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this is the w. news live from berlin up being the anti it's not just climate change now the european parliament is declaring a climate emergency you lawmakers raising the stakes adding pressure on the incoming e.u. commission chief person of underlying and her team to keep her word and make the block climate neutral by 2050 also coming up china lashes out after u.s. president trump science builds back econ kong pro-democracy activists beijing vows it will take countermeasures condemning the u.s. for meddling in his domestic affairs. plus in vietnam the 1st funerals take place
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for some of the $39.00 trafficking victims found dead in a truck in britain last month. and a medical comeback an antibody arctic resistant super bugs are every doctor's nightmare on out there might be a way to battle back and treat patients with bacteria hunting viruses used in the former soviet union. it's great to have you along on leyla iraq thank you for your company the european parliament has voted to declare a climate emergency a resolution was passed with a clear majority in stroudsburg and lawmakers hope the move will send a powerful signal to the u.n. climate summit for its kicks off in madrid next week. they're also aiming to put
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pressure on the incoming innu executive to take a leading role in the global fight against climate change. all right there upping the ante let's take you now to gary marcus our correspondent in brussels good to see you gail how significant is this. it is of course leyla symbolic gesture here that comes from the peace in strasbourg and they're well aware of that there were some concerns that it could be a sign of panic and that is why. a number of conservative m.p.'s in particular voted against this motion but overall a lot of support for the idea or to say it's not just an urgency it is an emergency that is taking place regarding the climate and so europe has become the 1st continents to declare that state of emergency now but even even though this is largely symbolic as you've been reporting some say it doesn't go nearly far enough
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we spoke to our colleague spoke earlier with the green party lawmaker. who before the vote let's see here what he said and then we'll continue our conversation right after that the scientists are basically telling us that we wasted the last decade in terms of climate action which means that now the measures that we need to take a much more stringent instead of political will to do that it's very nice to have a declaration on the climate emergency but if actions he's not following this is just hot air and well we have enough of hot air at the moment all right enough hot air will we see this translate into action georg. well that very much depends on the head of the new european commissioner has a lot on the line and her team of new commissioners she has made very clear that she wants europe to lead the fight on climate change and that she wants to make it top of her agenda fighting climate change coming up with solutions improving new renewable energy or creating new infrastructure busses rather than cars which are
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the greatest emitters of of c o 2 in europe but it really depends to what extent she can fulfill that agenda because look if you look at. a directive from 2017 for instance on vacuum cleaners back then the e.u. banned vacuum cleaners that were not efficient enough and the response from member states was that this is interference that is too much bureaucracy so whatever brussels tries to do something on that scale regarding climate in particular it is difficult so maybe it's also a message to member states here that they need to boost their efforts to fight climate change i care please stand by and we want to take a look now at what's exactly at stake when it comes to climate change and how rising sea levels are affecting the entire planet. beautiful but endangered greenland ice sheet is melting at record speed raising sea levels
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across the world global warming could redraw the world map as we know it. when i was a boy there was a lot of ice because you were 10 months years sometimes you hear them a. lot in recent years stare only 4 to 5 months. in october everything used to be locked in ice but now only in december not before many. scientists are on a mission to predict just how much sea levels will rise globally if it happens at a rate where we're looking at 80 feet of sea level rise at x. 50 or a 100 years it's going to have a chip for cities all across the planet cities like alexandria in egypt are spending hundreds of millions of euros to hold back the water. in the netherlands billions of euros are being invested under water management innovations to keep the
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country above water. with rising sea levels are just one aspect of climate change with the future of the planet at stake activists across the world are demanding radical action from governments while there's still time. and garrick have climate activists welcomed these emergency declaration by the european parliament. environmental organizations lay low were quick off the mark such as greenpeace to say that they do welcome that as a sign that the politicians in europe have acknowledged that urgency is now required in fact emergency things really need to be pushed forward and that is why they now demand of course that concrete proposals are made how this can be put into action and it's not just was that here are a phrase in the european parliament if if at the end of the day this remains an
