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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2019 12:00am-12:15am CET

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movies. this is news live from berlin the european commission's incoming president wins parliament's approval for the new team and promises to make the e.u. a green superpower brazil funded line has set an ambitious goal cutting carbon and creating jobs but can the blocks 1st female president get all member states on board also on the program. german chancellor angela merkel says europe cannot defend itself without nato and pledges to shoulder
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a much bigger share of the costs by the daily 2030 times. 12 hours study days at the age of 7 a reality for many children in china but while millions of kids forced into such a routine. i'm told me a lot of people welcome to the program the european union's incoming commission president has won the parliament's approval for the new team who is enough on the line is the 1st woman to land the e.u. stop job and she set out on bishop's goals to turn the bloc into a green superpower and boost economic growth as well as those challenges she'll also have to deal with deep divisions among e.u. member states. resoundingly approval from the e.u. parliament confirming the new team of incoming commission president lucilla funda
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lion. on the line is the 1st ever woman commission president and her team of 26 don't differ too much in profile from the usual brussels career politicians but her ambitions are a marked change her ideas a forward thinking as is the gender balance of her team it is a team with almost all levels as many women as men only one woman away from gender balance. this shows. this shows we have made real progress but also that we still have to do more on the lines primary focus is on climate change at the upcoming international climate meeting in madrid this december she plans to present a european green deal which aims to make europe the 1st climate neutral continent by 2050. we do not have
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a moment to waste any more on fighting climate change. the faster europe moves. the greater the advantage will be for our citizens our competitiveness and our prosperity. to get going from the line will have to overcome europe's internal political problems once in office this sunday she'll begin torin european capitals selling her green vision as something quote inclusive recognizing that many countries such as poland and indeed germany still rely on coal for electricity she also needs to tackle countries like hungary which aren't too keen on european values despite being member states she certainly has a big job ahead of her. there is enough on the line is aiming high with a vision for the european union. hofmann puts those goals into perspective they are
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very ambitious and i think we need to talk about 2 things in this respect the 1st the magnitude of the goals fighting climate change is probably the most ambitious goals in the history. in the history of humanity it touches upon every aspect of our life traffic what we eat just to give you 2 examples and that's why we. make sure that every piece of legislation that she crafts curbs emissions for example and fights against climate change that's one part and even even if everything went according to plan we still cannot be sure that she succeeds but now and here's the 2nd part the environment in which she will have to operate is difficult to say the least 1st of all the different leaders in the european union so the heads of state government are divided that's one problem if you think of hungry in germany a lot of opposition france and italy same thing and then you have this institution right here the european parliament which is more fragmented than ever since the
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last european elections this year so even if everything went according to plan it would be very very hard for her to get the legislation here with all the opposition so most likely you know it's just like that she will have to settle somewhere in the middle but her plan is to have these a business goals because she thinks you need to be ambitious to achieve at least something. max hoffman reporting from stress not just some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of albanians a sheltering in makeshift camps after tuesday's powerful earthquake the death toll has now risen to 30 people rescuers are still pulling survivors out alive from the rubble it's the worst quake to hit the country in 3 decades. iraqi protesters have set fire to the rainy and consulate in the southern city of najaf outrage over iranian influence in the country has been fueling widespread anti-government
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protests it's the 2nd time this month demonstrators have attempted to burn the consulate. officials in the u.s. state of texas ordered residents of 4 towns to evacuate after a new blast at a petrol chemical plant 60000 people have been told to leave 3 workers were injured in the initial blast early on wednesday. demonstrators across colombia holding their 2nd national strike in less than a week as part of ongoing protest against president even duke his right wing government and its anticipated economic plans protesters are also demanding the country's riot police disbanded after a young demonstrator was killed by a tear gas canister over the weekend. apple has agreed to moscow's demands to show the crimean peninsula as part of russia the region is currently shown as russian territory on its map and whether apps but only for users within russian borders
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russia seized crimea from ukraine in 2014 and later an extended in a referendum that kiev and its western allies say was illegal. german chancellor angela merkel has renewed her pledge to raise her country's defense spending the chancellor speaking during a debate in the german parliament about the country's about the government's budget for 2020 chancellor merkel also responded to recent criticism of nato by the french president saying the alliance was as important today as it was during. the cold war . handshake with the minister of defense. then in his speech chancellor angela merkel focused on urgent foreign policy issues and offered a spirited defense of nato that it had yet to step back and i think even more so than jaring the cold war maintaining nato is very much in our interest.
