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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2019 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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with a promise to make the e.u. a green superpower. and creating jobs but the block 1st female president get all member states on board i'm in berlin this is the day. that they are. all together we will be one. that works in the. interest of my commission will not be afraid to. come. back it will be our way we can be there. that. we are ready. but most importantly. my message is. let's get to work.
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also coming up the 1st comment from iran on last week's massive anti-government protests some of the largest in decades they wanted to use the opportunity to carry out this move which was an act of destruction and this move was destroyed by the people. of european union's incoming commission president as well the parliament's approval for her new team on the line is the 1st woman in the used top job and she has set out some vicious goals including turning the bloc into a green superpower on trying to boost economic growth as well as should also have to deal with deep divisions amongst the member states. resoundingly approval from the e.u. parliament confirming the new team of incoming commission president lion. lion
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is the 1st ever woman commission president and her team of 26 don't differ too much in profile from the usual brussels career politicians but her ambitions are a marked change her ideas a forward thinking as is the gender balance of her team it is a team with almost. as many women as men only one woman away from gender balance. this shows. it shows we have made real progress but also that we still have to do more from the lines primary focus is on climate change at the upcoming international climate meeting in madrid this december she plans to present a european green deal which aims to make europe the 1st climate neutral continent by 2050. we do not have a moment to waste any more on fighting climate change.
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the faster europe moves. the greater the advantage will be for our citizens our competitiveness and our prosperity to lead to get going from the line we'll have to overcome europe's internal political problems once in office this sunday she'll begin torin european capitals selling her green vision as something quote inclusive recognizing that many countries such as poland and indeed germany still rely on coal for electricity she also needs to tackle countries like hungary which aren't too keen on european values despite being member states she certainly has a big job ahead of her thanks of the deal has a brussels bureau chief matts hoffman caught up with us on the line after the concern may consummate revote in strasbourg and the europe that you want to build
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with this new commission how is the rest of the world supposed to view it. well i think it's time that europe is stepping up to be assertive and confident we have to give large to the world and if you look at the topics of the european green deal or digitalisation the european voice is needed so i think it's time to position europe in a new format that's a concrete example the united states' competitor a partner in these days our friends in the united states our partners i mean we have a strong foundation over decades and if you look at all the people who are having friendship and business contacts with our american friends this is what the transatlantic bonds of the transatlantic friendship is all about of course we do have issues but. as with good partners you have to discuss these issues and solve
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them what about china china is on a different page. it is moving more into a direction where we have to figure out how to deal with topics that are difficult for example the social scoring in china poses a lot of question. the way ballot and road initiative. is structured has many open question for us so that will be a topic to discuss with china and we'll sit down seems like you have very ambitious goals for example for the green deal europe being carbon neutral by 2050 are you setting the goals very high in order to achieve maybe something in-between. i think you have to be ambitious because 5 years is a long time and the fight against climate change cannot wait i mean it's not
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waiting for politics to move either we change in a positive way or it's going to be very bad for our planet the van bad for us same goes actually for digitalisation to have the rest of the world will not wait for europe so we better step up in digitalization and i think it's worse to put ambitious goals because my experience many many years in politics is that the your goals are the more you fight for getting along so the real question is how are you going to get it done europe is divided this european parliament right here is divided even france and germany don't get along at the moment so how you actually going to get things done it was so important today to have this majority and actually it was a vast majority of almost 2 thirds that shows that on the positive agenda. this parliament has a constructive majority they want to move things forward and this is very good for a start what about the leaders though i mean france and germany are not getting
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along at the moment how are you going to get everybody on the same page i have a different view for example i was supported by every head of state or government and i think it's normal that you have different views on topics this is democracy you have to discuss it but then you have to find solutions and step forward and if i look at the long lines in europe i think there's a lot we can be proud of so of course there are challenges ahead of us but keeping in mind that this european union with all its diversity is a very successful model we should keep on going good luck with when the line thank you very much. i think having european commission president sort of on the line speaking with much hoffman in strasbourg. now the iranian regime has given its official reaction to last for example government demonstrations reports are released on wednesday spoke of 820-0000 protesters 7000 arrests and more than 700 banks bird supreme leader
