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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CET

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a trade war that hong kong explodes and pro-democracy candidates are elected to the city council now the united states has given itself the power to review beijing's actions in the chinese territory and sanction chinese officials and have abused human rights there so what will beijing's threatened firm countermeasures look like i'm phil gale in berlin and this is the day. this act of the u.s. government is completely wrong they are attempting to interfere with hong kong affairs through this act and this plot will not work. u.s. president. right and. that's the remarkable achievement of all the hong kong with the courage and determination. to fight freedom and democracy to stop the progress of. china's hong kong and hong kong affairs
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purely china's internal affairs no foreign government power has the right to intervene. also coming up phage is doctors concerned about antibiotic resistance are increasingly turning to viruses that kill bacteria untreatable by other drugs a thing that fits therapy is getting more and more important because. more and more fearing. people are actually dying because their infection can be treated. and china has reacted angrily after u.s. president donald trump signed bills back in hong kong pro-democracy activists beijing says it will take firm countermeasures against the u.s. for meddling in its domestic affairs the new legislation means there'll be an annual review of the favorable trade status that washington grounds. territory.
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pro-democracy demonstrators thanking u.s. president donald trump for signing legislation that ensures the u.s. backed democracy in hong kong. there was music in the including the star-spangled banner. trump a hero. for you as president sign on to hong kong you are right and democracy act that's the remarkable achievement of all the hong kong with the courage and determination of hong kong as to fight for freedom and democracy it's all because of this trump signed into law an act that says the u.s. will check whether hong kong remains democratic as a prerequisite for keeping hong kong's special trade status the government in beijing is really angry. is
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china's hong kong and hong kong affairs are purely to china's internal affairs which i'm going no foreign government or power has the right so in something more than either. beijing says it will use countermeasures if the u.s. continues quote down the wrong path. so let's talk about how this might well play out with a double journalist clifford coonan who spent 15 years covering china and chinese politics welcome to this place let's start with a fact this human rights and democracy act what will be its effect how it works well i think the primary effect seems to have been to make china very angry indeed but in technical terms what it will do is it requires washington to keep an eye on hong kong which has special status since the handover in 1907 and to see how do move towards democracy in hong kong is continuing and how hong kong special freezer . or being protective and if hong kong doesn't seem to be doing that. then they can
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review hong kong special status where it would just become like another chinese city all right so it's no it's so it's not as though the u.s. is sort of swooping in and saying what solace it was hong kong was already enjoying some sort of favorable treatment from the u.s. and this is the u.s. saying well you know we can give all we can take it away that's right yeah it's quite symbolic in a way because it's got this massive impact but it is just sort of say that they are backing the democracy movement on the democracy protests in hong kong so it's quite a big symbol but it was in existence before the special stages but this actually kind of adds to the pressure on china china's talking about countermeasures if the u.s. continues in this direction what are those likely to be well we don't really know yet what they could be but i love this will do with the b. to do with the trade war that intends to basically maybe stand its ground on the
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trade war make it more difficult and also that it wants to maybe take a backward it'll set us chinese relations back a step maybe china will start talking will be looking at russia more will be looking at other regional leaders it will be reassessing how its relationship to the america work so i think there's there are various measures they could do they could introduce. more measures that could harm trade but we're waiting to see you know how these come out and i'm interested as well in how this affects president who has who has solidified his position within the communist party there but he had a bad run recently with the trade war with the us riots in hong kong resulting victory of pro-democracy candidates a in hong kong and now this does he have to keep an eye on people within his own party who might be looking at him and thinking well there's a man right for the picking. list you could also you know the been a lot of leaks about the camps and shinji. for the weaker is he does he's got the
