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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2019 12:30am-12:46am CET

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his country's highly controversial policies. and approach conflicts with. 60 minutes for the c.w. . the u.s. economy is looking quite durable as the ever important holiday season approaches business investment is up consumer spending is strong the markets are on fire we'll look at what that all means for normal americans. also on the show farmers are rolling into european capitals and protests we'll tell you what has them upset.
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this is your business report i'm stephen beard's in blood thanks for watching the u.s. economy grew at a faster rate this summer than previously thought analysts say it's a sign of the country's economic hardiness turn a global slowdown the commerce department reported 2 point one percent g.d.p. growth between july and september that's 2 tenths of a percent higher than an earlier estimate it turns out that businesses invested more than expected summer spending meanwhile remains robust a good sign for the coming holiday season. and we go now to core to our financial correspondent in new york i want to talk about another traditional gauge of the u.s. economy market indexes yesterday the dow jones industrial average closing at a record high for the 100th time since donald trump's inauguration so what's behind that surge. you know actually here on wednesday we had another record close so now it's $101.00 records since january of
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2017 that is pretty stunning and us president donald trump better campaign event in florida actually said everybody is getting rich things to us president donald trump well especially last year probably the huge tax cuts that we saw with donald trump. why companies made more money and that led to some of those records but also on the other side we have more spending from the government and less revenue because of the lowered taxes so that also means that the debt load is increasing and then we also shouldn't forget the. trend not just with the economy but also with the stock market already started in march of 2009 and big then the president was not. barack obama but you could probably put. the stock market is on fire but as i
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said it also comes as a price with higher debt. so yes thursday is the thanksgiving holiday in the u.s. are americans feeling thankful for this economy. well as i mentioned don of pranks though donald trump that everybody is getting rich with this stock market on fire but that is actually not necessarily the case just look at one statistic 84 percent of stocks held by americans actually belong to the wealthiest 10 percent of households and so it's only a minority of americans who profit from the rise in the stock market just through their pension plans or for one ok so it's only the lucky few who really participate in this rally on wall street or a lot of their force in new york thank you over to europe now where farmers are making themselves heard this week or tuesday in the german capital berlin
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protesters on tractors for a part of the city to a standstill irish and french farmers have now also taken to the streets the precise reason for each protest may be different but they all share a common message farmers feel like they're getting a raw deal. next stop paris on wednesday morning hundreds of farmers hit the road for the french capital to demand answers from president my chrome place knowledge of road says they made their way to the famous shown sillies a. if you do will conclude this agriculture is dying seriously in every sector just last week i lost another colleague to suicide this can't go on there more than 2 suicides per day among the french farming community that's clearly a sign that things are very very bad and we've come here to tell the government to wake up. the french farmers insists they're being severely hit
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by policies such as the phasing out of the common we'd kill it life is 8 they also want an end to excessive criticism of random or welfare and the use of pesticides and practice they call angry bashing. it's a message echoed by their colleagues in ireland who blocked rainy streets in dublin this week they say they're shouldering too much blame for climate change back in paris the farmers didn't get the direct response from president micron that they demand it but they were promised by a government spokesperson that they would always be treated fairly. in the war actually more like that we're currently opening a period of commercial negotiation between produces a large scale distributors. and the government is clearly listening closely at this delicate time which allows prices to be fixed for next year will ensure that there are extensive checks to make sure that these negotiations are conducted within the
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law. the anger shown by the french farmers reflects a dissatisfaction among many they're struggling european colleagues behind it is a fear that the next big policy change targeted at their sector could prove to be the last straw. now to another big agriculture story about a quarter of the global pig population is expected to die as a result of an epidemic of african swine fever that's according to the world organization for animal health the epidemic has been spreading for over a year now and hardest hit is china where pork is a regular part of the diet and prices are soaring. pork is a staple in chinese diets but for many chinese it's becoming a luxury the price has at times tripled within the past year i see that you are eating less pork now i've definitely been affected by that now we eat it once
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a week before we were eating it 2 or 3 times a week earlier experiences you know they make you better. behind the soaring prices is an outbreak of african swine fever the virus is harmless to humans but it's decimated china's livestock herds some $200000000.00 pigs have already been killed due to the disease about 40 percent of all stocks and to diminish stuck means rising prices but it's not just consumers who are suffering. and you heard the price of pork has increased and definitely there are less people buying it and eating it honestly speaking we don't want the prices to be high we sell more when the price is lower if the cost is high the profits will be low. restaurants are also affected they have to try and absorb the rising prices but inevitably end up passing costs along to consumers in order to make something. like the consequences of swine fever has spread to the country's political and economic policy the
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beijing government has increased imports for example from argentina in a bid to keep costs low gloriana. gaza city council places high importance on the issue of the rise in port prices and has already enacted a series of measures these measures and policies up to now appear to have had enough it was that impact which can happen even fashion digitas oil. it will be months however before chinese pork production recovers that's when the next generation of pigs will reach maturity for slaughter provided the virus doesn't get them 1st. now to some of the other global business stories making news b.m.w. is lowering bonuses for its $90000.00 workers in germany as part of a drive to reduce costs profit sharing for employees will be cut by 20 percent starting next year this year b.m.w.