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empty gesture and that is very much what the environmentalists than the declaration like that will be more damaging than doing good. reporting for you from brussels thank you. tonight attention now to u.s. president on trumpet he signed a law backing democracy in hong kong where the legislation means effectively there will be an annual review of the favorable treat status that washington grants the territory while it also threatened same sions against chinese officials who commit human rights abuses in the territory china's foreign ministry has denounced the new law saying it seriously interferes with its internal affairs but it's been welcomed as a victory by hong kong's pro-democracy movement. and we can take you now to hong kong the pro-democracy demonstrators there have been holding a thank you us
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a rally today indeed of using cherry chan is there for us sherry good to see you it's a boon for the protesters but could it backfire. yeah exactly and tens of thousands of activists in hong kong are celebrating the past dispute today in raleigh with a theme of what they call the thanksgiving theme that they were thanking us for passing this bill and actually for the past few months activists from hong kong have been campaigning for this view and for a prominent activist even went to the u.s. to speak in the congress and to ask the u.s. to support the democracy in hong kong and hong kong protesters know that actually the international support is a very important front for their movement and not only in the u.s. but in other parts of the world they have been all going to sing protests but they also understand that the stance of the u.s. has great influence on pinions of other world leaders so today is
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a really great victory for them. but meanwhile of course china responded very swiftly vowing to retaliate to come up with counter measures do we have any idea what those countermeasures could be. right after try and said he signed the legislation and china reacted theory as the sun the u.s. ambassador and to demand the u.s. not to interfere in china's internal affairs and to call same further same ages to the bilateral relations and it also accused us of being the culprits of instability in hong kong and actually beijing has been repeated that if do you as you insist on passing this law they will have to suffer the consequences and today they mentioned that they will react with measures however in the press conference by the foreign ministry when the reporter asked for these countermeasures will be and person only
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said that was due to come to eventually come so it remains very unclear what china is going to do to make. sure you channel in hong kong are reporting for you thank you. well i mean up speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. medical sources say iraqi forces have shot dead at least 25 protesters in the southern city. as unrest continues to grip the country on wednesday demonstrators set fire to the iranian consulate in the city of new jobs outrage over perceived iranian influence has been fueling widespread anti government protests. north korea has test fired 2 short range missiles that's according to south korea and japan observers say the move could be an attempt by pyongyang to pressure the u.s.
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over deadlocked nuclear talks the north has sets an end of the year deadline for negotiations to start. hungering prosecutors have charged the captain of a cruise liner in connection with a deadly boat collision on the danube in may the ukrainian national was charged with misconduct leading to mass casualties and $35.00 counts of failing to provide help 27 people died nearly all of them tourists from south korea. and out to south scenes in vietnam where the 1st funerals have taken place for some of the $39.00 people found dead in a truck and great britain last month but as police investigating the deaths of arrested several people including the driver of the truck who has pleaded guilty to conspiring to assist illegal immigration the victims' bodies were flown to vietnam on wednesday. to families power allies too with
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grief finally to be able to lay their loved ones to rest. cousins when and whine. the previous day scores a villager helped as their coffins arrived in rural vietnam in an emotionally charged and grim homecoming. capped an agonizing wait for the bereaved families who kept vigil for weeks. after a month of waiting the family has been so sad we couldn't eat we couldn't sleep the younger of the men wang was just 18 years old he had joined his cousin to embark on a shared dream together. he went to work abroad with the hope that he could earn money for
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a better future for him and to help the family but it's devastating that he's died it's really painful. the pair travelled to britain in search of jobs but their journey ended in tragedy inside this lorry among 39 people to suffocate at the hands of human traffickers as the procession made its way to their final resting place the focus was not on justice or the nature of the deaths but on a community mourning together. going home where no one where the whole village and the people from other neighborhoods came to bid farewell to them holding white roses and that i hold of them might comfort the families a bit. this loss is immense but the compassion a see here would help ease this terrible pain but no loss for the sure but my claim
