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the but. this is you know we news live from berlin the news new boss wins approval for her team with a promise to make the european union bring superpowers 1st love on the line has set an ambitious goal of cutting carbon creating jobs can the 1st woman president get all member states on board to put that very question to her also coming up. first yours hunt through rubble for survivors of albania's worst earthquake in 30 years more than 2 dozen people have died of families of those missing we anxiously
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for. the. public anger reaches boiling point in malta the european union small this nation is in the grip of a deep political malays rocked by high level resignations and allegations of a cover up linked to a journalist for sassa nation. and a famous face will be taking over as coach a struggling one has to decide turns up you're going to klinsmann that was part of team germany that won the world cup back in 1980 he coached the german and u.s. national teams is now under contract to try to actually get out of this east. thank you so much for your company everyone a new team is set to take the race of power in the e.u. european lawmakers have. proved
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a team of new commissioners taking over the executive branch of the european union or dissolve on their alliance role now formally take charge of the european commission this sunday should be defrosted woman in that news top job earlier wagner lyon outlined her plans for the presidency in strasburg saying she would focus on the quality and the environment and now let's get you more now why are brussels chief a max hoffman is a strasburg where he listened to president elect outlined her plans a max what is the number one issue on europeans minds that the new commission president is going to have to tackle one issue that's definitely on top of the list in many countries and according to a new study definitely on top of the list in germany is the fight against climate change and that fits well because the number one topic. is also the fight against
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climate change they call it a new green deal for europe so that will be her absolute top priority they actually want to table a proposal for legislation for this green deal within 100 days which is very ambitious to say the least but you have to keep in mind it's not only about what europeans want what will happen with this commission in the next 5 years will have repercussions all across the world after all europe is a hugely important trade partner for many regions in this world and so i got the chance to talk to those it up on the line now officially also the president of the next e.u. commission starting sunday and this is what she had to say this when the the europe that you want to build with this new commission how is the rest of the world supposed to view it. well i think it's time that europe is stepping up to be certified and confident we have to give large to the world and if you
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look at the topics of the european green deal or digitalisation the european voice is needed so i think it's time to position europe in a new format let's a concrete example the united states competitor a partner these days our friends in the united states our partners i mean we have a strong foundation over decades and if you look at all the people who are having friendship and business contacts with our american friends this is what the transatlantic bonds of the transatlantic friendship is all about of course we do have issues but. as with good partners you have to discuss these issues and solve them what about china china is on a different page. it is moving more into a direction where we have to figure out how to deal with topics that are difficult
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for example the social scoring in china poses a lot of question. the way ballot and road initiative. is structured has many open questions for us so that will be a topic to discuss with china and will set up seems like you have very ambitious goals for example for the green deal europe being carbon neutral by 2050 are you setting the goals very high in order to achieve maybe something in-between. i think you have to be ambitious because 5 years is a long time and the fight against climate change cannot wait i mean it's not waiting for politics to move either we change in a positive way or it's going to be very bad for our planet the van bad for us symbols actually for digitalisation to have the rest of the world will not wait for europe so we better step up in digitalization and i think it's worse to put
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ambitious goals because my experience many many years in politics is that the goals are the more you fight for getting along so the real question is how are you going to get it done europe is divided this european parliament right here is divided even france and germany don't get along at the moment so how are you actually going to get things done it was so important today to have this majority and actually it was a vast majority of almost 2 thirds that shows that on a positive agenda. this parliament has a constructive majority they want to move things for which this is very good for a start what about the leaders though i mean france and germany are not getting along at the moment how are you going to get everybody on the same page i have a different view for example i was supported by every head of state or government and i think it's normal that you have different views on topics this is democracy you have to discuss it but then you have to find solutions and step forward and if