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workers receive just over $9000.00 euros in shared profits carmakers says the cuts will allow it to preserve jobs. india ride sharing firm all eyes begun signing up drivers in london the company says it's going to launch services in the british capital in the weeks ahead the news comes just days after it was denied a new license after repeated safety failures all operates in more than 250 cities across india u.k. australia and new zealand. new european central bank president christine lagarde added her signature to euro bank notes on wednesday ceremony is 1st task for the position the new bills are set to enter circulation next year the guard said her autograph represents a promise to watch over european stability. twitter will begin to leaving accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months companies that warning emails users if they want to keep their handles they'll have to log in before december 11th twitter didn't say how many accounts at the criteria although it is expected to be
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in the millions. now some people receive puppies as christmas gifts others give gifts to their puppies and that's led to niche businesses in some corners of the world like in west hollywood where clothing for dogs tends to get a little pricey. this is where the best dressed dogs in america come to be fitted out for the holiday season the designs in this hollywood boutique seem to keep fido with his friends hopping but the prices well some would have to work like a dog to afford them this marie antoinette style dog dress sells for $1200.00 but the most fashionable canines this year will be wearing a very elegant fabric. this season for the holidays for christmas and hanukkah a lot of people love anything cashmere sweaters blankets you name it. in other doggie boutiques buyers prefer to see their pets in thing will your designer
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labels what's trending in 2019 as a lot of people go for the design of harnesses they can actually they go for chanel that got 50 or that is a really big family health staple here the pet fashion east is of hollywood say 70 percent of all households in america have a pet these days and more and more of them finding something sparkling under the christmas tree. that's it for me and the business team you know of course find out more about these and other business stories on our website dot com slash business you can also check us out on facebook and twitter i'm stephen there's a thanks for watching. was
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the speech of his life perhaps his best. his mom. difficult chancellor helmut kohl addresses the people of east germany shortly after the fall of the wall . the crowd clamors for interim unity journalist peter lim borg was at the scene.
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13 years later he looks back on the type of interest. starts december 19th w. literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see myself as the kids finds grown up her. my objective is to share with a friend beautiful. give me books on youtube. well go to the bureau back. to find the story. with exclusive. must see concerning parts of culture to europe. to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribers don't. know
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nothing about the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i slam nothing which is going to germany thinks deep into the german culture looking at the stereotype crap that indians think you see from countries that i don't. even see the pictures grandmother. it's all that. i might show join me to meet the germans on d w. post. these are the sublime tones of mali's pitocin lyric soprano was at home on stages all over the globe and a special guest on today's program singing here in her signature roll of lou
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performed at the bavarian state all pro and with that greetings from berlin and welcome to the latest edition of arts and culture doesn't hails from southern germany and over the years she's established herself as an opera singer who defies categorize ation critics are literally weak kneed over the crystal clarity of her voice her versatility and her sue perv acting talent a dramatic soprano who also has a quieter more introspective side and before we meet her let's look at some of her career high. malise pitts isn't has enjoyed a dream career as a car or a tour or soprano. was. electrifying performances have garnered her 3 german opera singer of the year awards a unique achievement for.


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