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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2019 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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ministries get. an incredible local. one coming tonight. every week w. . this is the doctor coming up the international games that threaten to become a national embarrassment interesting to be placed toilets i've just bought of the story of the southeast asian games organizers of the philippines scrambling after complaints of logistical chaos in the lead up to the opening. austudy days at the age of 7
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a reality for many children in china why all billions of kids forced into such a routine. i finished bandaging welcome to the doctor news asia it's good to have you with us authorities in the philippines have apologized after images such as these became public showing the state of underprepared of nest for the southeast asian games the games officially opened this weekend and are being hosted by the philippines complaints range from incomplete construction to airport delays insufficient food for athletes not enough rooms and so on he has more on what the organizing committee called quote inefficiencies or misc ordination. the philippines is hoping the 2019 southeast asian games would signal the country's readiness to host the larger engine games in 2030 based on the rocky opening days of this year's
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tournament 2030 seems like a pipe dream some preliminary competitions have already kicked off with the games officially starting on saturday but construction work continues as a list of complaints from visiting athletes and administrator is piles ever higher with long waits for shuttle services and the lack of accommodations many participants have been forced to sleep on floors indonesia's weightlifting and football teams even decided to book their own hotels instead of relying on accommodations provided by the hosts preparations put a strain on athletes already coping with the crowded schedule knowing i was pretty upset 1st got here. with it you know 3 hours away in the airport and then 8 hours of waiting into the inner room saying i sleeping on the floor and. you know that adds up in the tournament like this the logistical chaos has brought unwanted
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negative attention on the tournament and put organizers under widespread criticism . and that unwanted attention has spent out on to social media one local newscaster posted this video on tripped up of a slightly puzzling look inside one of the women's bathrooms that has not one toilet but 2 next to each other without any divider. but that's not all as well as inadequate facilities for athletes and others the sporting venues themselves seem wall for the unprepared one social media user noticed a problem or 2 with this skating rink supposedly for the speed skating event it's still unfinished dirty and has not been cordoned off from the public. then there was the 1st football match between me and my and militia which kicked off without a scoreboard luckily with a 11 draw it was easy to keep track of the goals i'm happy volunteers have been
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charming in as well this user posted a complaint by a man who says he was given nothing to drink during a tiring and chaotic it all shift only to be handed this morsel after he had finished let us know what you think of this story are big sporting events such as the southeast asian games too big and unwieldy to organize a net to organize efficiently go to you tube page and write in the comments below. what kind of for routine did you have in school or your children what kind of a routine do they have today for instance spend up to 8 hours in school then head off to extra tuition learning math and languages it's a reality for many schoolchildren in china for some the routine is more punishing them others but the pressures are the same getting good grades and setting oneself up for
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a brighter future. even waits here every day at $330.00 for her son's class to end she quit her job so that she can spend more time raising shout shout. to 7 year old spend 7 hours a day in school but that is only part of his education. joe ng has organized a schedule of activities for his afternoon of our love love love love is a start of 4 pm with a talk about the day's homework. i don't look at his grades so much but i do pay attention to his study habits in 1st grade his chinese characters $1.00 very neat but he's improved it's his attitude towards learning that counts. like many middle class parents in china she feels the regular school curriculum isn't enough for her child it's common for families to pay for additional classes and tutoring.