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i look at the long lines in europe i think there's a lot we can be proud of so of course there are challenges ahead of us but keeping in mind that this european union with all its diversity is a very successful model we should keep on going good luck was from the line thank you very much. i max i'm guessing here we're nearing that luck very ambitious plans but give us a reality check will she be able to deliver. yeah i was off on a lie being very very optimistic there trying to get everybody on board in the wake of her own success but as you could see even getting that commission to the start was difficult because 3 of horror of proposals for commissioners did not get approved in the beginning that's why this dragged on until now and you have to start with a one month delay and it is a sign of what is to come because what i mentioned in the interview undoubtedly is
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true many of the different leaders of those countries are not on the same page at the moment just think about the differences on migration for example between hungary and germany and then you have this year right that the european parliament more fragmented and than ever after the european elections of this year so in spite of what was it often that i is saying in spite of her optimistic goals that many here obviously think are good it's going to be very very difficult to reach even a significant fraction of what she wants to do next off when reporting from strasburg thank you so much. next we turn our attention to albania our rescuers are still searching for survivors a day after a powerful earthquake hit that nation on authorities say at least $26.00 people are known to have died with hundreds more injured the magnitude 6.4 quake struck about 60 kilometers northwest of the capital tirana you may find some of the images in our next report disturbing. finding survivors of albania's worst earthquake in 30
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years is a slow and delicate operation but it is real ding results. a man has pulled out of a collapsed building a life into one of the towns hardest hit by the quake it's around 20 kilometers from the epicenter that. i don't know about but many were not so lucky. that earlier in the same town a child's body was found. the quake struck early on tuesday morning when most of the people here were asleep in bed. that night when the water shelter in my bedroom went to my kids' room and the door just slammed on me like hurt both my arms this is horrible i mean there were. numerous off the shops followed the main quake adding to the fear and causing further damage albania is one of the poorest
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countries in europe and its neighbors were quick to offer help teams from its legal research romania are already helping in rescue operations. will water using hand signals rescue was asked to silence as they listened for cries of people trapped under the wreckage many people are still missing their families are hoping and praying they will be found alive. or so now about some of the other stories making news around the world. crowds gathered in one or as the 1st bodies of victims margarines found dead in a truck in the u.k. last month all returned home they were among $39.00 people who died during an attempt to smuggle them across the border in a refrigerated unit. a court in bangladesh has sentenced 7 islamist militants to death for their involvement in the attack on a cafe in the capital dhaka on more than 20 people the majority of them foreigners were killed in the attack which. took place in july 2016. more than
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a 1000 tractors are blocking a world in paris france french farmers are protesting against government policies and international trade agreements which they say are hurting their businesses and living standards resentment among farmers has been growing over issues ranging from pesticides to animal treatment. and marta series of high level resignations has rocked the government all that's as a scandal grows over the murder of the investigative journalist daphne kerr why not more than 2 years ago 2 senior government figures have resigned and another says he has suspended himself the opposition is calling for prime minister jos of moscow step down saying the only decisions used taking are to protect those around him. making a short sharp exit an angry crowd through accusations and eggs at multis prime
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minister joseph muscat as he escaped parliament shrouded by tight security hours earlier his chief of staff and 2 ministers resigned keith scam bre is now under arrest and spent shoes day night in police custody as part of the police investigation into the murder of prominent journalist definitely cairo on a. car on a glitzy and investigative reporter described as a one woman wiki leaks was blown up by a car bomb 2 years ago she had become known for exposing cronyism within the country's political and business elite all those 3 men face trial for carrying out the murder the mastermind has not yet been identified last week a suspect believed to be a middleman in the murder was arrested but the prime minister granted a pardon if the man helped find the mastermind the next morning a multis businessman was apprehended on his luxury yacht allegedly preparing to flee the businessman to is now reportedly seeking immunity in exchange for
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cooperating with the police protests to say heroin mcgill it was a victim of what they call and demick corruption at the high heels of maltese government muskrats top aide has been questioned by police over the murder the other 2 ministers said they were stepping aside until the investigation was over while denying any involvement in the death also. 3 were accused by caroline of corruption her family say the prime minister is protecting those behind her murder has ignored calls to quit you know. completely who this is only it really on the run the country needs stability plays the moment plays on dupes on this topic and on my mandate my actions and decisions in the coming hours and days will be aimed to ensure that stability is maintained that the protest to say democracy in the country has long been on the slight the law broken in more ways than one.