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strong man image and he needs to protect up and he needs to push it through and he needs to be effective he's managed so far to keep this by getting rid of term limits he's said to be very strong within the party and he's very good at controlling the different factions in the party but things can spiral very quickly like as you say he's had a terrible week and he's trying to juggle a lot of things at the moment so it's going to be very interesting to see how he manages that she no because they like to keep you know everything in china is about the politics the communist party is all about staying in power so it's going to be a question now to see how the political will transfers quick final question of the trade dispute between china and the us how much is this new libya u.s. legislation about human rights and democracy and how much is it about sort of applying extra pressure and it's all good on going trade war i think i think the human rights and democracy element is definitely
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a strong one but it is another aspect to this that definitely it will it will complicate the talks for china it's also reminded of american power. the u.s. is also showing others has quite a good hand in these trade talks now there are things that it's maybe affecting the u.s. economy in the heartlands of it up but still i think the u.s. feels that it holds a lot of the cards in this in these trade talks so that the act is another another reminder of this cliff thanks so much for joining us. the fog of tear gas has become a defining picture of the hong kong of the last 6 months or than $10000.00 rounds have been 5 by police against pro-democracy protesters but is well into now on the larger on the effects of large amounts of tear gas and cathy ju and patricia near rented their green room apartment in hong kong suburb of 2 months the 2 mates how did was a good deal price was reasonable and the building in good shape but now they wish
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they had never moved here come along but my nose off an itch is in my skin feels itchy and dry i feel very uncomfortable and i have diarrhea that usually lasts for a few days and had to go to the toilet a few times every night i hold hold hold out come out of kathy things that it is a consequence of the ga ga's don't mung has become one of the hot spots of hong kong's protests often clashes occur just below their window that night also that usually protesters would set up roadblocks here police would then come to remove them and they fired tear gas to try to catch the protesters the couple they seemingly going to get. you to that tense atmosphere in the city they do not want to show their face and ask us not to reveal their area names but we say they have not joined any protests since the peaceful marches in june but that does not save
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them from the fact. the mood is up then your when they fire tear gas i close all the windows and the doors but i can still smell it and feel uncomfortable the whole shebang. since june the police have fired more than $10000.00 canisters of tear gas chemical irritant that mainly affects the eyes lungs and the skin it's use is prohibited as a chemical weapon in warfare with allowed in riot control although its effects are meant to be temporary there have been case reports of chronic i diseases. caused by the chemical. they were also some cases that they know as much to begin with but after exposure to tear gas some of the protesters actually develop just like symptoms for 2 to 3 years and there they were also cases that people develop chronic eczema to get skin problems them a target for a number of years. while the highest risk lies with frontline protesters enjoying
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a list residents have little chance to escape the consequences of tear gas as many protests happening in densely populated areas some logical call it i saw a doctor he asked me where i live and then he said i should consider moving away if i could tell you some insight uganda. both of them plan to stay with relatives for some time but moving home is out of question the landlord would not let them cancel their continent. the forces of shot dead at least $35.00 people in protests much of the violence took place in the city of jaffa after a crowd set fire to the rain and consulate that outrage over perceived iranian influence has been fueling the widespread. arrest these protestors have a reason to celebrate the iranian embassy and not joffe is in flames last night demonstrators stormed the building and set it on fire their protests are
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a statement against the influence of their mighty neighbor on iraq a spokesperson for the iranian foreign ministry sharply criticized the attack demanding that the suspects be punished now an iraqi military crisis security team has been dispatched so of. when the consulate special not just police forces far. as if we'd set fire to all of iraq. since the beginning of october tens of thousands have been demonstrating in baghdad and other cities against the country's ruling elite police used tear gas grenades and live ammunition against the demonstrators so far more than 350 people have been killed. many suspect that tehran and its allied militias in iraq are behind these harsh police methods they consider their own rulers to be puppets of the iranian government and demand their resignation as well as an end to corruption and nepotism. billions from the oil
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business are going into governmental pockets local infrastructure is decaying there are power outages and the water is contaminated. with demand the removal of all criminal politicians from power. people have been living in chaos for 16 years 16 years of destruction war corruption and self enrichment. their anger is greater than their fear and clearly the government's promises of reform haven't convinced them yet. we have more on this from our iraqi journalist imam hassan we welcome i mean obviously international has described scenes in. nasiriya and baghdad is resembling a war zone what people been telling you while we talked with many protesters they just went to the street because they could not find any submission for their problems corruption and so on and then the beginning of the beginning of 1st of the