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. and and these deaths immediate carry meaning the priest here asked the children to let this be a lesson not to risk their own lives by leaving. antibiotic resistant bacteria pose a grief threat to our health they kill tens of thousands of people every year but there is hope now scientists say a class of powerful tiny viruses called bacteria phages may be able to reverse that trend while bacteriophages are plentiful in the environment they kill off bacteria by getting inside their outer cells and making them explode while the viruses have long been cultivated in eastern europe as an alternative to antibiotics and bacteria phages cocktails can be bought today in pharmacies in some countries like georgia belgium is now one country here in the e.u. that started to offer phage treatments but it's not widely available around the block and that means that some patients have to go abroad to get hold of the
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medication tanya deede ever cannot remember when she was last pain free antibiotics stopped with the phage is so i had to go all the way to georgia only for this just to get there are many different types of bacteria phages viruses which target a specific type of bacteria tanya drinks 2 different ones each day and also puts on a cream it's difficult for people to go to georgia also it's very expensive to gorda and to have the treatments how much did you pay for your. treatment in georgia was pretty 1900 euros i paid when i need new faith is when they go to send me new ones i must pay 500 euros. to get new faces for 3 months. so it's a lot of money in neighboring belgium feige researchers jump up and they create on
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different levels. and through research level. 3 things also in hospitals. i think that the belgian solution. it's slowly spreading i think other countries sort of getting interested in the support belgium is the only western european country where features are easily prescribed to patients panny says that lives have been saved with the feed is made in his lab i think that fits therapy is getting more and more important because i talk about thinks or more and more feeling. people are actually dying because their infection can be treated with antibiotics sieges are more expensive to create than antibiotics but tanny things they will be a useful therapy for the future 10 years hoping that the rest of europe will open itself up to fate stare a-p. soon and i'm now joined by michael a scar and
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a professor for bacteriology at the helsinki university in film and serves so good to have you what encouraging news why isn't a faith therapy used to more. i think the. main reason has been the legal issues are. proving creates a just drop and as we heard from. the other i think you said it me exactly the same system here in finland and actually we are white or in the process already so you would then back that finding as well that features actually really do cure diseases that antibiotics no longer cam. yes and made many most of them but not all of. these are not any magic bullets you need really have some x. rated east how to use them but in many cases i really believe that they may be
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helpful i think any risks associated with this type of treatment. if traits has been put on the old. it's pure it is sick and the gallipoli fighter i think that they are no already 6 at least has been reported and what is our own experience also now of course this was widespread in the former soviet union and it's and it's still being used in eastern european countries it's affective there are you also i mean have you studied this type of therapy here as well in western europe. the have had a few combustion of jusice or a cafe to use to create infections and we have prepared to back that interface for the patients and sent them these these states he's going to use.
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for all the former russian and also the union and the soldiers have had has been in the way to prepare coke they may call her some of the they don't infix are now days to be mostly dog it will be going to raise some specific treatments or eat meat meant to be i didn't they fry 1st the bacteria forcing the infection and then find from our fates gone lexan. that he operates and. infect and kill oh spec the area professor bacteriology at helsinki university michael that's going to search thank you so much for shedding some light on that thank you very much. to britain now where is looking good for prime minister boris johnson's conservatives ahead of elections in 2 weeks' time a poll by research company of predicts they'll win a large majority of the expense of the opposition labor party well the town of
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bishop auckland in northern england has traditionally been a labor hotspot but frustration of abraxane and years of decline appear to have left many locals ready to switch allegiance. the town of bishop oakland used to be a train building today the factory halls in which carriages were once built empty. the unemployment rate is above the british average and a key majority of the population voted in favor of leaving the e.u. . bishop oakland was once a bustling markets on with the striving nightlife now there is a sense that towns like these former mining and manufacturing communities in the north of england have been forgotten. and people want to change a large number of shops on the high street have closed down there is money available for redevelopment but many feel it has been put to wrong use they blame the labor party which has been the dominant party in the area for almost 100 years