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twitter has announced it will begin deleting accounts that have been in active for more than 6 months or the company has been sending out e-mails to users if they want to keep their handles while they better log in before december 11th or their accounts will become history twitter didn't say how many accounts would fit that criteria although it is expected to run in the millions to have. a safe is here with me wow i better start locking before i lose my and the why does the writing of it's not 6 months why are they doing this other official justification is about the privacy policies because they've updated their privacy policies recently so this is people who have not accepted these rules will get kicked out but of course there's other reasons why they're doing this one of them is that they want people to trust them more they want credibility on their site and get rid of accounts does that so you know yourself when you go on twitter you see somebody with 10000 followers you
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think oh this is somebody you know but if half of those are in active accounts means something different and they want to be very clear about that the other issue is hackers so it's a lot easier to hack and to use than accounts illegally if that account is an active because if you log into somebody's account as a hacker and they don't notice then of course you can use that and this is been done this all my state has even started doing this and has been using these accounts for terrorist propaganda so twitter wants to get rid of all of these problems by deleting an active accounts but it seems like they're using the dragnet kind of tool for this have users with legitimate handles complained about this has there been pushback has been major concerns that this could run amok and delete a lot of legitimate accounts that are in the public interest so there's 2 concerns here the one is that some public figures who are not active on twitter anymore. or who have passed away they have these accounts that are in the public interest that
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you want to go to as public record and they could be caught up into this dragnet as you called it one of them is. potest 44 that's obama's former twitter handle now he's probably not at risk because the national archives is watching out for that account and his internet account but there are plenty of other people not as prominent as the former president of the us who could get caught up into that the 2nd thing is private users so just your ordinary twitter user who maybe passed away the family wants that twitter account to keep existing but unlike facebook twitter does not have a policy of archiving these accounts and now this into the wanted to delete them any signs that may be jack of to it or might reconsider this potential policy twitter has been pretty clear that they're going through with this but there have been some attempts to kind of anticipate this and archive accounts so one prominent archive as he calls himself an internet archive is jason scott he has started an
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initiative where you can go onto his website and you can log in you can you can put an account of a deceased person on there and he says you archive it as long as he can maintain the capacity there but this is just one effort and of course they can't accommodate for all of the millions of counts that might be deleted and it's a question of digital heritage even unesco has said that digital heritage is part of human legacy so a lot of people are worried that twitter is making a mistake here and deleting something that's important for humanity basically just throwing books into public records into the fire right i mean to see thank you so much. german chancellor angela merkel has said preserving nato is as important today as it was during the cold war her comments on the transatlantic alliance follow recent criticism by president of france are chancellor merkel was speaking during a debate in the german parliament about the government's budget for 20 twentieth's
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that includes defense international allies one germany to spend more on its armed forces. chancellor merkel focused on urgent foreign policy issues she offered a spirited defense of nato saying a strong alliance was needed to address crises in syria and libya the growing power of china and the threat of terrorism. that are good enough to stoke i think even more so than during the cold war maintaining nato is very much in our interest . once again because as the foreign minister said yesterday europe is not in a position to defend itself alone to cite a lame admission that they didn't do this we depend on the transatlantic alliance so we must support and assume greater responsibility for it and for. merkel said germany was planning to spend more on the friends. in the defense minister has
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drawn up a plan for germany to play a greater role in the alliance with our defense budget reaching 2 percent of g.d.p. by the early 20 thirties and we are committed to that. turning to domestic affairs the chancellor praised the achievements of her coalition government. she said germany was doing well while acknowledging some troubling trends such as an upsurge in far right extremist and anti semitic attacks. the i know more than once a day give us pause to consider what is going on in our society 70 years after the constitution was enacted it says that human dignity shall be inviolable that includes freedom of opinion but there are limits to freedom of opinion those limits begin where there is incitement to hatred and the dignity of others is violated we must and shall stand up to that was moving. back and said other major tasks for the
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government included protecting the environment and promoting the digitalisation of the economy. next in the us where president donald trump is in florida rallying his supporters he can't ignore the continuing impeachment inquiry which is gathering pace and wait but he says it's an attempt by what he calls the establishment to stop him from working for the people to the w.'s publicly ileus was at the rally. it's being billed was president from home coming here to the state of florida moved its official residence here recently from new york the republicans of course are focused on 2020 this is an important swing state which probably one back in 2016 but the ongoing in featuring to inquiry has cast a long shadow over president donald trump but he remains defiant it's a terrible hoax last week sutherland testified that i told him quote what do you want for ukraine i said i want nothing this is
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a quote i want to know where. our want nothing tell president zelig ski to do the right they. the failed washington or stuff is trying to stop me because i'm fighting. for you because we're winning very simple. polls here in the united states shown by voters are divided over whether president from should be impeached and removed from office but supporters here in florida have shown that there's a board for him is only wavering. i think that it's ridiculous you know having any theory of anything it's all this. the way that people interpret things. each of them have been asked and none of them have any evidence it's completely ridiculous as no basis. i think it's just
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a political we're trying think if they had what they needed to be done. with me talking about it they would already have i think they have it's a big bluff sidetracking it's the same thing i was going to see maybe they're trying to because there's much negativity and crazy i think it's ridiculous i definitely think people should be able to have their opinions if they don't like trump that's ok but he's really done nothing wrong that say qassim t.v. stuff you. always. do he'll going impeachment inquiry and sure is a new phase next week but this week is thanksgiving here in the united states and president trump is staying here in florida to enjoy several days off. germany great to hear can cleanse man has been named coach of wonderfully good team character brilliant until the end of the season the 1990 world cup winner and former germany coach takes over from the sacked antenna show rich heritage have lost their last 4 princely games kinsmen last coached the u.s.