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court october they've been just a civilian without any violence just for testing against the government but it's what the government responds with violence with bullets with tear gas and so on it will end with we are now counting about 350 casualties people young people just calling for democracy calling for jobs and their rights but what do you make of the government response because there have been deaths and as you say it's has been a violent reaction is this just the way that iraq deals with demonstrations or is this getting out of control in fact it is getting out of the control exactly because the government back from iranian influence tries to come in this image of this scenario what we have been happening in iran weeks ago just
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out of the internet. and use the harsh cumber of violence and control of the military and in the end of the day we did we would like to see the end of the light in the ended of the tunnel and the end of the tunnel there is no light and that's why the bad people. forgot any trust of the government even when the government tried to come on the streets calling them there is some and you're a formation in the in the in many cases the protesters do not believe that corrupt governments ok so does the government will if we have time we'll come back to the corruption in the government but does the government have a plan to deal with it is it just going to sort of shoot its way out or are they going to try and negotiate this circling and that's problem because since more than 40 days. they give a promise is over promises of our promises but there is no plan even there is no
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security plan how to deal with that protestors not the shooting of them we just face today yesterday. 17 at least 17 be a young people killed just enough syria which is it's. it's is a massacre to be honest that's what if we talking about the political side there is no solution even in the military and security and intelligence there is no soft solution and it's hard in these circumstances to do you what you want what what will satisfy protesters you can't magic jobs out of nowhere you can't change the whole political system overnight well exactly but at least resigning the government brink another faces bring a lot of governments trying to find a solution for the next election i think this will would be the 1st step just to
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calm. making the street calm come down and lets the protester go back home and giving the responsibility for other government which is try to rebuild that's trust between the street and the government at least but that's government still. sick in the in the chair of the government they do not want to go away from their responsibilities and that is the influence of iranian of course play a big huge role that iraqi journalist i mean i'm sour thank you so much for joining us you're welcome. resistance or antibiotics poses a major threat to public health killing tens of thousands of people around the world every year where there is hope scientists say a class of powerful tiny viruses called bacteria phages might be able to reverse the trend bacteria phages are plentiful in the environment and kill bacteria by penetrating the outside of their cells getting inside and making them explode
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they've long been cultivated in eastern europe as an alternative to antibiotics bacteria phages cocktails can be bought today in pharmacies in countries like a georgia in the caucasus elsewhere belgium has started to offer face treatments are there not widely available in the e.u. which me some patients have to travel abroad for treatment 10 you'd need ever cannot remember when she was last pain free antibiotics stopped working against her skin disease which she contract it 30 years ago so she found a different treatment bacteriophages that because they're only allowed in special cases in the netherlands she had to travel to to police see georgia and spend thousands of euros of her savings to buy them. and i started going to georgia i was extremely nervous but also i was very exciting and also very disappointed in the treatment in holland because holland does not allow the faders
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so i had to go all the way to georgia only for this page is to get there are many different types of bacteria phages viruses which target a specific type of bacteria chan you drinks 2 different ones each day and also put on a cream it's difficult for people to go to georgia also it's very expensive to go there and to have the treatment how much you pay for your service. the treatment in georgia was 3900 euros i paid when i need new features when they go send me new ones i must pay 500 euros. to get new faces for 3 months. so it's a lot of money in neighboring belgium feige researchers john paul pinay created a legal model for prescribe in features for patients. who had some critical mass of people interested and searched early on different levels you had. to research level
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. 3 things and also in hospitals. i think the. solution is it's slowly spreading i think other countries sort of getting interested in support belgium is the only western european country where features are easily prescribed to patients county says that lives have been saved with the feed is made in his lab a thing that fitch therapy is getting more and more important because. thinks or more and more fearing. people are actually dying because their infection can be treated with antibiotics sieges are more expensive to create than antibiotics but tiny things they will be a useful therapy for the future 10 years hoping that the rest of europe will open itself up to fate soon so how good is this apparent good news we