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. and have anyone here with. a referendum you. can shift it and can i ask you do you know me and service know why you won't come because i don't trust the labor party i don't recall them but i think in general politicians have been the right direction the push both in france labor's strategy to draw attention to the conservative party's policies that they say are to blame for the city's money. this is not about brakes it's only it's about the policies of the past we've lost a quarter 1000000000 pounds from our county council through austerity through tory cuts. davis and this the conservative party candidate. from time to move the message labor has not done enough for the area and it must finally be implemented so that other things can be dealt with again. obviously
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people are worried about. commitments not here on the ground it's about people day to day and the biggest issue we have is on our local health. as an evening event in a pub hardly anyone says they will vote for labor even if they have done so in the past and yes they all want to leave the e.u. and believe that only a tory government will deliver that the north of england has always been the for the working man where the conservative party. richer people the more affluent people and with breakfast i genuinely think there's been a huge shift in people's. i do strongly delay's the conservative party is going to when. the people of bishop auckland almost all agree they voted for granted and now they want their voices had for far too long their fellow ignored by putting in london. next it could all we happen in france
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a connery court battle has begun after we're now and chef lost a coveted michelin star mark of a how the night's allegations that he used the wrong cheese in his shoe flays and claims the downgrade left him depressed. the knives around after a round over attracted to mitchell and star reached boiling point decorated french chef mark that are was demoted to stars in january less than a year after being awarded the highest accolade in the cullinan world. my me for that they gave me 3 stars and then they take one away i want to know the reason why there are restaurants la maison de bois in the french alps was demoted after a mitchell inspector snubbed his souffles the celebrity chef was accused of using the humble cheddar cheese instead of french for a variety is there are claims he used saffron in the dish which made it appear
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yellow like the color of cooked cheddar. cheddar gates by a restaurant inside it's it's the 1st time a chef has sued the prestigious machine guide mitchell and has bitten back branding there are a narcissistic diva suffering from pathological egotism. mitchell and guide has just said that mischief is excellent but not a genius mr howard does not accept this because for him no one has a right to say that he is not a genius it's not the court's route. if feta wins this case it will set a precedence for other disgruntled chefs the outcome could see him become the toast of the food world once more or leave it to taste in his mouth. this is the w. news from berlin here's what we're following for you right now the european
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parliament has voted to declare a climate emergency you lawmakers in strasbourg hope the measure will send a powerful signal out of an upcoming un climate summit they also want the incoming european commission to take more drastic action against climate change. us president donald trump has signed a law backing antigovernment demonstrators in hong kong the legislation threatens sanctions against chinese officials who commit human rights abuses in the territories and china has denounced the bill calling it a serious interference in its internal affairs. medical sources say iraqi forces have shot dead at least 23 protesters in the southern city of nasiriya as unrest continues to grip the country on wednesday demonstrators set fire to the iranian consulate in the city of new jobs. north korea has reportedly test fired 2 short range missiles observers say the move
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could be an attempt by pyongyang to pressure the u.s. over a deadlock nuclear talks the north has sets an end of year deadline for negotiations to restart. this is the news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at g.w. news or visit our website w dot com. up next a focus on europe takes a look at conditions faced by refugees on the border between croatia and bosnia on the rocks in berlin on behalf of the entire news team thank you for spending this part of you to. mock.
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in. africa. or whatever it is living on. a refugee camp on the border between croatia and bosnia from here. there is no
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running water no coward no heating. or heavy snows of accepted any day. where should they come when winter comes you know forty's can come. next. and now i'm looking at a section of me which was affectionately as you can. see the mayor putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali months asian culture is much more in the business in germany has been conscious of the young of course. the film secretly chronicled the power grab actually everything was
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precisely planned and structured. featuring top supporting roles. you could only dream of the crisis and the security to the freedom of russia. madam to featuring a lead role like you've never seen before you're going to let me be clear with you i have to act in ways that i feel necessary and people who just simply understand that. i'm going to your federal judge to the ends justify the means. to terms with their sins starts december 13th on t.w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm lara baba lola thanks for being with us
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europe's refugee crisis continues on a base had thousands of migrants are stuck in bosnia herzegovina living.


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