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ayatollah ali khamenei blamed the unrest on a u.s. conspiracy. to me it was a deep extensive and very dangerous conspiracy that cost them so much money and effort. they wanted to use the opportunity to carry out this movement which was an act of destruction arson murder and vandalism under the pretext of a rise in fuel prices they thought they had found the opportunity and brought their troops to the field this move was destroyed by the people you get more on this from professor natasha linster had to use a political scientist from the university of essex in culture she has a particular interest in beliefs politics welcome to d.w. professor we just heard iran's supreme leader blaming the unrest on the united states the intelligence ministry also says they've arrested at least 8 people with
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connections to the cia and these claims credible. well that's a pretty common response from the iranians whenever there is some sort of unrest or some sort of issue it's common that the iranian regime wants to place blame elsewhere and did biggest target would always be the u.s. u.s. of course was responsible for remaining from iran nuclear agreement and they've been able to place blame on the u.s. for decades now since the revolution that because of the economic hardships that are taking place are because of the u.s. you know it's possible that the u.s. intelligence is trying to undermine the iranian regime that dad's definitely something that the u.s. intelligence has been working on but in this particular set of protests we have no evidence to tie just the cia to what's taking place and there's some figures released today by the governments 200000 people taking part in the protests which
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sounds like a lot how does that compare to previous demonstrations and that of the last 40 years of the republic's existence. well in the last decade or so there's been a series of protests that are taking place in iran notably the 2009 green movement which had about half of that many people protesting and then a year or 2 ago in 20172018 there was a series of protests that took place they had in the 10s of thousands it's not that easy to get accurate information about how many people actually came out to protest but what it looks like is this series of protests which is for the most part leaderless and being led by. or more involving the poor people and not the middle classes that were involved in the protests in 2009 that this is a pretty significant protest and in all of these other protests that i mentioned
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they tended to last about 7 or 8 months and led to a death toll between 25 and 70 individuals so i think we can look to months and months ahead of more and more protests and the amount of people and all seems to be more significant than in years past really you think this will continue to escalate . you know i do because if you look what happened in the past the protests were well on for months and months and it's not always that we get a media coverage of how long these protests are taking place but i don't see them ending peacefully anytime soon i think the regime is going to try to respond by and lowering oil prices which seems to be driving the protests. but there are series of grievances that are driving this besides just the rise in prices because you have up to 40 percent inflation 12 percent unemployment negative growth rates and it's hit the middle class is really hard but it's definitely the inflation and these
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sort of subpar efforts to try to help the poor with some sort of a handout. that's not really working all of these factors the iranian regime has and effectively dealt with and that means these protests are probably going to go on to quite a long time so regardless of the level of direct or in direct involvement washington is going to be looking at this and rubbing their hands with glee this is what they want to pursue. but i think that this is a win i think they misunderstand the commitment of the iranian regime to their ideology to staying in power at all costs i think to completely don't understand the fact that the security apparatus the revolutionary guards has a great deal of control is willing to use force has no qualms about doing repressing people and is it really worried about what the international consensus is on at these human rights abuses that are going to take place i think the u.s. does feel that they have
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a win here with these protests taking place this is evidence that the regime is incredibly unpopular but i think we're very very unlikely to see regime change any time soon which is what the u.s. is hoping for and this it's about the regime or is it about the consequences of america's sanctions against iran after it pulled out of the nuclear deal. well that's one of the big questions and i think that the u.s. is hoping that the people of iran believe that their regime is responsible for all of their problems and that regime change is needed and to to have any kind of change i think that there are many iranians that believe the problem is the regime but it's hard to get accurate information on this because it's hard to survey people living in authoritarian regime i don't see the iranian regime is particularly legitimate there are just protests after protests and this
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is under a situation of high levels of repression that's why they've had to close down the internet which they do all kinds of chaos for business. so the regime is the problem at the same sions hasn't helped and may not be that easy for people to distinguish between these particular problems but they would claim they would probably place blame on both the regime and the u.s. his actions in dealing with it which is very clear thank you for that a professor in the tasha lynn step from the university of essex. also coming up the golden boy of german football his backyard in klinsmann makes a big move too but in a decade since he lost a coach to bonds as they get to. 2 days ago it wasn't planned that i would be sitting here i don't know what's planned at the end of the season that's what football's like i take it as it comes with us when i'm.