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once again because as the foreign minister said yesterday europe is not in a position to defend itself alone side i live in this business and we depend on the transatlantic alliance so we must support and assume greater responsibility for it . and she said germany is ready to spend more on defense but that if you the defense minister has drawn up a plan for germany to play a greater role in the alliance with our defense budget reaching 2 percent of g.d.p. by the early 20 thirties and we are committed to that. the opposition left party strongly criticized the plan parliamentary group leader accused the government of spending too much money on the army. give off with things pretty your policy or military spending is dangerous it's expensive and ultimately your surrendering to donald trump from. even merkel's coalition partners the social democrats criticized
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her defense policy. is. the social democrats do not want to support this push for military dominance we want to strong position in diplomacy and in the civilian struggle against humanitarian catastrophes we think this is the better course of action and you know the start of this is. already difficult times for the german government the 1000 spending commitment could put further strain on the coalition. of the many children these days. time spent in school is just part of the landing then if you add after school activities and extra churlish and the pressure can be unbearable this is the reality for many of china's school children who are told that only the best grades will guarantee them a brighter future. joe even waits here every day at 330 for her son's class to end she quit her job so that she can spend more time raising shall show. the 7 year old
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spends 7 hours a day in school but that's only part of his education. refresher. joe ing has organized a schedule of activities for his afternoon among love love love love they started 4 pm with a talk about the day's homework. i don't look at his grades so much but i do pay attention to his study habits in 1st grade his chinese character is $1.00 very neat but he's improved it's his attitude towards learning that counts. like many middle class parents in china she feels the regular school curriculum is into not for her child it's common for families to pay for additional classes and tutoring. that. just. show shows extra curricular lessons including good chinese swimming exercise and math
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chinese parents spend an average of $15000.00 euros annually on private tutoring by 5 45 pm show she always finished his math and english exercises. he and his mother take a break for dinner his father works 12 hours a day so shall shell barely sees him during the week chinese children are already being trained for their later workload. rather should i say i think i have enough time to play if i get my homework done quickly i have more but if i'm too slow i have less sometimes i have an hour a day sometimes 40 minutes or just 20 hours it depends. it's time for his evening class a language and writing course china's technophile society enthusiastically embraces new teaching methods especially if they're more playful than traditional learning
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by rote but jo ing sometimes asks her self if she's pushing him too far she. says that many children are now in china excellent students but then they fail an important exam and they can't deal with the frustration and they jump off a roof top what matters most to me is to raise a healthy personality. that's an issue that's much discussed on the internet in china the competition to enter the best schools in universities is fierce and there is one thing that has not changed for generations chinese characters require a lot of practice. at $930.00 he's finally done bed time. he just finished 12 hours of studying and activities. now it's sunday but he's not off today either weekends are the busiest time for tutors. show shows parents have decided to limit his activities on weekends to one class per day
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on sundays he gets tutored in physical fitness. another tough week is over for shall show no more classes and no board homework in the afternoon his parents have something. special in-store they're taking him to a museum i'm. german footballing legend you're going klinsmann has been named coach of the team. until the end of the season the $990.00 world cup winner and former germany coach takes over from the sat and his last coaching role was with the u.s. national team but he was fired in 2016. not even klinsmann himself saw this coming he don't leave recently been brought on to the hatton board as an adviser now he finds himself a head coach still at least the environment is a familiar one is no stranger to the club. got
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a bit of history here thanks to my father who was a passionate hair to fan the 1st game i ever watched and under sligo was against joe carter i was 8 years old in the stands with a blue and white in my hand my son was even at the club for a couple of years as a young goalkeeper. none the less he'll have to get to know this current squad in something of a hurry half his next fix joe will be a stern test they face brucia dortmund on saturday but. it won't be easy it will be a difficult start on saturday at the olympic stadium. but will take the challenge and then it's all about getting points simple as that. pats are currently without a win in for games hovering precariously above the relegation zone performing far below their potential one time world champion klinsmann has until may to get the club back on course.
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