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must be. just. around here. show shows extra curricular lessons include a good chinese swimming exercise and math chinese parents spend an average of $15000.00 euros and you will be on private tutoring by 5 45 pm show show is finished his math and english exercises. he and his mother take a break for dinner his father works 12 hours a day so shall show barely sees him during the week chinese children are already being trained for their later workload. rather should i say i think i have enough time to play it's like at my homework done quickly i have more but if i'm too slow i have less sometimes i have an hour a day sometimes 40 minutes or just 20 hours it depends. it's time for his evening class of language and writing course china's technophile
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society enthusiastically embraces new teaching methods especially if they're more playful than traditional learning by rote but joe ing sometimes asks are selfish she's pushing him too far she. says that in many children now in china excellent students but then they fail and important exam and they can't deal with the frustration and they jump off a roof top what matters most to me is to raise a healthy personality. that's an issue that's much discussed on the internet in china the competition to enter the best schools in universities is fierce and there is one thing that has not changed for generations chinese characters require a lot of practice. at $930.00 he's finally done bed time. he just finished 12 hours of studying and activities. and now it's sunday
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but he's not off today either weekends are the busiest time for tutors. shows parents have decided to limit his activities on weekends to one class per day on sundays he gets tutored in physical fitness. another tough week is over for shall show no more classes and no more homework in the afternoon his parents have something. special in-store they're taking him to a museum. of ours that for a weekly routine joining me in the studio is true she's a journalist and author of the book little soldiers an american boy a chinese school and the global race to achieve. thank you for having me okamura as the title of your book suggests you've written about an american boy your son bring to a chinese school in shanghai that's right you just told a story about show show how common is his story across china incredibly common and
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what i felt what struck me most about that story is she said she wants him to be happy yet he is taking 12 hours of study a day including weekends and so what happens there is you can't get off the treadmill that is education in china it's very difficult to feel like you're not going to fall off the ladder if you don't do this but is it just because of not wanting to fall off the ladder or is it is that an end goal or what is this old building up to shore so you know in the west generally speaking education is about developing and the digital right it doesn't feel like a race to achieve in china if you think about education as a sorting mechanism in other words you don't advance to the next level unless you pass the test so that is what's in the back of every parent's mind is if i don't prepare my child for that test and he doesn't pass he doesn't get to go to high school right so those are the stakes and that is behind all of that behavior in the thinking around education but at the end of it we see
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a lot of competition ultimately all does builds up the competition to be looking at something like $200000000.00 schoolchildren that's right in china i mean that's an insane amount of competition and one man one talks about their school leaving exams the gulko for example that's right the competition just becomes even more intense is all of this ultimately to try and get a good job and be become successful is that what it's about over that part of it especially as the economy is contracting there's a feeling now in china as the economy is starting to slow down that there's not enough to go out right and if you already look at the education numbers which is the college entrance exam which you referenced it's actually high school which is more dramatic for more families you have half the kids stealing and falling off the ladder at that point at the age of 15 and before these kids. at least go off to a factory and earn a pretty good wage but those factories are moving to the naam to indonesia at the time that the chinese economy is slowing so now there's even more desperation to stay on that ladder make sure your kid gets all the way to the top but i wonder how
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much of it is cultural if that is if that even is a question i mean the reason also is because you look at other countries in southeast asia look at south korea for example or you look at south asian look at india and that the subcontinent i mean it's a pressure that i myself have experienced did i did not have as well. growing up but then it was fairly common you would go to school come back going for extra tuition for particularly bad i think that seems to be the common thing is that a cultural undercut into all of this i think absolutely and you would probably agree right i mean if you go all the way back to confucius you know education was for the elite it's only recently in chinese history that it was for the common man so you have this idea of education as not only an aspirational goal that's not available to everyone but also everyone has their proper role in society so the student always obeys the teacher they always obey their parents the wife obeys the husband so when you have these very strict rules in society also it's easier for an authority figure it's within like a teacher and say do this otherwise you are not
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a good child and that is pervasive throughout the culture there is this comfort with authoritarianism and that's why i really have to leave a pleasure talking to a liberal thanks so much for coming in thank you so much and that's it for today but before we go i just have to tell you that your chance to enjoy what's been called the best sushi restaurant in the wild mr obama general onal owns the 3 michelin star suki of ashi general in tokyo it's now been removed from the michelin guide because it no longer takes reservations from the public you need to have special connections to dine in his restaurant which is catered to the likes of but arco bamma katy perry a huge shock when we leave you now with images of what you miss once you next time .
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the be. the law. the bench are some of the famous naturalist and explorers. to celebrate a click some go from 250 to morning on the floor of the discovery. expedition in blood on the body. double
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talk show. strong the clear positions from the international response to. every week we get to the point on our current topic. coming up at the bottom of the point a t w a. do german companies really put profits before schuman right over a 1000000. held in internment camps in china province where german companies like. factories they say we're not involved in the suppression of minorities in the region. and prices fall. in china as swine fever devastates
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pink populations all over asia. european space engineers improves the arreola program complete with private challenges like. business business. as welcome. is defending its factory in the chinese province of young saying all of its workers their contracts and that it regularly monitors working conditions leaked documents show that the chinese government maintains detention camps in the region to repress weekers and other muslim minorities critics say about operating factories in the area v.w. and some of the german companies were aiding ethnic cleansing government detention camps allegedly holding a 1000000 ethnic detainees in china's remote province of gin jang beijing as
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embarked on a development program in the region and german companies are being questioned at home for becoming part of it. volkswagen has a.


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