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heard about the un world food program is warning of an escalating humanitarian crisis in back even fast so they say the situation in the west african nation is being driven by extremist violence the number of attacks a crease significantly this year with the number of civilian deaths already 4 times that because if in 28. destroyed livelihoods this is the aftermath of extremist violence that has forced these villages in northern book you know fasold to abandon their homes and their fields taking with them only what they can carry. when they killed my brother buddha or. my heating a wreath of beer and came back in the morning to save my family a problem. i left everything behind a bicycle no cords just the clothes i'm wearing now no to the.
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young to create a little bit. more refugees are arriving at a makeshift shelters the like in cairo or in central because enough ah so many are malnourished in desperate need of food and medical care. some have resorted to eating leaves. this man and his family fled 200 kilometers on foot to reach. what we need now is food everything else can wait once we get the food then we will worry about clothes. swathes of farmland have been abandoned leaving many booky now be without a means to support themselves close to 500000 people in bikini faso have been forced to flee. the surge an extremist violence coincided with former president
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luiz kong quire his resignation from power in a popular uprising in 2014 the current administration says comply renegotiated a deal with extremists to avoid violence in bikini. since his ouster jihad is to have rapidly expanded their influence. there's been a 500 percent to an increase in displacement one 3rd of the nation is now a conflict area this is a catastrophe and we've got to and we've got. so far that be a military has been unable to contain the extremism despite international and regional assistants. the compromise security situation makes it difficult for age to reach those who need it the most have. the lives of almost half a 1000000 bikini base has been pushed to the brink. twitter
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has announced that it will begin deleting accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months the company has been emailing news is telling them that if they want to keep that alive to log on before december the 11 for their accounts will be deleted the company hasn't said how many accounts expects to be affected by that decision and it's expected to be in the millions. to do music i mean s.-e. for contest will welcome that i mean why is twitter doing this well the justification is about the privacy policy so they are saying that if twitter users haven't been active in the last 6 months that means they haven't offered into the new privacy rules so they should be able to use the platform but they've also given other explanations for why they're doing this one of them is credibility so when you go on twitter and you see somebody with 10000 followers you think this person is important well if a lot of those followers are inactive and twitter saying that's not credible and they want to make sure that you know that this person is being followed by active
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users another issue though is hacking and that's because it's a lot easier to hack an interactive account because an inactive account means that the person isn't checking regular to see if they've been hacked and hackers can use this account to their to their ends a lot easier so for example islamic state the terrorist group known as islamic state has been using an active accounts to spread messages sometimes accounts of a lot of followers to. use is reacting well there's been major concerns that this is affecting accounts that are in the public interest and also accounts of dead people people have passed away and whose families want to keep this legacy so-called digital legacy so well. take a look at what some people are saying on twitter we have a user here luca hammer who says it makes me said that twitter is going to remove accounts that weren't active in 6 months i would prefer them to archive those accounts release the username but keep the tweets i sometimes visit profiles to remember deceased friends so you can see for him it's
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a personal issue he wants to maintain access to these accounts of deceased friends but there's also the issue of public profiles for example barack obama when he left office you also left a twitter account that he doesn't tweet from anymore luckily this has been archived by the national archives but some public persona some public figures aren't so lucky to have somebody looking out for their defunct twitter accounts and that could just be thrown into the way it's been so as i don't push back against this there's been at least one initiative to archive the tweets of deceased people so there's a guy named jason scott he calls himself an internet archivist and he started a project called twittering dead so he has a website where you can register users who are in active deceased relatives friends or whatever and you can have their tweets archived this is just a drop in the bucket really you have to opt into that but he's one of a number of people who are seeing twitter and social media as this resource as this
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public record even unesco recognizes that digital terra to age is the same thing as heritage as human heritage in a way and so i think we're just starting to see the beginning of this debate and i'm in a safe thank you thank you. footballing legends young man has been named coach as they could have to bear lynn until the end of the season the 1990 world cup with former germany coach takes over from the sacked. have lost their last 4 games. coaching position was with the u.s. national team when he was $5.26 to join the board as an adviser earlier this month . to get more from tom. welcome to germany but always remember 2006. germany team won the hearts of the nation.