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can ask mikhail skurnick is professor of bacteriology at helsinki university welcome to d.w. what do you think does this phage treatment work. yes that you very much for that person i think yes but it depends on the clients or their interaction in question. crony these are different. charities in western and it's yours are. also the base and immune system place or out or why did that i think is going to reach the target area and their number of u.s. law places had. to find very many independent immune system must take over to eliminate that in many. ways and kind of a background easy mate different. than. ordinary ok but in your case because from the russell it it's or yes i was god forgive me for interrupting i was going to say i was going to ask given
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that it is effective in certain instances as you've outlined that one wonders why it's not more widely known about anything available in the summer 'd i think. it has historical reasons many condo the streets he says have not received training in face get up if they feel uncomfortable to stop using it and therefore it's being gloated. the current go on and reverse it. and we also need the promo for a stand up in media and i think. he's. so given the antibiotic resistant to conditions that now that are out there do you see phage therapy as being useful in this respect. yes i think so. their faces do not mind if the
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dog resistant to antibiotics or not. asians are different their interactions are even friends so it's all. everything does not lie you know you know very similar various. things and the problem that we've seen with antibiotics is the development of antibiotic resistance is there a danger of vast in phage therapy yes also but in practice it does not you know because oftentimes traits raise the area last other chinese it and then there is an immune system can take care of them and the other point here is that. usually we use a load or 3 for ha so also. the little matter is that it's months oh.
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ok some good news to i don't profess a. thank you thank you very much. not cheese i cover nary a court battle has begun after a renowned chef lost a coveted michelin star of allegations that he used the wrong sort of cheese in his soufflé mark vera claims the downgrade from 3 stars to to left him depressed and he denies using inferior cheeses. tonights around after everyone. mitchell in style reached a boiling point decorated french chef martha was demoted to start in january less than a year after being awarded the highest accolade in the company revolt my me for that they gave me 3 stars and then they take one away i want to know the reason why.
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there are restaurants la maison de bois in the french alps was demoted after the mitchell inspectors snubbed his souffles the celebrity chef was accused of using the humble cheddar cheese instead of french fries his there are claims he used saffron in the dish which made it to pay a low like the color of cooked chatter. chatter gates by restaurants inside it it's the 1st time a chef has sued the prestigious machine guide mitchell and has bitten back branding vera a narcissistic diva suffering from pathological egotism. mr mitchel and guide has just said that misha is excellent but not a genius mr howard does not accept this because a him no one has a right to say that he's not a genius it's not the court's role. if mark farah wins this landmark case it will set a precedence for other disgruntled chefs the outcome could see him become the toast
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of the food world once more only the bitter taste in his mouth. and millions of people in the united states are celebrating the thanksgiving holiday in new york absolute best way to get into the holiday spirit was simply to book up tens of thousands lined the streets to watch a floating farm favorites snoopy clinch and others take to the skies above. the floats of festivities are all parts of the macy's thanksgiving day parade which is the largest and i. i. well there is always that doesn't become physician that conversation however continues on my finest of trying to abstain don't use while i'm at vogue i have a good day. good
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. morrow. never here is living on. a refugee camp on the border between croatia and bosnia from here. there is no running water no power no heating. heavy snows of expected any day. where should they go when winter comes be off for days can come come. next on dollar. good o.l.
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is everywhere. even where we least expect it. not the wild party will soon be over. how can we replace the black gold. and what will its decline mean to the economy. made in germany in 60 minutes on d w. boy. it was the speech of his lawyers traps his best certainly his most difficult. the speech by calling dresden on december 19th 1989. shortly after the fall of the of the chancellor addresses the people of east
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germany. the mideast tends. journalist. starts december 19th t w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm a lot about the lola thanks for being with us europe's refugee crisis continues on a base had to thousands of migrants are stuck in bosnia herzegovina living in squalid conditions the e.u. and human rights groups have warned that the makeshift refugee camps are a danger food and medical care are scarce.


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