mahmoud and his mother enter israel together. to victoria hospital is on the mount of olives in east jerusalem. mahmoud's treatment this time lasts 4 hours. from now of course i think about dying. we read verses from the koran we pray more we ask god to help us. now over the course of several months mahmud has had 30 chemo sessions in east jerusalem. and he's doing well. the doctors say
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he's cured and that one day he may even be able to play soccer again. the ukrainian filmmaker or that sense office finally picked up the european union's top human rights prize he was serving a 20 year jail sentence on terror charges in russia when he was awarded the prize last year it was set free in september in a prisoner swap with ukraine. sends off spent 5 years in a russian prison camp in the arctic circle russian investigators accused the ukrainian filmmaker of planning terrorist attacks which in 2015 cents off was sentenced to 20 years in prison after he had publicly protested against the russian occupation of crimea international observers called it a show trial now free he has traveled to the european parliament to accept the sokoloff prize which he was awarded a year ago during his detention. i do not accept this award as
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a personal one. but as a tribute to old ukrainians who are political prisoners in russian prisons was he's cute. in september sense of was freed after a prisoner exchange between russia and ukraine he has long campaigned for human rights in his home country and was a key figure in the ukrainian revolution of 2014 for over 30 years the european parliament has been awarding the zucker of prize to individuals and organizations which fight for human rights this year's award will go to ilham tohti the we go human rights activist who has been sentenced to life imprisonment by china in a recent 2 day trial. and violence has played cameroon's english speaking regions after separatists that declared independence thousands have been killed and half a 1000000 a fled the unrest but in
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a major city one dedicated comedian refuses to be consumed by the hate and anger gripping the country. for boyd comic. it is his 1st performance here in the new foot city of boyer for more than a year. this city has been gripped by tension because of a standoff between english and french speakers in cameroon. but a war is determined to change the mood. is important because. people just need to calm down for a little bit and focus on things other than. recreate. hate speech to me i think there's a reason why it's important where laughs. he's not the only one sure we all must love has brought together over 20 comedians and musicians.
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projects in a mix of teaching french and english. many criticize politicians for their rule in the current crisis with one particular target is the president who has been in power for nearly 4 tickets. what you. just played. and. why. did you. pull out of that and. it's a real moment of relief for many truly for you know marco mumble is able to load off steam tonight for a short while at least. a lot has happened during these crises people are dead in a lot of blog was seeing
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a lot of injuries head dead people cry so if this show comes up and people make other people laugh and move love so loud it is a very great platform and i am so happy i am here the show is a great. no i didn't want to. live through a little. jokes like d.c. how like police how dismayed a corruption income rude. we can show is running high in gun reform region the committee sure is a very welcome little here in boy. oh there is almost term but the conversation continues online you'll find some twitter. new so you can follow me at i'll go use a hash tag today but.
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odd. good o.l. is everywhere. even where we least expect in. the wild card will soon be over. how can we replace the black. and white one it's too close to the economy. made in germany next on d w. their wealth isn't calculable.
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their egos insatiable. their rivalry deadly. 3 princes. all of whom dream of leaving the arab world to. the rival princes of the gulf. in 45 minutes on t.w. . it was the speech of his life perhaps his best and certainly his most difficult. the speech by calling dresden on december 19th 1989. shortly after the fall of the of the chancellor addresses the people of east
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germany. the mideast tense. crowd clamors for the german unity journalist peter allen boyd who was at the scene. 13 years later looks back on the . interest and. starts december 19th d w. i had to be the one to break the news to you but there is no doubt about it the party is over the oil party that is we've been bingeing on oil coal and gas for decades on end but now all host plan as us is telling us in onset to stop being so greedy with the oil gas and coal are provide.


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