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well he's up against a competition in the form of himself if you ask me that question because he's of course very fondly remembered from his time as germany coach that 2006 home to. germany to the semi's is still known here as some a fairytale. of course a big member of that back in 2006 tweeted a fairy tale reloaded when he heard about this news however like i said it's going to be a tough challenge now he has been talking up his links to the club he says the 1st game you ever saw in the women's legal was his son of course plays as his dad was a head to fan so he's doing his best to make himself popular with the heads of fans . really be for pleased to see his ability and success in 15th position in the table at the moment really below where they ought to be by their own ambitions. he really just needs to steady the ship and have some points yes he's managerial record after leaving the germany job that's not been good it's
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not been the best of all managerial records of course most recently he was the coach of the usa like he said he was sacked there in 2016 when they failed to qualify for the 2018 world cup. and the only other job that he's had as a kid. manager apart from hats and now was it by munich he didn't even manage an entire season there he failed to win any targets with byan i'm left there on pretty bad terms but had to seem fairly confident that he'll be able to come in and steady the ship and he's bringing quite a lot of people with him he's announced and had to be employing 5 assistants and specialists of klinsmann's choosing he said you know going to be left on his own and what sort of commitment is this well it's initially just until the end of the season now now there have been reports that heads would ideally like a permanent replacement to be nico kovacs who has until recently of course by munich coach you know heads is a club with a lot of ambition and
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a lot of kind of unexploded potential in the capital city you know they could be a really big name is kind of big brand but they haven't been it so far there's been a lot of investment in the club recently and you know klinsmann was initially going to be an advisor on the board helping to try and bring the club forward in a long term capacity now he's going to be doing it in the capacity of a coach. of course conceivable that he will stay longer than just the season he said at the press conference today even 2 days ago he hadn't expected to find himself in the position that he's in now and you know when changes happen that quickly it's hard to see past the end of the season yet time will tell time going to a date of useful thank you. journalists often have to contend with unwelcome distractions when they're broadcasting live in the field was the case for this greek reporter who like this. guy limited
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actually made up. your space around. as he tried to deliver a daytime flooded country people only. his personal papers trying to hold the line unless you make me that crimea. just so you know. well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online and you'll find us on twitter i've outstayed the news or you can follow me out will go soviet use a hash tag the death of a good day. whatever
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it is living on. a refugee camp on the border between croatia and bosnia the front here. there is no running no coward no heating. heavy snows of accepted any day. where should they come when winter comes for a nice cold come. next.
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word i'm looking good nico is in germany to sunshine. why not permit him. to stuff it simple our mind on your mobile and free. t.w. zener ning course calls freak german made easy. that 77 percent. are younger than. me and. came to the last time all voices. in the 77 percent talk about.
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my. strong point to teach to flash from causing a good time this is where we are. welcome to the 77 percent. this week b.t.w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm alarmed by the lola thanks for being with us europe's refugee crisis continues on a beijing had to thousands of migrants are stuck in bosnia herzegovina living in squalid conditions the e.u. and human rights groups have warned that the makeshift refugee camps are a danger pseud and medical care are scarce.


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