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national team but was fired into a 16 he joined the board as an adviser earlier this month and tom good noice for a medical resources joins me now here on the set to talk more about this all important move tom now fans here in germany have a special place in their heart for mr klinsmann because they remember of course the victory in 2006 can you do the same for heritage yet well that's certainly going to be a big ol us of course he's very funny remembered as germany coach because that 20062 of them at the home world cup for germany was such a success such a pivotal moment in the history of the german national team for a lot of people. still for the remembered as the some a fairy tale i mean lukas podolski he was of course a very big part of the 2006 board reaching this news by calling it the sum of fairytale reloaded now. whether or not it will really end up being such a sensation of course we have to wait and see klinsmann has been doing his best to
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make himself popular with the heads of fans he started talking earlier at the press conference where he was unveiled. about the 1st game they have watched in the bundesliga in a stadium that was a 1000000 pick stadium here in berlin he said is that was that they had to fan his son recently played for the club but 1st of all really why needs to do is steady the ship and start getting some points because had 15th place in the world as leader at the moment just above the relegation zone and that's really no way where they hope to be so yes ability and some points what he needs 1st of all well let's talk a little bit more about klinsmann said trajectory all because it hasn't always been rainbows and sunshine ephram it's been kind of patchy after he left the team germany yeah that's right now as you mentioned his last job was as the national team coach of the usa where most recently he failed to qualify for the 2018 world cup which for a country like the usa with the resources and the ambitions recently that team has is a big underachievement it wasn't of course all him but. he carried the can as americans
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say his only of the club was by munich and he had the best paul but not an entire season in charge of bar munich didn't really achieve anything they failed to win anything any top 2 during that season and left on pretty bad terms of that was also over a decade ago so there are some fairly serious questions to be asked of him some good reasons to have doubts about what he can really achieve but they seem confident enough in his ability and he's bringing a team of 5 people with him so he's got plenty of specialists and assistants at his side he's not mean he's out and raise really serious about this if you think he will stick around yet well i mean like you said he's here into the end of the season at the moment. that's the original agreement there are reports that buy a has about him would like. to take over off the klinsmann but he's not available to jump in immediately which is why. kinsman's taken for the moment now we'll see you know it's of course conceivable that he will stay until the end of the season
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but you know he said at the press conference he didn't expect to be sitting in the position that he's in now 2 days ago this change was basically made overnight oh wow you know when things are happening that quickly it's hard to see past the end of the season so we'll have to wait and see we'll have to wait and see tom going to thank you very much. before i let you go were journalists often have to contend with the no welcome distractions when they're broadcasting live from the field and that was certainly the case for this greek reporter from life just. kind of made acrid up everywhere not very much to go to he was chased around and bitten by a seemingly amorous quakerism tragical over and i didn't flooding in the country as some might call that trying to hog the border from my that's the thing i don't know what makes commit a crime is. just so you know rose will. tire of that
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at all you're watching to bury news coming up next in news asia per se asian games start in the philippines this weekend but the facilities for athletes and others are still far from ready and the chinese schoolchildren who studied it a longer than adults work day all of that coming up or dare i should bannerjee i'll be back at the top the alex with the world headlines for now thank you.
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judy. sht hello halflings this is balls speaking when i come to the show with the ding dong xoai and concerts with the austrians guests mocking the ses.
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and then incredible location. the gruesome discovery on t.w. . under soft leaves in my clips. where i come from rajoy remains an important new soft transmitting new and for mission and when i was young my concert was drawing many conflicts the more troubling people most people would cause of our own project to see if. it was my job to touring one of the lot just to say it's sold out everyone in the town. listen to those updates. nothing has been for in-situ my known codea in jonathan morris on so long even thought i was i was it's with. my choice in the scottish because
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given their way to transport the troops. and it isn't the best mom much and i. did have a. good look up the cup. this is the deputy coming up the international games that threatened to become a national embarrassment interesting to be fleeced toilets are just part of the story of the southeast asian games organizers of the philippines are scrambling after complaints of logistical chaos in the lead up to the opening. austudy days at the age of 7 a reality for many children in trying to why are millions of kids forced into such a routine.


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